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I had an interesting inquiry from one of our readers recently, which had to do with the term, “Fiat,” found so often in Luisa Piccarreta’s writings. Before answering the reader’s inquiry, I did a moderate amount of research concerning the term, “Fiat.” I will share some of what I wrote to that reader:
Here are some preliminary thoughts to be followed by some quotations from the “Book of Heaven” by Luisa Piccarreta:
Normally, when I think of the word, “Fiat,” I think of someone in authority saying, “Let it be done,” and his or her will goes into the process of being carried out, by him or her self, but usually by someone in the service of the one who has verbalized the command, “Let it be done.”
When someone is being asked to carry out the Command or Wish of the one in authority, and that person agrees to participate in carrying out the command or wish, that person might say “Yes” or “Fiat,” or “May your will be done.” In the case of the Annunciation, God made known, through the Angel Gabriel, his desire for Mary to cooperate with His plan of Redemption by agreeing to be the Mother of Jesus. God desired the Second Fiat of God, Redemption, and Mary said, “Fiat Mihi” (“Let it be done in me”). By agreeing with the Wish of God, She united her “Fiat” to the “Fiat of God,” and Redemption unfolded, starting with the immediate Incarnation of the Word in her womb.
Many people utter the word, “Fiat,” (usually silently) when resigned to an unexpected event or circumstance .
In describing the Essence of God, many theologians over the centuries have said that the Essence of God is His Will.

In the writings of Luisa, Jesus many times uses the term, “Fiat,” as the equivalent of Will. Therefore, if the Divine Will is the Essence of God, then all Three Persons are Divine Will (or Divine Fiat?) in their one Essence. I remember reading in one of the Volumes of Luisa that Jesus said, “I am Word and Will.”
I was somewhat stunned at first when reading that, but after giving it some thought, I remembered that the Essence of God is Will, and it came to me that the mission of the Second Person of the Trinity is to be the Word, by Whom knowledge of God is communicated.
Now, it is reasonable to inquire into the difference, if any, between Will and Fiat, when those two terms are used in Luisa’s writings as equivalents.
We know that God willed Creation into being. This undertaking by the Creator is called the First Fiat of God. We also know that it is quite proper to say, “God spoke Creation into being.” So it seems clear that God verbalized his act of willing Creation, starting with, “Fiat Lux” (“Let there be Light”).
I believe that I have read in Luisa’s writings that God verbalized what He did in willing Creation so that we, the creatures for whom He made Creation, would be able to speak and use language to communicate with one another and with Him.
By verbalizing His act of creating all things whatever that He created, these things would give him joy in their individual, mysterious, and even mute, ways of speaking to Him. We know elsewhere in Luisa’s writings that when those who live in the Divine Will do acts in the Divine Will, by letting Jesus have the freedom to do those acts in us, those acts form speaking suns, which multiply as long as God is God. Those speaking suns speak Love, Adoration, Praise, and Glory to Him who brought us into being.
At this point I will include some extracts from various volumes of the “Book of Heaven” that caught my attention when researching.
Excerpts from the “Book of Heaven”
I was the Word, the Divine Will in person, veiled by My Humanity.
In short, since Our Will is Word, wherever It reigns It gives speech to all that man does, transforming it into a divine prodigy.

