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Dear Readers,

First: Some news: Our cohort, Jerry Lawson had a successful operation on his hip, rather his femur just below the ball joint of his hip. The physician at the Veterans Medical Center was amazed at the density of Jerry’s femur and was able to operate without dealing with the hip bone. Now it is a matter of getting rehabilitation and regaining normality. Jerry is extremely grateful for all the prayers offered.

Our website has gotten over some humps in the change of ownership from the organization that originally set up our website many years ago to full ownership by our Center, but there are still problems to overcome.

Ann Ellison hopes to be back here in Tennessee in a couple of weeks. She extended her stay in Garabandal to work, and to arrange for a number of repairs at the House of Sanctification, and to get a number of things done at the Grotto in front of the House of Sanctification, as well as take care of guests who have visited there.

Our dear friend in the Divine Will, Fr. Michael Adams, celebrated the 33rd anniversary of his Priesthood yesterday on May 25.


NOW LET US HONOR THE MOST HOLY TRINITY, in the Divine Will, for Trinity Sunday:

May we spend some time in honor and gratitude to Them by absorbing the following, incredible Truths taken from the “BOOK OF HEAVEN,” and make reparation to the Three Divine Persons for the Enormous ingratitude to Them, the Enormous disorder so displeasing to Them, and the Enormous Apostasy of our times.


Volume 36:

Now, you (Luisa) must know that every knowledge I (Jesus) manifest and every act done in my Will, thanks to this knowledge, is like a divine seed acquired by the soul. This seed will produce new divine science. Oh! how she will be able to speak the language of her Creator. Every truth will be a new celestial language with the virtue of being understandable to those who listen and want to receive this divine seed. This seed will produce new life of sanctity, new love, new goodness, new joy and happiness. These seeds of truth will be as many divine properties acquired by the soul.

The joy We (the Holy Trinity) receive when the soul operates in our Will is such that We communicate it to all the Blessed. You must know that as many are the divine seeds which the soul acquires by knowledge of my Fiat, so many more degrees of our knowledge and glory will We extend to her when, having finished her life down here, she will come to our Heavenly Fatherland. To each knowledge acquired on earth will correspond a double knowledge of our Supreme Being in our Celestial Residence. To each Divine seed a degree of glory, joy and happiness. Therefore, the happiness, joy and glory of the Blessed will be in proportion to how much they will have known Us.


Volume 18

Yet—as if all that was created for him (Adam) were not enough—to guard this free will, Our Love gave him the grandest Gift—the gift that surpasses all others: We gave him Our Will to keep and protect him, to ward off evils, and to aid his free will. And, so, Our Will was placed at man’s service to give him all the help that he needed. In this way Our Will was given to him as the primary life and prime act of all his acts. To grow in grace and in beauty, he needed a Supreme Will, not only to keep his human will company, but to take its place in his acts—but even this great Gift he despised and did not want to know.

So do you see, then, how Our Will enters into man’s primary life? As much as he has Its prime Act, Its Life, man grows in grace, light, and beauty; he maintains the bond of the prime act of Creation; and We receive the glory of all created things because they serve our Will acting in man—which is the sole purpose of all Creation. That is why I urge you to make Our Will the life and the prime act of all your actions.

Only My Will is a single Act that has no succession of acts. This single Act exists as if fixed at a point which never moves—and this point is Eternity. And while It is a single Act, It is the Prime Act, an interminable act; Its circumference is so immense that no one can escape It; It embraces everything and everyone with a single breadth—and everything goes forth from that prime Act, as a single act. That is why Creation, Redemption and Sanctification are a single Act for the Divinity. And only because My Will is a single Act does It have the power to make all acts Its own, as if they were only one act.

