Update – June 24, 2019


Dear Readers of Messages of Gold,

Barbara Martin: Barbara was kept in the hospital until Wednesday, June 19, following her major back operation on June 13. She is in constant pain from what I have been told, and her therapy sessions have been especially difficult and have had to be cut short. It would be good and an act of charity to continue your prayers for Barbara.
The marvelous book, “Be Faithful and Attentive” arrived last Thursday, June 20. Kathy has shipped a lot of the pre-ordered books, already. This Third Edition is only one inch thick, has less weight than the Second Printing, even though it has more pages including a topical index.
We are very pleased with the quality of this edition, even though our cost was significantly more. We are only raising the suggesed donation a small amount though at $29.95.
I had wanted to include Divine Will insights with this mailing, but that will have to wait, due to many practical, domestic things that have piled up and need attention.

Wishing your eternal delights in the Happiness of Heaven,
Thomas Fahy

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