(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

May 4, 2020


Dear Divine Will Family,
Well, it seems like a long time since I last wrote to you, but I think its only been a week. How time flies when you having fun! I pray all of you out there are well and healthy, and that everything is going good for you. We keep each of you in our daily prayers. You are very important to God and to us!
I wanted to write to you today about courage. Things are probably not going to get much better than they are now, and they could very well get worse. It just seems to me that we could very well be entering into that tribulation that we have talked about for years. Hopefully, I am wrong. I was about to say that I would love for things to get back to normal, but really, I do not! Should I want things to go back to abortion on demand, men marrying men and women marrying women as if it is a natural occurrence and Cardinals, Bishops and Priests so out of order that it is shocking, evil men trying to take over the world, even in America some pushing fascism upon all of us! No, I don’t want things to return like that. I want the Kingdom of God to come!! I want the Era of Peace to reign on earth as It does in Heaven!! I want everyone alive on earth to be filled with God, Himself! I want the earth full of harmony, love, peace, abundance, joy, holiness, purity, and all that God contains!
Although, wanting the Kingdom to reign on earth as It reigns in Heaven, we understand that we must pass through some very tough times. Next week I want to send out a newsletter on “protection.” We are so protected in the Divine Will. We have nothing to fear and we have all of Heaven on our side, showering their protection on us!
And more than anything, I want God’s Will to be accomplished in me, in my family, in my friends, in my home, my state, my country, and the whole world! Fiat always!
Much love and Eternal blessings upon you and yours always!
Ann Ellison

Volume 1
No Date
Jesus: “I want all of your thoughts, words, and actions—even the necessary ones—to be done in a spirit of sacrifice. You see, I cannot claim your works as Mine, if they do not bear the stamp of mortification. Just as people do not honor a coin that does not bear the image of their king—rather they despise and reject it—I do the same with your works: If they have not been grafted on to my cross, they have no value. You see, I am not interested in destroying creatures, but yourself. I want to make you die to yourself, that you may live only in Me and by my own life. It is true that this will cost you more than any sacrifice you have made. But take courage. Do not fear. It is not you who will do it, but I Myself who will work in you.”

No Date
Jesus: “The last thing I recommend to you is courage. I want you to enter the battle without fear. What enemies fear most in a foe is a spirit of courage, strength, and willingness to face danger fearlessly. The demons are no different. There is nothing they fear more than a courageous soul who clings to Me and enters their midst with a brave heart—not expecting to be wounded, but with a firm resolve to wound them and to exterminate them. Such a soul terrifies the demons and puts them to flight. But they cannot fly—because they are bound by my Will, which forces them to stay and suffer greater torments. So, do not be afraid of them—for they can do nothing without my permission. And when I see that you can no longer resist and are about to fall—if you are faithful to me—I will come at once. I will put all of them to flight. And I will give you grace and strength. So be brave! Be brave!”

No Date
According to Jesus, hope clothes the soul with the iron-like armor of fortitude—so that her enemies cannot even disturb her or wound her with their arrows. All is tranquility in her, all is peace. O how beautiful to see this soul clothed with the beauty of Hope—cleaving to her beloved, distrustful of herself, and trusting totally in God. As queen of her passions she takes on her fiercest enemies. She rules over her interior life—her inclinations, desires, heartbeats, and thoughts—with such mastery that Jesus Himself falls in love with her—seeing her strive with so much courage and strength. But she draws all her Hope from Him, and places all her hope in Him, so that, seeing this firm hope, Jesus cannot deny anything to this soul.
When Jesus would speak about Hope, He would withdraw a little, leaving a light in my intellect. But how can I explain what I learned about Hope? If all the other virtues embellish the soul, but can also make us stumble and fall—Hope makes the soul firm and stable, like those high mountains that cannot be moved. It seems to me that the hope-filled soul can be compared to certain very high mountains—no extremes of temperature can do any harm to them. Neither snow, nor wind, nor heat can erode them. Whatever marker might be planted on their peaks, one can be sure of finding it there, in the same spot, a hundred years hence. Nothing can harm the soul clothed with Hope. The tribulations, poverty, and accidents of life do not disturb her for a moment. She says to herself: “I can do everything, I can bear everything, I can suffer everything—hoping in Jesus, who forms the object of all my hopes.”
Hope makes the soul almost omnipotent and invincible. Hope gives her final perseverance, so that she never stops hoping until she reaches the Kingdom of Heaven. Then, she lays down her Hope and throws herself into the immense ocean of Divine Love.

