Act Done in the Divine Will

+When a person gives his will to Jesus in order to live in His, Jesus in turn gives His Will to that person. But before His Will gives Itself to that person, It pours Itself into that person’s act to form its day, to sanctify it, embellish it, insert Its celestial joys, and then It locks Itself inside that person’s act.

As the Divine Fiat operates in that person’s act, all created things receive a renewed life in the beauty, love and joy of their very Creator, and as the person does his act—now divine—that act remains as his own, and all become attentive to see what that person intends to do with that act, since it encloses everything, and everyone feels enclosed in that act.

So what does this blessed person do with his act? He enjoys his act. He kisses and hugs it. And realizing that such a great marvel has happened, He knows that his act cannot be only for himself; so with love and joy, recognizing that Jesus gave him His Adorable Will, he gives It back to Jesus in appreciation, filled with the joy, love and glory that he himself has received—not being able to retain it all.

This person’s act flows to everyone, sanctifying, beautifying, and gives happiness and honor to all.

Jesus made known to Luisa that such acts are the most beautiful that such a person can give to Him. He says, “No one can equal this act: to give My Will in order to have It returned, and to give It back, yet again.”

Tom Fahy

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