Update about “Be Faithful and Attentive”

Here is the latest news on the extraordinary Divine Will Manual for living in the Divine Will, which is titled: “Be Faithful and Attentive.”

The Delivery Date to our Center has been delayed for good reasons. The Date of Delivery could be June 8, 2019, but may be a little bit longer, from what I was told by the new printing company.

One reason for the delay is that when the printing company sent us the proofs, I sent them to the brilliant author, who made changes on 13 of the proof pages.

This new, now Third Edition, contains the revisions and expansions of the last edition, plus a New Appendix, and also a TOPICAL INDEX, which will enable readers to easily find all the various passages on any of the numerous topics covered in this many paged Manual of well over 1000 pages!

The new ribbons will be 11” long of different colors for ease in marking several pages.

The cost to us of this new Third Edition was considerably more than the last edition, but we have decided to make only a small addition to the price of this new edition. The price of this new edition will be $29.95 plus postage instead of $27.95 plus postage of the last edition.

However, no discounts will be given, except to Religious and bookstores. Those discounts will be less than normal.

I almost forgot! This new edition, even though it has more pages than the last editions will be a lot thinner and less weight to hold, because it will be printed on thin Bible stock paper.
The cover is a very durable, long lasting, non-paperback, black cover with gold lettering.

Advanced orders are being accepted. You can call Kathy Fahy at 423-566-5178.
WEBSITE: comingofthekingdom.com
——Thomas Fahy

PS: I hope to get out another email soon with a Pearl of the New and Divine Holiness

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