About Divine Acts in a Creature: Extracts from Luisa’s Letters

[Jesus] makes the soul share in all His goods, and in each one of her acts He forms His Divine Life – as many Jesuses for as many acts we do. What happiness to be able to say: “If I live in the Divine Will, I will form the Divine Generation within my acts, which will love Jesus with His own love. Not only this, but they will love Him in all hearts, and even in the Saints and in the Queen of Heaven.”

Dearest Mother (a nun to whom Luisa wrote), Christmas is near, and I anticipate my good wishes for you by wishing for you the Divine Generation in your acts – the only purpose for which we were created.

[I]nstead of making our will flow in all that we do, we let flow That of God. And do you want to know what happens in our act? His Love, His Goodness, is so great that as we form our act and let His Will flow in it, the Divine Life forms in our act; and this Life of God is repeated in our acts as many times for as many acts as we do. Do you think it’s trivial that, as long as I let His Will flow, He gives me the power to form as many Divine Lives for as many acts as I do? They might be even natural or tiny acts; as long as His Will is there, the great prodigy is performed.

Jesus says: “Let Me extend my Kingdom in each one of your acts…” He could not give you a greater gift, because with It you will have sanctity and peace at your disposal; you will feel the Creative Virtue within you, which has the virtue of transforming your acts – even a little “I love You” – into as many Lives of Love, which are incessantly in the act of loving the One who loves us so much.

Dearest Mother (a nun to whom Luisa wrote), one single act we do in the Divine Will is so great as to surpass the greatness of Heaven and earth; it encloses immensity, power, and all goods.

[T]here is no greater good we can wish for each other than wanting the Divine Will alone to reign within us. We will have God Himself in our power, His Sanctity, His Love – everything will be ours. There is no good done both in Heaven and on earth, that will not be ours. We will be the help of all; together with Jesus we will have one single breath, one single heartbeat, one single motion together with Him. Seas of sanctity and beauty will flow in every act we do, such that God Himself will remain enraptured.

All other things, as beautiful as they might be, can serve to form works for Him, but only (acts done in) the Divine Will serve to form His Life. What a difference between works and life! As soon as we want to make our act in the Divine Will, the Heavens lower upon our head, the Divine Love takes its prime place, and we are no longer the ones who love or work; rather, it is the Divine Love that loves and works in us. So we become the bearers of the Fiat, Which works such wonders within us, as to astonish even the Angels.

You must also know that as soon as we make the intention of doing an act, the supreme Fiat spies upon us, so to speak, to see if we call It into our acts. If we do, It rejoices and embraces us, caresses us and embellishes us, sanctifies and purifies our acts; and then the Lord pronounces His Fiat over them, and works his miracles in them. Our actions, then, form the clothes that cover this divine collaboration, filling Heaven and earth… Father, if we only knew how many miracles and prodigies are enclosed in the Life of the Divine Will, we would give over our lives to receive so many goods.

Call It in all things, both spiritual and temporal, because, being Life, It wants primacy over everything; It wants to be recognized as the life of everything; and many times, It cares more about one more attention, one sigh, one thought, to make it celebrate and enlarge Its dominion within our soul.

Therefore, by living in the Divine Will, everything is ours, and we can give everything to God. Even more, in every act of Will of God that we do, He creates His Life in us; and we form the long generation of God in our acts.

How many Divine Lives repressed and not come to light, because the life of His Will is missing in the souls! What pain, what unspeakable bitterness! So, let us pray that the living in the Divine Will be known.

So, with one single Act of Divine Will, we enclose everything, we embrace everything, and we give everything to God, even all that the Eternal Word did upon earth. The goods which descend for the benefit of all are incalculable.

Oh, how I would love to hear you say: “I do not think about whether I am beautiful or bad, or whether I am cold or warm. My thought is to make all my acts and my being flow in the Will of God.”

As we call the Divine Will in our acts, we form the generation of the Divine Life in our acts, and – oh, how happy is Jesus, in seeing His Life being generated in the acts of the creature. And we are enriched, inside and out, with as many Divine Lives for as many acts as we have done in His Will.