Volume 14
September 5, 1922
Jesus: “The true good never remains by itself. And since My Will is the greatest of all goods, Its fruitfulness will be boundless. So, take courage. Be attentive in everything. It is true that Our Will shall do everything, but the thread of your will must run together with Our Will and expand into Heaven, on earth, and in everything, to let Us complete what We want to do in you.”

Volume 19
March 31, 1926
Jesus; “My daughter, this light, this journey—so enchanting that it knows neither night nor sunset—is My Will. Everything is complete in My Will: Happiness, strength, beauty, knowledge of the Supreme Being, and all things. This immense light, which is Our Will, went forth from the bosom of Our Divinity as an inheritance for man—the most beautiful inheritance that We could have given him. It went forth from the innermost depths of Our Bosom, carrying with It part of all Our goods, to bequeath them to man and to make him all beautiful and holy—to the likeness of Him who had created him.
“See, then, My daughter, what it means to do and to live in My Will! There is no blessing in Heaven or on earth that It does not possess. I want you to know them; otherwise, how can you love, possess, and make use of them in divine circumstances if you do not know them? If you do not know that you have a divine strength at your disposal, you will lose heart over nothing at all. If you do not know what a divine beauty you possess, you will not have the courage to be intimate with Me. You will feel different from Me, and you will not have the confidence to wrest My consent that the Fiat come and reign on the earth. If you do not know that all I have created is yours, you will not love Me in all things and you will not have the fullness of true love—and it will be the same with everything else.”

Volume 23
October 23, 1927
A little girl.
I felt my poor mind sink deeply within the Divine Fiat, and while I continued my acts in It, I saw a little girl in front of me. She was all timid and pale, as if she was afraid of walking within the immensity of the light of the Divine Will. And my adored Jesus came out from within me, and, filling His holy hands with light, He placed that light in the mouth of the little girl, wanting to drown her with light. Then He took more light and placed it in the eyes, ears, heart, hands and feet of that tiny little one, so that He left her full of that light, and she blushed all over and was left seemingly stunned and overwhelmed within that light.
Jesus amused Himself by drowning her with light, and took delight in seeing her dazzled within it; and, turning to me, He said to me: “My little daughter, this little girl is the image of your soul. She is fearful of receiving the light and the knowledge of My Divine Will. But I will drown you with so much light that you may lose what is left of the fearfulness of the human will—because in Mine these weaknesses do not exist, but only divine, inexorable, and invincible courage and strength. To form the Kingdom of My Fiat in the soul, I place all the pearls of knowledge about It within her as the foundation—and then I take possession of them, extending My Life to enjoy My Kingdom.

Volume 24
June 12, 1928
Jesus: “Now, the Sacrament of the Eucharist in which My Love overflowed in every possible way that can be imagined cannot be called either the first marriage or the true marriage of Creation. And I do nothing but continue what I did when I lived on earth. Adapting to the needs of souls, with some I make Myself a compassionate doctor to heal them. With some, I make Myself a teacher to instruct them; with some, a father to forgive them; and with some, light to give them sight. I give strength to the weak, courage to the fearful, peace to the restless—in short, I continue My redemptive life and virtue. But all of these miseries rule out a true marriage. No young man marries a young woman who is ill—at most, he waits for her to recover—nor would he marry a young woman of weak character who offended him frequently. And if the groom is a king and he loves her, at most he waits for his bride to get well, to love him, and to return to good health, at least not so inferior to his. Now, wretched mankind still finds itself in the state of a poor, sickly soul. And I am waiting for My Will to be known and to reign among men. For It will give them true health, royal clothes, and beauty worthy of Me. Then I will once again fashion the true and original marriage.

