September 25, 2021


PART I – Continued

A Talk given by Ann Ellison in Cincinnati in 2014

Dear Divine Will Family,

This Snippet is going to be longer than yesterdays, but to be able to get to both talks sent out before we go to Spain, I will have to send the rest of Part I today.

Not to worry, you will have plenty of time to read everything since we will have to get internet in Spain when we get there before I can send out another Snippet. Hopefully, I can go back to my origina format at that time!

We love you all so much and keep each of you in our daily prayers….please keep us in yours! May God accomplish His work in your most precious soul to His satisfaction and to your glory!
Ann Ellison

“I AM YOUR ALL” – PART I – continued

We start cooperating in this work when we start to purify our senses.

I am going to give you a phrase to remember…which I hope will help you start putting your senses into order because I hope you will remember it, especially when an incident comes along and you need to be poked to remember that you are not doing something for God alone! Hopefully, with the help of your Guardian Angel, you will remember this phrase and it will snap you back to truth and reality! The phrase is ‘Take out the trash’! (Write this down…take some notes.)

I know you’re saying, “What are you talking about, Ann?” I am talking about taking out all the trash that is stored in your head, in your homes, in your lives! Remove all that does not pertain to God. Remove all the gossip, all the TV trash…all the radio trash, all the external and internal trash, everything! Live in the present moment! You must be focused on God and stay focused on God alone at all times. All you have is the present moment….which we all know so well, but forget so easily.

In a movie I saw, there was a statement from a coach training a young man for the Olympics and he told him, “There are NO ordinary moments and there is NEVER nothing happening!” In a bridge scene, the young man looked and suddenly saw the fish in the water swimming, the water always flowing, the grass growing, the insects crawling, the sun always shining and people always moving! He was training for a gold medal…what is our gold medal and what should we work the hardest for? Shouldn’t it be for the Total Gift of His Holy Will reigning fully in our souls!

Here is another phrase to remember. I am third!!
God is first, family and neighbor is second and I am third. Not only does that put you in beautiful order, but it serves to please God very much, and it keeps you humble, realizing your nothingness…which is the 1st commandment of Living in the Divine Will! I am nothing, You are ALL, my Lord!

Let us learn to die to the “I’s” and to the me, me, me’s! Being always dissatisfied! How can that be in the life of the Divine Will? Living in San Giovanni Rotundo, my job was to help the Americans who would come to the “House of prayer for the Reign of the Divine Will on earth as in Heaven!” That was Adrianna Pallotti’s house in which I lived and worked. I was really shocked at the complaints I would hear! The hotel is too cold, too hot, the bed isn’t soft enough….the food is this or that….where can I find American food? How can you give your ‘fiat’ to God and think you are living in the Divine Will at every moment while complaining about anything?? Isn’t that thinking about self and not about what is God trying teaching your by putting you in this situation, or in that circumstance? Or that Jesus wants to share some of His sufferings with you to give Himself a rest? There is no privilege greater than to suffer for love of Jesus!

(The new commercial of neighbor helping neighbor is such a wonderful example…we should have been living that way the whole time! We should have made that commercial.)

We all say, “I am nothing, God is ALL.” But it is not enough to just say it…we must live it!

As Jesus tells Luisa, “Purify your senses, and return to your nothingness, so that your ALL may occupy a space within you.”

Jesus continues His instructions with, “Do you know how people’s senses have become? Like the screams of those ferocious beasts that, with their roaring, drive people away instead of drawing them closer. The filth and the number of sins derived from their senses are so great, that they are forcing Me to run away!”

And He continues, “Every thought of yours regarding yourself, even regarding your own virtues, is always gain for yourself and you miss the chance of sharing in the Divine Life. Whereas if the soul thinks only of Me, she then achieves Divine Life within herself; and in achieving Divine Life, she misses the chance of sharing in the human life, but she attains all possible goods.” Jesus then ask Luisa, “Do we agree?” We must all answer this same question! Do we agree??? Only you can answer this one, too.

(Jesus is tapping you on the shoulder…make sure He doesn’t have to hit you with a mac truck!)

These instructions from Jesus are endless, He continues still, “If souls only knew the bad incurred by certain self-interest, they bend the soul, they lower her and they keep her focused on herself. The more she is focused on herself, the more human she becomes,…the more she considers self, the more miseries she experiences, and the more miserable she becomes.”

But, Jesus in His total goodness tells us, “I want to purify your soul from any flaw that might interfere with my love for you. I want to know that you are faithful to Me so that you may be ALL mine!” (Jesus is not talking about our love for Him, but His love for us! We are the ones blocking the love between God and us…it is not Him, but us!)

“If you want to recognize yourself, come inside Me; enter within Me. If you come inside Me, I will place you in true order, for in Me you will find your image, made by Me and to my likeness. You will find whatever you need to conserve and beautify this image.”

