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Dear Readers,

It has been a while since sending the last Messages of Gold. I truly hope the messages below in Three Sections, from the celestial “Book of Heaven” and put on paper by Luisa Piccarreta, will compensate for the delay since the last “Messages of Gold.”

(1) Great Explanation of the Purpose of the Lord’s Prayer

Jesus: As I prayed, the Father gave in to My pleas, and I formed the seed of so great a blessing; and so that this seed might be known, I taught My prayer to the Apostles, and they handed it down to the whole Church, so that, just as the people of the future Redeemer found salvation in Him and disposed themselves to receive the promised Messiah, in the same way, with this seed that I had made, the Church could pray and repeat My Own prayer many times, and dispose Herself to receive the grace to recognize and love My Heavenly Father as their Father, so as to deserve to be loved as children and to receive the great blessing that My Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.

In this seed and in this hope that My Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven, even the Saints achieved their holiness and the martyrs shed their blood. There is no blessing that does not spring forth from this seed. That is why the whole Church prays this prayer. And, just as the tears, penances, and prayers for the Messiah to come were directed to that Most Excellent Virgin—Whom I was to dispose to receive so great a blessing, so that they might receive their Savior (even though they did not know who She would be)—in the same way, now, when the Church recites the “Our Father,” it is precisely for you that She prays, so that I may concentrate in you all the blessings that My Will contains—the way, the how—that the Divine Will may have life on earth as It does in Heaven.

And even though you are not known, by echoing My prayer, “Thy Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven,” the Church pleads with Me and presses Me to concentrate all of these blessings in a second virgin, so that, similar to a second savior, she may save mankind from danger. And I will employ My inseparable love and mercy, so that I may answer My own prayer, united to that of the whole Church. And I will make man return to his beginning, to the purpose for which I created him—that My Will may be done on earth as It is in Heaven. Life in My Will consists precisely in this; and all that I go on revealing to you moves you to this—confirms you in this.

This is the great foundation that I keep forming in your soul; and, to do this, I keep concentrating in you all the graces, past, present and future, that I have given to all generations. I even double and multiply them. Indeed,—since My Will is the greatest, the holiest, and the noblest thing, without beginning or end—to place It in one creature, it is fitting and right that I concentrate in her every possible blessing, countless graces, and divine purity and nobility, so that My Will may have the same retinue that It has in Heaven. My Will is the same Will that worked in Redemption, and that wanted to make use of a Virgin. What portents and prodigies of grace It worked in Her! My Will is great—It bears every blessing; and when It acts it works generously. And if My Will goes about doing good works for all mankind, It puts all of Its gifts into play.

Now My Will wants to employ another virgin—to concentrate Its Will in her and to begin to make known that Its Will must be done on earth as It is in Heaven. And if in Redemption It wanted to come to save man when he was lost—to atone for his sins (which man had no power to do) and to rescue him and so many other goods that Redemption contains—now I want to express even more love than I did even in Redemption by making My Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven. Now My Will is coming to restore man to his original state of nobility and to fulfill the purpose for which he was created. Now My Will comes to open a channel between Itself and the human will, so that the human will can be absorbed by this Divine Will, so that it can be mastered by It, and let It live within itself—and My Will shall reign on earth as It does in Heaven.

Three times the Supreme Divinity decided to work “ad extra.” The first time was in Creation, without the intervention of any human being—since none of them had yet come forth to the light of day. The second was in Redemption, and in that work a Woman intervened—the holiest, the most beautiful Lady—My Heavenly Mama. She was the channel and the instrument I used to fulfill the work of Redemption.

The third work is the fulfillment of My Will—of Its being done on earth as It is in Heaven—that is, for the creature to live and act with the holiness and power of Our Will. This is a work that cannot be separated from Creation and Redemption—just as the Persons of the Most Holy Trinity cannot be separated. Nor can We say that the work of Creation has been completed by Us, if Our Will—as We have decreed—does not act and live in the soul with the same freedom, holiness, and power with which It lives and acts in Us. Indeed, this is the most beautiful, the brightest, and the highest point—and the seal of the fulfillment of the work of Creation and Redemption.

These are divine decrees, and they must be completely fulfilled. And to fulfill this decree We want to make use of another woman—and that is you.

