September 27, 2021


First Half of Part II of Instructions from Jesus!

A Talk given by Ann Ellison in Cincinnati in 2014

Dear, dear Divine Will Family,

How much we love each of you, and how much I thank you for your comments and for writing to me about the Snippets. They are so very much appreciated, but there were so many that I cannot answer all them, but please know how much I love each of you for writing. I open each one and pray for you and give a huge thanksgiving to God for you.

I don’t mind constructive criticism at all and most probably need a lot of it, so don’t hesitate to help me be better at writing the Snippets, please.

Well, we will begin the first half of Part II of the Instructions from Jesus remembering the love He has for each of us by giving us these very valuable instructions….teaching us how to live more attentively and deeper in His Holy Will! Praise His Immense Mercy towards us all!

Please always remember, we love you all so very much and keep each of you in our daily prayers! May God bring your most precious soul deeper and deeper in His Holy Will through our efforts to live it as Jesus teaches us!
Ann Ellison

PS: I loved the first reading at this Sunday’s Mass where Moses said to Joshua, “Are you jealous for my sake? Would that all the people of the Lord were prophets! Would that the Lord might bestow His Spirit on them all!”
In my humble opinion, this was the perfect example of love of neighbour and God! Would that all people of the Lord know of Luisa and the Book of Heaven…what a world we would be living in!!! Help our Lord spread it all over the world!!!

2. Instructions from Jesus


(On Dispositions and Virtues)


May the Will of the Father + made known in the Son + through the power of the Holy Ghost, reign in me through Mary in every act I do this day and every act for the rest of my life.

I wish to invite all the Angels and Saints, all the Holy Souls in Purgatory and all souls present and future to join me in all my acts during this talk….most especially my most holy, pure, and beautiful Mother, Mary to join me in everything I think, say and do during the rest of this talk. For those souls and fallen angels who cannot join me, I intend to substitute for them! All for the glory of God, my Father and for His Kingdom to Come!

Jesus: “I love to repeat the conversations, the lessons, the instructions which I would have given if man had not withdrawn from Our Divine Will. Therefore, be attentive, and let your flight in My Will be continuous.”

“Take courage, do not be afraid. Try to fill your interior with Me and to engage all the virtues until your interior overflows….”

Remember, these are instructions from Jesus, …these are not from Ann Ellison…but from Jesus, Himself. So, now that we have talked about purifying our senses…let us talk about the dispositions and the virtues that are required to do just that…purify our senses.

First, Jesus instructs us on SILENCE: one of the most important virtues to keep us attentive and hearing the voice of God!

SILENCE: (Quietness, stillness, a lack of noise……but also, tranquility, peace, serenity.)

Jesus: “Unimportant conversations do not please Me. They fill your mind with things that do not concern Me. They surround your heart with harmful sentiments, resulting in the inefficacy of my graces which I have lavished on you…”

(Remember we DO NOT have to say everything we are thinking…we MUST guard our words and the amount of words we speak….select and choose your words carefully for there are consequences for each word you speak, if not here on earth, then when you go to face God!)

Here is what Jesus explains to Luisa about speaking much:

“If one speaks much it is a sign that he is interiorly empty, whereas one who is filled with God, finding more enjoyment in his interior, endeavors to avoid losing such enjoyment by hardly speaking. And should he speak it is then only out of necessity, while never leaving his interior, and he seeks inasmuch as he can to impress within others that which he feels within himself. Whereas one who speaks much is not only devoid of God, but by means of his excessive speech seeks to devoid others of God.”
Jesus again: “All nature invites you to true rest, which is interior rest. The silence of everything that is not God. You see the twinkling stars of moderate light, not dazzling like the sun, sleep; the silence of all nature, of mankind and, finally, of animals… for all are looking for a place, a cave where to be in silence and in rest from the fatigue of life. If that is necessary for the body, so much more for the soul. It is necessary to rest in one’s own center which is God.