In coming to recognize yourself in Me, you will therein recognize your neighbor as well. And upon seeing how I love you and how I love your neighbor, you will rise to the degree of true Divine Love and all things inside and outside of you will form true order…that is, Divine Order.”


You know time is very short…we don’t have a lot of time left before the times, as we know them, are over…and the times that we are not familiar with are upon us.

(These times are now upon us. Could you ever imagine these times and events happening in America? Absolutely not before now! So, the times that Our Lady of Garabandal spoke about are upon us…and I beg you and ask you to please, please, please do not think that the Warning is coming soon and everything is going to be OK!! It is not coming soon….of the two nights of the screams that the girls in Garabandal saw, the first night was of the Great Tribulation, which only the Warning could stop! They screamed for 50 minutes and they were not little girl screams, but horrifying and terrifying screams. A Priest had to stop the men from running up to the Pines to help the girls, it scared them so much and every person in the village went to confession the next day, with one exception! That’s how frightened they were. We are not through the Great Tribulation yet, but only on the cusp of it! There is more to come and it will not be fun to go through, so we must bury ourselves as much as possible in the Divine Will and know that He is our Father and wants only the best for us and as Jesus told Luisa, “…for those souls living in My Will, I will protect them and their property!” But even more than that, we should want to live in the Divine Will for the pure love of God and His Kingdom….it should have nothing to do with self-preservation!)

It is time to understand that there is nothing more important on earth than to do whatever it takes to live as deeply as possible in the Divine Will.

(Dear ones, this is an alarm going off. We are on the home stretch. Now is the time in which God is dividing the men from the boys; the wheat from the chaff. There is no more fence sitting! We must draw the line now at the world and what it offers…and choose Heaven and what it offers. We CAN NOT HAVE BOTH!

We must realize that to live in the Divine Will as deeply as possible we must empty ourselves of ourselves (AND OF OUR WANTS) so that God can then fill us to the full with His Divine Life, with His Divine Love.

So, how do we empty ourselves of ourselves…it is always easy to say and our intentions are always good, but we get stuck on how to accomplish this arduous task. To begin this emptying, we must first start by purifying our major senses.

Jesus instructs: “The main thing required of Me to enter into a soul and to make My habitat there is the total detachment from everything. Without this, not only am I unable to live there, but no virtue can take root in the soul. Then, after the soul has emptied itself of everything, I will enter in, and in union with its will, we will build a house together.”

(A habitat in which both wills can live in harmony, peace and love! Jesus told Luisa that He created the entire universe as our habitation, but He created us as His Habitation!)

We must be conscious of what we look at, and what we listen to, and what we say, what comes out of our mouths, what goes in our mouths, and how or what we feel, where we go and what we do.

As Jesus said, “If you speak only of Me, if you feel only what regards Me, if you taste solely My things, if you walk, and you work only for Me, if your heart loves only Me, if you desire Me alone, there you have it…the consummation of love formed in the senses.”

“In the same way, the tongue, if it speaks only of love, it perceives so many illuminating insights flowing through its words, thus becoming eloquent…”

(So, we start with self-discipline! We discipline our eyes by what we allow them to look at…we discipline our mouths on what comes out of it….we discipline our ears by what we allow them to hear. It is staying focused on God alone…for the love of God and His Kingdom to come through us to others!).

This is at least a start. If we truly want what God wants for our lives, for our families, for our country, we will start by disciplining our senses…and you will find, God will rush to bring you to the heights of His Love in His Will,……if you but strive sincerely to do this!!

Once you have purified your senses, then you must protect and guard them and be attentive to what is taken in by your senses to keep them pure. This is not a mere duty, it is an obligation…we must strive to imitate Jesus or we will never arrive at the place, order and purpose for which God created us….and we will never reach the sanctity for which God has deign for each one of us! Jesus said, “My mind was occupied only with what concerned the glory of My Father, and the salvation of souls. My mouth opened only to say holy things…”

(How can we do less??)

(You know, we are unique in God’s eyes…He has a sanctity for each of us that is unique to us. He isn’t asking for another Saint Anne, Jesus’ Grandmother, or another St. Therese, the Little Flower. But for a saint Ann Ellison…a saint Felicia Murray…a saint Fr. Charles Keogh! He is asking for another saint…whatever your name is. He created us with so much love that He wants our sanctity to be unique to us alone.)

So, by purifying our senses, we will become a saint, a unique saint unto ourselves. And by purifying our senses we can cause a great effect on our own families. What the wife/mother does in the family affects the father and children, and what the husband/father does affects the wife and the children. And the children’s actions/behavior affects the rest of the family. We can have a good affect or a bad affect…and it is up to us alone which it will be!

