(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

June 12, 2021



“O how I would love for everyone to know that if they want to live in My Will, they have a Queen and a powerful Mother who will make up for all that they lack! She will raise them on Her motherly knees, and She will be with them in all that they do, molding their acts as if they were Her own—to the point that they will be known as children who have been raised, cared for and educated by the loving motherly guidance of My Mama. These will be the souls who will make Her happy—the souls who will be Her honor and her glory.

Dear Divine Will Family,

What a wonderful feast day it is today! We thank with immense and eternal gratitude our Mother’s most Loving, Pure, Beautiful and Immaculate Heart for loving us and all mankind so very much and for all the graces that She pours down upon us at every second of the day and night! Without Her, where would we be? Certainly not rejoicing in and appreciating immensely the greatest of all gifts from God living in our souls! Just typing that gave me such joy and appreciation that it filled my entire body! How very, very blessed we are!

I have always wondered why the Bible and other publications always refer to Mary as “pondering” this or that in Her Heart? As we all well know, Jesus told His Mother everything from God’s plan for mankind and all that She and Jesus would do for the Redemption and all about the Kingdom of the Divine Will. She knew it all! So, why would She have to ponder things in Her Heart??

For the first time, in a homely, I heard the way I believe it should be said, “She treasured these things in Her Heart!” This is the true way to look at it once you understand the writings of Luisa and especially the Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will book! Of course, if you ponder something, you can meditate on it, or contemplate on it. That would be good, but ponder seems to give the impression that Mary, the Mother of Jesus, knew nothing of what was going on in His Life and in the happenings to bring about the Redemption. This certainly is the wrong impression to put forth.

I want to thank all of you who wished me a wonderful vacation. I do look forward to being with my sister and sister-in-laws. We have fun with each other. I give God all the gratitude for the grace to be able to join them. I don’t believe I will be back in Tennessee until the last of July, first of August, but I have my laptop with me and the Snippets will continue, but maybe two a week instead of three. I will be keeping in touch!

We love you all so much and we very appreciative each of you for your love of the Divine Will and for all you are doing to help spread this most important Gift of Life to others! We keep each of you in our daily prayers, please keep us in yours!

May God bless us with the all the knowledge we need to truly honor, love and appreciate our Heavenly Mother, Mary, who love us so very much!! Thank you, Mother, for all You have done for each of us and for bringing us into this magnificent Life of God reigning in our souls!

Ann Ellison

PS: We have received the new order of the Passion books and the Virgin Mary books, so we can help anyone who needs them. We have finally received our new order for the Be Faithful and Attentive book that so many love so dearly. It is the best we have ever printed. They are small and have a flexible cover that makes it easy to open and read and lays like the Bible. They are beautiful! We did have to raise the price of them because it seems the cost of everything is going up. So very, very sorry because this is such an important book! Fiat always!

And anytime God gives you a nudge to donate, we are always willing to very gratefully receive it! It costs us a lot to for the three new books we just got in. God bless each of you for your generosity!

Volume 12
January 27, 1919

The mortal wounds in the Heart of Jesus.

As I was in my usual state, as soon as my ever beloved Jesus appeared to me, He showed me his adorable Heart, riddled with wounds, which gushed forth rivers of blood. In a voice full of sorrow, He said to me:

“My daughter, among the many wounds that My Heart contains, My dear Mama is the first to enter into this first wound. Her Heart was pierced because of my pains—and O how Her Heart overflowed into Mine, and deeply felt all of its piercings! When I saw Her dying (but without dying, because of my death), I felt the torment, the cruelty of Her martyrdom in My Heart, and I felt the pains of my death as my dear Mama felt them in Her Heart—so that My Heart died together with Hers. That is why all my pains, joined to the pains of my Mama, exceeded all bounds. It was right that my Heavenly Mama held the first place in My Heart, both in love and sorrow, because each pain suffered for love of Me opened seas of graces and of love, which poured into Her Transfixed Heart. All the souls who suffer because of Me, and solely for love, enter into this wound. You, too, enter into it; and even if everyone else offended Me and nobody else loved Me, I would find in you all the love that they ought to give Me. That is why, when souls drive Me away and force Me to run away from them, I quickly come to take refuge in you as though in my hiding place. And when I find my own Love in souls, and not their own—a love that suffers only for Me—I say: ‘I do not regret having created Heaven and earth, nor having suffered so much. A soul who loves Me and who suffers for Me gives Me all my delight, my happiness, and my reward for all that I have done.’ And I seem to put everything else to one side, and I delight in her and play with her.

