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Dear Readers,

Here it is Friday! I was preparing the Message of Gold last Monday, when the weather here brought down our Internet service for three days.

One of the points I wanted to make concerning the news about Pope Francis is that a homily he gave on February 12, included a call for people to return to
their Original State!! I was very excited about that. Although, we don´t know precisely what he had in mind and the reasons behind that call to us, it was the Roman Pontiff
who made that call.

Luisa´s great Mission was to recall humanity back to our Original State of Possessing and Living in the Divine Will.

Jesus told Luisa that a future Roman Pontiff (whoever he might be) would make it his duty to make the Reign of the Divine Will known.

Here is the Pearl of the New and Divine Holiness for this mailing:

The Theme from various texts of Luisa´s Writings discover to us a marvellous truth about how TRUE and LASTING GOOD only comes

Jesus informed Luisa of the following: (Pay close attention to the fifth paragraph below.)

My daughter, Eternity is an immense circle. Where it begins or where it ends cannot be known. In this circle is found God Who has no beginning nor end,
Who possesses infinite happiness, beatitude, joy, riches, beauty, etc. In every interminable Divine motion, He bestows from this circle of Eternity new happiness,
new beauty, new beatitudes, etc., and this new motion is an act that is never interrupted, each one being unique. Our joys are always different from each other and ever new.
Our beatitudes are such and so many that as We enjoy one, another surprises Us, and they never end. They are Eternal and immense, as we are,
and what is Eternal has the power to make things rise that are always new.

My Being is always in one Act—It has no beginning and no end. I am old and new. Our works “ad intra” were, are and will always be in action. T
That is why the soul is already within Us through her intimate union with our Will. She admires, contemplates, loves and enjoys.
She takes part in our Love, in our delights and in all that We do.

My Will contains the true nature of goodness. A good thing can be called truly good when it never finishes—having no beginning or end.
A good, when it has its beginning and its end, it is full of bitterness, fears, anxiety and even passions. All of this makes goodness itself unhappy;
and many times one easily passes from the goodness of riches to wretchedness, from fortune to misfortune, and from health to sickness—
because all of the good things that have a beginning are vacillating, passing, and perishable, and in the end come to nothing.

That is why My Supreme Will possesses the nature of true goodness because It has neither beginning nor end; and that is why goodness is always equal,
always full, always stable—not subject to any change.

Look: That is why all that the soul does to enter into the Supreme Will—all the acts that she has done in It—take on the nature of true goodness.
And this is because they are done in a stable, immovable Will that contains countless eternal blessings. And so, your love, your prayer, your thanksgiving
and all that you can do take place in an eternal beginning that never ends; and, that is why they acquire the fullness of the nature of goodness.
In this way your prayer acquires its full value and its complete fruit in you so that you yourself are not able to understand how far the fruits and blessings
of your prayer have reached. Your prayer will go around eternity; it will be given to everyone; and—at the same time—it will always remain full in its effects.
Your love acquires the nature of true love, of that unshakable love that never faints and never ends, that loves everyone and gives itself to everyone
and always remains with the fullness of the goodness of true love’s nature. And it is the same with all the rest.

Luisa speaking: Afterwards, while I was thinking to myself about these things, I asked: “What exactly is this Divine Will?”
And Jesus added: My daughter, Divine Will means giving God to God. It means a divine outpouring, a transformation of the human nature into the divine,
the communication of creative power, embracing the infinite, rising into eternity, and taking My Fiat as though in one’s own power.
Divine Will also means being able to say to God, “I have loved You from eternity. Your Will has no beginning; It is eternal just like You;
and in Your Will I have loved You with a love that has no beginning or end.”

What is My Will? It is everything.

Submitted by Thomas Fahy

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