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Dear Reader’s

The Sons and Daughters of the Divine Will in the various stages of growth in the Father’s Will are mostly aware to one degree or another of the present CONFUSION in the only Church that God Himself established on earth, as well the CONFUSION in the large number of denominations that are separated in various important ways from God’s Catholic Church.

This time of CONFUSION is also extremely manifest in the Secular World.

In spite of all this CONFUSION, as sorrowful as it is in so many ways, we can remain at peace and hold fast to Tradition, as St. Paul teaches, and faithfulness and trust in God.

A NEW ERA FOR HUMANITY IS ON THE WAY — an ERA of Divine Holiness, Happiness, Peace, and Unity—for the Life of Heaven is being extended to Earth—the True and Real and Eternal Life of God has already begun setting up It’s Kingdom in the Hearts and Souls of human beings presently here on earth.

I have extracted 12 pages of various references from the Book of Heaven about the Confusion of our Times according to what Jesus told Luisa, and I am ATTACHING four (4) of those pages with this “Messages of Gold” for your reading.

May all our acts be Acts in the Divine Will – for that is the Purpose of God for us,

Thomas Fahy

The Confusion of Our Times and Predictions of Jesus
Taken from the Book of Heaven
October 16, 1918
Now I want to tell you something consoling. Italy and France lose,* while Germany wins. But all the nations bear some black marks, and all of them deserve humiliations and punish-ments. That is why there will be a general upheaval and confusion everywhere. I will renew the world with fire, with water, and with the sword–with sudden deaths and contagious diseases. I will do things that have never been seen before. The nations will form a sort of tower of Babel—they will become incapable of understanding each other. The people of the nations will revolt—they will no longer want kings. Everyone will be humiliated, and peace will come only from Me. And if you hear them say: “peace,” it will not be a true peace, but only an apparent one. And once I have purified everything, I will stretch out my hand in a surprising way, and I will give true Peace. Then, all those who have been humbled will return to Me. Germany will become Catholic—I have great designs on her. England, Russia—and all the places where blood has been shed—will rise again in the Faith and will be incorporated into my Church. All peoples will enjoy a great triumph in unity. // [ * according to the Mind of God]

