(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

April 7, 2021


Dear Divine Will Family,
Happy Easter Octave! May it be filled with love, peace and joy!

Back when Adam was first created, he was a perfect and when he drew his first breath it was as a divinized human being because when God blew the breath of life into Adam’s body, He also blew in the Gift of His Divine Will! So, when Adam awoke, his actions were already being animated by God in a perfect way because there was no sin in Adam. He was so pure and beautiful, with a snow white soul! And his first words were, “I love You, my God, my Father, the Creator of my being!” And Jesus told Luisa that they created Adam just to hear the words, “I love You!” Can you imagine?? God created the entire universe, all the animals, and man just to hear the words, “I love You!” It is something we should say to Him in His Will with His love a thousand times a day!! And along with that “I love You” an “I thank You!” God loves a grateful heart and that is something else we should say to Him a thousand times a day!! “I love You and I thank You with your Will and with your Love!” At least a thousand times a day. It will help keep you mind on God all day and God will bless you enormously a thousand times a day!! You are also, with that “I love You and I thank You” giving God all the glory that other souls owe Him, and you are saying to God I love You and I thank You for all creatures, past, present and future! You are pleading for His Kingdom to come upon the earth fully and completely in all souls! Listen to what Jesus say about what acts done in the Divine Will do!

Jesus says this: “My daughter, the acts done in my Will, identifying themselves with my Divine acts, rise even into Heaven. They circulate in all; they embrace all centuries, all points, and all creatures. Moreover, as they remain fixed in my Will, in every offense that creatures give Me-not only in the present time but also to the end of the centuries-these acts are, and will be, the defenders of my Throne. Furthermore, rising to my defense, they will do the reparations, which oppose the offenses that creatures will do.”

Jesus also said: “Divine Will is more united to us than our souls are to our bodies!” and also, “Divine Will permeates every fiber of our body and souls!”

This is the reason we can take spiritually whatever we need or want, rather than asking. If we are attentive to God operating in our souls, we will know what to take and when! It all adds up to attentiveness and giving up self for what is most important to God alone!

We love you all so very much and keep each of you in our daily prayers. May God give us the enormous grace to understand these extraordinary writings and to live them selflessly!
Ann Ellison
Volume 19
July 23, 1926
My daughter, many of the things that I created in the Creation do not serve you, nor do you enjoy them. Many others are not known. But, if they do not serve you, they serve others. If you do not enjoy them and know them, others enjoy and know them. And, if creatures do not take everything, everything works for My greater glory and to make known My power, My majesty, My great love in the variety of so many created things. They make My Wisdom known—the value of the Divine Craftsman who is so able and who knows how to do everything.

All other things—no matter how good and holy they may be—are always secondary. Only My Will always has the first place; and, where It is not, there can be no life. And so the riches of knowledge about My Will shall aid the glory and triumph of My own Will and will serve as a way for souls to find life and to receive It. And Its height and immensity will help creatures never to stop, but always to keep going so as to catch up to My Will as much as they can. And the riches of knowledge will nurture the freedom of each soul to take what she wants–because each kernel of knowledge contains life. And if they rend the veil of knowledge, they will find the Life of My Will within as Queen. And that is why—depending on what they will take and do—so much the more will Its Life grow within them.

So, be careful to reveal the prayers, and the infinite riches that My Will possesses, so that the Heaven of My Will may be more beautiful, more attractive, and more majestic—as indeed it is—than the heavens in Creation. In this way, souls can be enraptured by the beauty of My Will and by the blessings it contains—and everyone can yearn to come and live in the Kingdom of My Will.

Volume 30
January 24, 1932
So, one who does not do and does not live in Our Divine Will estranges herself from the Heavenly Family—nor does she know the blessings of her Heavenly Father. And she only takes little drops of the love and the blessings of her Creator. She makes herself an illegitimate daughter who does not have full rights to her Divine Father’s possessions. Only My Will gives the right of daughterhood and the freedom to take what she wants from the house of her Heavenly Father. One who lives in Our Will is like the flower that remains on a plant, and mother earth feels the duty to give to the root of the flower a place in her own house—to nourish it with her vital humors and to keep it exposed to the rays of the sun so as to give it color. And she waits for the evening dew so that her flower may receive enough moisture to endure the burning kisses of the sun, so that she grows and receives the most intense and most beautiful color and fragrance. That is why one could say that mother earth is the food and the life of the flower. It is the same for the soul who lives in Our Will. We must give her a place in Our house and feed her more tenderly than a mother, raising her and giving her so much grace that she can bear and remain exposed to the ardent light of the immensity of Our Will, both from within and from without.

Volume 33
February 24, 1935
“….those who act in My Divine Will symbolize the rich person who has riches at her disposal. For her, the intention has no value, because if she wants to she can practice charity—she can go where she wants, do good to everyone, and help everyone. So great and so many are the riches of My Will that the soul loses herself in My Will—and with full hands she can take what she wants to help everyone. And, what is more, without making any noise or racket—almost like the light—she silently brings help, and then withdraws.

Volume 36
June 20, 1938
Jesus: “Who would not love and thank the soul who lives in My Will; the one who gives Us joys and happiness; the one who gives Us the great glory of letting Us do what We want in her; the one who gives happiness and joys to all—and without whom nothing good flows to anyone? Indeed, the soul who lives in Our Will is not subject to discouragement or fear. Distrust cannot find an opening—because this soul has everything. She feels as though she were the owner of everything and she takes what she wants. Her life consists of nothing but Our love and Our Will, to the point that she even suffers the same madness of love that We do—and she would be happy to give her life for anyone, to give Us the glory of making Our Will known.

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