(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

April 9, 2021


Dear Divine Will Family,
This is one subject that I have written about several times because it is so very, very important for your life in the Divine Will. If you do not have trust and confidence in God, then you are always living in fear. You don’t know what to do in this situation or that situation. Listen to what Jesus said in Volume 1 about trust…this is so important to memorize and practice!

“Don’t you want to trust Me? Don’t you know how much I love you? Don’t you see that everything I allow—either through creatures, from demons, or directly from Me—is truly for your good—and serves only to lead each soul to the state I have chosen for her?”

Our actions when we are afraid or when scruples creep up on us all indicate fear and lack of trust. We sometimes don’t realize it, and we certainly don’t mean it, but that is exactly what our actions show.
With trust and confidence, in God’s love and care for you, there is no fear or being timid! You trust God to take care of you all the time and in every situation. You have confidence in His plan for your life. You live with courage and with the strength of the Angels and Saints in Heaven.

Do you really think He doesn’t care what happens to you? Do you think He isn’t going to take care of you?? Do you think He doesn’t know what situation you are dealing with and the outcome if you bend to the will of evil people? It is truly an insult to Him and His love, mercy and compassion for His children. And His power to take care of you. You are saying that He is a neglectful Father and He will abandoned you! I remember reading where Jesus said that confidence constrains Him to do what the creature wants…always provided it is God’s Will. But He pays attention to trust and confidence in the creature, much more than fear and scruples. He acts more readily when He sees courage and confidence in Him.

He has a plan for every creature He has ever created and for every creature He will create in the future. He knows your life, your heart, your mind better than you do; He knows and understands the circumstances you are in better than you do. To love and focus only on loving Him and living in His Holy Will and doing what we know is right, not bending to the world and to what society thinks you should do, then you will live without fear and you will have the strength to stand up to fear and the courage always to do what is holy and good in the eyes of God!

We love you all so very much and keep each of you in our daily prayers. May God give us the immense grace to always have great confidence and trust in His Loving care!
Ann Ellison
Volume 6
March 23, 1905
Glory and satisfaction of Jesus.
As I was in my usual state, blessed Jesus came for a brief visit, and I said to Him: “Lord, is my state your glory?” And He answered: “My daughter, all my glory and all my satisfaction lies solely in this—that I want all of you more in Me.” Then He added: “Everything depends on the soul’s distrust and fear of herself, and on her trust and confidence in God.” And, having said this, He disappeared.

Volume 11
April 10, 1912
The souls who have more trust will shine more brightly in the crown of divine mercy.
As I continued in my usual state, blessed Jesus came to me and told me: “My daughter, the souls who will shine the most brilliantly, like bright gems in the crown of my divine mercy, are the souls who have more trust, because the more trusting they are, the more they make room for the attribute of my Mercy to pour all the Graces they desire into them. On the other hand, the soul who does not have real trust shuts these graces within Me, remaining poor and ill-equipped, while my Love remains pent up within Me and suffers greatly.

In order not to suffer so much, and to be able to freely pour out my Love, I deal more with those souls who trust more than with other souls. With these souls I can pour out my Love, I can play, I can arrange loving tests, since I need not worry that they may feel ashamed or afraid; rather, they become even bolder and use everything I give them to love Me more. That is why trusting souls are the outpouring and delight of my Love—the most graceful and the richest of souls.

Volume 12
October 8, 1919
Effects of confidence in Jesus.
As I continue in my usual state of pains and privations, I have been spending it with Jesus almost in silence, completely abandoned in Him like a little child. Then, making Himself visible in my interior, my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, confidence in Me is the little cloud of light in which the soul remains so enclosed that all fears, doubts, and weaknesses depart from her. Indeed, not only does confidence in Me form this cloud of light which enfolds her completely, but it feeds her with contrary foods, which have the virtue of dispelling all fears, doubts and weaknesses.

“Indeed, confidence in Me dispels fear and nourishes the soul with pure love. It removes doubts, and gives her certainty; it takes away weakness, and gives her fortitude. Moreover, it makes her so daring with Me, that she attaches herself to my breast—and she suckles and suckles, and feeds herself; nor does she want any other food. And if she sees that nothing comes out when she suckles—and that I permit this to excite her to the highest confidence—she does not grow weary, nor does she detach herself from my breast. On the contrary, she suckles more vigorously and bangs her head against my chest, while I laugh to Myself, and let her do it.

“The trusting soul delights Me and makes Me smile. One who has confidence in Me, loves Me, esteems Me, and believes I am immense, powerful, and rich. On the other hand, one who has no confidence, does not really love Me—she dishonors Me, and believes I am poor, powerless, and small. What an affront to my Goodness!

Volume 30
November 4, 1931
Confidence forms the hands and feet of the soul.
“My Jesus, Center and Life of my little soul, I am so small that I feel my extreme need for You, my Love, to hold me tightly in Your arms and to be moved to pity at my great weakness. I am tiny, and You know that little ones need swaddling clothes to strengthen their limbs, and their Mama’s milk to be nourished and grow. And I feel the intense need for You to swaddle me with the swaddling clothes of love and for you to clasp me to Your Divine Breast, and to give me the milk of Your Divine Will for food, to nourish me and to make me grow. Hear, O Jesus, I feel the need of Your life so that I can live. I want to live by You; and then You will be writing, not I, and You will be able to write what You want and the way that You want it. In that way, the task is Yours, not mine; I will only lend You my hand, and You will do all the rest. Let us agree on this, O Jesus.”

Then, abandoning myself in the arms of Jesus, I heard His Most Sweet Voice whispering in my ear and saying to me: “My little daughter, the more you remain abandoned in Me, the more you will feel My Life in you, and I will take the first place in animating your soul. Know that true confidence in Me forms the arms and feet of the soul so that she can climb up to Me and clasp Me so tightly that I cannot unbind Myself from her. So, one who has no confidence has no arms, nor feet—she is a poor cripple. Indeed, your confidence will be your victory over Me, and I will hold you tightly in My arms, attached to My breast, to give you the continuous milk of My Divine Will.”

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