“To be able to rest in God, inner silence is necessary, just as for the body, external silence is necessary in order to be able to peacefully lull to sleep. But what is this inner silence? It is to silence our own passions by holding them in check; to impose silence on desires, inclinations and sentiments; in summary, on everything which does not call God. (Purifying the senses!)

“Now what is the means to unite man to this? The only and absolutely necessary means is to undo one’s own being according to nature, reduce it to nothing; as it was nothing before it was created, and when you have reduced your being to nothing, take it up again in God. All things have a beginning in nothing; even this very machine of the universe that you are looking at, which is in so much order.”

SELF DISCIPLINE: (Ability to apply oneself, self-control)

Jesus: “In order that all things may have but only one value, I impart that the soul be disciplined in my Will, and therein, learn how to treat all things with holy indifference.

“Although it may appear to the soul that at one moment, I offer her one thing, and at a later moment I take it back, it is not the case. Rather, it happens that in the beginning, when the soul is not well-trained, she feels a sensitiveness in suffering, in pain, in love. But when these materials (suffering, pain, and love) transform and become actual properties of the will, by means of the soul’s self-discipline, her sensitivity ceases and she seizes all opportunities to practice self-discipline.”

(Remember everything is either a lesson or a grace…and we do not want to pass up either. So, seize every moment to practice self-discipline.)

ABANDONMENT: (Relinquish, Renounce)

Jesus: “The most beautiful act, and the one that pleases Me most, is abandonment in my Will. Abandonment to the extent that one does not remember that his own being exist but only the Divine Will. Although sorrow for one’s sins is good and commendable, it does not destroy one’s own being. On the other hand, abandoning oneself completely in my Will destroys one’s being, and makes one re-possess the Divine Being.

“The soul, by abandoning itself in my Will, gives Me more honor. This is because it gives Me all that I could require from the creature. The soul lets Me re-possess in Myself what had gone forth from Me, and the soul re-possesses the only thing it should possess: God. Moreover, in re-possessing God, it re-possesses all the good that God Himself possesses. It is only when the soul is completely in the Will of God that it re-possesses God. Additionally, if it leaves my Will it reacquires its own being again, together with all the evils of its corrupt nature.”

(Jesus even gives us a specific way of practicing abandonment to His Holy Will. When we are faced with the difficulties of abandoning ourselves to His Will, He says we should pray ‘5’ Glory Be’s in honor of His Five Wounds and to recall His total abandonment while dying on the Cross for our sins and weaknesses. Then we can also pray ‘3’ Glory Be’s in reparation for the disfigured powers of man, his memory, intellect and will. Forming this habit will keep us mindful to always stay abandon to His Will and give reparation to God for the many times we have not abandoned ourselves to His Holy Will.)

DOCILITY: (Submissiveness, An easily Managed Soul)

Jesus: “My little daughter, do not marvel of my so many attentions and loving tenderness that I do inside and outside of you. You should know that in the soul where my Divine Will reigns I myself serve, hence for (the) decorum of my Divinity and sanctity I lend my acts as if they might be for My same life, therefore I put there the intensity of My love, the order of My thoughts, the sanctity of My works, and in seeing the docility of the creature, that lends herself as daughter to receive the offices of her Father, His loving tenderness, the life of the Father in his daughter, oh, how happy and honored I feel in order to serve her!”

One Jesus’ most important instructions is:

“What I want from you is that you abandon yourself in my arms as if you were a dead person. If you keep your eyes opened to look at what I am doing, and at what creatures do and say, I cannot operate freely in you. Do you not want to trust Me? Do you not know how much I love you, and that everything I allow, either through creatures, or directly from Me, is truly for your own good and serves for nothing but to lead the soul to that state for which I have chosen her? Therefore, I want you to remain in my arms with your eyes closed, without looking at and investigating this or that, trusting Me completely, and letting Me operate freely. But, if you want to do the opposite, you will lose so much time, and you will come to oppose what I want to do with you. As for creatures, use profound silence, be benign and submissive with everyone.”

