September 23, 2021

“I am Your ALL and I Deserve to be Loved with a Love Equal to My Own!”

(A Talk by Ann Ellison in Cincinnati, 2014)

My Dear Divine Will Family,

I have no idea how to ask you for forgiveness for taking so long to send out a Snippet. I could give you a lot of reasons and excuses, but it would not make up for taking so long! Please forgive me…all I can say is “Internet and Microsoft”…..so many problems and they still are not fixed…..so this is the reason this Snippet doesn’t look like the others and will not be like the others. I have no search engine and I am trying to do this with Google Docs and not Word! I have no access to my files, etc., etc., etc.! These days have been some real ‘fiats’ for us here in Europe! If things could go wrong, they did and if they could not, they did anyway! Really some wonderful tests from Our Lord for His glory and for His Kingdom to come!! May it come quickly!

There is so much to share with you. We have been in Fatima and traveling since September 8th! I will share a lot with you at a later date. Right now, I would like to share a little of a talk I gave in Cincinnati in 2014 which will lead up to what I want to share with you. Gosh, there is so much to say, but it will wait until you finish reading this talk. I am not putting the entire talk on the Snippet because it was a two hour long talk, but I will share some with you now and the rest later. I hope you will get out of it the same thing many did as well as myself while preparing it!

We love you all so very much and keep each of you in our daily prayers. Please keep us in yours! May God touch your hearts and souls to realize He must be our ALL in everything and at all times! May it be God’s Will for all of you to be and stay healthy!

Ann Ellison



Come Holy Spirit, and fill the hearts of your faithful, and enkindle in them the fire of Your Love. Send forth Your Spirit and they shall be created, and You shall renew the face of the earth.

Oh God, Who by the light of the Holy Spirit doth instruct the hearts of the faithful, Grant, that by the same Spirit we may be truly wise and ever rejoice in His consolation. We ask this through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Hail Mary…..

Eph. 1, 11-12:

“In Him we were also chosen, destined in accord with the purpose of the One who accomplishes all things according to the intentions of His Will, so that we might exist for the Praise of His Glory…..we who first hoped in Christ!” AMEN

Since we were chosen, destined…to exist solely for the Praise of His Glory…..we have an obligation to make Him our ALL.

This is going to be a difficult talk for all of us….the questions I am going to ask are going to be very personal…private. Go within yourself where God is dwelling and be honest with the answers…they are just between you and Him…and He already knows the answers…He already knows your heart….He already knows everything! But maybe we can be a little more honest with ourselves, and grow a little more.

The very FIRST lesson in volume #1 that Jesus teaches Luisa is:

“I am your All. I deserve to be loved by you with a love equal to Mine.”

This quote involves two different parts, so let’s break them down.

FIRST: Jesus says to Luisa: I AM YOUR ALL!

Now we must ask ourselves, “Jesus, are You really my ALL? How do I show You that You are my ALL? How do I witness that You are my ALL?”

Is your life built around only God? If I walk into your home, will I know He is your ALL? If I talk to you, will I know He is your ALL or if I listen to you talk, will I know He is your ALL? If I see you (your actions/your attire) will I know He is your ALL? If the answer is no to any of these questions, then maybe we need to understand why the answers are no!

If God is not your ALL, then what is? Is TV your All? Is the hairdresser your ALL? Is shopping your ALL? Is Sports your ALL? If God is not your ALL, what is? Only you can answer these questions.

It can’t be half way…..you can’t love your hairdresser/shopping/sports and Jesus the same….Jesus must be your All! It doesn’t mean you can go to the hairdresser, I know Jesus wants you to look your best; it doesn’t mean you can’t go shopping, or watch a football game, but it does mean that God must come before all these things and must be more important to you than anything else in this world!

And God wants so badly to Be your ALL!

For those who have made God their ALL, Jesus says, “Their life is the life of the blessed…only two things are fixed in their hearts. They desire, they long for My Will and for My Love!”

It is not just a wish list! The kind of desire that Jesus is talking about fills your mind, heart and soul every minute of every day! It consumes your whole life!

