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Dear Reader,

Our little Divine Will worker crew, here at the Center for the Divine Will, have been keeping very busy lately on behalf of the Reign of the Divine Will.

I am attaching a special document taken from a much larger research document on the “Self-made Destiny of God and Why We Exist.” When you have some time away from family, friends, visitors, it seems that it would be good to read this attached document slowly, thoughtfully, lovingly, and prayerfully. and thus cultivate the divine property in your soul.

Because we have been so occupied lately with the things of the Kingdom, I forgot about the matter of the continued sustenance of our Center and its dependency on the Providence of God administered through your donations. If you can send something before New Years Day, your donation will be tax-deductible for 2017.

Thank you for your consideration.

Wishing you marvelous and eternal blessings in the Adorable Will of God,

Thomas Fahy

This Document is a Small Part of a Much Longer Research Project
on the Self-Made Destiny of God and Why We Exist
Meditation for the ending of 2017 and Beginning of 2018

Prefatory Remarks:
God is Eternal without beginning, in a relationship of Three Divine Persons, who have no need of anything. Yet, there was something special that They very, very much wanted. What They wanted so very, very much was Man, male and female, with their souls united and living with Them in Their own same Will, doing with Them what They do, as most intimate companions, loving Them with Their own Will, sharing one Life together in perfect happiness and harmony.
They loved this Mankind so much that They decided that One of Them would even take upon Himself the very same nature as Man, become like Man while remaining God. All Mankind and all They would give to Mankind, and all They would receive from Man in return, became Their preoccupation and the constant thought of Their Mind. It formed Their Destiny. Their Destiny would be the Joy and Glory of seeing Man formed and finished outside of Themselves in the marvelous Universe They would create just for him.
My daughter, O how beautiful is My rest in the soul that My Will animates. In and through all that she does she loves My Will within her! You must know that as the soul breathes, throbs, works, thinks, loves, and acts—and in everything else that unfolds within her (because My Will is the center of life within the soul)—it is My Will that breathes in her, throbs, and gives motion to her work, circulation to her blood, thought to her mind, love to her heart and everything else.
And since the three Divine Persons possess this same Will, it so happens that They feel within Themselves the breath of the soul, her heartbeat, and her motion. And each time Our Will decides to form an act, It causes Us to bring forth new joys, new beatitudes, new happiness which, brings everything within the three Divine Persons into harmony, forming boundless seas of new happiness, and embraces all the blessed who remain enraptured in these joys and moved by this ecstasy.
And when Our Will wants to form other acts to make Us happier and to make Us bring forth new beatitudes, the blessed become more moved and more strongly enraptured in Our infinite beatitudes. Now, this is why the soul who lets Our Will live within her reaches so high. As she acts, she gives Us a chance to set our beatitudes in motion, as well as the harmonies and infinite joys of Our love.
She lets Us put forth Our new beauties. Our Will working in a soul is so pleasing, tender, and delightful to Us that It gives Us new surprises and sets in motion what is Ours to give Us a fitting response to Our glory, Our love, and Our happiness. And all this takes place through the soul who has prepared a place for Our Will to live in her.
I first enjoyed the pure joys of Creation when, after I had created everything, I created man—and I enjoyed them until he sinned. Between him and Us flowed sublime harmonies, common joys, and innocent amusements. We held Our arms open always to embrace him, and to give him new joys and new graces. And when We gave, We enjoyed Ourselves so much that We made a continuous feast for him and for Us.
My daughter, did you see the effects of praying in My Will? Since there is no place where My Will does not exist, It circulates in everything and among all creatures; It is life; It is the actor and spectator of all. That is why acts done in My Will become life; they act and are spectators of all, even of the very joy, bliss, and happiness of the Blessed.
My daughter, I possess so much joy, happiness and blessedness that at every moment I could give ever new joys and blessings. Every time a soul acts in My Will it makes a space into which I can bring forth new blessings and new joys. And since My Will is immense and penetrates all souls and all things, when My blessings go forth, they first flow in the soul that acts in My Will because such a soul is the primary reason I am able to bestow My blessings.
When she desires to do My Will, a soul opens the doors to My Will, empties herself of her own will, and prepares a little space for Me to place My possessions. When she begins to act in My Will, she gives Me the opportunity to release new blessings from within Myself.
We long for Our children who will live in Our Will, to make Ourselves known on earth—because Our Will shall be their Teacher of the new sciences of their Creator, and It will make them beautiful, wise, holy and noble, according to the knowledge they have acquired.
We await them in Our Heavenly Court to flood them with Our new joys, beauties and happiness—which We could not give until now. And since in Heaven all the blessed are bound together as a family, loving each other in a perfect way, they will all participate in the glory and joy of these children of the Divine Will—not directly, but in an indirect way—thanks to the bond of love among themselves