(A little saying to help you remember docility: Docility: “Your instant ‘Fiat’ for the love of God!”)

CONSTANCY: (Continual, incessant, unceasing, immutable as God is…but the word I liked the most in the dictionary was resolute – resolved!)

Jesus: “It is necessary for the soul to be constant in doing good, and to conform to God’s ways. God is just, holy, and merciful; in Him everything is contained. Moreover, this is not for just one day; but it is forever and ever.

“The constant soul brings peace to herself, since constancy is the sword from which everything flees. It is a chain which binds all the virtues, wounds all the passions, and reorders everything within the soul, making her ways similar to the Creator’s ways. Then there will be nothing for Purgatory to have to work upon this soul. This is because constancy has ordered everything, and made the soul’s ways all similar to the Creator’s ways.”

Jesus continues:

“The soul should not one day be patient, humble, or obedient, and another day be impatient, proud, or fickle, because these are broken, out of control, virtues. It is a mixture of black and white, light and darkness; all is confusion and disorder. These ways are not the ways of the Creator.

SIMPLICITY: (Sincerity, openness, uncomplicated, guileless, innocence… and purity.)

Jesus: “The fruit which produces justice and truth is simplicity, which is another quality of My Being that penetrates everywhere. There is nothing that can oppose My penetration into Heaven, into the abysses, into good and in evil; but My utterly simple Being does not become dirty even when penetrating evil — on the contrary, it does not even become tarnished. Thus, the soul, by means of truth and justice, continues to gather within itself this beautiful fruit of simplicity. It enters into Heaven, it gains entry within hearts in order to lead them to Me; it enters into all that is good and, finding itself with sinners, seeing the evil they practice, it does not become dirtied because, being simple, it quickly moves on without receiving any harm whatsoever. Simplicity is so beautiful, that My Heart is affected by only one glance at it. A simple soul is cause for admiration by the Angels and by men.”

TRUST: (Confidence, conviction, assurance, faith)

Jesus: “The souls that will shine the most, like dazzling gems in the crown of my Mercy, are souls that have the most trust. For the more that they trust, the freer the reign is that they give to the attribute of my Mercy, which pours out whatever graces they desire. I give more love to those souls who trust than I do to others. For with these, I am able to vent my Love; I am able to joke; I can accept loving contrasts; after all, there is no fear that one might feel offended or that dread might set in. Rather, all of these souls make bold and accept burdens to love Me more. Thus, the trusting souls are the vents and the toys of my Love, the most graced and the most enriched.”


Jesus: “It is necessary for the soul who lives in my Will to have trust in order to give; to have simplicity in order to communicate herself to everyone; to be unselfish in order to live entirely for Me and for her neighbor. Such is my Life.”

We will continue tomorrow with the last part of Part II. And when you have digested these lessons, I would like to tell you somethings that have happened lately that I consider very important and of which I pray you will feel the same way.
Living in the Divine Will has nothing to do about us…it is living the life of God on earth as It is lived in Heaven! It is all about the love of God and neighbour and the giving of ourselves! Most especially the love and honor for God which He is due from all mankind from the beginning of time until the end of time. And these are our duties and obligations to live in the Divine Will. This isn’t something we can choose to do or not do. If you are not trying to return to God all the reciprocity that He is due from all mankind from the beginning of time until the end of time every day, it is time to learn how to do this and to make an effort to accomplish this every day! If it is not all about God and neighbour, then you are living something for yourself, and it is so easy to do. How very selfish we all are at heart. For love of God, His most Adorable Kingdom, our families, and our neighbors, I pray we realize how important it is now to practice to live as deeply as possible in the Divine Will May God have mercy on all those who pertain to us, and on our weaknesses and frailties for His Kingdom to come!

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