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Good News from Corato:  On Friday, July 6, 2018, I was informed by the president of Association Luisa Piccarreta, Mr. Michael Colonna, that on June 30 he and Fr. Sergio Pellegrini had gone to the Vatican. He said that the Typical Edition of the Volumes of the Book of Heaven  had been completed and that all the specialists who had worked on the Typical Edition signed a declaration that there were no errors or omissions in their translations.

He added that Fr. Sergio wanted to take a couple of weeks to check things over concerning the Typical Edition to his satisfaction and would then turn everything over to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in anticipation for an eventual imprimatur from the Vatican.

While at the Vatican Mr. Colonna met the postulator of Luisa’s Cause, who is pushing to get Luisa’s Beatification accomplished by the end of 2019.

In deference to Fr. Sergio Pellegrini’s waiting to check things over concerning the Typical Edition before turning the Volumes over to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, I have waited to share this Good News with you. Today, July 16, Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, I asked and received permission to share this Good News!!



Dear Readers,

Due to time constraints I am attaching my “Pearl of the New and Divine Holiness” in an unrefined manner with this email.

It is rather lengthy but should be read in parts anyway.

WHAT IS CONTAINED IN THE ATTACHMENT IS PROFOUND. What God had in mind for the human race when He created Adam and Eve is absolutely incredible!!  Now, 6000 years later, God is making these secrets known, and He will have what He has always wanted for the human race, beginning little by little, now, and especially during the coming New ERA of Happiness and Holiness on Earth.

Congratulations to those serious about living in the Divine Will.

Eternal Blessings and Delights,

Thomas Fahy

How the Divine Intelligence Acts in the Human Intelligence when the Divine Will Reigns in the Soul (and much more)

January 20, 1930

I continued my abandonment in the Divine Fiat, and my sweet Jesus added: My daughter, when my Divine Will reigns in the soul, It takes the acting and directing role, and there is nothing that the soul does, in which my Divine Will does not take Its prime act to call Its divine act upon the act of the creature. Thus, if the creature thinks, It forms there Its prime thought and calls all the sanctity, the beauty, the order of the Divine Intelligence, and since the creature is not capable, nor has enough room to receive Our Intelligence, my Fiat , every time it makes its prime act within the intelligence of the creature, with its power it enlarges her capacity to include new Divine Intelligence in the mind of the creature.

That is why one could say that where My Will reigns, My Will is the first to breathe, the first to palpitate, the first act of the circulation of blood, so as to produce Its divine breathing in the soul, Its heartbeat of light, and the total transformation of Its Divine Will in her soul and body in the circulation of her blood. And while It does this, It gives power to the soul and makes her capable of breathing with the divine breath, of having her heart beat with Its heartbeat of light, and of feeling the whole of Its Divine Life circulating through her entire being more truly than blood. That is why, wherever My Will reigns, It is the continuous Actor which never stops working and making Itself a Spectator. It delights in the divine scenes which It Itself unfolds in the soul, and she lends herself to be like clay in Its hands, to let It unfold the most beautiful and delightful scenes—scenes that My Fiat wants to fashion in the soul in whom My Divine Will rules and reigns!

January 31, 1903

The effects of Jesus’ crown of thorns.

After a difficult struggle, for a short time I saw blessed Jesus in my interior wearing a crown of thorns. I began to look at Him and to have compassion for Him. He said to me:

My daughter, I wanted to suffer these thorns in My head not only to expiate all sinful thoughts, but also to unite the human and the Divine Intelligence, because the Divine Intelligence was torn from the human mind and My thorns called it from Heaven and implanted it once again. And not only this, but I obtained assistance, strength, and light for those who would reveal divine truths to others.

16th May 1931

The Divinity of Our spontaneous Will is under the dominion of a love that flows irresistibly and that wants to give so much to man—man who was created in the ardor of Our love from the touches of Our own divine qualities. Since Our Divine Being is the purest spirit, It had neither hands nor feet. Our divine qualities served Us as hands to shape man. And as We poured Ourself out upon him like an impetuous torrent, We molded him, touched him, and instilled in him the effects of Our supreme qualities.

These touches have remained in man, and that is why one can see in him certain beautiful qualities of goodness, creativity, intelligence and so on. They reflect the power of Our divine touches which continue to mold man, producing their effects. They are tokens of Our love with which We continue to fashion him. And even if he doesn’t remember, and perhaps doesn’t even know Us, they continue their perennial office of loving him. And just as when an object or person is touched, whoever touches feels the impression of the person touched, in the same way the touches of Our divine qualities remain in man—just as the impression of having touched him remained in our supreme qualities. That is why We feel him within Ourselves. How can We not love him? And, so, for as much as man does, We go to meet him with new discoveries of love—and with Our joyful refrain about loving him always.