That is why Our Supreme Being anxiously longs for the children of Our Will to be known on earth, to show, from the depths of Our divine bosom, new, never-ending infinite joys and happiness to those who live in It.
Our Fiat has such virtue as to render the creature inseparable from Us, and what We do and are by nature, she can do by grace. In creating man, We did not put him at a distance from Us; rather, in order to have him together with Us, We gave him Our very Divine Will, which would give him the Prime Act, to operate together with his Creator.
This was the reason why Our Love, Our Light, Our joys, Our Power and Beauty gushed out all together, and overflowing outside of Our Divine Being, they spread the table before the one whom, with so much love, We had formed with Our creative hands, and generated with Our very breath. We wanted to enjoy Our work, see him happy with Our own happiness, embellished with Our beauty, rich with Our richness.
Therefore, so that man may return to his place of honor and enter once again to operate together with his Creator, and they may amuse themselves together, there are no means other than his reentering into Our Fiat, that It may bring him to Us triumphantly, into Our arms which are waiting for him to clasp him tightly within Our divine Bosom, and say to him: “Finally, after six thousand years you have come back.”
And as I pour Myself out with you, Luisa, in speaking, I feel as if I were just now giving start to Creation; and this is why, in these papers, I am making you write the true reason for Creation, what my Will is, Its infinite value, how one is to live in It, Its Kingdom, and how It wants to reign to render everyone holy and happy. Creation will be completed by the reigning of Our Divine Will in the midst of creatures.
In the beginning, until We breathed life into Adam, of all the things created by Us, not one thing had said to Us that it loved Us. Now, in hearing that man loved Us, Our joy, Our contentment, was so great, that as the fulfillment of Our feast, We constituted him king of all the universe, and the most beautiful jewel of Our creative hands. How beautiful man was in the first times of his creation.
Adam was Our reflection, and these reflections gave him so much beauty as to enrapture Our love, and render him perfect in all of his acts: perfect was the glory he gave to his Creator; perfect his adoration, his love, his works. His voice was so harmonious as to resound in the whole Creation, because he possessed the divine harmony, and the harmony of that Fiat which had given him life.
Each word of his was one more harmonious note that resounded. Everything was love in him; in everything, he sang the praises of Our glory, of Our power and infinite wisdom; and everything – heavens, sun and earth – brought him the joys, the happiness and the love of the One who had created him.
My daughter, I possess so much joy, happiness and blessedness that at every moment I could give ever new joys and blessings. Every time a soul acts in My Will it makes a space into which I can bring forth new blessings and new joys.
And since My Will is immense and penetrates all souls and all things, when My blessings go forth, they first flow in the soul that acts in My Will because such a soul is the primary reason I am able to bestow My blessings.
Each of the children of My Will have within himself the source of all His Creator’s blessings and of His eternal joy. Indeed, poverty, sadness, want, and all evils will be banished from the children of My Will. It would not be fitting for My Will—so immensely rich and happy—to have children who would lack something, and who would not enjoy all the wealth of Its ever-flowing blessings.
You must know that each prayer, each reparation, each act of love—indeed any holy thing that a creature does—is one more paradise that she acquires. So, the simplest holy act will form one more paradise; one act omitted means one less paradise.
Indeed, every good act comes from God, and that is why in every good act the soul embraces God; and since God contains infinite, innumerable, immense and eternal joys—so many that the very Blessed will never finish enjoying them in all eternity—it is no wonder that since each good act draws God to the soul.
In the Kingdom of My Will there will be no interruption of banquets or communions—they will all be perennial. And everything that I did in Redemption will no longer act as a remedy, but as a delight, a joy, a source of happiness, and ever-increasing beauty.
My daughter, My Will is everything and contains everything; and It is seed, the beginning, the means, the end and coronation of Man, My Gospel, and My Church.” That is why when I created man I did not give him laws or institute sacraments, but only gave him My Will because It was more than enough for him. And because he had his origin in It, he found every means he needed to reach not just an inferior sanctity, but the height of Divine Sanctity.
And he thus found himself at the port of his destination. This shows that man had no need of anything but My Will. In My Will he would have found everything—in a surprising, admirable, and easy way—to make himself holy and happy in time and in Eternity.
“My blessed daughter, I made the Creation and all the creatures to form my delights in them; to express from our Supreme Being the excesses of our love and the marvelous power of our works. If We delighted so much in creating so many different things in the order of Creation, having to serve man, We delighted even more in making unheard-of prodigies, works never before considered, enrapturing beauties for the one who should serve Us: Man—the primary act of Creation.
From the immense goods produced by the continuous generation of the Word, and by the proceeding of the Holy Spirit, there overflowed the sumptuousness and magnificence of the engine of the whole Creation, the creation of man, the Conception of the Immaculate Virgin and the descent of the Word upon earth.