Volume 17
May 1, 1925

Jesus: “Besides Me there is My Heavenly Mother who had the unique mission of being the Mother of the Son of God and who had the role of Co-Redemptrix of mankind. She was enriched with so many graces for the mission of Her Divine Maternity that all earthly and heavenly creatures combined could never equal Her. But that was not enough to attract the Word into Her motherly womb. To do that, My Mother had to embrace all creatures, loving, adoring, and making reparation to the Supreme Majesty on their behalf, so that She was able to do for Him all that the generations of men ought to have done for God.

And in Her Virginal Heart She had an inexhaustible love for God and for all creatures. And when the Divinity found in this Virgin the loving response of all creatures, It felt enraptured, and It accomplished the Conception, that is, the Incarnation of the Word. And as She conceived Me, She accepted the role of Co-Redemptrix, and She took part and embraced with Me all the sufferings, reparations, satisfactions, and motherly love that exists on behalf of everyone. Indeed, in My Mother’s Heart She bore a fiber of maternal love for every creature. And that is why I declared from the Cross in truth and justice that She was the Mother of everyone. She was united to Me in love, in pain, in everything; She never left Me alone. And if the Eternal One had not filled Her with so much Grace as to be able to receive from Her alone the love of everyone, He would never have left Heaven to come down to earth to redeem the human race. This is why it was fitting and necessary that, in view of Her mission as Mother of God, She had to embrace everyone and surpass everyone. When a person’s role is unique, it follows that the one who has that role should not overlook anything. She should keep an eye on everything so that she can give all the good things that she possesses. She must be the true sun that gives light to everyone. That is how it was with Me and with My Heavenly Mother.

Volume 19
July 11, 1926

It was Necessary to Know That Jesus and His Mother Suffered the Most to From the Kingdom of Redemption, So It Will Be Necessary to Know Who Has Suffered for the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.
For several days my sweet Jesus had not said anything to me about His Most Holy Will. He appeared rather sad as He chastised mankind.

Today, He seemed to want to leave His sadness behind, because, when He speaks of His Will, He seems to become festive. And as He came out of my interior, He said to me:
“My daughter, I need consolation; let Me speak about the Kingdom of My Supreme Will.”
And I answered:

“My love and my life, my Jesus, if you do not tell me all the secrets that It holds—since I don’t know everything—I do not enjoy the fullness of the blessings that this Kingdom holds, nor can I give you a loving response for the good things that You conceal—and I remain sad in the midst of so much happiness that my ‘I love You’ does not flow in everything that You possess. My ‘I love You’ may be little, but it is the ’I love you’ of Your little daughter who loves You so much.”

And Jesus, seizing upon my words, said to me:

“Little daughter, you yourself say it–how necessary it is to have knowledge; and if it is necessary for you, how much more necessary for others. Now you must know that to form the Kingdom of the Redemption, the one who distinguished Herself the most in suffering was My Mama. She did not seem to suffer any pain that other creatures would know about—except for My death which was known to everyone. For Her Maternal Heart, that was the most fatal and agonizing blow of most sorrowful death. But since She possessed the unity of the light of My Will, this light bore to Her Transfixed Heart not only seven swords (of which the Church speaks), but all the swords, lances, and piercings of all the blows and pains of men, that subjected Her Motherly Heart to an agonizing martyrdom. But this was nothing. The light of My Will brought Her all My sufferings, humiliations, agonies, thorns, and nails—and the most intimate pains of My Heart. My Mama’s Heart was a true sun—whose light is seen, bearing all the blessings and benefits that the earth receives and possesses—so that one could say that the earth is swallowed up in the sun. In the same way, the Sovereign Queen shows forth in Herself not only Her person, but the light of My Supreme Will.