January 29, 1919
Now, in that light, He seemed to be saying to me: My beloved daughter, I want to reveal to you the order of my Providence. Every two thousand years I have renewed the world. In the first two thousand years I renewed it with the Flood; in the second two thousand I renewed it with my coming upon earth when I revealed my Humanity, from which my Divinity shone forth, as if from many fissures. The good souls and even the Saints of the last two thousand years have lived from the fruits of my Humanity and they have enjoyed a few droplets of my Divinity. But now we have almost reached the third two thousand years, and there will be a third renewal. This is the reason for the general confusion: It is simply the preparation for the third renewal. If in the second renewal I showed what my Humanity did and suffered—and very little of what my Divinity did–now in this third renewal, after the earth has been purged and a great part of the present generation has been destroyed—I will be even more generous with creatures. I will accomplish this renewal by revealing what my Divinity did within my Humanity; how my Divine Will acted with my human will. I will reveal how everything remained linked within Me; how I did and redid everything, and how even the thoughts of each soul were redone by Me–and sealed with my Divine Volition.
May 1, 1921
Wherever my Will is, hers is there also; as my acts multiply themselves, hers also multiply. Only the human will causes discord between creature and Creator; one single act of the human will causes confusion between Heaven and earth, and makes Creator and creature dissimilar. On the other hand, for the soul who lives in my Will, all is harmony; her things and Mine harmonize together; I am with her on earth, and she is with Me in Heaven—one is our desire, our Life, and our Will.
December 15, 1921
Creation was brought forth on the wings of my Volition, and I would like it to return to Me on those same wings. But I wait in vain. That is why everything is disorder and confusion. That is why you must come into my Will to give Me reparation—in the name of all creatures—for so great a disorder.
March 22, 1924
It is the same with you. It is necessary that I put the leaven of my Will, that I form the preparation, that I lay the foundation, that between you and Me there be complete concurrence between my internal acts and yours, to open Heaven to new graces and new currents, and dispose the Supreme Majesty to concede the greatest Grace: That Its Will be known on earth and that It live in the midst of the creatures with Its complete dominion as It lives in Heaven.
And while you occupy yourself with this, do you believe the earth is not receiving any good? Ah, you are mistaken! The generations run breathlessly along the descent into evil. Who can sustain them? Who keeps them from being submerged in their blinded race to disappear from the face of the earth? Remember that not so long ago the sea burst its boundaries below the earth, threatening to swallow entire countries, and your own country was in great danger. Who stopped that scourging? Who detained and enclosed the waters in their borders? This is precisely the great scourge prepared for the appalling, blinded course of creatures. Nature itself is tired of so many evils and would like to vindicate the rights of its Creator. For this reason, all of nature would like to oppose man ­ the sea, the fire, the wind, the earth are ready to leave their boundaries to harm and strike the generations to decimate them.
Does it seem unimportant to you that, while the human race is submerged in irreparable evils, I call you; and, elevating you between Heaven and earth, and fusing you with my own acts, I make you flow in my Will to prepare the opposite act to the innumerable evils that drown the earth? In this way I prepare good things and seek to conquer man with my Love to stop him on his confused course, giving him the greatest thing, which is the Light of my Will, so that, knowing It, he take It as nourishment to restore his lost strength. Thus, reinforced, he may stop in his foolishness and reacquire a steady step to disengage from further evil.”
Then my Jesus disappeared, and I remained more forsaken in thinking about the horrible way of man and the upheavals in nature which will oppose him. After I returned to prayer, my Jesus returned in a way that evoked compassion…He appeared troubled. Moaning and lamenting in pain, He extended Himself in me, turning at times to the right, and then to the left. I asked Him:
“Jesus, my Love, what is wrong? Ah, You suffer much. Let us share the pain together. You should not be alone. Don’t You see how much You suffer and how You can no longer continue like this?”
August 27, 1926
Only man dishonors Our creative work, because when he withdraws from Our Will, he walks with his head on the ground and his feet in the air. What disorder! What disorder! It is horrifying to see him, walking with his head down, groveling in the dirt; everything is thrown into confusion and transformed. He does not have the space that he needs to see—nor can he diffuse himself into space or go very far—because the purpose of the feet is to walk and that of the head is to rule. That is why doing one’s own will represents the true and total headlong fall of man and the disorder of the human family.
That is why I am so determined that My Will be known—so that man will return to his place, no longer dragging himself along with his head down, but walking with his feet—no longer forming My and his disorder but My honor and his.
See for yourself: Don’t creatures look ugly, walking with their heads on the ground? Doesn’t it also displease you to see them so disordered?
I looked and saw men with their heads down and their feet in the air. Jesus disappeared; and left me to look at this hideous spectacle of the generations of men.
And I prayed heartily that His Will be known.
February 21, 1927
My daughter, the reason why We brought forth Creation and created man was to give Our riches—so that the external glory of Our works might be joined to Our interior glory and Our immense happiness. Indeed, when the soul does not live in Our Will, We feel her far away from Us. No one attends Us with her “Thank You” or smiles at Us as she delights in the works of Our hands. Everything exists in isolation. We are surrounded by immense riches, but because Our creatures are far away from Us, We have no one to give them to. We have no one who admires and delights in Our works. We are happy, but because of Ourselves, and no one exists who could disturb Our happiness in the slightest degree. But We are forced to behold the unhappiness of mankind—because they are separated from Us and so they cannot take from Us and We cannot give. The human will has built the fences and locked the doors of communication. To give is liberality, heroism, and love—to receive is grace. And the soul—by doing her own will—hinders Our generosity, heroism, and love. And if We give something, it is always limited, and it is given with much strain and confusion—because the harmony between them and Us has been lost, so things do not run smoothly. We are not capable of sorrow: Our Being cannot be touched by evils. But if We were capable of sorrow, the soul would poison Our existence. Indeed, this is the reason why We want so much to make Our Will known and to make It reign among souls. We want to give, and We want to see men happy with Our own happiness. And Our Will alone can do all of this—to fulfill the purpose of Creation and to let Us share all of Our blessings with mankind.
O Will of God, how desirable, powerful and wonderful You are! O please!—with Your mighty power, conquer all souls! Reveal Yourself—and make us all surrender to You!
March 31, 1929
My daughter, by not doing My Divine Will, man injects confusion into the order that My Divine Majesty maintained in Creation. She disgraces herself, stoops down, and sets herself apart from her Creator. She loses the origin, the means and the end of that Divine Life which was infused in her so lovingly in the act of her creation. We loved this man so much, that we placed Our Divine Will in him as the font of life. We wanted to feel enraptured by him; We wanted to feel within him Our Strength, Power, and Happiness and Our own continuous echo. And who could ever allow Us to feel and see all this, if not Our Divine Will bilocated in him? We wanted to see man as the bearer of his Creator—who was to make him happy in time and in eternity. That is why, when he did not do Our Divine Will, We felt keenly the great sorrow of Our work being disordered, Our echo silenced, Our enrapturing strength—which was to inspire Us to give him new surprises of happiness—changed into weakness. In short, Our work was turned upside down. This is why We cannot bear such a disorder in Our work; and if I have spoken so much about My Divine Fiat, this is My definite purpose: We want to set man in order—that he may return to the first steps of his creation—and so that Our Will may flow within him as his life-blood and form him again into Our bearer, Our royal palace upon earth—his happiness and Ours.
9th July 1930
Ah! My daughter, My crime is always love, and it is also the crime of one who loves Me. Finding nothing else with which to judge Me, they judge My excessive love and that of My children, who have perhaps sacrificed their lives for others too. And so now they can judge as they wish. But what will be their confusion when they appear before Me and clearly understand that I Myself was the One who acted in the way that they condemned, and that their judgment impeded a thing that gave great glory to Me, and a great blessing to men—which is to know more clearly what it means to do My Divine Will and to let It reign? There is no greater crime than that of obstructing good.
And so, My daughter, remember: Don’t let yourself be disturbed, nor change anything of all that happens between Me and you. Assure me that My work will have its fulfillment in you and try not to cause Me any pain. I wanted to defend the good outside of you, but the human will blocks My designs. So, pray that the human will is overcome and that the Kingdom of My Divine Will does not remain stifled among men.
30th March 1931
My daughter, what is it? Don’t you want to suffer with Me anymore? How is it you want to leave Me alone? You want to take away from Me the rights that you gave Me so many times—to let Me do with you as I want? Good daughter, don’t give Me this pain: Abandon yourself into My arms and let Me do what I want.
And I said: “My Love, forgive me. You know my struggles and the deep humiliations into which I have been cast. If things were as before, when have I ever refused You anything? So pay attention and think, O Jesus. Think about what You are doing to me, and think what labyrinths You are leading me into. If You let me fall into my usual sufferings, and I say to You “Fiat,” the effort that I make is so great that I feel I am dying. Jesus! Jesus! Help me.”