(2) A Life more Celestial than Terrestrial

Saint Hannibal Di Francia left this beautiful witnessing about Luisa Piccarreta, part of which is here reported:

“…She wants to live solitary, hidden and unknown. For no reason in the world would she have put in writing the intimate and prolonged communications with adorable Jesus, since her most tender age until today, and which still continue who knows until when, if Our Lord Himself had not repeatedly obliged her, both personally and through holy obedience to her Directors, to which she always surrenders with immense violence on herself and also with great strength and generosity, because the concept of holy obedience that she has would make her refuse even an entrance into Heaven, as it actually occurred…

The substance is that this soul is in a terrible fight between an overwhelming love of hiddenness and the inexorable empire of Obedience, to which she absolutely must surrender. And Obedience always wins. This constitutes one of the most important characters of a true spirit, of a solid and tested virtue, because she has been submitting to the dominion of the great Lady Obedience, with strongest violence against herself, for about forty years!

This solitary soul is a most pure virgin, all of God, who appears as object of singular predilection of Jesus, Divine Redeemer. It seems that Our Lord, Who century after century increases the wonders of His Love more and more, wanted to make of this virgin with no education, whom He calls the littlest one that He found on earth, the instrument for a mission so sublime that no other can be compared to it – that is, the triumph of the Divine Will upon the whole earth, in conformity with what is said in the Our Father: Fiat Voluntas Tua sicut in Coelo et in terra.

This Virgin of the Lord has been placed in bed as victim of Divine Love for more than 40 years, since the time she was still adolescent. This has been a state of a long series of pains, both natural and supernatural, and of raptures from the eternal Charity of the Heart of Jesus. The origin of these pains, which exceed every natural order, has been almost continuously an alternate privation of God…

The sufferings of the body add to those of the soul, and occur at mystical level for the great part. With no sign appearing on her hands, feet, side or forehead, she receives frequent crucifixion from Our Lord. Jesus Himself extends her upon a cross, and pierces her with nails. And then it happens within her what Saint Terese says, when she received the wound from the Seraphim – that is, a sharpest pain such as to make her faint, and at the same time a rapture of love.

But if Jesus did not do so, it would be for this soul an infinitely greater spiritual suffering, because, like the Seraphim of Carmel, she also says: To suffer or to die. This is another sign of the true spirit…

After having mentioned her long and continuous staying in bed as victim, for years and years, with the participation of many spiritual and physical sufferings, it may seem that the sight of this unknown virgin should be afflicting, as though seeing a person laying down with all the sign of past sufferings, present pains and similar things.

Yet, here there is something admirable. In seeing this Spouse of Jesus Crucified who spends the night in painful ecstasies and in sufferings of every kind, during the day sitting on her bed doing her needlework – nothing, nothing appears, absolutely nothing, of one who has suffered so much during the night; nothing, nothing extraordinary or supernatural in her air. Instead, she appears as a healthy person, happy and jovial. She speaks, talks, laughs at the occurrence, but receives few friends.

Sometimes some troubled heart confides in her, and asks for her prayers. She kindly listens and comforts, but never advances to make prophecies, never a word which might refer to revelations. The great comfort which she presents is always one, always the same: the Divine Will.

Although she possesses no human knowledge, she is abundantly endowed with a Wisdom, all celestial, with the Science of the Saints. Her words illuminate and console. By nature her intellect is not poor. She studied to first grade when she was little; her writing is filled with errors, although she does not lack appropriate terms in conformity with the revelations, terms which seem to be infused by Our Lord.

A note of the great detachment of this soul from any earthly thing is her firmness and constancy in accepting no gifts, or money, or anything else. On more than one occasion, people who read the “Hours of the Passion” and in whom a sense of sacred affection for this solitary and unknown soul arose, wrote me that they wanted to send her some money. But she opposed so firmly, as if they had offended her.

Her way of living is very modest. She possesses little, and lives with a loving relative who assists her. Since the little that they have is not enough to pay the rent and for their support in these sad times of expensive living, she peacefully works, as mentioned before, and earns something from her work, which has to serve especially to her loving relative, because she has no expenses for food or shoes. Her food is of a few ounces per day, which are offered to her by her assistant, because she never asks for anything. Furthermore, a few hours after she has taken that scarce food, she brings it up. However, her appearance is not of a dying person, nor even of a perfectly healthy person. Yet, she is not inactive; rather, she consumes her strength, both with the supernatural events of sufferings and strain during the night, and with her work during the day. Her life is therefore almost a perennial miracle.

