House of Sanctification
Dear Readers,

I apologize for the delay in sending the promised additional Information about the Divine Will Conference in Garabandal in early May (May 5 – May 8, 2019)

Major Change: Instead of a three-day Conference, we are going to have talks on the Divine Will everyday for several days, perhaps up to ten days, including May 5- May 8, with at least the 7 days prior to May 5, beginning April 29.

There will also be time to explore Garabandal, while in Garabandal.

Those who want to come, can stay as long as 10 days as you chose. We ask for a 40 Euro donation for each night you stay at the House of Sanctification.

Breakfast will be an enhanced breakfast. Evening meal will be a light meal.

Mid-day meal will be on your own, and there are places in Garabandal or in the closest villages for mid-day meal.

More Details will be forth coming, little by little, during the coming days and weeks.

Ann Ellison Will be in charge of communications concerning the 10 day daily series of talks in Garabandal beginning April 29. However, she won’t be available for accepting calls until March 18 or possibly a little later.
Meanwhile you can communicate with Kathy or me here at the Center for the Divine Will.

The main item to be determined is the combination of male and female visitors, married and singles, and Religious persons. We will need these numbers to determine the arrangements of bedrooms at the House of Sanctification, which has four floors. There are three beds on the bottom Floor, behind the Conference Room. There are no beds on the main floor.
Most of our beds are on the top two floors.

As far as adjusting the planned dates, please note that these dates are set and won’t be changed. Nevertheless, persons who want to come after May 8, there will still be some very capable speakers on the Divine Will available to speak following May 8. The details on this option can be provided individually by contacting the Center for the Divine Will after March 18.

Note: I will be sending this message tonight (Sunday March 10, 2019).
I hope by tomorrow (Monday, March 11, 2019) I will be sending you some Pearls of the New and Divine Holiness.

Wishing you many Divine, Infinite, Eternal, and Immense Blessings in the Divine Will,

Thomas Fahy

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