Messages of Gold – December 16, 2018

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I don’t understand it as much as I would like, but I intend to read it again and again.

Please note: Now, in my old age, I probably will send out several issues of the deeper knowledge of the Gift of the Divine Will as long as God allows. My hope is doing so will be for the good of everyone, both those have many years growing in the knowledge and Life of the Divine Will, and those with only a short time in the discovery of this greatest of all possible Gifts.

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Below is the “Messages of Gold” for December 16, 2018, which consists of various extracts from the “Book of Heaven.”

Whether God has a Variety of Experiences Resulting from his Creation

This is why it is hard for Me not to please a soul who lives in my Volition. Being in my Will, the soul dwells in the most intimate part of our Heart, of our desires, thoughts, and affections. Her heartbeat and her breath and Ours are one. That is why the joys, pleasures, Glory and Love that she gives Us are so varied and so great—infinite in their nature and activity, and in no way dissimilar to Ours, because they are Our own. Just as in our eternal Love, One of Us enraptures the Others, One forms the Joy of the Others, to the extent that, many times, unable to contain this Love and joy We produce works “ad extra”; in the same way, We remain enraptured and delighted by this soul who does Our Will. Knowing this, how could We make a soul unhappy who makes Us so happy? How can We not love her just as We love Ourselves—and not as We love other creatures—a soul who loves Us with Our very own Love?

“My daughter, when this Holy Virgin [Mary] was conceived Our jubilation with mankind began, for from the first instant of her Conception She inherited Our Divine Will which immediately began Its Divine Work in her beautiful soul. In every heartbeat, thought and breath of hers, It formed, by means of Its Creative Power, enchanted prodigies of Holiness, Beauty and Grace that We Ourselves – as Actors and Spectators together with Our Divine Will – remained enraptured, and in Our emphasis of Love said: ‘How beautiful the creature is together with Our Will! It enables Us with ease to make Our most beautiful Works and in itself gives life to Our Life!

“My good daughter, the prodigies that My Fiat produce in the creature who lives in It are hitherto unheard-of. When My Fiat sees the creature about to pronounce its Fiat, It runs, takes its act in Its own hands, thereby purifying it, molding it and invests it with Light. Then It looks at that act to see if it is ready to receive Its own Sanctity and Beauty, and, if it can, enclose it within Its own Immensity and allow it to flow in Its own Power and Its Love. When It has done everything, It kisses it, embraces it and pouring Itself all over it, with a solemnity and an indescribable Love, pronounces Its Omnipotent Fiat thereby creating Itself in that act. The Heavens stand in attentive watch when My Will is about to operate in the creature’s act… They are moved, they remain stupefied and enraptured as they exclaim: ‘Is it possible that a God who is Thrice Holy can experience such love that He will create Himself in the act of a creature?’ The same Fiat returns to gaze on what It has done in the human act; It feels ravished, It exalts in seeing Its new Life, and seized by an indescribable joy It celebrates with all Heaven and is moved to generously bestow Graces upon the earth. I call these acts ‘My Life, My Act, echoes of My Power and Prodigies of My Love’!

My daughter, make Me happy. These are the joys of My Creation, the jubilations of My Creative Virtues: to be able to form as many lives for as many acts there are that My creature makes. Therefore, always call on Me in your acts, do not set Me aside, and I will always bring about new things in you in ways that will stupefy all people. Then will I have the exchange, the glory of all creation – when I have filled Heaven and earth with these many new Lives of Mine.

“My daughter, the soul who does my Will becomes a part of my actions ad intra of the Divine Persons. Only for the soul who does my Will is this privilege reserved. Not only will she partake in all of our opere ad extra [works “ad extra”], but from these, she will pass to the opere ad intra [works “ad intra”]. “This is why it is difficult for Me not to please those who live in my Will, because by the soul’s remaining in my Will, she remains in the intimacy of Our Heart, of Our desires, of Our affections, of Our thoughts. Her heartbeats and her breaths, along with Ours, are one. Therefore, the happiness that she offers Us – as well as the pleasures, the Glory, the Love – in so many ways are so magnanimous in their infinite nature, there is nothing in them that is dissimilar to Ours because they are Our very own.

Just as in Our eternal Love, One enraptures the Other, with the One forming the contentment of the Other so much so, that many times being unable to contain this Love, these contents escape in opere ad extra – so also We remain enraptured and congratulated by this soul who does Our Will. How can We, therefore, displease this soul who has pleased Us so much? How can We not love her? It is Our nature to love, just as it is our nature to exist, to be impeccable, etc. We dispose the soul by Grace, so that no disparity may exist between her and Us. Just as We—not being able to contain our Love—go out in opere ad extra, so neither being able to contain the love of the soul who does our Will, We send her out from Us and point her out to the people as our favorite, as our loved one – who along with other similar souls, are the reason for Our showering down goods upon the earth. It is only for love of them that We conserve the earth. Then, afterwards, We enclose this soul within Us for the sake of enjoyment, because just as the Divine Persons are inseparable, so also the soul who does our Will is inseparable from Us.”