To her great detachment for any earning which is not procured with her hands, one must add her firmness in never accepting anything from the edition and sale of the Hours of the Passion, which would be due to her by right as literary property. As I pressed her not to refuse it, she answered: “I have no right, because the work is not mine, but of God.”

I will not continue. The life of this virgin, Spouse of Jesus, is more celestial than terrestrial. She wants to be ignored and unknown in the world, looking for nothing else but her Jesus and Her Most Holy Mother, whom she calls Mama, Who has a special predilection for this soul.”


(3) Actions in the Divine Will

“My blessed daughter, in My Celestial Fatherland the Unique and Universal Act Reigns. One is the Will of everyone; what one wants, the other wants. No one changes either action or Will, each Blessed feels My Volition as their own Life; and everyone having one single Will, forms the Substance of the Happiness of the whole of Heaven. Even more, because My Divine Will does not know how to do, nor can It do, broken acts, but continuous and Universal Acts. And since It Reigns in Heaven with Its Full Triumph and with the Totality of Its Dominion, everyone feels Its Universal Life as by nature, and they are full even to the brim with all the Goods that It possesses. At the most there can be according to the capacity of each one, and to the good that they have done in life, but no one will be able to change either will, or action, or love. The Power of My Divine Will has all the Blessed absorbed, identified, Fused in Itself as if they were one alone.

Everything that the soul does with Me in my Will—prayers, actions, steps, and so on—all take on my own qualities, my own Life and my own value.

And so the will in the creature is not the thought, but it gives life to the capacity of the mind; it is not eye, but it gives life to the gaze, because if it has the will, the eye wants to see and know things; otherwise, it is as if the eye did not have life. It is not the word, but it gives life to each word; it is not the hand, but it gives life to action; it is not the step, but it gives life to the step. Nor is it love, desire, or affection, but it gives life to love, desire and affection.

You must first know that my Divinity is one act alone; all other acts center in a single act. Not being subject to successive acts is what it means to be God and is the greatest portent of Our Divine Essence. And if it seems to the creature that We do something at one moment and something else at another, it is only because We reveal what there is in that single act. Because the creature is incapable of knowing it all at once, We make it known to him little by little.

No one could truly live in My Will—nor would it be a work of My Will—if all that concerns My Will and all of Its eternal activity were not centered in the soul who lives in It. It would not be true living in My Will, nor a work of My Will, if all that pertains to It and all of Its eternal activity were not centered in the soul who lives in It and possesses Its Kingdom and dominion.

And if one says that My Will creates, redeems, sanctifies and does other things, these actions are the effects of that single Act that never changes. This is why the soul who lives in My Will has an eternal origin, inseparable from her Creator, and from all those in whom My Will has held Its Kingdom and dominion.

My daughter, everything that came forth from Our creative hands—each created thing—was assigned its place and its distinct mission. And all of them remain in their places, magnifying with incessant praises the Eternal Fiat that rules them, maintains them, and gives them new life. Indeed, their keeping themselves ever beautiful, whole and new, is the action of the Supreme Fiat reigning in them. Man also was assigned his place, his role as ruler over all created things, with the difference that, while all other things created by Us remained just as God had created them—without ever changing, neither increasing nor decreasing—My Will gave man supremacy over all the works of Our hands. The Divine Will wanted to make an even greater outpouring of love for him, and gave him the mission to grow continuously in beauty, sanctity, wealth, and wisdom, to the point of raising him to the likeness of His Creator—always provided, however, that he would let himself be ruled and guided—to give the Supreme Fiat free rein to form Its Divine Life in him, so as to be able to form this continuous growth of beauty and blessings, with unending happiness.

My daughter, wherever My Will is present, everything is sanctity, everything is love, everything is prayer. Indeed, since It is the wellspring of your thoughts, looks, words, heartbeats, and even your movements—everything is love and prayer. It is not the form of the words that makes prayer—no, it is the action of My Will which rules over your whole being, and makes of your thoughts, words, looks, heartbeats and movements so many little fountains, springing up from the Supreme Will. And as they rise up to Heaven, in their mute language, some pray, some love, some adore, and some bless.

This is why I so much love for the Kingdom of My Will to be known—for the great blessing that creatures will receive, and for the freedom of action that My Will shall have. Indeed, the Supreme Will is now hindered by their own “self”; but when It becomes known, Its rays full of living light will vivify, penetrate and eclipse the human will, which will be dazzled by Its refulgent light.