17th July 1931

My Divine Will gives life to the acts of all things, sustains them, conserves them, and places them around man, to make him feel from all things and from all sides Its irreplaceable life, Its immutable force, Its invincible love. You could say that My Will embraces him from everywhere as a triumph of Its love. And not only does It maintain external order and all things in act as It is creating them, but My Will also interiorly maintains all of man’s internal order with Its creative power. In this way, It is always in the act of creating his heartbeat, breath, movement, circulation of blood, intelligence, memory, and will. My Divine Will flows as the life of his heartbeat, breath—and everything. It sustains and conserves everything without ever withdrawing from body or soul.

And even though this Supreme Will of Mine is everything, does everything, and gives everything, it is not recognized—rather, It is forgotten. My Will could say what I said to the apostles: ”I have been with you for so long, and still you do not know Me.” They struggle to learn many things that do not sustain their lives—while they don’t make the slightest effort to know My Will, which produces life, which is a continuous act of life, and without which it would be impossible to live. So, My daughter, be attentive: Recognize My Will within you and outside of you—in everything—more than your own life. And you will feel wonderful things—you will feel Its continuous act that loves you with untiring love and that gives you life simply because It loves you.


24th March 1930

Man is nothing but an effect of God’s reflections. God’s love in creating man. Steadfastness in repeating the same acts forms the life of the desired blessing in the soul.

I was making my rounds in the Divine Fiat to follow Its acts. And on arriving at Eden, I understood and was admiring the magnanimous act of God and His exuberant and overflowing love for man’s creation. And my ever-beloved Jesus was unable to contain the fires within Him and He said to me:

My daughter, Our love became so enamored in the act when We created man, that We did nothing but reflect Our light upon him until he became a work worthy of Our creative hands. And as Our reflections rained upon him, so man was filled with intelligence, sight, hearing, speech, heartbeat, movement in his hands, and steps for his feet. Our Divine Being is purest spirit, and so We have no senses. Throughout Our entire Divine Being We are pure and immense light. This light is eye, hearing, speech, deed, and step. This light does all, watches all, feels all, is found everywhere: no one can escape from the dominion of Our light.

And so while We created man, Our love was as great as Our light. In bringing Our reflections upon him, it molded him, and, molding him, it brought the effects of the reflections of God. And so you see, My daughter, with how much love We created man, to the point of dissolving Our Divine Being in reflections upon him, so as to bestow upon him Our own image and likeness. Could We have given a greater love? Yet man makes use of Our reflections to offend Us, when he should have used Our reflections to come to Us and, with the reflections We gave him, to tell Us: “How beautiful Your love created me and, in exchange, I love You, I will always love You, and I want to live in the light of Your Divine Will.”

9th November 1930

And to this it must also be added that the Creator, in creating man, endowed him with His own properties. Therefore, He endowed him with His love, His holiness, His goodness, His intelligence and His beauty. In short, We endowed man with all Our divine qualities. We gave him free will so that he could put Our endowment to use, enlarging it evermore according to how much or how little he grew. In this way, man’s acts became endowed with Our very own Divine qualities—like an assignment of work that he received—to conserve and enlarge the endowment We gave him. Our infinite wisdom did not want to cast off the work of Our creative hands—the one to whom We gave birth and Our son— without giving of Our very Selves to him. Our love would not have tolerated casting him into the light of day stripped and without property. It would not have been a work worthy of Our creative hands. If We had given him nothing, Our love would not have felt the necessity of loving him. Instead, because he is Ours, he has something of Ours, and because he cost Our love so much, We love him greatly, even to the point of giving My Life for him. Things which cost nothing and give nothing are not loved. And this is exactly what keeps the ardent flame of Our love ever burning, always alive: because We gave much, and We are still giving to man until now.

Do you see, then, the great difference the love of a creature and that of the Creator? If the creature loves Us, he takes from Our very own property—which is given to him to love Us—and he loves Us with it. Even if created love is small compared to creating love, We still want this little love. Rather, We long for it; We agonize for it, and when the soul doesn’t give it to Us, We go into delirium. We become like a loving father with his son, who endows his son with his possessions. And this son, who loves his father, very often takes the fruits of the property given to him and sends them as a gift to his father. O how that father rejoices! Even if he doesn’t need those gifts, he feels loved by his son when he receives them. The gift expresses the active love of his son, and the father’s love for him grows ever greater. And the father feels honored and satisfied to have given his property to one who loves him and who feels affection for his father.

