(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

April 4, 2021



Dear Divine Will Family,
I wonder how many people really understand and appreciate the glorious and magnificent grace we have been offered by God. Reading these excerpts below really helps me understand the enormity of this Gift of Living in the Divine Will and the power, love and wisdom which comes with this Gift. I have to quote one small excerpt which helped me revere this Gift with all my heart, mind and soul!

“One more act done in My Will means that God incorporates Himself into the soul and vice versa. A mutual indwelling takes place in which one’s life flows into the other’s like blood flowing through veins. It is the merging of man’s heartbeat in the Eternal heartbeat. The soul feels within herself—as if it were her own life—the love, sanctity, and life of her Creator—while the Eternal One feels the soul’s little love flow through Him, and as it lives within Him it forms one single love and one single Will with His. Each breath, throb and movement is like a wound—an arrow or dart of love—that the soul gives to her Creator. All of Heaven is amazed as it looks at God and finds the soul fused in Him, loving with His love—and with victorious love. Heaven looks down at the soul on earth and finds her Creator there, and although God makes His throne within her, He shares His life with her.
Is there any other Gift offered to mankind that can say this about their relationship with God, their Creator and Savior?

And God can offer this immense Gift to us because of the Resurrection of Our Lord, Jesus Christ!! Praise Your Holy Will always and forever and ever, Amen!! All Glory, honor, love, praise with immense and eternal gratitude to You, Lord, Jesus Christ, for all and for everything You have done to lay the foundation of the Kingdom of God, so that His Will can be done on earth as It is done in Heaven by all souls!!

We love you all so very much and keep each of you in our daily prayers. May God grant you the immense grace to realize fully what life in the Divine Will truly means…may this be your glorious Easter Gift from God!

Ann Ellison
PS: I just heard from a dear sister in the Divine Will who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. They can put it into remission, but they cannot cure it. Please keep her in your prayers. God knows exactly for which soul you are praying!

Volume 4
April 7, 1901
Luisa sees the Resurrection of Jesus. Jesus speaks to her about obedience.
“….I briefly saw my adorable Jesus at the time of his Resurrection, his face so resplendent that it could not be compared to any other splendor. It seemed to me that the Most Holy Humanity of our Lord, although living flesh, was so resplendent and transparent that his Divinity could be clearly seen united to his Humanity. And, while I saw Him so glorious, a light which came from Him seemed to say to me, Perfect obedience merited this glory for my Humanity. It completely destroyed my former nature and restored to Me a new, glorious, and immortal nature. For this reason, through obedience the soul is able to form within herself the perfect resurrection of all the virtues. In this way, if the soul is afflicted, obedience will raise her up in joy; if she is agitated, obedience will raise her up in peace. And if she is tempted, obedience will supply the strongest chain to bind the enemy, so that she can rise to victory over the devil’s snares. If the soul is besieged by passion and vice, obedience will kill them both and raise her up in virtue. Indeed, obedience will bring about the resurrection of this soul and, in due course, of her body as well.
After this, the light withdrew and Jesus disappeared. And when I saw that I had been deprived of Him once again, I fell into a state of such deep sorrow that I felt as if I had a burning fever, which made me desperate and delirious. Ah, Lord, give me the strength to endure during this separation from You, because I feel my strength ebbing away.

March 30, 1902
Luisa sees the Resurrection. The risen Humanity of Jesus is clothed with light.
This morning, finding myself outside of my body, I saw my adorable Jesus for a short time at the moment of his Resurrection. He was completely clothed with dazzling light, so much so that the sun remained obscure in its presence. I remained enchanted and said:
“Lord, if I am unworthy to touch your glorified Humanity, let me at least touch your clothing.”
And He said: “My beloved, what are you saying? After I rose from the dead, I had no need of material clothing. Rather, my clothing is like the sun, clothing of purest light that covers my Humanity, clothing which will shine eternally, and providing unimaginable joy to all the senses of the Blessed. And this was granted to my Humanity because it contained no part that was not covered with pain, wounds, and reproaches.”
Having said this, He disappeared and I found neither his Humanity nor his garments. That is to say that as I held his sacred garments in my hands, they faded away and I was unable to retrieve them.

May 2, 1905
Suffering bears within it three kinds of resurrection.
As I continued to suffer somewhat more than usual, my good Jesus came to me and said: “My daughter, suffering contains three kinds of resurrection. First, suffering makes the soul rise again to grace. Second, as suffering progresses, it calls forth the virtues and the soul rises again to sanctity. Third, as suffering continues, it perfects the virtues, embellishes them with splendor, and forms a beautiful crown. Then the crowned soul rises again to glory on earth, and to glory in Heaven. And, having said this, He disappeared.