This is why I have gone beyond the earth, placing before souls the beautiful images of the Sun, of the spheres, of the heavens, and of the truly divine way of acting, which reaches to the infinite; because, having My Divine Fiat within them, these souls will have within them the very One who created the heavens, spheres, and Sun, and who will give them the power to reproduce within themselves everything that He created and the very modes of action that He employs in His divine work. These souls will be the imitators of their Creator. And this is why My revelations of the truth about My Fiat have been so lengthy—something that was not true of My teaching on Redemption. Indeed, I gave that teaching in parables which were of a human and limited nature, so that I did not have much material with which to speak at length. On the other hand, the similes about My Will are of a divine nature, and that is why there is so much material to talk about that they become inexhaustible.

[Divine Unity in Heaven]

You must know that the life of the Angels, the Saints, and the Sovereign Queen, are all of one thing. Their lives are nothing but one single act of the Divine Will. Indeed, nothing but the Divine Will appears in each of them. In their thoughts, looks, words, steps, and actions, nothing appears but Fiat! Fiat! And this makes up the whole happiness of all the saints. Now, one who does and lives in My Will on earth is like the inhabitants of Heaven.
A single act does not make a life nor even a perfect action. Souls need to repeat their acts to produce the life of the Divine Will.

Such is the human nature for the soul who Lives in My Divine Will; it is like fecund and pure earth, that lends itself to giving the field of action and to letting her form not only the beautiful flowerings, but to make as many Suns come out for however many Acts as she does. One who Lives in My Divine Will has the virtue of keeping ordered the nature of the creature, and instead of nature being an obstacle, it gives help in order to be able to complete more Acts of Divine Will.

“Everything is in the complete accord: nature, soul, human and Divine Will. When there is this, that nature lends itself as earth, the human will is in the act of receiving the Life of the Divine Will in her acts, she lets herself be dominated in everything, nor does she know anything else in all her things than My Will alone as Life, Actor, Bearer, and Conservator of everything. O! Then everything is Holy, everything is Pure and Beautiful.

“Now, if you call My Divine Will as Life of your mind, as Heartbeat of your heart, as Action of your hands, and so forth, you will form the Life of the Intelligence of My Will in your mind, the Life of Its Actions in your hands, Its Divine Step in your feet, in a way that everything that you do will serve as veil for the Divine Life that you have formed in the interior of your acts with your intention. But what is this intention? It is your will that, appealing to Mine, empties itself and forms the void in one’s act in order to give the place of action to My Will. And acting as veil, it hides even in the most ordinary and natural actions, the Extraordinary Action of a God, such that from the outside common actions are seen, but if one removes the veil of the human volition, one finds the Operating Virtue of the Divine Action enclosed.

And this forms the Sanctity of the creature, not the diversity of actions, not the works that make noise, no, but common life, the necessary actions of life, of which the creature cannot do without. They are all veils that can hide Our Will, and make itself field where God abases Himself in order to act as hidden Actor of His Divine Actions. And as the body veils the soul, so the will veils God; it hides Him and by means of her ordinary actions forms the chain of the Extraordinary Actions of God in her soul. Therefore be attentive, call My Will in everything you do, and It will never deny you Its Act, in order to form in you, for as much as it is possible for a creature, the Fullness of Its Sanctity.”

“So, by possessing the Divine Will as Life, everything is Holy, everything is Sacred, the hardships end, the inclinations to evil do not exist anymore, and even though she changes action and now she does one thing, and now another, the Unitive Virtue of My Will unites them together and they form one single Act, with the distinction of so many various Beauties for however many acts she has done.

So great is my Will’s Love that It feels the need to have a field of action within the creatures’ little acts.”

“My child do you want to know why We want that a creature live in Our Divine Will? Because We always want to give her new gifts, new love, new charisma. We want to tell her always new things about Our Divine Essence.”

There is no greater honor that we can give to the creatures, and no glory we can receive from the creatures that makes us more glorified, happy and triumphant, than letting our Will operate in their act.

Furthermore, although the Creation surrounds her on the outside, we develop our field of action in the interior of her soul, creating in her the brightest Suns, the most beautiful stars, winds which blow continuous loves, seas of graces – divine and balsamic air. And she receives all, freeing us in our field of action; our true Creation, which was never opposed to anything we wanted to do, and in which all our works found their place. So, we can place all our most beautiful works within the soul who lives in our Will, and our Will prepares for us the space in which to place them. Therefore, our field of action never ends in those who live in our Fiat. Be attentive then, to receive what we want to make of you.”

