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Dear Readers of Messages of Gold,

Due to many civil duties, like doing accounting for the several tax forms to be sent to the IRS, and other types of duties, it has been a while since sharing with you what I can for the purpose of you and I gaining more insights in to the Great Mystery of the Divine Will operating in the increasing number of most fortunate souls. Here is my latest bit of sharing.

The Gospel of Luke, Chapter 21: 25-31

25. And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and
in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, by
reason of the confusion of the roaring of the sea and of
the waves;
26. Men withering away for fear, and expectation of what shall
come upon the whole world. For the powers of heaven shall
be moved;
27. And then they shall see the Son of man coming in a cloud,
with great power and majesty.
28. But when these things begin to come to pass, look up, and
lift up your heads, because your redemption is at hand.
29. And he spoke to them in a similitude. See the fig tree,
and all the trees:
30. When they now shoot forth their fruit, you know that
summer is nigh;
31. So you also, when you shall see these things come to pass,
know that the kingdom of God is at hand.
Commentary: It seems that the above, prophetic verses from the Gospel of St Luke are related to the end times of our epoch of apostasy, if humanity does not respond properly to the extraordinary Acts of Mercy that Mary, our Mother, has obtained from our Father, to give us a “last chance” before overwhelming Divine Justice is forced to come upon the world. By “responding properly,” human society must turn to God and remain in obedience and love of God, following the coming, extraordinary Acts of Mercy, which have the divine purpose of converting the whole world.

I have always wondered why Jesus, in Verse 28, above, asks that his children on earth look up, and lift their heads, because “your redemption is at hand.” I have wondered why He would say, “your redemption is at hand,” when humanity had been redeemed with His Incarnation, life, suffering, death on the cross, and resurrection.

I had also wondered why our redemption did not bring us back to the sinless, original state of Adam and Eve. It seems that Adam and Eve would have thought that Redemption would bring their progeny back to the way they, Adam and Eve, were created in the very beginning of the human race. They were told by God after the commission of Original Sin, that a Redeemer would come one day. With that promise they were required to pray for the future Redeemer and teach their children to pray for the same.

The answer to these wonderings seems to come in Verse 31, above, “when you see these things come to pass, know that the kingdom of God is at hand.” The “Book of Heaven,” which was written in Heaven, long before Jesus made it known to Luisa Piccarreta, informs us that the True and Real and Proper understanding of the term. “Kingdom of God” is precisely the eternal, uncreated Kingdom of the Divine Will of the Most Holy Trinity, which is Their Heaven, to which we are invited.

When Jesus was on earth in the Role of Redeemer, He did all that was necessary for man to be fully redeemed by returning to the Original State that man enjoyed in the very beginning of the human race. However, due to man’s ignorance and indisposition, Divine Wisdom was content at that time to open the Gates of Heaven again, to give us the Catholic Church, the Holy Sacraments and sufficient Sanctifying Grace and actual graces to make our way to Heaven, even if necessary to purify us in Purgatory before entering Heaven, our homeland.
But the fullness of Redemption would have to made available to man later, after the Catholic Church would receive from the Holy Spirit sufficient knowledge of Divine things and the necessary graces of disposition.

Therefore, Jesus taught the prayer of the “Our Father” to the apostles and through them to all Christians. In this all important prayer, we have been praying for the Reign of the Divine Will and Its Kingdom to be possessed and lived as It is done in Heaven by people on earth, and the way it was so done on earth in the very beginning of the human race before the failed Test of Adam, which resulted in the Original Sin of separating mankind from its unity with the Divine Will.

The fulfillment of the “Our Father” prayer brings humanity to the fullness of Redemption and Sanctification and Creation and wonderfully, man’s return to his Original State. God has now made known of what the Original State of man consisted, when, and the manner in which the eternal Kingdom of the Divine Will began Its reestablishment on earth, in the universally incomparable “Book of Heaven.”

We know that this fullness of Redemption has now begun to make its way on earth in the souls and bodies of men, women, and children—the number of whom is increasing every day. Thanks be to God!