Now, whoever lives in My Will possesses this single Act; and it is no surprise that it takes part in the pains of My Passion which are always in act. In this single Act one finds the Creator in the act of creating Creation; and the soul produces a single act with her God, creates with Him, and flows as a single act in all created things, and forms the glory of Creation for its Creator. Her love shines forth over all created things, and she enjoys and delights in them; she loves them as her own things and as the things of her God. In that single Act, she sounds a note that echoes throughout the divine activity, and in her ecstasy of love she says: ”What is Yours is mine,” and In this single Act she finds Redemption in act; and she makes it all her own. She suffers My pains as if they were her own; she flows in all that I did—in My prayers, works, words, and everything—

and she sounds a note of reparation, compassion, love and substitution in My Life.

In this single Act one can find everything; it makes everything its own, and it puts its love-response everywhere. That is why to live in My Will is the prodigy of prodigies. It delights God and the whole Heavenly Court to see the littleness of the soul flowing in everything that belongs to her Creator. And, as she flows, she diffuses herself everywhere and in everyone, like a ray of sunlight bound to the Single Act of God’s Will. That is why I urge you, even at the cost of your life, never to go out of this single Act of My Will, so that It may repeat in you, as in act, Creation, Redemption and Sanctification.

Does it seem a small thing to you that when you fuse yourself in My Will you take this whole Will of Mine in your lap—this Will that through Its divinizing Act is a portal to every creature—and reunites all of these acts of My Will, bringing them before My Supreme Majesty to exchange them with your will joined to Mine? And do you think it a small thing when with your love you redo all the acts resisted by souls? Is it a small thing when you take hold of My Will so that, by repeating more acts, My Will overtakes them again, and they know It and receive It within themselves as their prime act, so that they love and fulfill this Holy Will in all things?

More than one person adores My Wounds; but no one gives Me back the rights of My Will as My first act in relation to man. That is why I waited for you to do it, because you have a special mission on behalf of My Will.

Now, My daughter, as it was with Redemption, so it is with My Will. To make It known and to make It reign as the prime act of life in the soul, all human acts must be fulfilled. Following My example and that of My Heavenly Mother, you, too, must enter My Will and embrace all of the acts done in the Old Testament—those of the Queen of Heaven, those done by Me, those that are being done and those that will be done by all good and holy souls, even to the end of time; and, on every one of them, you will place your seal of responsive love, blessing, and adoration with the sanctity and power of My Will. Nothing must escape you.

That is why My sorrow at seeing this soul-heaven (of man) turned upside down was so great that no human mind can comprehend it. My Will charms everyone and binds everything, and when It was taken away, disorder, upheaval, disunion, weakness, and darkness entered… Poor heaven (soul) of creatures; it is no longer recognizable! And only living in My Will shall reorder this heaven again and make it resplendent with new light. That is why I tell you that I want to find everyone and everything in you. My Will is the prime act of all earthly and heavenly creatures, and it will bring you the response of all their acts; and you will become bound to them and they to you. That is why, to live in My Will embraces everything and everyone. So, be attentive, because I want to give you the greatest thing that exists. But I want great things from you and your utmost attention. Whoever gives much wants to receive much.

My Will was man’s prime act. He had his prime act in My Will and, so, My Will wants to unfold Its Life in him. Although It was stifled from the beginning of Its birth in him, It did not become extinct; and, so, It waits to have a garden of Life in him. Do you not want to be Its first little garden?

Then, be attentive. When you want to do something, never do it out of yourself, but ask that My Will do it in you—because the very same thing, if done by you, has an evil ring to it, of humanness. On the other hand, if My Will does it, it sounds good; it harmonizes with Heaven, and it is borne up by Divine Grace and Power. Then the Creator works in the soul, and her perfume is Divine. And as she lifts herself up everywhere, she embraces everyone with one embrace, so that everyone enjoys the blessings that flow from the Creator’s work within her.

—submitted by Thomas Fahy


Note: I just realized today that I had added several people in the last few months to my address list, without moving their email addresses into the list of Readers of Messages of Gold. If any of you happen to know a person or persons who asked to be on the Messages of Gold list, but never received my mailing, please ask them to contact me ([email protected]).

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