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Dear Readers of Messages of Gold,

For quite a long time I have been considering writing a “Message of Gold” about the travesty of the theories of evolution on the souls of mankind. In the Volumes of Luisa’s writings, communicated to her by Our Lord, in the Book of Heaven, there is not so much as a syllable of one word supporting the false notion of mankind being the result of evolution, nor of the universe coming into existence by some kind of evolutionary process.

The truth about God and mankind is most beautifully replete throughout the Volumes of the Book of Heaven. Fortunately, the coming generations that follow this soon to end era, will not have such diabolical influences to deal with in their precious lives. The coming generations will be the happiest of all generations, consumed with love of God and neighbor and only two laws will be for them to live out their lives. Those two laws are TRUTH and LOVE !

I am attaching a ten (10) page document based on what Jesus made known to Luisa Piccarreta about these things.
You will notice that there are a few dark black lines throughout the text that run completely across the page. I don’t know what caused them, and I have not been able to eliminate them.

I have divided this special document into three sections, so, if you prefer, you can divide your time into reading one section at a time.
The title of this special document is:

“The Coming Demise of Cosmic and Organic Evolutionism”

(Don’t let those words in the title bother you! The text of the document is easy reading.)

Thomas Fahy
The Luisa Piccarreta Center for the Divine Will

The Coming Demise of Cosmic and Organic Evolutionism
(Cosmic refers to the universe. Organic refers to the coming about of Humanity.)


The glorious “Book of Heaven,” the divine contents of which are written on the walls of the Heavenly Fatherland for all there to see, was brought to earth by the Author of the Lord’s Prayer, and communicated, little by little, to the servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta, from February,1899 to December 28, 1938. Luisa wrote it all down, for the necessary fulfillment of the Lord’s Prayer that the Father’s Kingdom come to reign in souls on earth. This supreme knowledge enables these happy souls to do the Father’s Will on earth in the unique way that It is possessed, lived, and done by all the inhabitants of Heaven.

It is clear throughout the 36 Volumes of the “Book of Heaven” that its Divine Author has chosen the proper words that will completely transform human society in such a way that the coming beautiful and glorious Resurrected Catholic Church will be the only Religion on earth.

Not only will the Resurrected Catholic Church be the only Religion, but this Religion will gloriously affect the Sacraments, the Liturgies, and bring man back to his Original State as it was in Eden and its Garden.

There will be only two laws for human behavior—the Law of Truth and the Law of Love.

These two incorruptible Divine Laws will infallibly destroy the malicious and abominable theories derived from Darwin’s theory of evolution, which has caused so much loss of Faith, contempt of God, disorder, and eternal Damnation among mankind.

There are 328 direct references to Adam, and several other indirect references to Adam in the “Book of Heaven.”

Luisa: I was thinking: “What will be the use of these writings on the Divine Will?” And my supreme and only Good Jesus stirred within me and said to me: My daughter, all of My works join hands. And this is the sign that they are My works—that one does not oppose the other. On the contrary, My works are so bound together that they uphold each other. This is so true that when I had to form My chosen people, from and among whom the future Messiah was to be born, I formed the priesthood from that same people. And they instructed the people and prepared them for the great blessing of Redemption. I gave them laws, revelations, and inspirations, from which the Sacred Scriptures were formed, which are called the Bible—and everyone studied them intently.

Then, when I came to earth, I did not destroy the Sacred Scriptures. On the contrary, I upheld them; and when I proclaimed My Gospel, it did not oppose them in anything. They affirmed each other in a remarkable way. And when I established the newborn Church, I established a new priesthood, one not disconnected from Sacred Scripture or from the Gospel. All of My priests study them so as to instruct the nations; and one could say that anyone who did not want to draw from this healing fount does not belong to Me—because these texts form the foundation of My Church and the very life of the peoples who belong to Her.