But how much the father would suffer if his son never sent him any of the good things that he had given to him! That son would violate the most sacred duty of the love between father and son—and he would change the joy and happiness of fatherhood into sorrow. We love mankind even more than a father—and all Our happiness lies in being loved in return. And if man didn’t love Us, he would turn Our fatherhood into sorrow. Indeed, My daughter, the more you love Us, the more gifts you send to your Heavenly Father. And these gifts are so pleasing to Us, because they are fruits of Our divine property, which your Creator has given to you with so much love.

September 21, 1928

So, with Its light, the Divine Will has the power to make the soul incapable of doing and receiving any harm. Who could ever wage war against the light? No one! Who could ever say: “I can prevent the passage of the light?” No one! And if anyone tried to do it, the light would laugh at him, and with its triumphant power it would penetrate him, and shoot past him, from above, from below, and from every side. And as it made fun of him, it would follow its course. It would keep him under the power and pressure of its light—unless he went to hide himself in some dark abyss.

Doesn’t the sun do this very thing? The Sun of My Will does it all the more—and the soul who lives in this light does nothing but expand the capacity of her intelligence to be able to receive more light. In this way, with its light, each act done in My Divine Fiat makes a void in man’s mind—to be able to communicate more abundant and more powerful light.

January 6, 1928

Indeed, all of Our joy and glory was centered in man, and when We created him, We placed between him and Us a harmony of intelligence, light, words, works and steps, and, in his heart, a harmony of love. That is why within him something like many electric wires of harmony passed from Us into him, in which We went down into him, and he rose up to Us. This is why We rejoiced so much in creating man, and the sorrow that he gave Us when he withdrew from Our Will was so great because he shattered all of these harmonies, changed Our rejoicing into mourning (for Us and for himself), destroyed Our most sublime designs, and deformed Our image which We had created in him.

Indeed, only Our Divine Will had the power to keep Our work beautiful, with all the harmonies We desired. Without Our Will, man is the vilest and most abject being in all Creation. My daughter, that is why, if you want all your senses to harmonize with Us, never go out of My Will. If you want to receive from your Creator unceasingly and begin to make merry with Us, let Our Will alone be your life—your everything.

June 12, 1927

The relationship that exists between creature and Creator, between redeemed and Redeemer, and between sanctified and Sanctifier. A description of those who are able to read the divine characters.

I was tracing the acts of the Divine Fiat in my usual way, to repair and restore the broken bonds between creature and Creator, redeemed and Redeemer, sanctified and Sanctifier, when my beloved Jesus stirred within me and said to me:
My daughter, the souls who wish to understand all of the relationships that exist between creature and Creator, and to keep those relationships healthy, ought to let My Divine Will reign within them with absolute dominion. Indeed, since the life of the Supreme Will fills the whole creation, the soul will form one life with all created things, and since that life is one, she will understand their language and the relationships that exist between them and their Creator.

Every created thing speaks of its Creator, and possesses legible signs of My Divine Fiat. But do you realize who is capable of hearing their voices, of understanding their heavenly speech, and of reading the divine characters that are impressed upon each created thing? The souls who possess My Will have the ability to hear their voices, the intelligence to understand them, the eyes to read the divine characters which the Creator has stamped upon each created thing with so much love. On the other hand, souls who do not allow My Will to reign find themselves in the state of one who is deaf and dumb—of one who is slow and uncomprehending, who has not studied the variety of languages and who understands nothing no matter how much one tells her. To also maintain relations and mutual understanding between the Redeemer and the redeemed, they must study My life—each of My deeds, steps, heartbeats and sufferings were bonds with which I came to bind all of the redeemed. But who remains bound?

It is the soul who studies My life and who strives to imitate Me. As she imitates Me, she remains bound by My words, works, steps and other things, and she receives their life, and the power to hear all of My teachings, the understanding to comprehend them, and the eyes to read all of the characters impressed in Me in My coming to redeem mankind. And if the soul does not do this, she will not be able to read the characters of redemption. They will remain a foreign language to her. And the bonds and relationships of Redemption will not be vibrant. The soul will always be the one born blind to Our blessings, with which We want to enrich her. And the soul who wants to know and receive all of the relationships and bonds of sanctity must love the Sanctifier, and the Holy Spirit will send forth His flames to the soul who truly loves and bind her with the bonds of His holiness. Without love there is no sanctity, because in such a case the bonds of true sanctity are already broken.

Then Jesus fell silent, leaving me immersed in the Supreme Fiat. And my beloved Good One added: My daughter, the souls who live in My Will drink light, and, just as the light of the sun is seen and enjoyed by many people at once, so does My Divine Will give Itself to the soul, filling her completely, making Itself completely present within her, and giving light to each of her thoughts. My Will makes Itself present in her steps, and gives light to the steps of other souls.