Now, what is this action of the creature in the Divine Will? It is the sequence of my Life and of my Will in the creature, because only my Will has the virtue of being unceasing in Its continuous acts.

And what does our Will do? It makes flow in her Its divine motion, and with this divine motion she finds all our works in action; she kisses them, hugs them and invests them with her little love. She finds my conception and my birth in action, and with her love she wants to be conceived and reborn with me. And not only do I let her do this, but, finding one who is reborn together with Me, I feel such a joy as to be repaid for having come upon the earth.

As she performs an action, a soul makes it small and limited, but as her act enters into my Will, it becomes immense, pervades everything, gives light and heat to all, and reigns over all.

That is why she rules, dominates, and conquers; although her act is small, by doing it in my Will, it goes through an incredible transformation, which not even the Angels may comprehend. Only I can measure the true value of these acts done in my Will. They are the triumph of my Glory, the outpouring of my Love, and the completion of Redemption. In them, I feel repaid for Creation itself. That is why I tell you to go forward, always forward, in my Will.

Only My Will is a single Act that has no succession of acts. This single Act exists as if fixed at a point which never moves—and this point is Eternity. And while It is a single Act, It is the Prime Act, an interminable act; Its circumference is so immense that no one can escape It; It embraces everything and everyone with a single breadth—and everything goes forth from that prime Act, as a single act. That is why Creation, Redemption and Sanctification are a single Act for the Divinity. And only because My Will is a single Act does It have the power to make all acts Its own, as if they were only one act.

Now, whoever lives in My Will possesses this single Act; and it is no surprise that it takes part in the pains of My Passion which are always in act. In this single Act one finds the Creator in the act of creating Creation; and the soul produces a single act with her God, creates with Him, and flows as a single act in all created things, and forms the glory of Creation for its Creator. Her love shines forth over all created things, and she enjoys and delights in them; she loves them as her own things and as the things of her God. In that single Act, she sounds a note that echoes throughout the divine activity, and in her ecstasy of love she says: “What is Yours is mine,” and In this single Act she finds Redemption in act; and she makes it all her own. She suffers My pains as if they were her own; she flows in all that I did—in My prayers, works, words, and everything—and she sounds a note of reparation, compassion, love and substitution in My Life.
In this single Act one can find everything; It makes everything its own, and it puts its love-response everywhere. That is why to live in My Will is the prodigy of prodigies. It delights God and the whole Heavenly Court to see the littleness of the soul flowing in everything that belongs to her Creator. And, as she flows, she diffuses herself everywhere and in everyone, like a ray of sunlight bound to the Single Act of God’s Will. That is why I urge you, even at the cost of your life, never to go out of this single Act of My Will, so that It may repeat in you as in act Creation, Redemption and Sanctification.

Look: Even nature contains things that closely resemble this single Act. In the atmosphere, the Sun has a single act; and because it was created by God it always does a single act. Its light and its heat are joined together so that they are made inseparable and, from its height, it is always in the act of radiating light and heat. And while it seems to do nothing but a single act, the circumference of this light descends below and is so immense that it embraces the whole earth; and, with its breadth, it produces innumerable effects and makes itself the light and glory of all created things.

Great is the power of a single act continually repeated; even greater is the single Act of the Eternal God that has the power to do everything with a single act. That is why neither past nor future exists in this Act, and whoever lives in My Will already finds himself in this single Act. And as the heart always beats within man’s nature and forms his life, so My Will throbs continually in the depths of the soul, but with a single beat; and, as It beats, It gives her beauty, sanctity, strength, goodness, wisdom, and love…
This palpitation encloses Heaven and earth; and, like the circulation of the blood and the orbiting light, it finds itself in the highest points and in the most remote regions. Where this single Act, this pulsation of the soul, acts most vigorously and reigns completely, it is a continuous prodigy that only a God knows how to do. Indeed, in this Act new Heavens are unveiled, new abysses of graces and amazing truths. But if one asks whence come so many blessings, the soul, united to the Sun, with the human heartbeat and the Single Act of the Eternal God, would answer: “I do one single thing; I always do God’s Will, and I live in It. That is my whole secret.”

—The above extracts are submitted by Thomas Fahy

Note: It is quite reasonable to believe that Jesus is the true author of these words, written on paper by Luisa Piccarreta. The final decision will be that of the Church Magisterium.

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