(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

April 1, 2021



Dear Divine Will Family,
Please don’t panic!! I know I have skipped Point #24, but this Point seemed more appropriate for Holy Thursday. For Good Friday, I want to focus on Point #30, “Recognizing the Immense Value of One’s Cross!” That Point seems very appropriate for Good Friday. I will get back to the others after Easter.

I don’t know how many are reading the “Twenty-Four Hours of the Passion of our Lord, Jesus Christ,” daily, but this book should be read on a daily basis. The promises associated with this book are phenomenal! Jesus promised several things for those who enter into His Holy Will to read it. Not only do you save a soul for every word read and the book contains 35,000 words, but in the areas where it is read, all chastisements would be lessen!

Kathy and I just experienced that phenomenon here in our area of Tennessee. We have had some very serious storms in the past few days, but here in little Jacksboro, we hardly realize it…no loss of electricity, and we slept like a baby with this storms going through our area! God is also phenomenal in His promises and never lets you down, if you are doing what He ask.

The other benefit is the sanctity of our souls. The more we read and compassionate Jesus in His sufferings, the more we can identify with Him, and the more sanctified we become. It also protects us from all evil! You know demons cannot come around as long as we are reading about Jesus in His sufferings and identifying with Him!! Of course, life in the Divine Will protects us as well. That doesn’t mean we can’t sin…because we will always have a free will! We must at every minute suppress our human wills from doing their own thing.

Please enjoy the reading below about the Passion of Jesus. There are some incredible insights in these writings. Absolutely beautiful! All praise, honor, love and glory to our Thrice Holy God!

I do pray your Holy Thursday will be the holiest ever! Let us focus as much as humanly possible on the Passion of Jesus to give Him compassion, love and immense and eternal gratitude for all that He suffered for us. Without His Life, Death and Resurrection, there would be NO Gift of living in the Divine Will.
We love you all so very much and keep each of you in our daily prayers! Please keep us in yours! May God allow us the immense grace of truly recognizing Jesus’ suffering for His Father’s glory and for His Kingdom to come!

Ann Ellison
PS: Don’t forget to begin your Divine Mercy Novena tomorrow…Good Friday!!
PSS: Please feel free to share this email!

Volume 1 (No Date)
My nature trembled at the mere thought of suffering. I prayed that Jesus Himself would strengthen me, lest without Him I would offend the Giver with his gifts. So, I gave myself over completely to meditating on the Passion—and this did my soul so much good that I believe every good thing came to me from that source. I saw the Passion of Jesus Christ as an immense sea of light, which wounded me all over with innumerable rays—rays of patience, humility, obedience, and many other virtues. I saw myself all surrounded by this light—and I was lost in humiliation at seeing myself so different from Him. Those rays that inundated me bore so many reproaches. I heard them say: “A God so patient—and you? A God humble and submitted to his enemies—and you? God suffers so much for love of you—and where are your sufferings for love of Him?”

Volume 4
February 8, 1902
The meaning of the Passion of Jesus
When He came to see me this morning, my adorable Jesus shared part of his passion with me. Then, as I was suffering, the Lord encouraged me. He said:
My daughter, the primary purpose of my Passion is to give glory, praise, honor, thanksgiving, and reparation to the Divinity. Secondly, it concerns the salvation of souls and all the graces necessary to achieve that purpose. That is why the life of one who shares in the pains of my Passion contains this same meaning within itself. Not only this, but his life takes on the same form as my Humanity. Moreover, since my Humanity remains united with my Divinity, the soul who participates in my sufferings remains in contact with the Divinity and is able to obtain whatever she wants. Indeed, her sufferings are like keys that open the divine treasures, even while she lives on the earth. Moreover, in heaven I have reserved for her a distinct glory, given to her by my Humanity and Divinity, so that she can come to resemble my very own light and glory. And another special glory will be given to the whole heavenly court through this soul, because of what I have communicated to her. Indeed, the more that souls resemble Me in suffering, the more light and glory will flow forth from my Divinity, and the more the entire heavenly court will participate in my glory.

Volume 11
January 22, 1913
The triple Passion of Jesus: of Love, of sin, and from the Jews. The fall of Jesus into the Cedron Stream.
I was thinking about the Passion of my always adorable Jesus, especially all that He suffered in the Garden. I found myself totally immersed in Jesus, and He told me: “My daughter, my first Passion was one of Love, because man’s first step in sinning and giving himself to evil is lack of Love; and it is because of his lack of Love that he falls into sin. To be repaid through Me for the lack of love of creatures, Love made Me suffer more than anyone else. It almost crushed Me, more than if I were under a press. Love gave Me as many deaths as there are creatures receiving life through Me.
“Sin’s second step is to defraud God of his Glory. That is why, to be repaid for the Glory stolen from Him by creatures, the Father made Me suffer the Passion of sin, so that each sin gave Me a particular Passion. Although there was but one Passion, I suffered as many Passions as there would be sins committed until the end of the world. In this way, the Father’s Glory was restored.
“Sin’s third effect is to make man weak! That is why I wanted to suffer the Passion at the hands of the Jews—my third Passion—to restore to man his lost strength. That is why, with the Passion of Love, Love was restored and raised to the right level. With the Passion of sin, the Father’s Glory was restored and raised to its proper level. And with the Passion of the Jews, man’s strength was raised to its proper level and restored. I suffered all this in the Garden, and my pain was so great, and I endured so many deaths and atrocious spasms that I really would have died if the Will of the Father had not delayed the hour of my death.
Then I began to think of the time when my adorable Jesus was thrown into the Cedron Stream by his enemies. Blessed Jesus let me see Him in a most pitiful state, totally drenched by those filthy waters. He told me: “My daughter, when I created the soul, I covered her with a mantle of light and beauty. Sin removes this mantle of light and beauty, and drapes a mantle of darkness and ugliness over the soul, making her disgusting and repulsive. To remove this filthy mantle that sin spreads over the soul, I allowed the Jews to throw Me into the Cedron. And I immersed myself inside and out in those putrid waters which entered even into my ears, into my nostrils and into my mouth, so much so that the Jews became disgusted on touching Me. Ah, the love of creatures cost Me so much that it made Me become nauseating even to Myself!

Volume 12
July 12, 1918
Effects of the Passion of Jesus.
I was praying for a dying soul with some fear and anxiety, when my beloved Jesus came and told me: “My daughter, why are you afraid? Don’t you know that for each word about my Passion—for each thought, for each compassionate gesture, for each reparation, and for each remembrance of my pains—I open as many channels of electric communication between the soul and Me; and that is why the soul keeps enhancing her beauty in so many different ways? She has done the Hours of my Passion, and I will receive her as a daughter of my Passion, clothed with my Blood and adorned with my wounds. This flower has grown within your heart, so I bless it and I receive it into my Heart, as a chosen flower. And while He was saying this, a flower came out of my heart, and flew toward Jesus.

Volume 15
May 29, 1923
Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. The harmony and happiness (image and likeness) that God placed in man’s body and soul when He created him. The effects of sin and the primary purpose of the Passion of Jesus.
I was accompanying my sweet Jesus in His pains, especially in what He suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane; and while I consoled Him, He stirred inside of me and said to me: “My daughter, the first one to guide the work of My pains in My Humanity was My Heavenly Father, because He alone had the strength and the power to create pain and to divide it into as many grades of pain as were needed for Me to be satisfied for the debt of creatures. Creatures were secondary, because they had no power over Me, and they were not capable of creating suffering as intense as what they needed.

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