Light has the power to execute the true and perfect bi-location. And, while It is one, it has power to bi-locate itself for everyone who wants to see and enjoy it. Is the sun not one? But how many see and enjoy it! How much more is this true of the sun of My Will, which the soul drinks in and which fills everything with its light, possessing the power to make itself present in each act, word, step, and everything else that souls do, so as to weave enchantment with Its divine light.

July 1, 1926

Now, My Will is the greatest thing, enveloping everyone and everything from the least to the greatest. Before My Will they become lost. One ought to know so many things about My Will that it surpasses what is known of the Creation, of the Redemption, of the virtues and of all the sciences. There should be a book about My Will for each step, for each act, and for each created thing. In this way, the whole earth would be filled with volumes of knowledge about the Kingdom of My Will, surpassing the number of created things. Now where are these books? No book, scarcely some saying, is known of It, while It ought to be the foundation of all knowledge of any thing whatever. Since It is the life of each thing, It should rest upon everything as the image of a King imprinted on the money that circulates in his kingdom, as the light of the sun that shines upon each plant to give it life, as the water that wets burning lips, and as the food that satisfies hunger after a long fast. Everything should be filled with the knowledge of My Will; and, if that is not so, it is a sign that the Kingdom of My Will is not known—and, for that reason, It is not possessed. Would you perhaps know how to tell Me which saint spoke of possessing this Kingdom and the unity of the light of the Supreme Will?

Certainly not! I, Myself, spoke little. If I had wanted to speak at length about the Kingdom of My Will and of wanting to form It in man in the same way that innocent Adam possessed It, My disciples would have lost heart. To possess the Divine Will is the highest level, the one closest to God, and the one that most closely resembles the Divine Likeness, and, with the fall of Adam still fresh in their minds, they would have turned their backs to Me, and said: “If innocent Adam was not faithful, and did not live constantly in the sanctity of this Kingdom, so that he threw himself and all the generations of men into miseries, passions, and irreparable evils, how can we sinners live in a Kingdom so holy? It is a beautiful thought, yes—but we can say that It is not for us.” Not only that, but since My Will stands at the highest point, one needs paths to the summit, means of transportation, stairs, proper clothes and food to be able to dwell in this Kingdom.

Now, My coming to earth served all of these purposes, so that every word, work, prayer, example, and sacrament I instituted, and every suffering I endured, formed a path to the summit, a means of transportation to let them reach the stairs more quickly to climb to the top. So, it can be said that I gave the clothing of My Humanity, stained with My blood, so that they could be properly dressed in this Kingdom so holy of My Will, established by the Uncreated Wisdom in Creation to be given as a legacy to man. That is why, if I said little about that, it was because when I speak, I speak according to times and circumstances to make sure that they have a need for My word, and an ability to make use of the blessing that My word contains. That is why, instead of speaking I acted; and I reserved to Myself the task of speaking to you about the Kingdom of My Will.

Now, how could they possess It if they did not have full knowledge? On the other hand, you should know that through all the revelations that I have made about My Will—Its wonders and blessings and all that souls need to do to be able to establish themselves in this Kingdom—My very Will expresses how much I want man to return into My Kingdom; and how I have done everything in Creation and Redemption, so that he would regain possession of My lost Kingdom.

My revelations are chains of transmission; doors to let man enter; gifts that I make; laws and instructions in how to live in It; intelligence to make them understand and appreciate the good that they possess. If all that was lacking, how could they possess this Kingdom of My Will? It would be as if an individual wanted to pass into another kingdom to live— without a passport, and without knowing the laws, the customs, or the local dialect. Poor thing, it would be impossible for him to enter—and if he did, he would find himself so ill at ease, that he would want to leave a kingdom that he knows nothing about.

Now, My daughter, doesn’t it seem to you easier, more encouraging, and more within the reach of human nature, that after they have known the Kingdom of Redemption—where they can cure the sick, the blind, and the lame–in the Kingdom of My Will the blind shall not enter, but everyone will be in thriving health?

And when they find in the Kingdom of Redemption the very passport of My Passion and every possible way to pass through into the Kingdom of My Will, animated by the sight of so great a good, they will decide to take possession.

So, be attentive. Do not try to restrict or diminish the blessings that My Will contains. You will be doing this when you do not reveal all that I let you know, because knowledge is the bearer of the gift. If now I am generous with the treasures of the knowledge of My Will, these are the gifts that I make; and with these gifts I determine the greater or lesser advancement in the Kingdom of My Will, to the benefit of those who will possess It.


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