Now, what I reveal and what you write about My Divine Will can be called “The Gospel of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.” It does not oppose either Sacred Scripture or the Gospel that I proclaimed on earth in any way. On the contrary, It can be called the support of one and of the other. And this is why I permit and call priests to come—to read the all-heavenly Gospel of the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat, so as to say to them, as I said to the Apostles: “Preach It throughout the whole world.” Indeed, in My works I make use of the priesthood; and just as before My coming I had the priesthood to prepare the people, and the priesthood of My Church to confirm My coming and everything that I said and did, so will I have the priesthood of the Kingdom of My Will.

This explains the usefulness of the many things I have revealed to you—the many amazing truths, the promises of so many blessings that I must give to the children of the Fiat Voluntas Tua. These writings will be the Gospel, the foundation, the inexhaustible fount from which all will draw heavenly life, earthly happiness, and the restoration of their creation. O how happy they will feel—those souls who drink eagerly in great gulps from these fountains of My knowledge—because they have the power to usher in the life of Heaven and to banish any kind of unhappiness.

Ah, you do not know what it means to live in my Will! It means to make return to Me the pure joys of the purpose of the Creation, my innocent amusement for which I created man. It means to remove all the bitterness that the perfidious human will gave Me.
In the “Book of Heaven,” Jesus tells us precisely how God created both the body and soul of Adam and when God made his body and then his soul. He also tells us what the Three Divine Persons of the Trinity did with Adam’s body before They created his soul within his body.
Jesus: While shaping Adam’s body, before We infused life into him, We acted like a father or a mother when their child is sleeping. Rapt by tenderness, by irresistible love, they long for their sleeping child—they kiss him and press him to their bosom—and because he is sleeping the child knows nothing about it. My daughter, if you knew how many kisses, how many loving hugs We gave to man’s body before giving it life! And it was in the ardor of Our love that, We breathed over him and gave him life by giving him a soul.

Jesus arranged with Luisa Piccarreta to have Adam visit her and for Adam to give her an endearing message.

Adam to Luisa, when he visited her on October 26, 1926 : “Blessed Daughter, finally, my Lord God, after so many centuries has brought forth to the light of day She, who must think of giving me back the honor, the glory that I lost by, unfortunately, doing my will. I feel my happiness redoubled. Until now no one has thought of re-giving me this honor that I lost. Therefore, I give heartfelt thanksgiving to God who has brought you forth into the light, and I thank you as daughter most dear to me, who has taken the pledge to give back to God the glory as if his Will would never have been offended by me. And I thank you for giving me the great honor that the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat might be reestablished in the midst of the human race. It is just that I cede to you the place I once had, as first creature gone forth from the hands of our Creator.”

Adam continues: “Blessed daughter, after so many centuries, my Lord God has finally brought to light the one who was to contemplate giving back to me the honor and the glory that I lost—alas!—by doing my own will. How I feel my happiness multiplied! Until now, no one has ever thought of giving me back the honor that I lost. That is why I thank God profoundly for having brought you forth to the light, and I thank you, my dearest daughter, for taking on the responsibility of giving back to God the glory as if His Will had never been offended by me—and of giving to me the great honor of seeing the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat established once again among men. It is right that I give you the place that had been destined for me, as the first creature to come forth from the hands of Our Creator.”

The extension of Adam’s rule over all Creation and how that was effected.

As in the Creation of Man God infused Adam’s soul with His Breath, so now God Wants to infuse His most intimate Part—which is His Will—into Man.

Now, you ought to know that Adam possessed such sanctity when he was created by God—and even the least of his acts had such value—that no saint, either before or after My coming upon earth, can be compared to him in holiness; and all of the acts of the saints put together do not attain the value of one single act of Adam—because in My Divine Will he possessed the fullness of sanctity, the totality of all divine blessings. And do you know the meaning of fullness? It means to be filled to the brim, to the point of overflowing with light, sanctity, and love—with all the divine qualities—in such a way as to be able to fill Heaven and earth, over which Adam had dominion and extended his Kingdom. Indeed, each one of his acts done in this fullness of divine blessings had so much value, that no one else—no matter how much he might sacrifice himself, suffer and do good—if he does not possess the Kingdom of My Will and Its total dominion, his life cannot be compared to a single one of these acts in the Kingdom of My Will. . . as long as he lived in the Kingdom of My Divine Will. That is because in his acts he gave Me the fullness and the totality of all blessings, and only in My Will can these acts be found—they do not even exist outside of It. This is why Adam had his riches and his acts of infinite value, which My eternal Will shared with him before the Divinity.