—End of Commentary–
Note: In the following, selected passages from the “Book of Heaven” we can see the beautiful logic of God’s longing to share His Kingdom with men, and Its history of having been given to man, rejected, recovered by Jesus, and now, finally being restored to man.

The Divine Will seeks the soul’s act to form Its Life in her. The difference between the Sacraments and the Divine Will. The Divine Will is Life and the Sacraments are Its effects.

Luisa: My little mind continues to cross the immense sea of the Divine Fiat. It seems to me that in all things. . . It has the first place of dominion and command—and It says: “In vain do you flee from Me, and in all things I can say I am here. I AM. I am here for you, to give you life. I am the invincible One. No one can surpass Me—neither in love, nor in light, nor in My immensity: in which I form as many of My lives as I want to give to souls.”
O power of the Divine Will, which in Your immensity seeks the act of the soul so as to form as many of Your lives as the number of their acts! How many of these acts do not receive You and reject You—and Your Life remains suffocated within You, in Your Immensity. Ah, without ever tiring Yourself, with a love that conquers all, You continue Your quest for human acts—to give Your life, and to bilocate It in every instant.

But while my mind was lost in the sea of the Fiat, Jesus my heavenly Teacher visited His little daughter and said to me: Blessed daughter of My Will, every one of man’s acts done in My Will is a step that the soul makes to come closer to God; and God in His turn takes a step to come closer to him. One can say that the Creator and creature are always on a walk, and they never stop moving toward one another. And My Will goes down into man’s act to form Its step of divine life, and the soul goes up into the Fiat, into the divine regions to make herself the conqueror of light, love, sanctity, and celestial knowledge. Indeed, all of the acts, words, breaths, and heartbeats in My Will form many steps of divine life that the soul makes—and My Will longs for these acts to have Its own sphere of activity, to be able to form many divine lives within the soul.

Jesus: This was the purpose of Creation—to form Our life in the soul, to have Our divine sphere of activity within her. And that is why We love it so much that she does Our Divine Will, to place Our life in safety, not in Us—We had no need of anyone: We are more than sufficient for Ourselves—but in man. This was the great marvel that We wanted and that We want to do by the power of Our Will, to form Our life in man’s life—because, if We did not do this, creation would remain without Our primary purpose, a hindrance to Our love, a continuous bitterness to look at and see such a great and magnificent work, and to know that it is not realized and that Our purpose has failed. And if there was not in Us the certainty that Our Will would reign in the soul, to form Our life in her, Our love would completely consume creation and reduce it to nothing. And if it endures and tolerates so much, it is because We see Our purpose fulfilled in the times to come.

Jesus: Now, as the soul does her own will, so she withdraws and takes a step back from her Creator, and God withdraws—and an infinite distance forms between them. You see, this is why one must persevere in a continuous way of acting in My Divine Will, to lessen the great separation between God and man, caused by the human will. And do not believe that this is a personal separation. I am the same for all, in all, in Heaven and on earth. The chasm that the human will forms without Mine, is a chasm of sanctity, beauty, goodness, power, and love—an infinite chasm so that only My Will acting in the soul can join, reunite and make them inseparable from each other.

Jesus: This happened in the Redemption. Every revelation that was made by Us about the descent of the Word on earth was one step that We made toward mankind. And as they yearned and prayed for It, and Our epiphanies, prophecies, and revelations were manifested to the people, they made so many steps toward the Supreme Being that they stayed on a path toward Us, and We toward them. And as the time for the Word’s descent from Heaven to earth drew near, so We increased the number of the prophets—to be able to make more revelations, to hasten reunion on both sides.

Jesus: This is so true, that in the first times of the world there was no prophet and Our appearances were so few that one could say that there was scarcely a step each century. This slowness of the pace caused men’s hearts to grow cold—and almost everyone began to say that My coming to earth was an absurdity, not a reality—just as people today speak about the Kingdom of My Will as a figure of speech, almost a sheer impossibility. That is why the prophets came after Moses, almost in the last times, close to My coming to earth, so that after Our appearances, both of us hastened to each other. And then came the Sovereign Queen of Heaven who not only walked but ran to hasten her meeting with her Creator so as to make Him descend and complete the Redemption.

