(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison
March 17, 2021



Dear Divine Will Family,
I pray that all of you are well and healthy and abandoning everything these days to Our Lord and Our Lady, Who have the power to protect you and keep you safe, as well as your Guardian Angel.

That is their job, ours is to focus on living in the Divine Will faithfully and attentively! And how do we do that? By loving God’s Holy Will enough to begin making habits that will assure us of always being attentive and faithful in this extraordinary life of God reigning in our souls.

Reading below the benefits that our acts do for so many souls, the immense glory that they give to our Heavenly Father, and the help of bringing the Kingdom to many other souls through our example, and spreading the seeds of the this life, how can we not work and sacrifice everything to make this a priority every day!

And may I mention something about planting seeds? All we need to do is plant a seed. It is not ours to convince or to argue with people over the authenticity of Luisa’s writings. Our Lord is the one who does all the work in the soul once we plant the seed. Even if the soul says they will never embrace these writings, that is between them and God, it has nothing to do with you. In the writings, Jesus tells us, “I know their names, and the number that will live in My Will.” So, apparently it will not be for everybody…just as not all are Franciscans or Benedictines, not all will be called to live in the Divine Will. Just praise and thank God with all your heart, mind, soul and body that you were chosen to live this Life!! What an immense grace and blessing for all of us!! Only when we reach Heaven will we understand the extent of this grace offered to us…it is beyond anything we can comprehend here on earth, and we probably will not be able to understand the full extent even when we are in Heaven! So, please don’t push people; it just makes them more stubborn and it may cause them to never look into these magnificent writings!

I know you get the idea and understand the importance of living this life faithfully and attentively. No one says it better than Jesus in the writings below!

We love you all so very much and keep each of you in our daily prayers. Please keep us in yours!

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I intend to keep protonmail for personal use, but if it is causing you problems with receiving even the yahoo emails, please delete it. I use Yahoo as well as protonmail, so there is no problem reaching me at either address if you wish.

May God help us to live attentively and faithfully our life in His Holy Will! Our Guardian Angel can be a huge help as well as all our favorite Saints. They know how to live this life perfectly…pray that they will teach us!
Ann Ellison

Volume 13
January 11, 1922
Jesus: “From now on, I will give to your acts done in my Will the virtue of circulating Life to the whole Mystical Body of the Church. And just as blood circulates in the human body, so your acts, spread out within the immensity of my Will, will spread over all of the members of the Mystical Body, covering them like skin and giving them their proper growth. So, be faithful and attentive.”

Volume 14
November 11, 1922
I say to you: “Be faithful and attentive. Come into My Eternal Will. My acts and those of My Mother are waiting there for you to impress on them the seal of your own acts. These acts and all of Heaven await you, for they want to see all their acts glorified in My Will by a creature of their stock. Present and future generations await you so that the lost happiness can be restored to them. Ah, no! No! The generations of men will not come to an end until man returns to My Bosom in a state of beauty and dominion, just as he emerged from My hands at the Creation! I am not satisfied only with man’s redemption; so even at the cost of having to wait, I will have patience. But by the power of My Will man must return to Me in the same state in which I originally created him.

“When he did his own will, man fell into the abyss and was changed into a beast. By doing My Will he will ascend and be transformed once again into the nature I originally created for him. Then I will be able to say: ‘I have completed everything. The order of the whole Creation has been restored to Me, and I shall rest in it.’”

Volume 15
February 13, 1923
The blessings of being faithful and attentive.

I felt terribly afflicted, and my sweet Jesus showed Himself briefly and said to me: “My daughter, courage! Be faithful and attentive to Me—because faithfulness and attentiveness produce a balance of humors in the soul, forming one single humor and establishing perfect peace. And this peace makes her sovereign, so that she does whatever she wants, and reaches wherever she wants to reach. Especially for one who lives in My Will, things unfold as they do with the sun. It never changes and it has only one act—to unleash light and heat from its sphere. It does not do one thing today, and something else tomorrow; it is always faithful and constant in doing the same thing. But while its act is one, as this act descends and strikes the surface of the earth, how many different acts occur! They are almost innumerable. If the sun finds a flower half-closed, with the kiss of its light and with its heat the sun opens the flower and gives it color and fragrance. If the sun finds an unripe fruit, it matures it and makes it sweet. If it finds green fields, it makes them golden. If it finds stale air, it purifies that air with the kiss of its light. In short: To all things it gives what they need for their lives on this earth, to be able to fulfill the purpose inscribed in them, which has been established by God. In this way, by its faithfulness and by always doing the same thing, the sun fulfills the Divine Will over all creatures. O if the sun were not always constant in sending forth its light, how many disturbances and disorders the earth would suffer! And a man would not be able to make any reasonable plans about his fields or his crops. He would say: ‘If the sun doesn’t send me its light and heat, I don’t know when I should harvest or when my crops will mature.’

“The same thing happens with the soul who is faithful and attentive. Her act is one in My Will, but its effects are innumerable. On the other hand, if she is inconstant and inattentive, neither she nor I can plan or be sure that she will bring forth good fruit.”

Volume 19
February 28, 1926

Jesus: “By entering into My Will, the soul forms one sole Act with the Divine Will, and as if connaturally, takes part in all that It does and all that It contains. This is all the more so, since, by living in My Will, the soul first becomes stripped of the clothes of the old, guilty Adam and becomes re-clad with the clothes of the new, holy Adam. She dons the garment and the light of the Supreme Will Itself, in which they begin communicating all of Its divine, noble and communicative ways to everyone. This light makes her lose her human features and restores to her the likeness of her Creator. Why marvel, then, that she takes part in all that the Divine Will possesses, since one life and one will exist between them. That is why I recommend that you be faithful and attentive to Me; and your Jesus will be dutiful in making you live always in My Will. And I will stay on guard so that you can never go out of It.

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