Adam’s first words: “I love You my God, my Father, the Author of my life.”

The Divine Will Wishes to Act Once Again as it Acted in the Creation and Redemption.
Luisa: As I was in my usual state my ever-beloved Jesus came and drew me completely into His Most Holy Will. And as I seemed to have the entire work of Creation unfold before my eyes, I followed everything that my dear Jesus had done for creatures.

After we had surveyed everything together, Jesus said to me: My daughter, My Will acts in different ways. Initially it acts, then other times it affirms and preserves what It has done. In Creation I acted and ordered everything. Since then, after having made everything, my Will preserves everything. From that time I have done nothing new in the order of Creation. My Will went forth again when I came down from Heaven to earth to redeem man. But this action did not take a short time as did Creation. It took thirty-three years; and, again my Will preserved all—all that I did in the Redemption. Just as the sun exists for the good of one and all by the power of My preserving Will, so also the benefits of the Redemption remain in act for each and every soul.

Now, My Will wishes to go back to work. And do you know what It wants to do? It wants to do in creatures what It did in My Humanity (see CCC par. 521). This will be an extremely long work of Mine—greater than the Redemption. Just as in the Redemption I made Myself a Mother, in whom to conceive My Humanity, so now I have chosen you, to do in you what My Will did in My Humanity.

Luisa: “My sight cannot take in the whole vastness of the sea, nor does it know the depth and the weight of those immense waters, but the Lord knows their number, weight and measure.” And I remained there, marveling.

At that moment blessed Jesus told me: Silly, silly one you are—why do you marvel so much? What is difficult and impossible for the creature is easy and possible, and even natural for the Creator. It is as if someone who was looking at millions and millions of coins in the twinkling of an eye were to say to himself: “These coins are innumerable—who can count them?” But the one who put them in that place explains everything with one word: “There are this many, they are worth this much, they weigh this much.”

My daughter, I know how many drops of water I Myself put in the sea, and no one can disperse even a single one of them. I numbered everything, I weighed everything, I evaluated everything; and I did so with all the other created things as well. So why should you marvel if I know everything?

Jesus is Truth Itself. Truth is of His Essence and Nature. He can neither deceive or be deceived, and He knows everything as well as all possible things. He brought all things into existence; and entire books could be written about all that He placed in each thing that came to be. Can human scientists say the same? Were they there when all things came to be. Are they infallible? Why is it, when they boast of their “perfect” theories, they soon find out that those theories are flawed, and then they seek to come up with another “perfect” theory, only soon to find more flaws?

Jesus Reveals the Age of Mankind

4000 Years from Man’s Creation to the Redemption of Man by Our Lord

For the Redemption to come upon the earth through the Incarnation of the Eternal Word. The course of four thousand years was necessary for all the acts to be accomplished that the creatures must do, in order to dispose themselves and merit the great good of the Redemption and all the graces and knowledge that the Supreme Majesty should give to reveal the advantages that the descent of the Word among them would bring. This was how the Patriarchs, the Fathers, the Prophets and all the good people of the Old Testament, with their acts, prepared the way, the ladder, to arrive at the fulfillment of the longed-for Redemption.

But that was not enough; for however good and holy their acts were, there was still the most high wall of Original Sin that maintained a division between them and God. Behold why there was need for a Virgin conceived without Original Sin, innocent and holy, and enriched by God with all graces, who made as hers all the good acts in the course of four thousand years and covered them with her innocence, sanctity and purity.

After Adam sinned, he lost the possession of My Will; and, in spite of the fact that he wept over his sin and did not sin any more, he could do My Will but not possess It because the Divine Offended One was missing—He who must form the new Divine Graft between the creature and the Creator to once more cross the thresholds that lead to the possession of the Eternal Will. This graft was made by Me, the Eternal Word, after four thousand years—when Adam had already crossed the threshold of Eternity.

