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Dear Readers of Messages of Gold,

I have had to use two groupings of readers in my mailings due to constraints of my Internet Provider.

I have normally sent out one group on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday; then send the second group the following day.

Lately, I have forgotten to send to the second group, due to being preoccupied with the remodeling of the basement of our center to allow for the expansion of our work on behalf of the Reign of the Divine Will. When things are ready I should be able to send out these mailings all at the same time.

With this mailing I am sending to the Second Group first, and also attaching for the Second Group the attachment sent last week to the First Group.


Below is a short message on Divine Lives in our acts done in the Divine Will, from Luisa’s writings which demonstrate the incredible difference between good acts done on the Divine Will and good acts done in the human will.

One’s reading and learning from this short but powerful message below can be greatly expanded through a booklet of 16 pages with color pictures by ordering it from our Center. We ask $3.00 for it. Call Kathy at 423-566-5178.


Difference between Human and Divine Operation

I was continuing my acts in the Divine Fiat, and while doing that, I was thinking to myself: what is the difference between doing good works in the Divine Volition and doing good works with the human volition? And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, said to me:

“My daughter, what is the difference? There is such distance that you cannot arrive at comprehending all the value that there is in the operation of my Divine Volition. Working in my Fiat is life that the soul takes into itself; it is Divine Life—Life with the fullness and fountain of all goods. Each act done in my Will encloses in the soul itself a life that has no beginning or end; it encloses an act in which everything arises, fountains that are never exhausted; but what arises? There arises continuous sanctity; there arises happiness, beauty, love. All the Divine qualities are in the act of continually arising and growing. When considering the soul that could possess an act done in my Will, one must consider that if there could be placed together all the good works of all creatures of all centuries, they would never equal this one act done in my Will, because in it there reigns life.

In the other works done outside of my Will, there is not life within but a work without life. Suppose that you undertake a certain labor, you put your work into it, but not your life within it; therefore, whoever would be able to possess or see that labor would possess or see your work, but not your life. Such is human working; they are labors that they have accomplished but not lives that they have placed within their works; therefore, they are subject to being soiled, to being consumed, or even being lost. On the other hand, in my Will so much is the love, the jealousy for the working of the soul in It, that It puts Its Divine Life in the midst of that work as its center. And so, the soul who does all her acts in It possesses so many divine lives for how many acts performed in my Supreme Fiat. She can be called the bilocator and populator of the divine life in the interminable sea of my Eternal Will.

Therefore, for however much the other creatures might work and sacrifice themselves, they can never please Me, if I do not see the flowing of my Divine Life in them because, being without life, there is not in their works the love that always loves, sanctity that always grows, beauty that always embellishes, joy that always smiles. At the most there could be such during the very act of their working, but as the labor ends, so ends the exercise of their life in their work. And I, not finding, the continuation of their life in their work, do not find satisfaction and pleasure; and I long for the souls who live in my Divine Will in order to find their works full of Divine lives that always love, not mute works but speaking works. And since they possess a Divine Will they know how to speak so well of their Creator, and I find all contentments in hearing them. I remain with them with so much love that it becomes impossible for Me to separate Myself, much more so because it is my own life that binds Me to them with inseparable knots. Oh! If you but knew the great good of having been called to live in my Will, the prodigies, the infinite riches that you can enclose, the love with which your Jesus feels within Himself to love you, you would be more attentive and more gratefully aware of these things. You would love for my Fiat to be known and Its Kingdom formed in the midst of creatures. It alone will be the sower of the Divine Life in creatures.”

And so, I continued my abandonment in the Fiat, and my mind became lost in Its interminal-ability, Its light that invests everything, Its Power that does all, Its Wisdom that orders and disposes everything. My poor, little mind wanted to take so many things from that light and interminable sea, but it did not take other than a few drops expressed not with human vocabulary but divine, so that my little capacity does not know how to reduce them to words. But while I was immersed in that sea of light, my beloved Jesus, making Himself seen in that light said to me:

“My daughter, my Will is light; and the prerogative and virtue of Its light is placed there as within a center. With Its heat and with Its vivifying light, It undoes Itself from whatever human weight and vivifies and converts everything into seeds of light and forms in the soul the new life without seed of evil, all pure and holy as it went out from Our creative hands. In this manner this fortunate creature cannot fear of doing evil to anyone because the true light never does evil to anyone. Rather, it carries to everyone the good that my vivifying light contains, nor can it fear of receiving evil because the true light is intangible of receiving even the least shadow of evil.

Therefore, this creature must do none other than enjoy its fortune and expand to everyone the light it possesses.”

—submitted by Thomas Fahy

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