Say, I want a hamburger going home from this conference, but if Tom and Kathy stops at a fish place, that is fine. I will settle on fish instead. It is certainly not this kind of desire Jesus is talking about. But this is the kind of desire I see in people. They jump from one thing to another…..from one visionary to another. Here Jesus has given them everything! This Gift is the Gift of Himself…His real life and the life of His Mother…the life of the Angels and Saints…the real Life of the Most Blessed Trinity…and yet I see souls running to this visionary and that visionary as if they are going to give them any more. “See what Jesus tells this visionary!” they say, all excited.

What more can Jesus tell any of these visionaries that He did not tell Luisa?? Especially since Luisa is the Herald of the Divine Will and this knowledge will NOT come through anyone else except Luisa.

Jesus told her that she was the only one! I don’t care what the visionary tells you….I believe Luisa’s writings (approved by the Church) in a instant before I would believe someone that does not have the blessings of the Church. I am amazed at how quickly we believe whatever anyone tells us without proper discernment!! You are chasing rainbows when you have the real Manna from Heaven right here in Luisa’s Volumes. The good that these writings do for your soul is incomparable…there is no way to even begin to understand the enormous good that these writings are doing in and for your soul. But I have gotten off my subject…please forgive me. Let me continue..all this is so important!

Also Jesus says, “All of man’s exterior actions (or behavior) are nothing but a venting of his interior life.”

In other words, what Jesus and others see us doing exteriorly, reflects the state of our interior.

Now how do we make God our ALL? Boy, that’s a hard one! But not too hard because Jesus told Luisa that He wants His Sanctity to be accessible to all and so therefore He makes it easy for those that truly want it. Another qualifier!

I remember ironing Fr. John Brown’s shirts when I lived in Corato and he is so huge that it was like ironing a tablecloth, but I loved it and I would have done anything he wanted me to do because I love him so much. Nothing was a burden. So it should be with our Beloved Jesus! We should WANT this Gift so much that nothing is too much of a burden to receive it. ..

He says: The Divine Will, which is true sanctity, consists in doing My Will and in rearranging all things while remaining in Me. As I keep all things ordered for the creature, so the creature ought to order all things for Me and in Me. My Will puts all things in order.”

So, if our life is NOT in order…we are not being attentive or faithful enough to allow Jesus to put our lives in order!

It is time to look at our lives truthfully…is our life in order?

Since He is telling us to put our lives in order…how do we do that? First, we start with the three powers of the soul…the memory, intellect and the will. As Jesus instructs, “If the will desires nothing but Me alone, if the intellect occupies itself with nothing but knowing Me, if the memory recalls nothing but Me, there you have it….the three powers of the soul consumed in love!”

This is God’s work and not at all ours…but we must truly desire to cooperate with this work of God’s. As St. John of the Cross states:

“God divests the faculties (intellect, ‘will,’ and memory), affections and senses, both spiritual and sensory (5 senses), interior and exterior. He leaves the intellect in darkness, the ‘will’ in aridity, the memory in emptiness, and the affections in supreme afflictions, bitterness, and anguish by depriving the soul of the feeling and satisfaction it previously obtained from spiritual blessings.”

“He (God) perfects the three faculties (intellect, memory and will)… These faculties lose their natural imperfections and are changed into DIVINE.” [cfr. THE DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL, chapter 3].

I believe this is one reason people chase after other things because they can find lots of ‘highs’ and can avoid the dry/dark nights of the soul. But the dark/dry nights are exactly what we want…to grow, to become sanctified…to become holy!

(Example….Jesus quit talking to me in 1995 and I cried for 3 months and finally He told me, “Ann, you can’t grow in your consolations, but only in your sorrows!” Praise You, Jesus, then I want don’t want You to speak to me anymore…. Because I want to grow closer to you…I want to be one with You…I want nothing to stop any growth towards Your Love and Your Will for me!”

How can you want anything more than that? This life is so short…it is nothing compared to our Eternity. I want to go through anything that will help me grow in the Divine Will…and only through the grace of God can I do it, but He wants it more than I do….so I know if I desire it so much, He will give me the grace to go through anything to grow!


We are going to leave it here and I will send out another on Saturday! May God grow in you always in love, intimacy, and sanctity!


Copyright © 2014, Ann Ellison, All rights reserved.

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