It was precisely this act of [Mary] laying down her will at our feet that was the most beautiful, greatest, and most heroic act of all. Enraptured by this, We made Her Queen of all. Do you see, therefore, what it means to be bound to my Will not knowing your own?

So, this Celestial creature alone had the beginning of good; by putting herself in relationship with the Will of the Creator formed the seed of that Eternal FIAT that making itself free and the Eternal Word felt enraptured and reposed under the shadow of his Eternal Volition and became conceived, forming his Humanity in that virginal womb in which reigned as dominating king the Supreme Volition.

“On the other hand, my Will, living in the creature that walks in exile, is operating and dominating in the home of the creature. This is more marvelous; and this is why the creature forms for Me an enchantment that is more delightful, that fascinates Me and makes my gaze undergo such an attraction as to enrapture Me and fix my sight upon him, without being able to look away. Ah, you do not know how necessary this enchantment is in these times! How many evils are yet to come!

“This littleness enraptures Us; and, seeing it participate in our very own Acts, doing them together with Us and diffusing them over everyone, We experience such joy and such pleasure that We receive our very own Glory And with total Love We give her the freedom to enter into Us to let her work together with Us.”
I felt myself totally confused in hearing this. And I said to myself: “I do nothing; it is the Divine Volition that carries me in Its arms; therefore, all the glory goes to His adorable Will.”

“Thus, the true cause of this feast is the Eternal Will, operating and fulfilled in my Celestial Mother, which worked in Her such prodigies as to astonish Heaven and earth, as to enchain the Eternal One with indissoluble bonds of love, and as to enrapture the Word even into her bosom.

My dearest daughter, you must know that my word is work, my silence is repose. And not only is my word work for Me but also for you. It is my usual way that after having worked I want to repose in the midst of my same works. These are my softest bed in my repose. And since you have listened to my word and have worked together with Me, therefore repose together with Me.
Look, my daughter, how beautiful is all Creation. It was the word of your Jesus that worked it with a Fiat. But, do you know what is my enchantment that enraptures Me? Your little ‘I love you’s’ upon each created thing. These, your little ‘I love you’s’ imprinted upon each of them, all speak to Me of your love. They speak to Me of the Newborn of my Will. I hear the harmonious echo of all Creation which speaks to Me of you.”

How the Word of Jesus is Work, and Silence is Repose. Repose of Jesus in the Midst of His Works.

Continuing to feel myself all abandoned in the Supreme Will, my always amiable Jesus made Himself seen all silent, in act of looking at all Creation, at all his works. And, while He looked at them, He remained profoundly enraptured before the magnificence, sanctity, multiplicity, and grandness of his works. And I, together with Jesus, felt a profound silence in gazing upon his works.

Oh! how it enraptures Me; how content I am in seeing that my Fiat in Creation, and that one taught to you, shaking hands, interlacing themselves and fulfilling my Will, give Me repose.

“Oh, my Will, how amiable, admirable, powerful You are! Your Beauty enamors the Heavens and forms the continuous enchantment that enraptures the entire celestial court. Oh, with what enchanting beauty that enraptures all, enraptures the earth, and, with sweet enchantment, enchants all creatures, so that one will be the Will of everyone, one the sanctity, one the life, one the Kingdom, one your Fiat, as in Heaven, so on earth!”

Now you see the meaning of an extra act, of a sigh, of a desire for It, of a beckoning It; it means acquiring more Divine Force, embellishing oneself all the more, and such that We Ourselves remain enraptured over her… We look at her time and again and recognize in her Our strength and Our beauty, and Oh, how We love her! We experience greater happiness because for Us she is the bearer of Our joys, of Our goods. Before this creature, Our Love increases, overflows from Us and pouring Itself into her fills her to repletion, to the point of producing inside and outside of her Our labyrinth of Love; and this labyrinth of Love, in turn, produces the eagerness and the ardent desires to allow the fullness of Our Will to grow.

“My daughter, when this Holy Virgin was conceived Our jubilation with mankind began, for from the first instant of her Conception She inherited Our Divine Will which immediately began Its Divine Work in her beautiful soul. In every heartbeat, thought and breath of hers, It formed, by means of Its Creative Power, enchanting prodigies of Holiness, Beauty and Grace that We Ourselves—as Actors and Spectators together with Our Divine Will—became enraptured, and in Our emphasis of Love said: ‘How beautiful the creature is together with Our Will! It enables Us with ease to make Our most beautiful Works, and in Itself gives life to Our Life!
You must know that as acts are done in My Will all created things become animated by the Will and word of that creature. They all possess one voice—some say love, some glory, some adoration, some benediction to Our Creator… What harmony they form in the air, what sweet enchantment— so that they enrapture Us. But whose are all those voices? Those who live in Our Will.