[W]hat we should care about is to live dissolved (dispersed) in the Holy Will. In each one of our acts, even natural, done in the Divine Will, in the most tiny things, even in one breath, we can form a martyrdom, not human, but divine – more noble, more holy than the martyrdom of shedding our blood, to offer to Jesus His infinite Love, His Sanctity which has no beginning and no end. And Jesus will see His Most Holy Will operating in our tiny act. In His operating Will, He will find in us infinite material in order to form His Life.

In one single breath, we give It everything and everyone. Its Most Holy Will circulates in all and gives life to all, and our little motion runs together with It and gives It all that creatures owe It.

The Divine Will is everywhere and we, by living in It, find ourselves in Heaven and on earth to love Him with all, in all, and in every place.

The Divine Will brings about such surprises in the soul that the Heavens are astonished and the Angels remain mute, in seeing our Creator enclosed in our tiny act.

Let us fulfill our duty, both with words and in writing; we will sow many divine seeds into the souls, which will form the Divine Generation within their acts – acts which will turn into suns to give light to all.

The very Saints yearn for our tiny acts done in the Divine Will, because, being acts of pilgrim souls, we possess the conquering act; and they almost enclose themselves in our act to receive new joys, greater happiness. Divine Will, how admirable and incomprehensible to our little capacity You are!

To be possessed by the creature is Its (the Divine Will’s) feast and the feast of all Heaven, because every additional act we do—be it even little and natural—increases in us new divine likeness, new love, new sanctity, new beauty.

What He wants is precisely the little things, because they are easier to do, and we cannot find an excuse and say: “I could not do it.” The little things are always around us, in our hands; while the great ones come rarely. So, we cannot say that sanctity is not for us. Even our own nature is formed with many little acts – the breath, the heartbeat, the motion; yet, they form our life. And if we lacked only one breath, our life – we can say – is ended. So can we say the same in a similar way if our little acts are not animated by the Will of God. Therefore, let us allow everything we do to flow in the Divine Will and we will feel enlivened and in possession of the Life of the Fiat. How happy and holy we will be! (…)

This Fiat wants to be prime act of all our acts, both natural and spiritual. And when we call It, even in our smallest acts, It feels recognized by the creature; It breaks into festivity, and in a delirium of love, says: “The creature called Me; she gave Me the first place, so I can place in her acts my Sanctity, my Love, my Likeness”, and It wants to give also Its Beauty and Wisdom… It wants to give of Its own, but wants to be called. When It is called, It makes Itself known; when It is known, It makes Itself be possessed and loved. Therefore, be attentive, my daughter; when dear Jesus wants to give, He asks, in order to prepare the space in which to place His gifts, His light, His graces in our hearts.

So, every additional act we do in the Divine Will is one more divine likeness that we receive; and Jesus loves us so much as to endow us with His Love, His Sanctity, His Light and perennial peace, and He declares us His legitimate children. Therefore, let us pray and let us never allow the Divine Will to escape us – both in small and in great things, both in spiritual and in natural things – because everything is of God, and it is just that we recognize the Divine Will as prime act in everything (…)

I hope you will feel better, because you still have much to do to make the Divine Will known. It will be the bearer of true peace, of true sanctity, and will give back to us the rights which we have lost by doing our own will. Not only this, but the Lord will have the great glory of forming the divine Generation in all our acts. How happy we will be, thinking that in every little act of ours – even in the breath, in the motion, in the steps – we will form as many Jesuses, as many Divine Lives, for as many acts as we do! Oh, how Jesus longs for this, reaching the point of counting the minutes, the breaths, to form His life in the acts of the creature and say: “The creature loves Me with my own Love; she adores Me, she prays to Me with my own prayers…” In this way we will populate the Sun, the earth, the sea, with many Divine Lives. Then will our lives live hidden in God, and we will do what the Lord wants and does. Therefore, let us pray, in order to obtain such a great good.

Submitted by Tom Fahy

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