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Dear Readers of Messages of Gold,

I got so involved with my research on understanding the Loneliness of God and the Divine Love’s needs, that I was able to gather “tons” of material, so much in fact, that I had to force myself to stop and take a break.

What I have decided to do after appropriate refining of the gathered material is to share with you what I have found in PARTS. So with this “Messages of Gold,” I sending PART ONE. My intention is to send PART TWO in the next emailing. I suggest that you might save the Parts to combine them some how.

Instead of attaching Part One this week, I will try including it in the Body of this Text.

Eternal Blessings to you all.

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The Loneliness of God and The Needs of Divine Love

—Part One—

When it is said that God is complete in Himself and has no need of anything, this saying is better understood by the Holy Mystics, who are not enchanted so much by the Power of God as by the Nature of His Love. Because of their intimacy with God, and especially due to their intimacy with the Second Person of the Trinity as the Incarnate Word, Jesus, these, authentic Holy Mystics understand that Divine Love has an irresistible need to share, to give, and to be reciprocated with Love worthy of Him.

In the following excerpted texts, the majority of the texts will refer to the way in which Jesus, the Incarnate Word, experiences loneliness in His human nature. But there will be other texts that refer to the loneliness of the Holy Trinity, including the Word in His Divine Nature.

Excerpts small and large from the Writings of Luisa Piccarreta

My daughter, do not go away from Me and leave Me alone—My love wants your company. This is another outpouring of my love—which does not want to be alone. But do you know whose company my love seeks? It seeks the love of creatures.

O how lonely I am, though in the midst of so many people! O how loneliness weighs upon Me! I have no one with whom to speak–no one with whom to pour Myself out—not even in love. I am always silent and sad—because if I speak, I am not listened to. O my daughter, I beg you—do not abandon Me in my great loneliness—be so kind as to let Me speak by listening to Me and absorbing my teachings.

. . .Then He added, Just as Justice seeks satisfaction for injustice, so also does my love wish to vent its love and to be loved.

Enter into my love and let me vent my love, otherwise my love would be cheated.

As I feel the need to pour out my love with you, isn’t it true that you also need to pour out your love with Me?

While He was saying this, Jesus expressed a need to be comforted.

These second sentries (the first sentry of souls is Jesus; the second sentries are those who live in the Divine Will) console Me, make reparation to Me, and keep Me company in the loneliness to which so many hearts condemn Me—and they compel Me not to abandon those souls.

. . . Yet, being among men, I am the light of their every thought, the sound of their every word, the movement of their every act, the footstep of their every stride, the beat of every heart. Nevertheless, ungrateful man leaves Me alone, never giving Me a “thank you,” nor an “I love you.” I am abandoned in man’s mind because he uses for his own ends the light that I give him, perhaps even to offend Me.

Luisa to Jesus: For the sake of Your loneliness, prayers and tears, give me the Kingdom of Your Will. Hurry—see how the world is falling apart; Your Will shall bring it to safety.”

You should know that loneliness weighed heavily upon Me, because the One who had come for the sake of all souls and to look for them all, was to be sought after by every-one. For each of those souls I keenly felt the pain of the loneliness in which they left Me.

But if you did not follow It (the Divine Will), It would feel your absence and the absence of your acts in the immensity of My Divine Will. And with sorrow It would cry out: “Where is the little daughter of My Will? I do not feel her in My acts, I do not enjoy her glances that admire what I do, to give Me a “thank You.” I do not hear her voice that says to me: “I love You.” O how loneliness weighs upon Me!”

My daughter, how many souls receive Me sacramentally in their hearts and leave Me in loneliness. I feel Myself within them as in a desert, as if I had nothing to do with them. They treat Me like a stranger. But do you know why? It is because they don’t take part in My life, My virtues, My sanctity, My joys and My sorrows. To keep someone company means to take part in all that that person does and suffers. That is why receiving Me and not taking part in My life is the most bitter loneliness for Me. And when I am left alone I cannot tell them how much I burn with love for them, and so My love remains isolated, along with My sanctity, My virtues, My life—in short, everything is loneliness within and around Me. O how many times I go down into their hearts and I cry—because I see Myself all alone.

But who can describe for you the so many sorrows of My sacramental life—and how there are more of those who receive Me and plunge Me into loneliness in their hearts—but bitter loneliness—than those who keep Me company?

And O how God longs to be always in the act of giving and receiving!

