(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

April 5, 2021


Reflection for the 5:00 AM Hour
Jesus is placed in prison, bound to a column, immobilized, and smeared with spittle and mud. He searches for my soul to cleanse Him and keep Him company. Am I happy to be alone with Jesus, or do I seek the company of others? Is Jesus my only breath and my only heartbeat?
If I hold everything that is inside of me—sorrows, irritations—as if they were my own, I will never be alone with Jesus. I must hold what surrounds me and even the creatures, as if they belonged to Jesus, that they may surround Him like a retinue; on the other hand, if I hold them as if they concerned me, I will never be alone with Jesus. That is why I must lay everything, both interior and exterior, that concerns me around Jesus to keep Him company, and I shall be satisfied only with Jesus. May Jesus be my only breath, my only heartbeat.

Dear Divine Will Family,
I am so sorry this Point 24 is late coming to you. Our Easter weekend was so busy, and tiring that I am just now getting this compilation of being alone with Jesus organized! Please forgive me.

Living in the Divine Will is all about giving up self and being alone with Jesus! This should be our LIFE and all that we strive for so that we can live deeply in the Divine Will! What would be the use of striving to live in the Divine Will of God if it was all about ourselves and not about God alone? It seems so difficult for us to give up ourselves, our wants, our preferences, our desires and put God and His Glory and His Kingdom first! Remember, Jesus told Luisa that this is not about our own sanctification, but about the sanctification of all souls, universally and trans-temporally! Jesus concerns Himself with our sanctification, if we but do as He tells us and we certainly cannot sanctify ourselves! I think many times of what Mary said at the Wedding at Cana, “Just do what He tells you!”

We cannot give up our family and friends as they were put in our lives for a reason, for us to be that person who will draw them to life in the Will of God! But life in the Divine Will and Jesus alone must come first in all circumstances and in all times!

I am sure I am preaching to the choir, so enough said! As usual, Jesus explains it so much better than any of us can!!

We love you all so much and keep each of you in our daily prayers! May God allow us the immense grace to give us self for the love, joy and peace of being with Jesus alone! And may He keep each of you and yours safe from all harm!
Ann Ellison

Volume 4
August 21, l901
The Heavenly Mother teaches Luisa the secret of happiness.

Finding myself in my usual state, I went out of my body. Then, after going all around in search of Jesus, I found myself instead with our Queen Mother. As tired and afflicted as I was, I said:

“Sweetest Mother, I have lost the way to Jesus, and I no longer know where to go, nor what to do, to find Him again.” As I said this, I was crying and She said to me: “My daughter, follow me and you will find the way to Jesus. Moreover, I want to teach you the secret of always being with Jesus and how always to live content and happy, even on this earth. You should resolve within yourself that Jesus and you are alone in the world, that there is no one else, and that you should please, love, and delight Him alone. And on Him alone should you wait to be loved in return and contented in everything. In this frame of mind—you and Jesus alone—you will not be influenced even if you find yourself surrounded by contempt or praise, relatives or strangers, friends or enemies. Jesus alone will form your every contentment and Jesus alone will make up for everyone. My daughter, until every earthly thing that exists completely vanishes from the soul, true and lasting happiness cannot be found.”

Now as she said this, as if by a flash from within, Jesus appeared between us. I took Him and brought Him with me and found myself back in my body.

Volume 12
August 14, 1917
O how very different is the sanctity of the soul who lives in the Divine Will! These souls form the smile of Jesus. They live completely detached from everyone, even from their own directors. Jesus alone is everything for them; that is why nobody worries about them. The healing atmosphere that surrounds them benefits everyone; and they foster order and harmony among all creatures. In his jealousy toward these souls, Jesus becomes actor and spectator of whatever they do – reigning and ordering their every thought, breath, and heartbeat. Jesus keeps such a soul so absorbed in the Divine Will that she can scarcely remember that she lives in exile.

Volume 23
November 10, 1927
The soul is alone with Jesus, and Jesus is alone with her. He alone enjoys her.

I was feeling all abandoned in the eternal Fiat, and all alone, and only for Jesus, as if no one else existed for me. Then I thought to myself: “I am alone. I feel nothing flowing within me but the great sea of the Divine Will—nothing else exists for me. Jesus Himself flies away and hides in the immense light of the Divine Will. And if He makes Himself seen for a little while, the rays of the Sun of the Divine Will rain down upon Him and leave my poor vision overwhelmed; and I lose Him, waiting for my Jesus, my Life, to free Himself from that light or to make it less bright, so that I may find Him again.” And I complain about the light that dazzles my eyes and hides from me the One who is the life of my poor soul. O if this light of the blessed Fiat were less dazzling, I would enjoy my sweet Jesus, because many times I feel His divine touch, His refreshing breath. At other times, His lips give me His kiss. But in spite of this I do not see Him; and the cause of all this is the blessed light that overwhelms me. O Holy Will of God, how strong and powerful You are—You go so far as to hide My beloved Jesus from me.

Then, while I was thinking this and other things, my highest Good Jesus came out from within that dazzling light so that I could see Him and He said to me: “My daughter, you are alone with Me, and I am alone with you; and because you are alone with Me, I center Myself entirely in you. Indeed, since you are alone with Me, I can fill you completely with Myself. There is not one part of you where I do not have My place—you are transformed into Me, and this extraordinary grace seems to enter into you naturally. When the soul is alone with Me, I am free to do whatever I want; I alone enjoy her, and My love makes Me do such great things with her that I reach the point of madness, and I work so many of those loving stratagems, that if they could be seen or heard by all souls, they would say: ‘Only Jesus knows how to love and can love in a way so astounding, so ingenious and so great.’ With one who lives alone with Me, I act as the sun would act, if it could focus all of its light on one plant. That plant would receive into itself the sun’s whole life, and it would enjoy all of its effects, while each of the other plants receive only one effect, which is enough for the nature of each plant. But because the first plant receives the whole life of the sun, it also receives all of the effects that its light contains. I do the same. I concentrate My whole life in the soul, and I have nothing that I do not let her enjoy. On the other hand, one who is not alone with Me—because I cannot concentrate My life in her—she is without light; she feels within herself the oppression of darkness; her being is divided into as many parts as the many things that she cares about. That is why, if she loves the earth, she feels divided with the earth; if she loves creatures, pleasures, and riches, she feels as if torn to pieces—so that some things tear her from one side, and some from the other. Her poor heart lives amid anxieties, fears and bitter disappointments. But it is just the opposite for one who lives with Me alone.

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