Pearl of the New and Divine Holiness

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Please consider keeping in a special file of this Pearl, made of extracts from the Writings of Luisa Piccarreta.

More will be coming. I will explain in the next Pearl, which I hope to send in a few days.

Fiat Semper,

Thomas Fahy


Now, my daughter, since my eternal goodness wants to give my Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat once again, after man had so ungratefully rejected It, don’t you think that this is the greatest gift I can give to the human generations? But in order to give It, I must form It, constitute It, and make known that which, up to now, is not known about my Will – and such knowledges about It, as to win those who will know them to love, appreciate and desire to come and live in It.

Therefore, my Will is everything; without It, Our most beautiful works, Our greatest prodigies, remain extraneous to the poor creatures, because It alone is the depository of all Our works, and therefore only through It can these be given birth for creatures.

So, the greatest gift, the greatest grace I can give to the creature is to give her my Will, because all possible imaginable goods are bound to It – and by right, because everything belongs to It.

This is why I am afflicted when I do not speak to you; my word is the greatest gift – it is a new creation, and being unable to issue it from Myself because creatures are not disposed to receive it, I feel within Me the weight of the gift I want to give, and, unable to give it, I remain afflicted and taciturn.

Rejecting my Will, instead, is to reject the means in order to live, it is to destroy the fount of life; it is the greatest evil that can exist.

And in seeing that your littleness cannot obtain a Kingdom so great, you go around in all my works, wherever an act of my Will is present, doing its office, and you make my own Fiat say: ‘Your Kingdom come. O please! let It be known, loved and possessed by the human generations.’ A Divine Will that prays together with Our works, and together with Its little daughter, is the greatest portent. It is a power equal to Our own that prays, and it is impossible for Us not to grant what it asks. How holy, how pure, noble and fully divine, without a shadow of the human, is the Kingdom of Our Will.

And in the face of this great prodigy, never before seen or heard, of being able to give the Eternal Word to creatures, all other miracles together are like tiny little flames before the sun. Now, one who must do the greatest has no need to do the lesser. In the same way, in the face of the miracle of the Kingdom of my Will restored in the midst of creatures, all other miracles will be tiny little flames before the great Sun of my Will. Each saying, truth and manifestation about It, is a miracle which has come out of my Will as preserver from all evils; it is like binding the creatures to an infinite good, to a greater glory, and to a new beauty – fully divine.

The foundation, the substance of all miracles came out of my creative word. The Sacraments, Creation Itself, a permanent miracle, had life from my word; and my very Church has my word, my Gospel, as regime and foundation. So, my word, my Gospel, was a miracle greater than the miracles themselves, which, if they had life, it was because of my miraculous word. Therefore, be sure that the word of your Jesus is the greatest miracle.

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