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Dear Readers,

For various reasons, I have had to delay sending out the Messages of Gold.

We have been mailing out many copies of the DVDs and CDs of the November 2017 Tampa Divine Will Conference.

Please find attached the List of the DVDs and CDs available.

Yesterday, Feast of the Presentation, marked the 22 anniversary of the completed trip to the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith for the photocopying and photographing of the Original Volumes of Luisa’s Diaries, known as the “Book of Heaven,” which has the destiny of transforming the face of the earth and the Doing of the Father’s Will as in Heaven, which surpasses infinitely the doing of the Father’s Will as it has been done on earth.

Here is the Message of Gold // New and Divine Holiness for February 4, 2018:

The Kingdom of the Divine Will and the Kingdom of Redemption have always gone forth together. Jesus prepared the materials and the buildings, and nothing else is needed but the people to dwell in them.

Luisa: I was making my round in Creation, to follow all the acts of the Divine Will, which It had done in It; and when I came to the point at which the Supreme Being created the Virgin, I stopped to contemplate the great wonder with which Redemption began. And my sweet Jesus stirred within me and said to me: “My daughter, the Redemption and the Kingdom of My Divine Will have always advanced together. In order for Redemption to come, a creature was needed who would live by the Divine Will, as innocent Adam lived in Eden before sinning. And this was just and wise, for the sake of Our honor, so that the ransom of fallen man would be based on the same principle by which the order of Our wisdom created man.

“Had there not been a creature in whom My Divine Fiat had Its Kingdom, Redemption could be a dream, but not a reality. Indeed, had It not enjoyed Its complete dominion in the Virgin, the Divine Will and the human will would have remained as it were scowling at each other, and with the Divine Will far removed from mankind Redemption would have been impossible. But now, on the contrary, the Virgin Queen submitted her will to the Divine Will, and She let It reign freely. Because of this, the two wills fused, they were reconciled, and her human will received the continuous act of the Divine Will, and it let It act without ever opposing itself. In this way, the Kingdom of the Divine Will found Its Life, Its vigor and Its full dominion.

“See, then, how the Redemption and the Kingdom of My Fiat began together! Moreover, I could say that the Kingdom of My Fiat started before, joining and continuing with the other. And just as the kingdom of sin and all of the miseries of human family began because a man and a woman withdrew from My Divine Will, in the same way, because a woman let My Fiat reign, and by Its power was made Queen of Heaven and earth—joined with the Eternal Word made Man—Redemption began, not excluding even the Kingdom of My Divine Will.

“What is more, everything that I did and all that was done by the exalted Sovereign Queen of Heaven is nothing but the raw materials and buildings that We prepared for Its Kingdom. My Gospel can be called vowels and consonants which, acting as heralds, called the attention of the nations to some more important lessons that were to bring them a greater blessing than Redemption Itself. My very pains, My death and My Resurrection—the confirmation of Redemption—are the preparation for the Kingdom of My Divine Will. They were most sublime lessons, and they made everyone stand up and take notice, awaiting even more exalted lessons. And this I have already done, after so many centuries—through the many revelations that I have made to you about My Divine Will, and which I have emphasized to you—how It wants to come to reign among men, and to give back to them the right to the Kingdom of the Divine Will which they had lost—to lavish upon them all the blessings and all the happiness that It contains.

“So, as you see, the materials are already prepared, the buildings exist—these are the pearls of knowledge about My Will which must illuminate Its Kingdom more than the sun and raise still bigger buildings from the material that I have made. So, nothing else is needed but the people who must populate this Kingdom of My Fiat. And these people will form and enter into the Kingdom as the knowledge of My Will is published.

“Consider, then, two creatures who go down from the Divine Will and give the human will an opportunity to ruin the human generations; and two other creatures—the Queen of Heaven, who lives in My Divine Fiat by grace, and My Humanity, which lives in It by nature—who produce salvation and restoration, and who give back the Kingdom of My Divine Will. And just as no one can doubt that Redemption has come—since one kingdom is connected with the other—the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat must surely arise. At most, it may be only a matter of time.

“On hearing this, I said: ”My Love, how can this Kingdom of Your Will come? One doesn´t see any change. The world seems to be rushing headlong along the path of evil.” And Jesus continued, saying: “What do you know about what I shall do—how I can overwhelm everything so that the Kingdom of the Divine Will may have Its Life among men? If everything is decided, why do you doubt it?”

About Behavior of the Human Will in the Divine Will

Jesus to Luisa: “Now, preparing to do my Will forms the passport. Starting the act forms the divine and holy way of Heaven that must be followed in my Will, so in the heart’s ear of the one who enters It, I whisper: ‘Forget the earth, it is no longer yours. From now on you will see nothing other than Heaven. My Kingdom has no bounds, so your path will be long; therefore, you had better hasten your step with your acts to create many ways for yourself and thus take many of the goods that are in My Kingdom.’ Starting the act and completing it forms the train. And when I see that the train is formed, I act as the motor, setting it on its rapid course. And oh, how beautiful and delightful it is to walk along these ways that the creature has formed in My Will!

“These acts done in My Will encompass centuries of untold goods and merits because there is the divine motor moving within, which has such speed that it encompasses centuries in minutes and makes the beautiful and holy creature so rich to show him off before the whole Heavenly Court, displaying him as the greatest prodigy of its creative art.

“Besides this, as the creature forms his act in my Divine Will, the veins of the soul rid themselves of what is human. And there flows, I could say, a divine blood, which allows the divine virtues to be felt in substance in the creature, they [these virtues] have the virtue to flow, almost like blood, in the same life that animates his Creator and make them [the Creator and the creature] inseparable from each other. So that the one who wishes to find God can find Him in his place of honor in the creature, and the one who wishes to find the creature can find him in the divine center.”

“So you can say that, for man, everything lies in his will. If it is holy, even the most indifferent things are holy for him; but if it is bad, perhaps even good becomes a wicked act for him. Therefore, if you really want my Divine Will as life, it will not take such a long time; all the more because there is also my Will with your will that wants this. There is a power that is able to do everything, and on your part, We shall see if you act like the possessor of a Divine Will in your actions and in all things. So be careful, my daughter, and may your flight always be continuous in the Supreme Fiat.”

“The creature becomes the repeater of the divine acts. I could not give, and the creature could not receive, any greater grace than this confirmation* that the creature makes in our works [and that] reproduces all of our goods in him. Our sanctity, goodness, love and our attributes are conveyed to the creature and, captivated by this, We contemplate him. And in our passionate love, We say: Our Being in our immensity, light, power, wisdom, love and interminable goodness is beautiful, holy and perfect, but it is even more beautiful to see this immensity of attributes of ours encompassed within the creature.

“Oh, how he glorifies Us and loves Us. He seems to say to Us: ‘I am small, and I can not encompass and hold all of your immensity, but I am like You. Your Divine Will has encompassed You within me, and I love You with your same love. I glorify You with your light. I worship You with your sanctity. I can give You everything, because I possess my Creator.’ What can my Divine Will not do in the creature when he lets himself be dominated by It? It can do everything.”


* My daughter, all of the acts that a soul does in the Divine Will are confirmed by God as divine acts. And this confirmation produces the life of these same acts, sealed with the divine seal as everlasting acts, always new and fresh, with an enchanting beauty. I could call the acts that a soul does in My Will a “new Creation” that I make within her. As she goes performing her act in It, My Fiat imposes Itself with Its creative power and produces Its act there; and then, by right, My Fiat confirms it.

—submitted by Thomas Fahy

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