†  †  †  †  †

The value of the human will when it enters into the Divine Will.
9th July 1930
My daughter: . . . If you only knew the beauty, the value, that the human will acquires when it enters and stays continuously within the Fiat! Ah! Don’t lose one second of living in It. You must know that as the human will enters into the Divine Will, Our light strikes it and adorns it with a rare beauty. The soul remains so identified with It that she no longer feels like a stranger to her Creator. Rather, she feels that she belongs entirely to the Supreme Being, and that the Divine Being is all hers. With the freedom of a daughter, without fear, and with enrapturing trust, she raises herself up to be united with the Will of her Creator. And, the little atom of the human will places its ”I love You” within this unity.
And while she forms her act of love, all Divine love runs, surrounds, embraces, and transmutes itself in the soul’s ”I love You,” making her love as great as Our own love. We feel in the creature’s little ”I love You,” the fibers, the very life of Our love, and so We give it the value of Our own love and respond to her little ”I love You” with the happiness of Our love. This little ”I love You” no longer goes out from the unity of Our Will. And while it stays, it expands so much in the Fiat’s orbit that it does nothing but follow the Divine Will everywhere. And so it is for all the other acts that it proposes to do in Our Will. You must realize that a creative Will enters into the soul’s act, and that is why she must perform worthy acts in harmony with a Divine Will, as best she knows how.

—The above extracts submitted by Thomas Fahy

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