Volume 35
October 12, 1937
The prayers of one who lives in the Divine Will are like commands, and her acts are messengers between heaven and earth. For the soul who lives in the Divine Will, all things become Divine Will.
I am at the mercy of the Divine Will. I feel Its anxiety, Its loving restless desire to make Itself known—not to be feared, but to be loved and possessed; to make all one with It, and then to say to the soul: “Let us live together, so that what I do, you will do as well. I feel that My love gives Me the need to live heart to heart; or, better still, as one single heart with you. Please, don’t deny Me your company! I know that you lack many things to be able to live united with Me, but, don’t worry: I will take care of everything. I will clothe you with My royal garments of light. I will arm you with My power. I will reveal all My love for you, making the life and the love of My Will flow into your most intimate parts. If you only want it, it will be done.”
I was left amazed, and I prayed that He would give me the grace to live on the Divine Will, because I was quite afraid for myself. And my sweet Jesus, all goodness, made His brief little visit and said to me: “My little Daughter of My Will, why are you afraid? There are no fears in My Will, but only supreme love, courage and firmness. Once My Will has decided, It never moves; all the more so, since the soul who lives in It does not pray. On the contrary, she commands, and she herself can take, as owner, whatever she wants. We place everything at her disposal; this, because all is sacred and holy in her; more so, since by living in Our Will, she will never want, take or command anything but what We Ourselves want. So, her commands delight Us—they make Us joyful—and We say: ‘Take. Tell Us: What else do you want? The more you take, the happier you make Us.’”

