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We are planning a Conference on the Divine Will at the House of Sanctification in Garabandal, Spain.
The dates are set for May 6-9, 2019.
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Pearl of the New and Divine Holiness

Repeating our Acts in the Divine Will
. . . Then Jesus added: “On top of the unceasing love, there is another sign that the soul lives in my Will. This sign reigns inside the soul: immutability – never moving from good to evil. This can only be of God: a firm, constant character, hard to change in its action; the constancy that only a Divine patience can have – always to repeat an act without ever getting tired; never being bothered – never regretting. It is only of God. Now, one who lives in our Fiat feels her immutability and is invested by such firmness that she would never change her action – not for Heaven and earth. She would rather die than stop doing and redoing what she does.
[Note from editor: It seems that Jesus intends that by always repeating our acts, He means that we always repeat the interior act of letting Him have the freedom of doing our acts for us in the Divine Will, rather than the same exterior act done over and over again repeatedly.]

Furthermore, everything she does with a firm heart – without ever changing, had its origin in God; so she feels God in her act, and in repeating it, she feels that act flowing and her action animated by God Himself. How can she ever stop doing what she started together with our Supreme Being? She would have to get out of our Will to change action. Our Will is unchanging in Its works, and It renders so, whoever lives in It. Oh! When one does not live in It, how clearly it shows. Today she wants to do something, tomorrow something else; one time she likes to make a sacrifice, another time she runs away from it. One can’t trust her. She is like a stem that bends following the wind of her passions. The mutability of human will is such that it reaches the point of making the creature its own toy and perhaps even a toy for the demons themselves.

And I consecrate souls as they keep repeating their acts in My Will, as they resign themselves, and as they set their human will aside, to let the Divine Will enter. What the priest does over the Host, I do to them—but not only one time. Every time a soul repeats her acts in My Will, she attracts Me like a powerful magnet, and I consecrate her as a privileged Host, repeating over her the words of the Consecration.

My blessed daughter, I want you here, imprisoned in my Will, so that no other things can have life in you. Now, you must know that all the harmony of the creature is in the repetition of her good acts done in my Will. A single act does not form any harmony or beauty, but many continuous acts united together call the attention of God, Who puts Himself in waiting for the acts of the creature. As she performs them, He communicates to her, now beauty, now sanctity, now goodness, wisdom or love. In sum, He provides her with His ornaments and divine qualities.

All the acts repeated by the creature form the strength of her soul, binding God even more to herself. They form Heaven in the depth of the soul and as she goes on repeating her acts, some are turned into star, others into wind blowing whispers of love, others become a sea continuously murmuring love, glory, adoration to God the Creator. In sum, the whole atmosphere is reproduced in her. However, when the acts are not continuously repeated, they lack that unifying power that gives strength to all; they lack that divine mode of acting unceasingly, sustaining each of them with creative strength in perennial attitude of doing and redoing again.

Even more, our truths contain all centuries, all times. They are the bearer of all creatures in the act of those who live in our Will, and in that act we find Ourselves and the love and the glory that everybody should give us. For this reason, when the creature is about to operate and to receive the operating act of our Fiat, all Heaven bows in reverence, amazed to see a Divine Volition operating in this act. Therefore, We find everything in this act done by the creature in our Will: our power that honors us as we deserve; our immensity that contains all and puts all at disposal; our Wisdom which sings to us the most beautiful notes; our Divine Being; the Angels who praise us; the Saints who, enraptured, repeat: ‘”Holy, Holy, Trice Holy, the Lord our God, Who works with such goodness and manifests His love”.

We can say that nothing is missing in the act of the creature. Our glory is complete, our love finds sweet rest and perfect return. This is why We long so much for one who lives in our Will, and it seems as if We had not done anything in Creation, because the greatest act we can do is missing: Our Life repeating itself in the human act, in which We will find Ourselves, everything and everybody. There isn’t a good We won’t give to our beloved creature, and there will not be love or glory that she won’t give us. She will find everything she wants in us, and we in her.

Daughter, wanting to give all but being able to give only a small part of Our goods; having to keep Our love constrained and hampered, is a suffering for Us, and all because our Will as Life is missing in the creature. Not being able to receive everything from her is the greatest pain of our creative work. Therefore, Our love, Our power and Wisdom, all Our creative work demand that the creature live in Our Will. The centuries will not pass away until Our Fiat will form Its Kingdom, and when It will reign, It will give all the goods and the dominion over them to the human generation. Therefore pray, and may your life be a continuous act in our Will, to obtain the coming of Its Kingdom.

My little daughter of my Will, see, how beautiful it is to live in my Will? We are in continuous communication with the creature. We prepare for her new joys for every new act she does, to make her more and more happy in our residence. The actions done in the Fiat remain always in the act of being done; our life rises again continuously; our love ascends and, investing everyone with its waves, calls all into that act, so that all would repeat it, and We hear the echo of them loving and glorifying us. The Angels and the Saints are all attentive, and anxiously long for the act of the creature done in our Will. Do you know why? Because in this way they receive double glory: the glory of Heaven, and the new glory, joy and happiness of the act done in my Fiat. How grateful they are to me and how much they love the creatures that redouble for them new happiness and endless joys!

So, We remain always in the act of operating in her. We never stop, because nothing can possibly be missing in the one living in our Will. Our very acts will be Our throne, Our court and the very life of the creature. Our love for her seems almost unbelievable. We are all eyes over her, to see whether she is enclosing all and how many times. Because we love her too much, we keep repeating our operating act, placing new beauty and new sanctity over the masterpieces we’ve done for her. We like to give to her always, keeping her busy under the rain of our operating acts, to give her the occasion to receive more love and to love us more. Therefore, live always in our Will and you will feel in It the continuous outpouring of our love – our operating act – which not only will repeat our works in action but will also add new things to astonish Heaven and earth.”