In Her It enclosed every possible and imaginable suffering. And the more intimate and hidden these sufferings were, so much the more valuable and powerful was their influence upon the Divine Heart to plead for the longed-for Redeemer. And more surely than the rays of the sun, they poured down into the hearts of men to conquer them and to bind them to the Kingdom of Redemption.

Indeed, the Church knows so little about the sufferings of the Heavenly Queen. Indeed, only Her obvious pains are spoken of—and that is why the Church enumerates seven swords. But, if the Church knew that Her Mother’s Heart was the refuge, the storehouse of all sufferings, and that the light of My Will brought them all to Her and spared Her nothing, the Church would not have said seven swords, but millions of swords. And since these sufferings were so intimate, only God knows the true intensity of Our Lady’s sorrow. That is why She was by right the Queen of Martyrs and the Queen of all Sorrows.

Men know how to give weight and value to external sufferings, but they do not know how to justly assess the value of interior sufferings. Now, to establish first the Kingdom of My Will in My Mama, before the Kingdom of Redemption, I did not need so many sufferings–because She had no sins and so She had no part in the inheritance of sufferings. Her inheritance was the Kingdom of My Will. But to give the Kingdom of Redemption to mankind, She had to subject Herself to a multitude of sufferings. Indeed, the fruits of the Redemption were ripened in the Kingdom of My Will, which belonged to Me and to My Mama. There is nothing beautiful, good and useful that does not go forth from My Will.
Now, My Humanity was united to the Sovereign Queen. She remained hidden in Me in My sorrows and in My pains; that is why little is known of Her. But it was necessary that what I did in My Humanity be known—how much I suffered and how much I loved. If nothing had been known, I could not have established the Kingdom of Redemption. The knowledge of My sufferings and of My love acts as a magnet, spur, goad, and light to attract souls to make use of the remedies and the blessings of My Redemption. Knowing how much their sins and their salvation cost Me is a chain that binds Me to them and prevents new sins. On the other hand, if nothing had been known of My pains and of My death, no one would have realized how much their salvation cost Me, and no one would have given a thought to loving Me and to saving his soul. See, then, how necessary it is to know how much He or She has done and suffered, who has formed a universal blessing within Himself (or Herself) to give it to others.
Now, My daughter, as it was necessary to make known who He and She were and how much it cost Them to establish the Kingdom of Redemption, so it is necessary to make Her known whom My Fatherly Goodness has chosen first—to form in Her the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat and then to begin giving it to others. As the Redemption was first formed between Me and My Heavenly Mama—and then was made known to mankind—so will it be with the Supreme Fiat.

That is why it is necessary to make known how much this Kingdom of My Will cost Me and to see to it that man could enter his lost kingdom again. I had to sacrifice the smallest of creatures, keep her nailed to a bed for more than forty years—without fresh air, and without the fullness of the light of the sun that everyone else enjoys. I had to make known how her little heart served as a sanctuary for My sufferings for those of mankind. I had to reveal how much she loved everyone, prayed for everyone, defended everyone—and how many times she was exposed to the blows of Divine Justice to defend all her brothers. And I had to make known her intimate sufferings, her abandonment by Me—which subjected her heart to martyrdom, making her die death upon death. Because she did not know any other life than Mine, nor any other Will but Mine, all these sufferings laid the foundation for the Kingdom of My Will; and, like rays of sunlight, they ripened the fruits of the Supreme Fiat. And now it is necessary to make known how much this Kingdom cost you and Me; so that from the cost, they can know how much I long for them to possess it; and so that from the cost they can appreciate It, love It, and aspire to enter and live in the Kingdom of My Supreme Will.

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