Jesus: Do you see, then, how My revelations about My Divine Will are certain proofs that It is marching ahead to come to reign on earth, and that the soul for whom these proofs were made, with an iron constancy, walks and runs to receive the first encounter—to give It to her soul to let It reign—and, so, to let It take the next step to let It reign among men. So, let your acts be continuous—because only continuous acts hasten the advance and overcome every obstacle—and they are the only conquerors who vanquish God and souls.

Jesus: After this, I kept thinking about the Divine Will, and after I had received Holy Communion, I thought to myself: “What is the difference between the Sacraments and the Divine Will?”

[Note: The Sacraments will always be a part of the ministry of the Catholic Church, but with the difference that before the general Reign of the Divine Will, the Sacraments will have served as medicine and remedies for sickly children. During the general reign of the Divine Will the Sacraments will be Feasts for healthy children who have returned to their Original State. No one should be presumptuous in any way about disregarding the Sacraments. During the coming tribulations, however, when the Sacraments may not be available, the practices associated with living in the Divine Will and one’s fusion with the Divine Will will be sources of great comfort, indeed.]

Luisa: And my sovereign Jesus rent His Eucharistic veils showed Himself, and, with a sorrowful sigh, He said to me: My blessed daughter, the difference between the two is great. The Sacraments are the effects of My Will; but My Will is life, and, as life, with Its creative power It forms and gives life to the Sacraments. The Sacraments do not have the power to give life to My Will, because It is eternal. It has no beginning or end. Instead, My Adorable Will always occupies the first place in all things, and, possessing the creative power by Its nature, It creates things and Its own life, wherever, whenever, and however It wants. One can tell the difference by using the image of the sun and the effects that it produces. The effects do not give life to the sun, but they receive the life of the sun and must remain at its disposition—because the sun produces the life of the effects.

Jesus: Moreover, souls receive the Sacraments according to certain times, places and circumstances. Baptism is given one time, and no more. The Sacrament of Penance is given when one falls into sin. My very Sacramental Life is given only once a day. And the poor soul during this length of time does not feel pouring down upon herself the strengthening power of the baptismal waters that regenerate her continuously, nor the sacramental words of the priest that constantly fortify her by saying to her: “I absolve you from your sins.” Nor does she even find her Sacramental Jesus to be able to receive Him at all hours of the day in the weaknesses and trials of her life.

Jesus: On the other hand, My Divine Will, possessing the Primary Act of life and being able to give life, with Its dominion holds Its continuous Act above man. In every instant It gives Itself as life—the life of light, sanctity, love, and strength. In short, as It is life, the times, circumstances, places, and hours do not exist. There are no restrictions, or laws,–especially because It must give life, and life is made up of acts that are continuous, not intermittent. And this is why in the ardor of Its love, with Its continuous dominion, one can say that the Divine Will confers a continuous Baptism, an unbroken absolution, and Communion at every moment—especially because this Will of Ours was given to man at the beginning of his Creation as permanent life living within him.

Jesus: This was the substance, the fruit of creation: Our Will that must shape Our life within man. With this life We gave everything. There was nothing that man could have needed that he would not find in this Will of Ours. One could say that he would have found at his disposition all that he could have wanted: Help, strength, light, and sanctity.

Jesus: Everything was placed in his power, and My Will took the responsibility for giving him everything he wanted—provided that he would give It dominion and let It live in his soul. Indeed, it was not necessary to institute the Sacraments when man was created, because in My Will he possessed the beginning and the life of all blessings. As a helpful means of providing medicine or forgiveness, the Sacraments had no reason to exist. But when man rejected this Will of Ours, he withdrew and was left without Divine Life, and, so, without the nourishing virtue, without the continuous Act of receiving new and growing life. And if he did not die entirely, whatever remained alive was the effect that My Divine Will gave to him according to his dispositions, times, and circumstances.