“Only one who lives in my Will raises himself to the state of innocent Adam before falling into sin. Because there is a great distance between whoever does my Will and between those that possess It, there passes the distance that is between innocent Adam and Adam after he sinned.

My daughter, for the Redemption to come, four thousand years were required, because the people who prayed and longed for the future Redeemer were the smallest of a restricted number. On the other hand, the souls who pertain to my Church form more peoples and are of a number, oh, far superior to the former.

By rejecting Our Divine Will man closed this outlet and blocked Our works; and for as many as four thousand years, We had no way to express Our outpouring. But Our Love felt the need to pour itself out—It wanted Its rights. It wanted to release Its living flames, and as It burst out with Its long outpouring, It created the Most Holy Virgin, from whom the Incarnation of the Word proceeded.

My Mama came into the world after four thousand years; yet, before God She was prior to Adam. Her acts, her love were in the prime order of creatures because She was the closest to God, bound with the tightest bonds of Sanctity, of union and of likeness.

My daughter, the triumph of my Will is connected with Creation and Redemption; it can be called unique triumph. And since a woman was the cause of the ruin of man, after four thousand years a Virgin woman was the cause of letting be born from Her my Humanity, which, united to the Eternal Word, restored the remedy for the ruin of fallen man.
Now that man’s cure had been produced, should My Will remain alone without being fulfilled completely—since my Divine Will had Its prime act as much in the Creation as in the Redemption? This is why, after another two thousand years, We have chosen a second virgin to be the victory and fulfillment of Our Will

Two Thousand More Years to Our Times, which are soon to end.
But this second outpouring of Ours remained cut in half, and Our Love had to content Itself and wait two more thousand years to be able to burst forth with Its outpouring again, and to bring forth all of Its secrets—the inmost wonders of Our Divinity—the greatest blessings that Our Divine Will needs to establish Its reign among men. This outpouring of making known that My Divine Fiat wants to build Its Kingdom, and everything that you have written about the knowledge of My Fiat will come to life among men. So, let Me pour Myself out for now, and I will be sure that what I have revealed to you is put to good use.

Here is why, after another two thousand years, We have chosen another virgin as triumph and fulfillment of our Will. So that It, forming Its Kingdom in your soul, and making Itself known, by Its knowledge It has taken you by the hand to elevate you to living in the unity of Its light, in such a way as to form your life in It. The Divine Will, by forming Its life in you and having formed Its dominion in you, forms the connection for communicating Its dominion to other creatures.

In the course of every two thousand years I have renewed the world. In the first two thousand I renewed it with the Deluge. In the second two thousand I renewed it with my coming upon the earth in which I manifested my Humanity, from which as so many cracks my Divinity shown forth. Moreover, the good and the very Saints of the following two thousand years have experienced the fruit of my Humanity, and by licking this fruit have enjoyed some of my Divinity.

“Now [January 1919] we are close to the end of the third two thousand years, and there will be a third renewal. This is the reason for the general confusion, it is nothing other than the preparation of the third renewal. Moreover, if in the second renewal I manifested what my Humanity did and suffered, and very little of what the Divinity worked, now, in this third renewal, after the earth has been purged and a great part of the present generation destroyed, I will be even more magnanimous with creatures; and I will carry out the renewal by manifesting what my Divinity did in my Humanity: How my Divine Will worked with my Human Will. How everything remained linked in Me. How I did and redid everything; and even every thought of every creature was redone by Me and sealed with my Divine Will.

My Love wants to vent itself, and wants to make known the excesses that my Divinity worked in my Humanity in favor of creatures, excesses that went above and beyond the excesses that my Humanity worked externally.