March 22, 1938
As the soul decides to live in Our Will, all things change for her, and she is placed in the same divine conditions as the Divine Will. The mission of the children of the Divine Fiat. They will carry within them the life of their Heavenly Father. The last sign of love at the point of death.
I continue to soar above in the Divine Will. On entering It, one can feel Its healing air and Its peaceful waves. All is peace—its power is so great that the soul feels filled with so much courage that she can do everything, achieve any goal, and even do what God Himself does. Divine Will, how capable You are of changing the human will! Your power is so great that it can renew the poor soul, making her be born to new life.
Then, my adorable Jesus, returned for His short little visit, and, all tenderness, He said to me: “My little daughter of My Will, as the soul decides to live in My Will, everything changes for her. Our divine dominion possesses her, and We make her the mistress of all things—mistress of Our power, goodness and holiness—mistress of the light. Heaven and earth are hers by right. We place her in an atmosphere of security and imperturbable peace. Nothing of goodness, health, beauty and divine joys can be missing to this soul who lives in Our Will. All of her tiniest acts are full of such contentment that they bring smiles to the whole heavenly court and to Our own Supreme Being. That is why We are all attentive to see when she loves and when she works—to smile and rejoice with her. Our love is so great that We place her in Our own condition: We love even if We are not loved; We go on giving life even if We are ignored, and perhaps even offended. And if the soul comes back to Us asking for forgiveness, We do not reproach her; rather, We hug her and embrace her on Our divine knees. One could say that man can trust only Us; not only can he not trust other creatures, but he will find in them inconstancy and deception; and at the moment he believes he is able to rely on them, they will fail him. Actually, man can trust only the soul who lives in Our Will. This soul will do as We do: not being loved, she will love; ignored or offended, she will run after the offender, to save him. We feel Ourselves within the soul who lives in Our Will, and We love her so much that We do nothing but pour rivers of love upon her, to be loved more and more, and with ever-doubling and expanding love.”
“This is why you should cherish the thing that should concern you most: to live in Our Divine Will. Our love will find Its rest, release and peace in you—as well as the beginning of Our happiness on earth within man’s heart. Our Will shall constantly be over you, to let Our life grow within you; Our love will send you Its continuous breeze, to love you always with new love, and to receive your love, as an expression and response to Its love.
After this, my beloved Jesus added, but with such unspeakable tenderness that I felt my heart breaking: My good daughter, if everyone knew what I am telling you about all that My Will does with the soul and how It lives with her, they would all throw themselves into Its arms, never to leave It again. You ought to know that My Will is like a true Mother for the soul: It creates her with Its hands, It conceives her inside Its maternal womb, and never leaves her alone—not even for one instant—in this maternal womb; as if inside a Holy of Holies. It forms her, giving her the use of her limbs; It rears her with Its breath; It gives her warmth; and, once she has been well formed, It brings her forth to the light of day. But It never leaves her alone. More than a Mother, It hovers over her always, watching over her, helping her, giving her movement, articulation of her limbs, breathing, and heartbeat; and as she grows, It gives her the power of speech and steps for her feet. There is nothing that the soul does that My Will does not do together with her—to give her the full expression of human life. Indeed, the principle of human life—of the soul as well as of the body—is formed entirely by My Will, which remains in it as if inside Its refuge, to give it everlasting life.
Now, My daughter, until the soul starts to experience guilt, My Will is everything within her; and as the guilt begins, so do the tears and pains of this heavenly Mother begin. O how sadly It misses Its child. But It does not leave him. Its love binds It to live in that soul to give her life, and although It seems to feel Its divine life being suffocated—and perhaps neither known nor loved—the love of My Will is so great that It follows her life, regardless of any offense, to make a loving ambush and save Its child. Our goodness and Our love are so great that We use every means and approach to snatch her from sin, and to save her; and if We do not succeed during her life, We make the last loving surprise at the moment of her death. You ought to know that, in that moment, We give the last sign of love to the soul, providing her with Our graces, love and goodness, and placing so many tender signs of love upon her so as to soften and win the hardest hearts. And when the soul finds herself between life and death—between time that is about to end, and eternity that is about to begin—almost in the act of leaving her body, I, your Jesus, show Myself, with enrapturing loveliness, with a sweetness that binds and sweetens the hardships of life, especially in that extreme moment. Then, with My gaze I look at her, but with so much love as to snatch from her an act of contrition—one act of love, one act of attachment to My Will.
In that moment of disillusionment, souls see—as they feel with their own hands how much We have loved them, and do love them—souls feel so much pain that they repent for not having loved Us. They recognize Our Will as the origin and fulfillment of their lives and, in atonement, they accept death, to fulfill one act of Our Will. Indeed, you ought to know that if the soul did not do even one act of God’s Will, Heaven’s gates would not be opened; she would not be recognized as an heiress of the heavenly Fatherland, and the angels and saints could not admit her into their midst—nor would she want to enter, being aware that it does not belong to her. Without Our Will there is no true holiness and no salvation. How many are saved through this all-loving watchfulness of Ours, with the exception of the most perverted and stubborn souls—although the long path through Purgatory would be more fitting for them. Indeed, the moment of death is the hour of Our daily catch—when the man who was lost is found.”
Then, He added:” My daughter, the moment of death is the time of disillusionment. At that moment, all things present themselves, one after the other, to say: ‘Good-bye, the earth is finished for you—now eternity begins for you.’ It is like what happens to a soul when she is locked in a room and someone says to her: ‘Behind this room there is another room, where you will find God, Heaven, Purgatory, Hell—in short, Eternity.’ But the soul cannot see any of these things. She hears them being spoken of by others; but those who speak about them cannot see them either, so they speak in a way that seems incredible, not giving great importance to making all their words believable—as a reality, as something certain.
“Then, one day the walls fall down, and she can see with her own eyes what they had told her before. She sees her God and Father, the One who has loved her with great love. She sees the benefits that He has given to her, one by one—and all the violated rights of love that she owed Him. She sees that her life belonged to God, not to herself. Everything passes before her: Eternity, Paradise, Purgatory, and Hell. The earth runs away from her; pleasures turn their back on her—everything disappears. The only thing that remains present to her is in that room with the fallen walls: Eternity. What a change this represents for the poor soul!
“My goodness is so great that I want everyone to be saved, and I allow these walls to crumble when souls find themselves suspended between life and death—at the moment when the soul leaves the body to enter eternity. In this way, they may make at least one act of contrition and of love for Me, recognizing My adorable Will above them. I can say that I give them one hour of truth, so that I can rescue them. O if all of them only knew all of the hard labors of My love, which I perform in the last moment of their lives, so that they might not escape from My more-than-fatherly hands—then they would not wait for that moment, but they would love Me all their lives.

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