It is important to be a good example in our family. We do not need to preach, or to nag, or to beg, but only show by our actions/behavior the love of God that we hold so dear and what His Will is for all souls and your family will learn from watching you.

Repeating again what Jesus is instructing, “If you do not leave the little world of thoughts, affections and sentiments toward creatures that surrounds you, I cannot enter completely into your heart to take permanent possession of it. This constant murmuring in your mind interferes with your hearing my voice clearly so that I may pour my graces over you and make you fall completely in love with Me.”

Now, are we listening to God? Are we listening to God’s voice, or to our own voice, or to our neighbour’s voice? To what voice are we listening??? What about the voice of the TV and Radio?? Is that the voice that we listen to the most?

What does Jesus says to those who do and do not listen to His voice:

“How happy am I when I see a soul disposed, ready to listen and receive the great Gift of which My Word is the bearer. I never speak unless I see the soul disposed [to listen], because if she is not, My Word cannot present her with the Gift It generates. Now you must know that the more the creature seeks My Will, desires to knows It, loves It and does not let It escape from any of her acts, the more it will grow to its fullness. An extra act of attention, a sigh, a desire for Its Life is enough to make It grow…O, how wonderfully it grows and propels her to reach such heights, to the point of reaching the Divine upper spheres where she learns the most sublime and intimate secrets!”

(Remember God is our ALL….we must give Him our full attention…all our hearts, all our senses…)

Jesus says, “My child there is a great difference between he who desires My Will by employing all his attention, his eyes and his heart, and he who desires It without employing any great attention. It seems that they lack the eyes to see It in all things, the heart to love It and the voice to call It. Such as these, one may say, possess My Will in small measure. Its fullness is, therefore, far away from them.”

(That’s a scary thought for anyone who truly desires this Life, this True and Real Life of God reigning in our souls!!)

Emptying yourself seems like a small matter when it comes to thinking about losing this greatest of all Gifts from God!!

Again, Jesus says to Luisa, “The thought of one’s self belittles the soul, and from her littleness, she tries to estimate my greatness and almost wants to reduce Me. Instead, the soul who does not think of herself, but thinks only of Me, grows in my immensity and renders to Me due honor.”

“He who lives in my Will loses his temperament and acquires Mine. Therefore, the soul that does my Will desires a temperament that is pleasant, attractive, penetrating, dignified, and generally simple of childlike simplicity. In a word, she resembles Me in everything.

What is more, she keeps her temperament in her power as she pleases and as is pleasing.”

(If you don’t remember anything I have said to you so far, try to remember this instruction from Jesus, as it sums it all up!)

“…according to the measure with which you detach yourself from all that which is not totally Mine, you shall become always more immersed in my absolute Will. Then, thanks to the knowledge of my Essence, which day by day will become more vivid in you, you will acquire the fullness of my Love!”

You see, my friends, it is all about Love…God’s Love.

I know we need to take a break at this point. When you return, we will cover even more of Jesus’ 1st instruction to Luisa. (See how much this ONE sentence covers? Each and every word Jesus spoke to Luisa contains infinite knowledge because each word He spoke contains knowledge about His Will, which is infinite. Jesus would not have spoken ONE word that was useless…so, all the words in these volumes should be studied over and over again because He will constantly give you new insights and lessons in each one of these words in each sentence.

Could you have ever imagined that someone could take one sentence from Luisa’s volumes and make a two hour talk on it?? And I cannot even cover all the lessons contained in that one sentence. But, anyway, I want you to come back already practicing the purification of your senses. I want you to leave this room in complete silence…do not talk until you have exited this room. See if we can mortify our tongues for that length of time. Practice, please, practice. When you return, we will go into other things Jesus is asking of us so that we can dive deeply into the very depths of Jesus’ Humanity…into the depths of His Holy Will…into the depths of the real life of the Most Holy Trinity.

Remember this as you exit, this MOST IMPORTANT instruction from Jesus:

“When nothing exists in the soul that is foreign to Me or that does not belong to Me, there is nothing that is capable of separating Me from the soul. For the soul who truly loves Me, there can be no separation.”

I will be sending out the first half of Part II of my talk tomorrow. I hope you will put these sections together and study them. Jesus teaches us some very important things in this talk!

We get so caught up in the fantastic things we learn in the Volumes that we forget about how to live this life. We tend to forget who we really are and Who God really is! We get too relaxed and too complacent.

I know I do and that is the reason I keep going back to the basics….it is the only way to truly forget self and to love and think only of God and of His Holy Will using my soul as His Habitat, His Castle!

Any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to write me. I can answer anything, at least until Tuesday when we leave for Garabandal, Spain with no internet! So, I plan to get the two talks out fully before then by sending them out daily! We are going to work on getting internet as soon as possible when we get to the House of Divine Will in Garabandal, Spain!

Love you all!


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