Pearls of the New and Divine Holiness

The following, selected passages from the most holy “Book of Heaven”tell us what God wants from us and what He gives in return to the elect souls who enter into and live the Eternal Life of God as the fulfillment of the Lord’s Prayer unfolds in our time, to bring humanity back to its Original State and the completion of Redemption in us.

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The Divine Desire for Reciprocity and the Incredible Effects of Reciprocity in the Elect Soul

Luisa: My flight in the Divine Will continues.  But I feel God doesn’t give me time.  He always wants to give me what is His, but He always wants to receive what is mine.  And if I don’t have anything to give Him because I am really nothing, He wants my will in the act of my giving it always.  And this is all His happiness:  to receive as a gift the creature’s will.  If need be, He wants the same things that He has given in order to always receive.  He is happy to receive these things and to give them back twofold, with new love, new light, new holiness.

Luisa writes in the “Book of Heaven” that Jesus always wants give to her what is His, but He always wants to receive what is hers.  And since she is nothing and doesn’t have anything to give, He wants her to always be giving her will to Him.  This is His happiness—to be always receiving as a gift the will of the creature.  And if necessary, He delights in receiving from the creature the same things that He has already given her, in order to be always receiving.  But such is his generosity that as He receives the very things that He has already given, He is happy to give them back twofold with new love, new light and new holiness.

Jesus: One moment I’m telling him a truth.  The next moment I’m giving him a gift, then I let him see our beauty that enraptures him, our love that groans, that burns, that grows ecstatic, that wants to be loved.

Now, listen to what I do:  To give and receive always, I call on the creature to live in My Will and I make him a gift of Its holiness, Its light, Its love and Its infinite joys, as much as he can contain them.  After he has lived in It for some time and I find that he is faithful, I go to him and say:  “Hand over to Me what I have given you.”

Jesus calls on the creature to live in the Divine Will and make her a gift of Its holiness, light, Love, and Its infinite joys. Then after a period of time, finding the soul faithful, Jesus asks her to hand over to Him what He has given her.  The faithful and confident soul does so without hesitating, and in exchange, Jesus endows her with his Love, his Will, his Holiness, his Goodness and his Beauty. He reminds the soul of this Divine extravagance of love—how He hands over his Life to the soul so that she can live in Him, and she responds by handing over her life to Him so that He can live in her, thus finding excuses to be always giving and receiving and have the occasion to be always speak to her heart, telling her all about his Will and his Eternal story of love.

To the person who has given Me everything, I must give everything.  And do you think it matters little that your Jesus hands over His life to you so you can live in Me and I have you hand over your life to Me so I can live in You, as though to find excuses to always give and receive and to have an occasion to tell you all about My Will and My eternal story of love? I do this to endow the creature with My Love, My Will, My Holiness, Goodness and Beauty.  Isn’t this an extravagant love that gives what is incredible?

Simply wanting to keep him with Me is already My greatest love:  If I want to keep him with Me, it is because I want to give him what is Mine.  And since he doesn’t have anything that is worthy of Me, I give him what is Mine.  In this way, making it his own, he can say to Me:  “You have given to me, and I give to You.”  Isn’t this a love that can break and melt the hardest hearts?  And only your Jesus is able and knows how to love in this way.  No one can say that he is able to keep up with Me in My love.

Jesus told Luisa that it is the greatest Love to always have the soul with Him so that He can give her what is His.  He can do this for one who lives in his Will, because every act that she does in the Divine Will is a sun that rises with a fullness of glory and sanctity.  Jesus takes refuge in these suns to enjoy Himself and take his rest.  He finds his beloved creature endowed with these suns, and she appears so enchantingly beautiful to Him.  By this living in his Will, Jesus finds nothing of the human in the soul.  She has lost the rights to her human will and to all that is human.  All those rights now belong to God, and the soul acquires command over everything that is divine.

But I can do this for the one who lives in My Will, because every act he does in It is a sun that rises with a fullness of glory and holiness.  I take refuge in these suns, to enjoy Myself and take My rest.  And finding My beloved creature endowed with these suns, how beautiful he appears!

So, when the creature is about to act and to receive the operative act of the divine Fiat, the heavens lower out of reverence.  They are amazed to see a Divine Will operating in the human act.  Thus, We find everything in the act done by the creature in Our Will.  … We may say that We lack nothing.  Our glory is complete, our love finds its pleasant rest and perfect reciprocation.