We do not care when souls go forth to the light of time; but We care whether the life of My Will was in them as their life-center, reigning and ruling in all their acts as It reigns and rules in the heart of the Divinity. These souls will be the first among all. Their acts done in My Will shall be raised up above all the acts of other creatures and all of them will be left behind. Indeed, these souls will form Our crown.
Everything that I did in My Humanity was nothing but the preparation and the cure that I prescribed so that the human family might recover, to return once again into the order of My Divine Will.

So, after about two thousand years of treatment, it is just and fitting for Us and for man that he no longer be sick, but that he be healthy again so as to enter into the Kingdom of Our Will. This is why the knowledge about Our Will is needed—so that Our creative power which speaks and creates, speaks and communicates, speaks and transforms, speaks and conquers, might speak and make new horizons, speak and make new suns arise (for as many pearls of knowledge as It reveals), so as to form so many sweet enchantments that man will be amazed, overcome, and filled with the light of My eternal Will. Indeed, nothing else is needed for Its Kingdom to come but the two wills kissing each other, one losing itself within the other—My Will, giving, and the human will, receiving.

Indeed, Calvary forged the dawn which called the Sun of My Eternal Will to shine once again among creatures. Dawn brings assurance that the Sun will come out. In the same way, the dawn that I produced on Calvary confirms that—even though some two thousand years have passed—it will call the Sun of My Will to reign among men once again. In Eden, they defeated My Love; here instead, My Love triumphs and conquers man. In the first Eden, man is condemned to death in body and soul, while in the second Eden he is released from his condemnation, and the resurrection of his body is reaffirmed through the resurrection of My Humanity.

A kingdom cannot be formed with one act alone, but with many, many acts; and the greater the number of acts, the greater and more glorious the kingdom becomes.

My daughter, an innocent humanity was needed—with all the qualities that it had when it came forth from Our creative hands—to plead once more for the Kingdom of Our Will to come among men. Up to that time it was missing, and I purchased it with My death, and I ascended into Heaven to fulfill, with my first task, my second task of asking and giving the Kingdom of My Divine Will on earth. For about two thousand years this Humanity of Mine has been praying, and Our Divine Majesty, feeling the love for Creation which We had in creating man overflow from Itself again—with even greater force.

About two thousand years have passed [October 1929], and humanity has not received all the sap from My graft; but there is reason to hope, because the seed, the graft, is there, and so man can ask for it. God finds Himself able to give this gift, because of My Humanity, which possesses My Divine Will by nature by virtue of the Word made flesh and which has given God and man the rights to give and to receive. That is why everything I did in Redemption is nothing but preparation, watering, and cultivation to help this celestial graft to grow—this graft that I made between the two wills: the human and the Divine.

Six Thousand Years from Adam to Our Time—Soon to End

My ideal in Creation was the Kingdom of my Will in the soul of the creature. My prime purpose was to make of man so many images of the Divine Trinity, in virtue of the fulfillment of my Will in Him. And, for a good six thousand years, I had to sustain a long battle. but, for however long, I did not set aside my ideal nor my primary purpose; nor will I set it aside.

And then, Our love, which has been repressed for a good six thousand years, has an outlet and finds relief amid Our flames. It makes known how much it loves the creature. It loves him so much that it wants to give him its Will as life. And this, so that both parties may be able to say: What is mine is yours. True love is content when it can say: We love each other with an equal love; what I want, he wants.

If there were a disparity of love, each one’s love would be made unhappy. And if one party wanted one thing and the other party another thing, the union and the love would cease. Since My love is true love, knowing that the creature possesses a finite love and will, I give him My infinite Love and Will. We can thus say: “We love each other with a single love; we have a single will only.” If the will of one does not become that of the other, true love does not exist nor does it have the source.
I can say that my greatest happiness is when I see the creature giving his life to Me at every moment and I’m able to give him Life in return. Seeing him give Me his human will is My greatest triumph. Overcome with love, I sing My song of victory, a victory that has cost Me My life and the waiting of about six thousand years [August 1938].