After a while He added: My daughter, as the creature calls my Will in her acts–in her prayer–my Will repeats that act together with her, praying together with the creature; and since Its immensity is everywhere, the creation, the Sun, all Heaven, the Angels and the Saints feel within themselves the strength of that creative prayer, and all of them pray. The prodigy of this prayer is omnipotent and it involves all, giving itself to all.

You have to know that my love reaches the point of excess: as the creature does her own acts in my Will, I call in each act all of our acts – all possible imaginable acts that We have done – even my Own Generation of the Word, in which the Holy Spirit proceeded; the whole Creation and My Incarnation in time. Everything – in that act We enclose everything – to be able to say: “It is our act, a complete act, nothing can be missing”. And the creature must be able to say: ‘In your Will everything is mine, and I can give you everything, even Your very Self’. Therefore, our glory and love echoes in all our works, gathering everything, it pours even into our divine bosom. Oh! How sweet it is to hear everything resound with “Glory and love to our Creator”. But who gives us the opportunity to receive so much glory? The one who lives in our Will.

You have to know that, each time the creature enters my Will to do her acts, I give her my divine Life, while she gives me her human life. Therefore, she remains provisioned with a divine life for each act done in my Will, and I remain honored and glorified, surrounded by many human lives, since one act in my Will must be complete. I give all Myself, not keeping anything of my Supreme Being, and she gives Me all of her human being. What good does the creature not receive, then, by possessing many of my divine lives. As she keeps repeating her acts, so many of my Lives are added, and I give the virtue to free her life to be able to say: “So many lives I gave her, for as many lives as she gave Me.”

An act in my Will is almost incredible. These acts will form the new day. The human generations will feel as though being renewed through them, rejuvenated in good. They will form the disposition to dispose the human generations to receive their Life – to let It reign. These acts of the creature done in my Volition, will be the endowment, the potent preparation, the most effective means to obtain a good so great.”

So, Creation is not finished, but still continues in the souls who live in our will, and if the order, beauty and power of our works can be seen in the Creation, then the love, order and beauty of our creative virtue will be seen in the creature, repeating Our divine Lives each time the creature gives us her acts to let us work. The creature is life. It operates differently than Creation. Therefore, We feel an irresistible love to form our lives within her.

The one who lives in my Will possesses his Jesus forever because my Will has the virtue to form, grow and nourish my Life in the creature, and on receiving Me in the Sacrament, I find another Jesus, that is Myself, who loves Me, worships Me, thanks Me and protects Me. I can say that I repeat the great miracle that I worked when I created the Sacrament of the Eucharist, when I communicated Myself, that is when your Jesus received Jesus. Receiving Myself was the greatest honor, the most complete satisfaction and the repayment for my love’s great courage. I lacked nothing I was owed for my Sacramental Life; one God matched the same God. I could say I was given back what I gave.

Now, for the one who lives in my Will it is impossible not to possess his Jesus, so on receiving Me in Sacrament, I can say: I go to find Myself in the creature, and I find what I want, my Life that unites to make one alone. I find my palace. I find the love that always loves Me. I find the reward for the great sacrifice of everything I do, and I suffer in my Sacramental Life. My extreme love carries Me with irresistible force to repeat the miracle of receiving Myself, but I may only do this in the creature where my Divine Will reigns.


March 3, 1912
One who lives in the Divine Will acquires the temperament of Jesus and, with it, all its divine qualities, each of which makes a melody in Heaven. These souls fulfill the purpose of all that Jesus did.

As I continued in my usual state, my adorable Jesus came to me and said: My daughter, the soul who does my Will loses her temperament and acquires mine. Just as in my temperament many melodies form the Paradise of the Blessed—so that music forms my sweet temperament, my goodness, sanctity, beauty, power, wisdom, immensity, and so on with all the rest of my attributes–the soul receives within herself all the variety of these melodies, taking part in all the qualities of my temperament. As she does even her tiniest actions, she makes a melody for Me and, as I hear it, I immediately recognize this music as a melody made by the soul from my Will—from my temperament. And so I run to listen to it, and I like it so much that it renews and consoles Me for all the wrongs that other creatures do to Me.

My daughter, what will happen when these melodies pass into Heaven? Then I will put the soul in front of Me. I will play my music, and she will play her own. We will flash lightning to each other. And the sound of one will echo the sound of the other; and our harmonies will blend together. Then the Blessed will see that this soul is nothing less than the fruit and prodigy of my Will. And all Heaven will enjoy one more Paradise.

These are the souls to whom I keep repeating, “Had I not created Heaven, I would create It just for you,” because I place in them the Heaven of my Will, and I make of them my true images. And I go wandering in these Heavens, delighting and playing with them. To these Heavens I repeat, “Had I not left Myself in the Sacrament, I would have done it just for you,” because they are my true Hosts. Just as I could not live without a Will, in the same way I could not live without these Heavens of my Will. Indeed, they are not only my true Hosts, but the very purpose of my Calvary and of my very own life.
These Heavens of my Will are dearer to Me and more privileged even than the Tabernacles and the Consecrated Hosts, because in the Host my Sacramental Life comes to an end when the species is consumed, but in these Heavens of my Will the Life of my Will goes on forever. They serve as my Hosts on earth, and they will be my eternal Hosts in Heaven.
To these Heavens of my Will I say, “Had I not incarnated Myself in the womb of my Mother, for you alone I would have incarnated Myself, and for you alone I would have suffered my Passion, because I find in them the true fruit of my Incarnation and of my Passion”.

— Submitted by Thomas Fahy

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