Pearl of the New and Divine Holiness

Dear Readers,

Happy Feast Day – Holy Trinity Sunday!

When I undertook the preparation of Selected Passages in honor of the Blessed Trinity for this Message of Gold, I became
so fascinated with what I was reading about the Trinity and about related subjects in the context of the texts about the Trinity,
that I consumed the time contemplating these truths, which would normally be allotted to completing this weekend’s Message of Gold.

Therefore, I will need more time to do the work that I had in mind in regard to the Holy Trinity. If I can, I will try to get out what I had hoped to do
later this week.

So for this weekend, I am including below, some passages on the Holy Trinity and also a passage about the Hour of Death of human beings, which,
refers to as the time of disillusion. Please use what Jesus says about the Hour of Death for the benefit of others as well as your own! One can understand
the great benefit of praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy at that time for others and if possible for oneself.


The Continuous Life of the Holy Trinity
Jesus to Luisa: The Heavenly Father generates continuously His Son, and between Father and Son the Holy Spirit proceeds. This is the Life in Ourselves, which, as heartbeat and breathing, forms our Life: Generating and proceeding continuously. Otherwise We would be lacking Life in the same way as the creature would lack life if she didn’t palpitate and breathe continuously. In this continuous generating and proceeding, we form immense joys, happiness and contents so great that, being unable to contain them within Ourselves, they overflow and form the joy and the happiness for the whole of Heaven. From the immense goods produced by the continuous generation of the Word, and by the proceeding of the Holy Spirit, overflowed the sumptuousness and magnificence of the engine of the whole Creation, the creation of man, the Conception of the Immaculate Virgin and the descent of the Word upon earth. All this and more is always in action in our Divine Being; in action like the Father generating His Son, and the proceeding of the Holy Spirit.
The soul who lives in our Will feels as if she is receiving continuously the Son generated by the Father, and the Holy Spirit Who always proceeds. Oh, how much of joys, love and graces she receives! She gives Us the glory which we always generate in our Will, and she finds the whole Creation in action. We give to this creature, by right, all the goods of creation. She is the first glorifier of the many things we’ve created. She finds in action the conceived Virgin, Her seas of Love, all Her life. The Virgin makes her possess it all, and this creature takes all, glorifying Us for the great good we did when we created this Celestial Creature. She finds in action the descent of the Word – His birth, His tears, His palpitating Life, and also His pains. We make her possess all, and she takes all. She glorifies us and she loves us for everyone and everything. In our Will, the creature can say: ‘All is mine, even God Himself – as well as the Divine Will.’ Therefore, she feels the duty to glorify us and to love us in each thing and for everyone.

The Hour of Death
Jesus to Luisa: “My daughter, the moment of death is the time of disillusion. In that point, all things present themselves, one after the other, to say: ‘Good-bye, the earth is over for you; now eternity begins for you…’. It happens to the creature just as when she is locked inside a room and someone says to her: ‘Behind this room there is another room, in which there is God, Heaven, Purgatory, Hell; in sum – Eternity. But she cannot see anything of these things. She hears them being asserted by others; but those who speak about them cannot see them either, so they speak in a way which is almost not credible, not giving great importance to making all their words believed as reality – as something certain.
So, one day the walls fall down, and she can see with her own eyes what they had told her before. She sees her God and Father, Who has loved her with great love; the benefits which He has given to her, one by one; and all the broken rights of love which she owed Him. She sees how her life belonged to God, not to herself. Everything passes before her: Eternity, Paradise, Purgatory, and Hell. The earth runs away from her; pleasures turn their back on her – everything disappears; the only thing which remains present to her is in that room with fallen walls: Eternity. What a change for the poor creature!
My Goodness is such, wanting everyone to be saved, that I allow the falling of these walls when the creatures find themselves between life and death – at the moment in which the soul exits the body to enter eternity – so that they may make at least one act of contrition and of love for Me, recognizing my adorable Will over them. I can say that I give them one hour of truth, in order to rescue them. Oh, if all knew my industries of love, which I perform in the last moment of their lives, so that they might not escape from my more than paternal hands – they would not wait for that moment, but they would love Me all their lives.”

—Submitted by Thomas Fahy (editor)
Note: The English Texts, cited, await the Official Editions in progress by Holy Mother Church

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