So you see, We have a great yearning for the one who lives in Our Will.  It seems as if We didn’t do anything in creation, because We are missing the greatest act We can perform:  that is, Our life repeating itself in the human act.  In that act We find Ourselves, everything and everyone.  There is nothing We wouldn’t give to Our beloved creature, and there will be no love and glory that he would not give Us.  He will find everything and whatever he wants in Us, and We will find everything in him.

Daughter, for Us to be able to give everything and to give only a small part of Our good things is a sorrow for Us.  It means putting Our love on hold, and only because the creature lacks as life our Will in him.  Not being able to receive everything from him gives Us the greatest pain in Our creative work.  So you see, Our love and power and wisdom, all Our creative work call for the creature to live in Our Will.

My daughter, you must know that, as the creature recognizes Our Will, he loves It and wants to spend his life in It.  He thus pours himself upon his God, and God pours Himself upon the creature.  With this reciprocal pouring, God makes the creature His own; He makes him share in all His acts; He takes His rest in him; He feeds him and makes him grow in His acts more and more.  And the creature makes God his own.  He is aware of Him everywhere and takes his peaceful rest in Him Who loves and Who forms his life and his all.

Nothing must be lacking to Us in an act done in Our Will, otherwise We cannot say that it is Our act.  Our will, out of honor and decorum, becomes bearer to the creature of everything that all the other creatures and all Creation (if it had the use of reason) ought to do for Us.  If We were not to find in Our Will, in which the creature works, all Our glory, the honor and the reciprocation appropriate to Us for having given life to so many and having created so many things to maintain these lives, where would We be able to find them?  Our Will, diffused in all, the life and support of everything, is Our greatest glory.  To the creature who lives in It, Our Will presents him with the occasion to give Us what each creature ought to give Us by way of glory and reciprocation for our having created him.

Now, you must know that everything was created to give a gift to the creature.  We made every created thing the bearer of the gift and of the love with which We endowed that gift.  But do you know why?  The creature had nothing to give Us.  We, loving him with utmost love and wanting him to have something to give Us–for if one has nothing to give, reciprocity ends, friendship is broken, and love dies. We supply the creature with so many of Our gifts.  We supply them as though they were his, so he might have something to give to his God.

Therefore, We make the creature who lives in Our Will the repository of all Creation.

And oh, how great is Our joy and happiness when, making use of Our gift in order to love Us, he says to Us:  “Do you see how much I love You?  I give You the sun to love You, and I love You with that with which You loved me in the sun.  I give You the homage and adoration of its light, its variety of effects, to love You.  I give You its continuous act of light to spread myself everywhere and to put there my “I love You” in everything that it touches with its light.

This is the jealousy of love. The soul is all attentive in giving Me her life in every instant, to love Me, to make Me joyful and happy in herself, the way I make her joyful and happy inside my heart.  Love wants reciprocity, and if it loves, not being loved, it feels unhappy and embittered because of what it should receive but does not.  Therefore, love Me always and if you really want to love Me do it in my Will, in which you will find endless love to tie Me with love chains, chains so long that I won’t be able to free Myself.

Now, you must know the extent of Our Love.  Every time We ask for the creature’s will and he gives it to Us, he gives Us as many lives as are the times he gives Us his will.  And We are always asking him for it , in order to give him the occasion and the merit of giving Us his life not once but as many times as We ask him for it.  Do you think it’s insignificant that the creature can say:  “I have given You as many lives–and not once, but thousands of times–as many times as You asked me?”  And We not only reciprocate his love–as many times as he gives Us his will, We reward him each time–but We feel glorified and loved all the more, for as many lives as he has given Us.

Every act done by the creature who lives in Our Will is a celebration and a bountiful banquet for the Heavenly Regions.  The Saints reciprocate it with new gifts.  They beseech God to manifest other truths to the creature, to broaden ever more the boundaries of the gift that God has given him.

Now, as you love Me, I love you and I possess you.  As we take turns in loving each other, so do you remain formed in Me.  You grow, and I feed you with love.  I form you in the Life of My Will.  I inundate you with My seas of love, so you may feel how much I love you and with how much tenderness I make you grow in My heart.  I have kept jealous watch over you, so you may love Me more and reciprocate My tenderness.  I want you to look after Me with a jealous love that is all eyes, all attention to giving Me your life at every moment in order to love Me, to make Me happy and content, even as I make you happy and content in My Heart. Love wants to keep pace.  If one loves and is not loved, he feels the unhappiness and bitterness of the person who ought to love him and does not. God wants to exchange the continuous gift of her life with the continuous gift of his Life—Divine, Infinite and Eternal.

—submitted by Thomas Fahy

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