Such is the nature of Our Supreme Being. If We don’t find someone who lives in Our Divine Will, We are like that teacher—We have no one to whom We can give Our lessons. We possess infinite knowledge, but We do not have anyone to whom We can say a word, because the light of Our Will is missing—and only that light can make him understand what We want to teach him. On the other hand, if the soul lives in Our Will, We feel Our life within her; We can teach her Our divine knowledge—and what is more, lives will rise up within her. She will understand perfectly our celestial language, and she will love Us as We want her to love Us. This, then, is how her destiny and Ours is changed: loneliness is banished; companionship will be everlasting; and We will always have something to say and someone who listens. Our eternal pain will turn into joys and feasting—because We will have the soul living in Our Will.

When We do not find anyone who lives in Our Will, We become like a rich man whose riches are so great that he feels suffocated by them. And yet he cannot find anyone disposed to receive or to take his possessions. Poor man! He is so miserable in the midst of his riches—he suffers a cruel loneliness.

My daughter, all of Creation was made in one outpouring of Our most intense love. That is why the children of Our Fiat will meet the needs of Our love. Our love feels the need to pour Itself out—otherwise, We feel suffocated in Our flames. This is why the children of Our Will are necessary—as a continuous outpouring of Our love.

And then, there is the highest, noblest, holiest and most sublime point: We created everything so that all might be enclosed and animated by Our Will. Indeed, just as We brought forth the creation, so it must return to Us—into Our adorable Fiat. If We did not do so, it would seem as if We did not have enough power, to do all things; love, to conquer all things, or wisdom to dispose of all things. The children of Our Fiat will allow Us to fulfill Our Will in them, and that is why they will be Our glory, Our triumph, and Our victory. They will be Our true children, who will not only bear Our Image, but the life of the Heavenly Father Himself, dwelling within them, as their own life. These children of Ours will be Our life, Our heavens and Our suns. O how We will delight in creating in them winds that blow love, and seas that murmur, “I love You, I love You,”—We will find everything in them. There will no longer be a difference between Heaven and earth; they will be one single thing for Us, whether We keep them with Us in Heaven, or keep them with Us on earth.

[Note: The following two extracts (in italics) are very helpful in understanding how the two wills (Divine and Human) of Jesus worked together and how He wants our human wills to work with the Divine Will as God’s greatest Gift to Humanity, enabling us to do the Will of God as It is done in Heaven.]

Our Love did not stop; I did not want to be an isolated God—no, and that is why I wanted to come down from Heaven, taking on a Humanity like that of the first man. I enclosed all of Creation in that Humanity; and I bound the human will of this Humanity to the Divine Will, so that this human will, embracing all Creation and all human acts in the Divine Will, might bring It to My throne as the conqueror of all human acts—which had been changed by It into acts of the Divine Will. With this, the human will took possession of the Divine Will, and the Divine took possession of the human will—the one mastering the other. Indeed, when one being forms one single thing with another being, if one is master, the other becomes master, also, as though naturally.

This was the only reason why I had commanded man to abstain from the fruit I had forbidden him to eat: I wanted an act of sacrifice of his will in Mine, so that through this sacrifice, he might bind his human will within Mine, so that he might take possession of My Will, and I of his, and so that both might reign with the same power, wisdom and goodness. I did not want in him anything dissimilar to Me. He came forth from Me; he was my son; and what father does not love for his son to be as rich and happy as he is? This was all the more true for Me, a Heavenly Father, who would lose nothing by making this son of Mine rich, happy and sovereign like Myself.

We will make these souls different from one another, distinct in beauty, sanctity and love, but all beautiful, distinct among themselves. Others will remain in the sea of light and will enjoy the blessings of My Will; others will remain under the influence of My activating light. These will be the most beautiful souls—adorned with all Our creative art and active influence. When We find the soul in Our Will, We can do whatever We want. She will be ready to receive Our creative power and We will delight in creating new beauties, sanctities never seen before, love that We have never given to anyone else and which they could not receive because the life, light and strength of Our Will was missing. We will hear Our echo in that soul; the creative strength that always brings forth love and glory; the continuous repetition of Our acts and of Our own life. This is the life of Our Fiat: to generate. And where It reigns It generates continuously, endlessly. It generates in Us and maintains the life of the Most Holy Trinity. In the soul in whom It reigns It generates Our image, love and holiness. So, We still have a lot to do in the work of Creation. We have to reproduce Our acts and works, which will serve as the most beautiful adornment of Our Heavenly Fatherland.

Now you ought to know that as soon as a human being decides to live in the Divine Will, his salvation and holiness are guaranteed; We are in him as if in Our home, and his will serves as the matter through which, in each of his acts, We pronounce Our Fiat to form works worthy of the One who lives in it.


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