My goal in Creation was the reign of My Will in the souls I created. My main purpose was to make men so many images of the Divine Trinity, by the power of My Will fulfilled in them. And, for a good six thousand years, I had to endure a long battle. But no matter how long I had to fight, I did not set aside My ideal nor my chief purpose; nor will I set it aside. And, if I came in the Redemption, I came to realize My ideal and My first purpose, which is the Kingdom of My Will in souls. This is so true that before I could come, I first formed the Kingdom of My Will in the heart of My Immaculate Mama. I will never come down to earth outside of My Kingdom. That is why I endured trials and sufferings. I was wounded and, in the end, put to death. But the Kingdom of My Will was not fulfilled. I laid the foundations; I made the preparations—but the bloody battle between the human will and the Divine Will goes on to this day.

Now whoever possesses the Kingdom of My Will shall be for Us like a son born after roughly six thousand years. How We will rejoice to see in that soul our perfect image, as beautiful as when We brought him forth from Our fatherly breast. All our caresses, kisses and gifts will be set aside for this son—especially since at creation We gave man the Kingdom of Our Will as his special inheritance.

My daughter, it takes much to sustain and preserve a Divine Will in the soul; and the Divinity, knowing that the creature does not have anything comparable to a Will so holy, holds nothing back—It entrusts everything to her—to produce the sanctity of living in My Will. God Himself acts as Prime Actor and Spectator; My Humanity gives everything—everything that It did, suffered and conquered (which are endless seas)—to help to produce this totally divine holiness. The Queen Mama Herself places Her seas of grace, love and sorrow at the soul’s disposal to help her—and she feels honored that they serve the Supreme Will to fulfill the sanctity of the Eternal Fiat in the soul. Indeed, you will lack nothing on the part of your Jesus.

This is all the more true because this has been My desire from of old—the thing that I have wanted, yearned, and desired for six thousand years—because I long to see Our image reproduced in the soul, Our sanctity impressed, Our Will at work, Our acts enclosed in her, and Our Fiat fulfilled. I wanted to enjoy and take delight in seeing Our reflection in the soul—otherwise, Creation would be joyless, dull, and discordant for Us. Our echo would not find a way to resound; Our sanctity would not find a place to impress itself; Our beauty would not find a place to shine; Our love would not find a place to pour itself; and Our wisdom and mastery would find no place to act and unfold.

My daughter, I suffer because of the great sorrow of My Will. My Humanity suffered, it had its cross, but its life on earth was short; on the other hand, the life of My Will among men is long—it has already been six thousand years, and it will last even longer—and do you know who forms Its continuous cross? It is the human will. Each of its acts opposed to My Will—and each act of My Will which it does not receive—makes a cross for My eternal Will. Indeed, My Will’s crosses are countless.

Our Fiat has the power to make the soul inseparable from Us, and what We do and are by nature, she can do by grace. In creating man, We did not put him at a distance from Us; rather, so as to have him together with Us, We gave him Our very Divine Will, which would give him the prime act, to cooperate with his Creator. This was the reason why Our Love, Our Light, Our joys, Our Power and Beauty poured forth all together, overflowed from Our Divine Being, and spread a table before the one whom We had formed with so much love with Our creative hands, and generated with Our own breath. We wanted to enjoy Our work, to see him happy with Our own happiness, adorned with Our beauty, and rich with Our riches—all the more so, since it was Our Will for Us to remain close to the creature: to work with him and to enjoy Ourselves with him. And one cannot play games at a distance, but only in closeness.

That is why, so that man may return to his place of honor, reenter to work with his Creator, and so that We may enjoy ourselves together, there is no other way but for him to reenter Our Fiat, so that It may bring him to Us in victory, and place him in Our arms, which are waiting for him, to hold him closely within Our Divine Bosom, and to say to him: ”Finally, after six thousand years you have come back. You have wandered about, you have experienced every kind of evil, because nothing good exists without Our Fiat. You have experienced enough, and you have touched with your own hand what it means to go out of Our Fiat. So, never go out of It again, and come to rest and enjoy what is yours—because everything was given to you in Our Will.”

