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Dear Readers,

My last Message of Gold to your group was sent last Sunday night. The following day, I received the OK from Corato to share some Good News.  Many of you probably now know the Good News, but some of you may not.

The Good News is that the Typical Edition of the 36 Volumes of the “Book of Heaven” has been completed and will be turned over to the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith.  Associated with that, the Postulator for Luisa’s Cause hopes that her Beatification will be completed by the end of 2019.

Jesus chose Luisa Piccarreta to introduce into the Church a New and Divine Holiness, which will bring about a New Era of Holiness, Happiness, Tranquility, and Joy in which the Ideal of God for the human race and His Glory will finally have its fulfillment. The Lord’s Prayer that the Father’s Will be done on Earth as It is done in Heaven will be fulfilled, and mankind will return to the Original State of our first parents Adam and Eve, who in the very beginning did the Will of God in Its very unique and wondrous way as in Heaven. Everyone is tested. Adam and Eve were tested and lost the way of doing God’s Will as in Heaven for themselves and the entire human race (excepting Mary, Mother of God). The full responsibility fell upon Adam.

Luisa Piccarreta was the First to open the door to this era of New and Divine Holiness, although the Virgin Mary possessed this greatest Gift of God, the Gift of the Divine Will, which was proper to her role as Mother of God the Redeemer and her mission of Co-redemptrix.

After Luisa received the Gift of this New and Divine Holiness, Our Lord was pleased to bring into the world other souls who would give profound witness to the reality of the New and Divine Holiness by their lives, even though their writings show that they did not arrive at the complete fullness given to Luisa. Nevertheless, what we can learn from them is astonishing, complimentary to Luisa’s writings, and very helpful to better understand what God worked in Luisa’s soul.

Back in the early 1970’s having been introduced to Luisa’s life and mission, and not having much to read of her writings at that time, the Goodness of God allowed me to discover two other special souls whose writings would be very useful and good for my poor soul.

These two special souls are Ven. Conception Cabrera de Armida of Mexico, wife and mother of nine children, and the other is Blessed Dina Belanger of Canada, who became a nun in the order, The Religious of Jesus and Mary.

Jesus gave the name, The Mystical Incarnation, to the spiritual life of Ven. Conception Cabrera.

Jesus gave the name, The Divine Substitution, to the spiritual life of Blessed Dina Belanger, also known as Sr. Cecile de Rome.

Ven. Conception Cabrera received the Gift of the Mystical Incarnation on March 25, 1906.  Blessed Dina Belanger received the Gift of the Divine Substitution on August 15, 1924.

Jesus explained to Ven. Conception Cabrera that the “Mystical Incarnation” involved a compenetration of the Divine Will and the Human Will which cannot be fully understood by the human mind. He also said that this state of union with God far exceeded the state of “Mystical Marriage” experienced by some saints on the past.

Jesus explained to Blessed Dina Belanger that the Gift of the “Divine Substitution” enabled Him to live the Life of the Divine Essence for her and in her and that she would live in Heaven, without the Beatific Vision, as He lived this Life for her. He added that when He finished living this life for her on earth, she would not go to Heaven because she was already there, but He would remove the veil, and she would behold the Beatific Vision of the Most Holy Trinity. On one special day Jesus made known to her three extraordinary things about her Unity with God. One was told to her at 6 AM, another at 9 AM, and the third at 12 Noon, when He told her that the Holiness He wanted for her was the Holiness of God the Father, realized in her by Jesus, her Divine Substitute!!

[Note: It seems that Dina’s soul was bilocated and present in her body and in Heaven simultaneously. It also seems that her soul was experiencing an ever growing intimacy and unity in the Life of the Trinity until her death on September 4, 1929.]

—submitted by Thomas Fahy



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