My daughter, the FIAT is all full of Life—indeed, It is Life Itself—and this is why all lives and all things come forth from within the FIAT. Creation came out from my ”FIAT”; that is why in each created thing one can see the seal of the FIAT. Redemption came forth from the “FIAT MIHI” of my dear Mama, pronounced in my Volition and carrying the very Power of my Creative “FIAT.”
Mary: “Let it be done unto me according to thy word.”
After this, He added: Let us say “FIAT” together. And everything—Heaven and earth—was filled with adoration of the Supreme Majesty. Then, again, He repeated, “FIAT,” and the Blood, the wounds, and the pains of Jesus rose up and multiplied to infinity. And then, for the third time, He said “FIAT”—and this FIAT multiplied in all the wills of creatures to sanctify them. Then He said to me: My daughter these three FIATs are the Creating, the Redeeming, and the Sanctifying FIAT. In creating man, I endowed him with three powers—intellect, memory and will—and with three FIATs I will accomplish the work of man’s sanctification.
O what can a soul not do who lives in My Will? She can do everything—because her light makes her aware of all My pains—and I do everything for her: we alternate between vigil and rest. How beautiful it is to live in My Will! The soul places herself in Our own state—and she wants what We want.
And this is the holiest, the greatest and the noblest thing of all—the purest and the most majestic—to want what God wants. Nobody else can reach so lofty a height or so immense a prize—as to want what God wants. God is holy and pure; God is order and goodness. And, by wanting what God wants, the soul wants what is holy, pure and good. In the fullness of God’s order, she feels reborn in Him, and she does what He does. God does everything, embraces everything, and moves in everyone—and the soul concurs in all that God does. What better thing could she do? There is nothing greater or even equal to living in My Will. So, always live in My Fiat and we will be happy: you and I.
Past and future do not exist for Us or for the soul who lives in Our Will.
Every word that We pronounce in Our Fiat is a life that We reveal—a life that places Itself in communication with creatures. Every bit of knowledge that We reveal bears Our kiss, so that the soul may form Our life at every breath.
The essence of Our life is recognized by speaking about It, and My Fiat in My Word bilocates and repeats Our life among men.
Since Our Will lived in the Heavenly Queen, She possessed Its eloquent being, that always had something to say—not with human voices, but with mysterious and divine voices. It is never exhausted. Even more, because the Divine Fiat is word—and acting and creating word—how could she ever stop speaking if She had It in her power?
Did I not do the same in Creation? First I created it with My Fiat, because Our word is work, step—everything.
One who works in the Divine Will works in eternity; one who works outside of It, works in time. The words of Jesus are works.
Indeed, every word of Mine is a work. It is one more outlet of love—it is bringing to completion My first fiat in the beginning.
Our Fiat transformed into the word of truth possesses the invincible power, the unreachable power, and the immovable firmness of the goodness that It wants to produce in the power of My speaking Fiat.
Sanctity is Produced by Degrees of Love.
The little place of love that the soul has in her Creator, and the little place that God has in the soul. Sanctity is produced by degrees of love. The seed that Jesus plants. Jesus first does the deeds, then says the words.
I felt totally immersed in the Supreme Fiat, and as I repeated my round in It, I united myself to Its acts, so I felt Its waves of love come, which poured themselves over me, and brought me the love of my Creator. O how happy I felt feeling myself loved by God! I believe that there is no greater happiness, in Heaven or on earth, than that the soul hold a place in the bosom of the Heavenly Father, who makes His waves of love rise up to love her.
But while I felt myself drowning under these waves, my sweet Jesus visited my little soul, and, full of goodness, He told me: My blessed daughter, to go around in Our acts that We have done for love of creatures—as much in Creation as in Redemption—makes new love rise from within Our Divine Being, and fills her who unites herself with Our divine acts. By uniting herself with Our works, she prepares a little place where she can receive Our waves of love. And as she receives them, she also loves Us with new love, and forms her waves of love for her Creator, so that she has her little place of love in Our Divine Being, and We have Our place in her.
You ought to know that true holiness is produced by the degrees of love with which you have been loved by God, and the soul then takes possession of this love when she loves. When she receives His divine love and she loves, God disposes Himself to love her with even more new love. To be loved by God with new love is the greatest act that a soul receives from God. And all the sanctity and all the glory are formed according to how many times she has been loved by God—and how many times she has loved Him. Indeed, you ought to know that Our Supreme Being loves everyone, and always in a universal and general way. To this is added a special and direct love for the one who, loving Us, gives Us her love. So, if the soul has been loved by God with special love one time, three, ten, or a hundred times—according to the number, she acquires that many degrees of sanctity, and, so, of glory.
See, then, how going around in My Will and uniting yourself to Its acts calls Us to love you with a new and special love—and God calls you to make Himself loved with your new and special love. And God Himself will be your witness who will say to all, to Heaven and to earth: ”It is true, I have loved, but she has loved Me. I can say that My love called hers, and hers called Mine, to love each other. Indeed, one who lives in Our Will places Our love in safety—nor do we have the sadness that we would have if rejection were possible. Rather, as a sign that she has received Our Will, she responds to Us by giving Us her love.”
So I was thinking about the Divine Will, and a thousand thoughts crowded my mind—doubts, anxieties, uncertainties, sighs, all related to wanting the Divine Will to be the first life of my life. I wanted Its sweet dominion to be within and around me.
Now, while I did this, my ever beloved Jesus added: My little daughter of My Will, you must know that when I reveal a blessing, a truth, it is the surest sign that I want to give that blessing or the gift of one of My truths, to be the soul’s own possession. If this could not be, I would deceive her, mislead her, and make her lose time with a thousand useless desires—not possessing the blessing that I have made known to her. And I do not know how to deceive anyone—nor do I do useless things.
—Submitted by Thomas Fahy

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