When It enters into the soul, as her Owner, It places everything in safety: It places sanctity, grace, beauty, and all the virtues in safety; and so that everything may be secure, It replaces them in the soul with Its own Divine Sanctity, Beauty, and virtues—all in a divine manner. And It places upon her Its seal, untouchable by any change. It makes the soul invulnerable to any danger. So, the soul who lives in My Will no longer has anything to fear—because It has secured everything with Its divine security. On the other hand, the human will makes everything unsafe, even sanctity itself.

But Adam interrupted My discourse and reduced Me to silence; and after six thousand years of silence I felt the extreme need to resume my conversation with mankind . O how painful it was to hold so many secrets within My Heart, which I was to confide to a soul. And it was for her alone that these secrets were kept—not for others. And if you only knew how much it cost Me to remain silent for such a long time! My Heart was suffocated and, delirious, It repeated mournfully: “Alas! I created man to have someone to speak to; but he had to possess My Divine Will to understand Me; and because he has rejected It from Me, he has made Me a silent God. What sorrow I feel!” What suffocated love, which made Me faint and delirious!

But while he would not think about it, We did think about it, and this produced Our martyrdom of love, a martyrdom which has lasted about six thousand years—a secret martyrdom which fanned Our flames. And they devoured Us so much, that since We could not contain them any longer, I wanted to come to you to break the secret—as I felt the need to pour out My love for you and to tell you: “I want to give what man rejected; I want My Will to reign on earth.” And to make It come to reign, I had to make It known to you.

That is why I needed to reveal so much knowledge about My Will to you. In this way, if the sacrifices that you make to write produce no benefit or usefulness—which will not be—My love still needs them, and they have allowed Me to pour out My love, and to relieve Myself of the flames that were consuming Me. Indeed, each degree of knowledge about My Divine Fiat was an outpouring of pent-up love that I brought forth for you; it was a new creation that I brought forth. It was like binding the Divine Will to the human, to reorder it again—according to the order We had created. It was life that came forth from Me—the substance and essential part that was needed to build the Kingdom of My Divine Will on earth.
Now let Me speak of the conditions of assurance on God’s part that the Kingdom will come. But to whom could I give them, if not to the one of whom I had asked the sacrifice? Indeed, My long revelation of so many truths about My Divine Will, My prolonged speaking about Its Kingdom and the good that It wants to do and must do, Its long sorrow of about six thousand years (March 1932)—because It wants to reign and they have rejected It—the many promises of blessings, joys, and delights that It wants to give if they let It reign have been nothing but assurances that I have given to mankind that this Kingdom of My Fiat will come. And these assurances were made and sealed within the most beautiful thing, the most sacred, the most precious thing—that is, the center of the sacrificial Cross that We have willed for you.

With true love, anything one wants the other does, too. Every act of the Divine Will opens a channel between Heaven and earth. The breath of God in the soul.

My blessed daughter, be brave—I am with you; I am so pleased when you write that, for each word that you write, I give you a kiss, a hug and a divine life of Mine as a gift. Do you know why? Because I see, copied in these writings, Our life of eternal love; the likeness of Our acting Divine Will. Because I see, copied in these writings, Our life of eternal love; the likeness of Our acting Divine Will. And after being pent up for six thousand years, Our love bursts out, and finds relief for Our flames, expressing Its love for the soul—to the point that It wants to give her Its own Will as life. And It does this so that both of us can say: “All that is mine is yours.”

True love is only satisfied when it can say: “We love each other with equal love. What I want she wants. If there were any disparity of love, it would make both of us unhappy—and if one of us wanted something and the other something else, our union, our love would cease.”

I can say that I am only completely satisfied when I see her giving Me her life in every moment—giving Me her will. To see her giving Me her human will is My greatest triumph and, seized by love, I sing My victory—a victory that costs Me My life and a long wait of about six thousand years. And, during that time I yearned with so many anxious, bitter and burning sighs for the return of the human ill into My own. And when I have obtained what I desired, I feel the need to rest and sing My victory. Indeed, there is no more beautiful joy that a soul can give Me than to live in My Will. And there is no greater sorrow that she can give Me than to withdraw herself from It.

—Submitted by Thomas Fahy

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