(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

August 21, 2021

“The Call to the Creature to Return to the Order,
the Place, and the Purpose for which he was created by God”

Dear Divine Will Family,
I know I have to ask for your forgiveness a lot, and I have to ask it again. I did not send out a Snippet at all last week and probably won’t send out one for next week. And for that I am truly sorry!

My dear friend, Felicia Murray and I have been getting ready to leave for Portugal and Spain this next Tuesday/Wednesday. David and Gloria Russell will be joining us because David is the new Director of Foreign Assets for the Center for the Divine Will. He and Gloria are going over to learn the ropes to take over the House of Divine Will in San Sebastian de Garabandal and the apartment in Fatima, Portugal.

It has been extremely busy, so I apologize again to all of you! We leave on Tuesday to drive to Atlanta and then we will fly out of Atlanta on Wednesday, the 25th at 3:30 pm. We will land in Lisbon and then drive to Fatima, then eventually head for Garabandal the first week or so of September.

As we all know, living in the Divine Will is the only way we can “restore” our souls to the original order, place and purpose for which God created us. And what does it mean to return to, or be restored to the Original State of Justice in which Adam lived before the Great Fall?

It is restoring or souls to the Divine Order of God…not the human order in which we have been living since the fall of Adam! To restore us to the place we would be living if Adam had not fallen….our nothingness!! There was No Pride when Adam and Eve lived in their nothingness! And to restore our souls to the purpose for which God created us…to live one same life with and in God, giving Him all the glory, love, honor and gratitude which He so deserves from each of us!

We love you so very much and keep each of you in our daily prayers. Please keep us in yours. May God restore your most precious souls to the Original State of Justice, with your cooperation, quickly so that His Kingdom will reign in you as It does in God and all the inhabitants of Heaven!
Ann Ellison

Note: The following few extracts demonstrate the Divine wish for man to return to his original state, which is to possess the Kingdom of the Divine Will and live in It, doing the Will of God as It is done in Heaven. (“Fiat Voluntas Tua …”)

Volume 18
Don’t you think my daughter that this is exactly what I am doing for you? My continuous calling you into my Will, so that not yours, but Mine may live in you; my desire to find the note of your “I love You”, of your adoration to your Creator, of your reparation for each offense …from the first man up to the last one to come–does this not say in clear notes that I want everything in order to give you everything, and that, raising you above all, I want to restore in you my Will, whole, beautiful, triumphant, just as It came out from Us in the beginning of Creation?

Volume 17
Then Jesus added: “My daughter, in creating man, I infused the soul in him with my breath, wanting to infuse in him the most intimate part of Our interior–Our Will, which brought to him, all together, all the particles of Our Divinity which man, as creature, could contain, to the extent of making of him Our image. But man, ungrateful, wanted to break the union with Our Will, and even though he kept the soul, the human will, which took the place of the Divine, obscured him, infected him, and rendered inactive all the divine particles, to the extent of dishonoring him completely and of disguising him.

Now, since I want to dispose man again to receive this Will of Mine, it is necessary that I breathe on him again, so that my breath may put to flight the darkness and infections, and may render active the infusion of Our Will which We made in creating him.

Oh, how I wish to see him beautiful, restored, just as I created him! And my Will alone can work this great prodigy. This is why I want to breathe upon you – so that you may receive this great good: that my Will reign in you and give you back all the goods and the rights which It gave man in his creation.”

And as He was saying this, coming near me, He breathed on me, He looked at me, He squeezed me to Himself; and then He disappeared.

Volume 16
Jesus: “Oh, how much easier it was for Me to impetrate his salvation than to reorder his interior in my Supreme Volition! Had I not done this, Redemption would not have been complete, nor a work worthy of a God. I would have neither fixed nor ordered all the parts of man, nor would I have restored in him that Sanctity which was lost by withdrawing from the Divine Will and by breaking the relations with It. The plan is already accomplished, but in order to make it known, first it was necessary for man to know that with my Life and Passion he could obtain forgiveness and salvation, in order to dispose him to know how I had impetrated for him the greatest and most important thing – the new rising of his will in Mine, to give him back his nobility and the relations with my Will which had been broken – and with it, his original state.

Now, so that my Will might be known, in order to open Heaven to let my Will descend upon earth and to make It reign on earth as It does in Heaven, I had to choose another little one among all generations. Since this is the greatest Work I want to do–to restore man in his origin, from which he came, to open for him that Divine Will which he rejected, to open my arms to him to receive him again into the bosom of my Will – my Wisdom calls the most little one out of nothing.”

Jesus: “Now, to be conceived in the womb of a creature of the human race did no harm to my Mama, because her soul was immune to every sin. There was no division between her will and the Will of her God. The divine currents found no obstacle or opposition in pouring into Her in every instant. She was under the pouring rain of new graces. So, with this will and this soul, all holy, all pure, all beautiful, the container of her body, which She received from her mother, remained fragrant, restored, ordered, divinized, in such a way as to be exempt from all the natural troubles by which human nature is invaded. Ah, yes! She was the One who received the seed of the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” on earth as It is in Heaven; and this ennobled Her and restored Her to her origin, as man was created by Us, before he sinned.”

Volume 14:
Jesus: “However, my works never remain isolated; so I will have the army of the souls who will live in my Will, and in them I will have my Creation restored – all beautiful and striking, just as It came out of my hands. Otherwise, I would not have so much interest in making my Will known.”

“These will be powerful magnets to draw you, and then others, to live in It. However, in order to enter Our Will and follow the sublime flight of my acts and of those of my indivisible Mama, being of common stock, you could not enter Our Will if you did not have, or had at least been transformed into the nature which came out of my hands, before man withdrew from Our Will. Here are, then, my many graces in order to restore your nature, your soul, to that original state. As I kept giving you graces, I removed from you the seeds, the tendencies, the passions of the rebellious nature, always leaving your will free.”

Volume 13:
Jesus: “This was important and indispensable for Me – at my very first coming out to the light of this world, I was to restore the rights of Creation and receive the Glory as if the creature had never departed from my Will.”

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