These rebirths are her greatest fortune and also Ours because We feel that the creature not only lives in Us but is reborn and grows in Our own life. She is renewed in Our very act, always new. When she is born again We enjoy looking at her because she then acquires a new beauty, more beautiful and more attractive than previously. But perhaps she remains there? Oh no other beauties will invest her, they will never cease. These will enrapture Our gaze but not displace it so that We can enjoy in her Our unending beauty and We love Our beauty with which We constantly invest her. And while We look under the rain of Our varied beauties Our Love does not stay behind. It is always new. It will make her be reborn in Our Love every instant which is always new so that she always loves Us with a new love that always keeps on growing and never ceases.

My mother saw to everything, so that I wouldn’t be without any of the enjoyments of the Paradise left behind. In all her acts she did nothing other than foster joy to make Me happy. By merely resting on her heart, I felt such perfect harmony and contentment that I was enraptured. By living in My Will, My dear mother took paradise on her lap and let her Son enjoy it. And all her acts served Me for no other purpose than to make Me happy and to double My paradise on earth.

“This is your duty, my daughter; to fascinate Me, to win Me so much with your interior all reordered in the Supreme Will, as to transport it from Heaven upon the earth, so that it be known and have life as in Heaven, so on earth. Of all the rest, do not give it a thought; who must do the more it is not necessary that they do the less, rather she is given the field and that the others do the less, in order to give work to everyone. I know how much is necessary the time, the place, the person and when I must make known even external prodigies, my works most grand. You continue always your flight in my Volition, filling Heaven and earth as to fascinate Me so much as to not be able to resist doing the greatest miracle that my Will reign in the midst of creatures.”
You continue always your flight in my Will, filling Heaven and earth as to fascinate Me so much as to not be able to resist to do the greatest miracle that my Will reign in the midst of creatures.”
My blessed daughter, there is no fascination more beautiful and which delights Our Supreme Being than seeing the creature enter Our Will.

As that creature enters, he takes Us in his arms, as it were, and puts on, both within and without, Our Divine Being. In reciprocation, We take him into Our Arms for our delight. And oh, how beautiful it is to see him! Small but beautiful, small and powerful, small and wise, small and strong, so much so that he can carry his Creator. There is nothing in him that does not resemble Us.

This knowledge will make new love arise, by communicating more truths about Our beauty. It will not stop telling her new things, as if it were feeding her with Our own substance. The blessed soul will feel as if she were caught in the net of Our love, filled with Our light and with the fascination of Our beauty, and We will be so enraptured by her love that We will take refuge within her, to love and to release Our love.

After this, He added: My daughter, everybody lives in My Will. If they did not, they simply could not find a place to live. But who feels Our Divine Life? Who feels immersed in Our holiness? Who feels the joy of being touched by Our creative hands to be adorned by Our very beauty? Who feels drowned by Our love? It is the soul who wants to live in Our Will—not that she simply has to be there [in Our Will] because she is part of creation—because Our immensity involves everything and everyone. Those souls live there without knowing Us, like real usurpers of Our goods—like disloyal, ungrateful, degenerate children of their Father—because they do not know Us or love Us. They cannot find in themselves a place for Our holiness—Our love. Their souls are incapable of receiving Our ever increasing beauty. They give us nothing—not even Our rights as Creator—and while they live together in Our divine sea, they might as well be far away from Us. By not knowing Us, they build bars and close the doors—they shatter any communication between Us.

Luisa: “For You there is always rejoicing—because You bear all truths within Yourself—but for the poor soul, the rejoicing is interrupted, because she does not possess the fount of all truths. That is why when her Creator does not communicate new truths to her, her new rejoicing is interrupted. At the most, she enjoys the festivals that You have already announced, but she has no control over the surprising, new feasts—which is not the case with You.” And Jesus added: “My daughter, indeed for Us it is always time to make merry—and no one can cast the slightest shadow upon the ocean of Our new joys and endless delights—all contained within Our Divine Being. But every time Our Divine Being pours out Its love and reveals Its truths, a feast is prepared in that act. It is a new feast for Us to see the soul twice as happy—and as many times happier as the number of truths that We tell her. It is a new feast for Us to pour out Our truths which gush forth from the wellspring of Our joys.”

“And We—Our Supreme Being—knowing that this creature can give Us anything by the power of Our Fiat, feel glorified and loved as if she were doing them for Us in reality, because in her We look not only at what she does for Us, but also at what she is capable of doing.

“See, then, what treasures she encloses and how striking she is in all of her acts. The varied hues of her beauty enrapture Us and produce the most delightful scenes for Our divine gaze—so much so, that in Our rapture of love We are forced to exclaim: ‘O Our Will, how wondrous, how marvelous, how beloved and delightful You are in the soul in whom You reign! She is Your veil—in which You hide Yourself and prepare the most beautiful and delightful scenes for Us to enjoy.’ Indeed, she can be called the most blessed creature, who comes to draw the attention of her God to make Him rejoice and to let Him enjoy His own works. And she goes so far as to be able to say: “By the power of Your Will I possess everything, I bring You everything, and I lack nothing—because whatever is Yours is mine.’ ”

—submitted by Thomas Fahy

It is very reasonable for us to believe that these words are those of Jesus, though the final word on this will be that of the Church Magisterium.

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