Jesus: Now when Our fatherly goodness saw that man always kept falling more and more, to give him support and help, It gave him the Law as his rule of life. Indeed, in creation It had not given him laws or other such things, except for My Divine Will. And by continuously giving him life, Our Will gave him Our Divine Law naturally, so that he could experience It within himself as his own life, without needing Us to tell or command him to do anything. This is all the more true, because, wherever My Will reigns, there are neither laws nor commands. Laws are for servants and rebels, not for children.

Jesus: Between Us [The Trinity] and those who live in Our Will, everything is resolved in love. But with all the law, man did not remake himself—and since Our ideal for creation had been man, and only for him was everything done, I wanted to come on earth to be among men. And so as to give man more reliable supports, more wholesome medicines, more trustworthy means, and more powerful helps, I instituted the Holy Sacraments. And these act in all times and circumstances, according to the dispositions of souls, as effects and works of My Divine Will.

Jesus: But if with all this great blessedness, the soul does not let the Divine Will enter into her as life, she will always have her miseries, a half-life. She will feel her passions alive within her. Her sanctity—her very salvation—will always be in danger, because only My continuously life-giving Will produces a sweet enchantment against the passions and miseries, and forms there the opposite acts of sanctity, strength, light, and love in the midst of men’s evils. And It does so in such a way that the human will experiences the sweet enchantment and feels flowing within its evils the beautiful, good, and holy influence of the continuous Act of life that My Will gives to her under Its gentle and sweet dominion. And she lets It do what It wants, because a continuous Act that gives enduring life can never be achieved through other acts, helps and means. No matter how strong and holy they are, they cannot do the good that a continuous Act can do.

Jesus: Indeed, a soul can do no greater evil or wrong to herself or to Our fatherly goodness than not to let Our Will reign within her. If she would remain in her power, she would induce Us to destroy the whole creation—because the soul was made to be Our dwelling. And not only she but all created things—the heavens, the sun, the earth, everything, all works that came forth from Our Supreme Height—We have the right to dwell within them all. And by dwelling within them, We conserve them with decorum—beautiful and ever-new—as in the Act by which We brought them forth to the light.

Jesus: Now, by not doing Our Will, the soul places Us outside of Our dwelling-place, and it happens to Us as it would to a rich lord who wanted to build a great and beautiful palace, and who, when he had finished building it, went to live in it and was pelted with rocks and had the doors closed in his face—so that he could not set foot in his own house or live in the palace that he had designed. Wouldn’t the builder of that house be justified in destroying it? But he does not do it because he loves his work. Rather, he waits, and waits again—for one who he knows he can win with love. And she, by herself, gives him the freedom to live there and opens the doors to let him enter.

Jesus: By not letting Our Will reign in his soul, man places Us in the same condition. He slams the doors in Our face and throws the stones of his sins at Us. And with invincible and divine patience, We wait. And because he does not want Our Will as life within himself, with fatherly goodness We give him Its effects—that is, the laws, the Sacraments, the Gospel, the benefit of My goodness and My prayers. But for all of the great goodness of these things, nothing can equal the great blessing that My Will can give as the enduring life of men—because all together the Divine Will is Laws, Sacraments, Gospel, and Life.

Jesus: It means everything, can give everything, possesses everything—and this is enough to be able to comprehend the great difference between My Will as the enduing life of the soul and Its effects in the Sacraments that bear fruit—not in an enduring way—but according to time and circumstance. And although the effects can do great good, they can still never produce all the benefits that the life of My Divine Will reigning and ruling in the soul can produce. So, be attentive, My daughter—and give My Will the holy freedom to do what It wants to do in your soul. Fiat!!!

Note: We believe that Jesus told Luisa what He had begun telling Adam about Living in the Divine Will, before Adam withdrew from the Divine Will, while we acknowledge that the Church magisterium has the final say.

— submitted by Thomas Fahy

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