Volume 8
September 6, 1908
Jesus wanted to suffer to reunite all things in Himself.
As I continued in my usual state, I was thinking about the mystery of the scourging; and when Jesus came to me, pressing his hand on my shoulders, I heard Him say interiorly: “My daughter, I wanted my flesh to be torn to shreds, and for blood to be shed from every part of my Body, that I might reunite all the scattered tribes of mankind. Indeed, in my Resurrection all that was torn from my Humanity—flesh, blood, and hair – everything was restored to my Humanity—nothing was lost. In this way, I incorporated all creatures within Me. That is why, since my Resurrection, if a soul wanders away from Me, it is his own stubborn will that tears him away from Me to go out and be lost.”

Volume 12
April 15, 1919
“…the prodigy of my Redemption was the Resurrection, which crowned my Humanity more splendidly than a refulgent Sun, making even my tiniest acts shine with such wonder and splendor as to astonish Heaven and earth. The Resurrection will be the beginning, the foundation and the fulfillment of all goods—the crown and glory of all the Blessed. My Resurrection is the true Sun which worthily glorifies my Humanity. It is the Sun of the Catholic Religion; It is the glory of every Christian. The Faith without the Resurrection would have been like the heavens without the Sun, without warmth, and without life.
Now, my Resurrection symbolizes the souls who will form their Sanctity in my Will. The Saints of the past centuries symbolize my Humanity. Although resigned, they did not act continuously in my Will; and that is why they did not receive the seal of the Sun of my Resurrection, but the seal of the works of my Humanity before my Resurrection. That is why they will be numerous—almost like the stars they will form a beautiful adornment for the Heaven of my Humanity. But the Saints who live in my Will—those who will symbolize my Resurrected Humanity—will be few. Indeed, many throngs and crowds of people saw my Humanity, but few saw my Resurrected Humanity—only the believers, those who were most disposed, and—I could say—only those who contained the seed of my Will. Indeed, if they did not have that seed, they would have lacked the necessary vision to be able to see my Resurrected and glorious Humanity, and so to be witnesses of my ascension into Heaven.
Now, if my Resurrection symbolizes the Saints of the living in my Will—and this with reason, because each act, word, step, and everything else done in my Will is a Divine resurrection that the soul receives—it is a mark of glory that she receives—to go out of herself so as to enter the Divinity, and to think, work and love—hiding herself in the refulgent Sun of my Volition. Indeed, what wonder if the soul remains fully risen and identified with the very Sun of my Glory, and symbolizes my Resurrected Humanity? But few are those who dispose themselves for this, because even in sanctity, souls seek something for their own good; while the Sanctity of living in my Will has nothing of its own—everything is God’s. It costs too much for souls to dispose themselves for this—to strip themselves of their own goods. That is why there will not be many.

Volume 15
April 2, 1923
Every time a soul enters into the Divine Will and forms her life in It, she forms new seeds of greater knowledge, grace, sanctity, and glory—seeds of the Resurrection. The Resurrection of Jesus.
As I was in my usual state, my ever beloved Jesus showed Himself all love-inspiring and majestic, as though He were contained in a net of light. He sent forth light from His eyes; He flashed forth light from His mouth; and at each of His words, heartbeats, movements and steps, Light went out from Him. Indeed, His Humanity was an abyss of light. And as Jesus looked at me, He bound me with this light, and said to me: “My daughter, how much light, how much glory My Humanity enjoyed in My Resurrection, because during the course of My Life on this earth I did nothing but enclose the Supreme Will in each of My acts, looks, breaths—in everything. And as I kept embracing the Divine Volition, It prepared glory and light for Me in My Resurrection. And since I hold the boundless sea of the light of My Will within Me, it is no wonder if—as I look, speak, and move—so much light flows out of Me that it can give light to all. That is why I want to chain you and overwhelm you with this light to sow as many resurrection seeds for as many acts as you keep doing in My Will. Only My Will makes soul and body rise again to glory. My Will is the seed of the resurrection to grace, to the highest and perfect sanctity, and to glory. That is why, as the soul brings forth her acts in My Will, she keeps gathering new divine light into her net, because My Will is light by nature, and anyone who lives in My Will has the power to transform thoughts, words, deeds, and everything she does, into light.

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