All this and more is always in action in our Divine Being; in action like the Father generating His Son, and the proceeding of the Holy Spirit.
“My daughter, three acts from the Trinity concurred in the Creation, which were Power, Wisdom and Love. All of Our works are always accompanied by these three acts, because, since Our working is perfect, they are executed with highest Power, with infinite Wisdom and with perfect Love, communicating three immense goods to the work We are doing, as indeed We gave the great good of the intellect, memory and will to man.
There is no greater sacrifice before Us than a human will which, while having life, does not exercise it, to give free life to my Fiat. This, however, to great profit for the soul, because she gives a human will and receives a Divine one; she gives a finite and limited will and receives an infinite and limitless one.”
The works of Adam done up to the moment in which he had the misfortune to fall, and which possessed the unity of Our Fiat, suffered no change. This is because We too were jealous of these acts which had glorified Us so much. They had filled Us with joy, as We saw that man, Our son, lifted himself up to Us to absorb within himself Our divine manners and Our likeness, and to bring Us joys and delights, and the response and the smile of all created things in the unity of Our Will.
So, by the power of the first period of his life—which was innocent and lived entirely in the unity of Our Fiat—Adam possesses such glory and beauty that no one can equal him. This is so true that just by seeing him, all of the Blessed recognize how beautiful, majestic, and enriched with abundant grace was the creation of the first man.
And when they look at him, they can see in him the incalculable blessing of the Divine Will in the soul, and the joy and happiness that the soul can possess. In him alone, as though in a mirror, the Blessed can see how man was created, the exuberant love that We had for him, and the abundance with which We enriched him.
They look at their origin in Adam, and in gratitude they thank Me and pray that My Fiat may come to reign upon earth, and produce more images, more beautiful than Adam—because he was not a finished work in My Divine Will, but a period of life.
Only the Sovereign Queen enjoys complete life and works in My Fiat, and that is why no one who can equal Her.
My Will wants to make more complete lives in It, so as to repeat what It did in Creation, to make known to the earth the way and the order in which man was created, and the great, beautiful, and holy things that My Divine Will can do in man. Besides, you ought to know that until now I have not revealed to anyone either the great qualities of Adam, or his sublimity, greatness and sanctity during the first period of his life in the unity of My Will.
Nor have I revealed the great glory that he enjoys in Heaven through the power of the acts that he did in My Will. Many, on the contrary, believed that since he slipped into sin, he could at most have a glory common to all the other Blessed, or perhaps even less than the others.
But as I want to restore once again the Kingdom of My Divine Will, I feel within Me a loving obligation to reveal the first epoch of Creation, and the first period of the life of Adam—which flowed entirely from the Divine Will—as well as the glory that he enjoys in Heaven by the power of that Will.
And I want to do this so that, as other souls come to learn of so great a blessing, they may dispose themselves and long for the Divine Fiat to reign on earth as It is in Heaven.
O if you only knew what it means to be loved by all with an ever-growing love, and to have the power to love all with a newly-growing love! If you only knew what it means to be able to say to your Creator: “Growing and ever-new is Your love for me; growing and ever new is my love for You!” This love surpasses the Heavens; it fills the Heavenly Fatherland, and its waves come to unload themselves into Our divine bosom.
O what wonders happen! Everyone is left amazed and glorifies My Divine Will for giving such a great gift to the soul. And as We give her this gift, We enlarge her capacity so that she may understand what a gift she has received, and make use of it.
This creative strength unifies and fills souls, and continues the Creation in the interior of each one. And what do We create? We create new heavens of love, new suns of knowledge, new seas of graces, a new air of sanctity, new winds of refreshment that embalm the soul, a new ever-growing life of Our Divine Will, new flowers of beauty, of holy desires—
Everything is light for one who lives in My Will; her properties are light, beauty, joy and happiness. And this is nothing: By giving Our Will to the soul, We make her owner of Our very Selves, and We put Ourselves at her disposal. We let her do and win whatever she wants, because it is not a human will that rules over Us, No!—but Our own Will, which has bilocated Itself in the soul.
What can We deny to Our Will? Nothing! On the contrary, We delight in bringing forth Our most intimate joys, Our secrets, Our eternal beatitudes, so as to make the littleness of the soul in whom It reigns take delight. And as We make her the mistress of all Our secrets and beatitudes.
I could not have given man anything greater than Our Will when I created him, because only with My Will could he reach wherever he wanted and do whatever he wanted, to the point of becoming the master of all that belongs to Us.
The most beautiful thing for Us—the thing that enraptures Us and glorifies Us the most—is the soul in whom Our Divine Will reigns.
Little daughter of My Divine Will, you ought to know that it is an absolute right of My Divine Fiat to rule over each act of the soul. And the soul who denies the primacy of My Divine Will robs It of Its divine rights—which belong to It in justice—because It is the Creator of the human will.

Submitted by Tom Fahy

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