The Great Prophecy in the Lord’s Prayer


The Great Prophecy in the Lord’s Prayer

Its Fulfillment is Now Underway!

“Our Father. . . Thy Kingdom Come; Thy Will be done on Earth as It is in Heaven”


Not long before Jesus died on the Cross for us, He said to the Apostles, “. . . Pray like this: Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy Kingdom come.  Thy Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven. . .” The Apostles taught this prayer to others, and it has been prayed by the faithful for 2000 years.

Therefore, it seems that it would be good for the followers of Jesus to know more about this Prayer of Our Lord and what He expected when He taught it to us through his Apostles.

Let us consider some points about this most special prayer and whatwas in the Mind of Our Lord when He taught this prayer.


  1. Why did Jesus teach us this prayer and place so much emphasis on it?
  2. His prayer also reveals to us a prophecy (Thy Kingdom come)that must be fulfilled on earth in human history, for the Great Glory of God.
  3. When should we expect the fulfillment of this prophetic prayer (Thy Kingdom come)to begin?
  4. It seems that the fulfillment of this prayer would require us to know what the Father’s Kingdom is and knowledge of what His Will is.
  5. Would not the fulfillment of this prayer require us to understand how the Father’s Will is done in Heaven in order for It to be done by people in the same way here on earth, when the Father’s Kingdom actually comes?
  6. Whenever the Father’s Kingdom actually comes, the fulfillment of this prayer will begin, and souls of that time should know how and when the Father’s Kingdom has come so that they may learn the marvelous ways of doing His Will as It is done in Heaven.
  7. At that time souls will also need to know the source and the authenticity of the information that must be given to them in order to know what must be done to do the Will of the Father as It is done in Heaven and how this differs from the way His Will has been done on earth.
  8. Souls will need to understand whether the Father’s Kingdom on Earth is a material kingdom or a spiritual kingdom and the way to enter into the citizenry of this Kingdom.
  9. Souls will need to know how each of the seven petitions in the Lord’s Prayer is to be fulfilled.
  10. What kind of positive changes might be expected in human society, when the Father’s Kingdom is established on Earth?


Commentary on the above 10 points:

  1. The prophetic aspect of the Lord’s Prayer has to do with the Original State of Adam and Eve, Jesus’ hidden life of 30 years, and the fullness of Redemption.

The Church has never known the Original State of Adam, but that is changing now.  The fathers of the Council of Trent admitted that they did not know man’s original state before the disobedience of Adam, but they stated that it was safe to say that in the beginning, before sin, Adam had Sanctifying Grace and some preternatural gifts such as immortality, impassibility, integrity and certain others.

During the 3-¼ years of his public life, Jesus did what was necessary for salvation so souls could get to Heaven. But during his hidden life of 30 years, Jesus also did all that was necessary for man to return to his original state.

By accomplishing the missions of both his hidden life and his public life, Jesus accomplished the

fullness of Redemption. But the fullness of Redemption (the return of man to his original state) would have to wait until the prophetic aspect of the Lord’s Prayer would be fulfilled; that is, until the Father’s Kingdom would come, so that man could return to his original relationship with God and once again live in the Father’s Will as It is lived in Heaven, as Adam and Eve did before sin.

  1. What Jesus did during those 30 years of his hidden life has been kept secret, that is, until our times in which it is now being disclosed. Even though the Church faithful have not known or understood the prophetic aspect of the Lord’s Prayer, Divine Providence was satisfied to hear man’s recitation of the words, until the time when this would be made known and understood. The fulfillment of the actual coming of the Father’s Kingdom, which is now happily underway, is the Grace surpassing all graces and Gift surpassing all gifts.

When Jesus taught the “Our Father” to his Apostles, He did not pray that the Father’s Kingdom would spread and flourish in those days, but He prayed that the Father’s Kingdom would come at some future time—a time appointed by the Father. (“Where wickedness abounds, Grace does more abound.”) [See Rom: 5, 20]

From the realm of Eternity, the Holy Trinity, wanted an unknown Virgin in Nazareth, Israel to be the Mother of the Redeemer of the human race, having foreseen the Original Sin of Adam and the need for man’s Redemption. The Virgin Mary was chosen for this most exalted dignity.  The Redeemer, Jesus, came to us through Mary, suffered and died, opened the Gates of Heaven, established his one and only Church and the Kingdom of Redemption by which we can be saved and get to Heaven. But the Kingdom of Redemption, alone, does not bring us back to the Original State of Adam and Eve.

  1. Also from the realm of Eternity, the Holy Trinity wanted another unknown Virgin, Luisa Piccarreta of Corato, Italy (1865-1947)to be the herald and the first to fulfill the Lord’s Prayer that the Father’s Kingdom come and have Its beginning on earth. The Father’s Kingdom is a spiritual kingdom and was given as Gift to Luisa Piccarreta as the first beginnings of the fulfillment of the “Our Father,” in the early days of September 1889.

Luisa would be the first human who had come into the world with Original Sin and return to the Original State of Adam and Eve. She would be the exemplar for others to follow, who, like her, are also conceived in Original Sin.

Before Jesus taught the Lord’s Prayer, the Virgin Mary was conceived immaculate, without Original Sin. She, like Adam was given the Father’s Kingdom at the time of her creation and Immaculate Conception in the womb of St. Ann. Unlike Adam, Mary was faithful to her possession of the Father’s Kingdom and, therefore, She possessed the glorious Original State of man, without ever losing it.

The spiritual Kingdom of the Father is possessed in the soul and enables the soul to achieve the fullness of Redemption by returning to that happy and glorious, Original State of Adam and Eve—the state in which God initiated the human race to fulfill his purpose for the Creation of Mankind.

The Father’s Kingdom, for which we pray to come, is also the Eternal Kingdom of God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. It is the Kingdom of Their one same Will—the cause, animator and director of Their Life, Sanctity, Power, Wisdom, Love and all Their attributes and perfections. This Kingdom is the eternal source of all that is Good, True, and Beautiful.  It is Everything for God, and He wanted It to be Everything for man.

  1. In order for Luisa to live the Life of the Divine Will, Jesus would have to tell her all about the Father’s Kingdom of the Divine Will and the ways of doing and living in It as is done in Heaven. Luisa had only a first grade education, but that was no problem for Jesus. He would teach her all about It and even take her soul out of her body every night for several hours and show her things that pertained to the mission He gave her. That mission would not only involve the first fulfillment of the Lord’s Prayer but would also make this known to the Church and the world.

To make this celestial doctrine known to the Church and to the world, what Jesus taught Luisa about the Father’s Kingdom, and how to live in the Divine Will on earth, the incredible, marvelous effects this produces in one’s soul and the great glory that God receives by one’s life in the Divine Will would have to be put into writing.

In February of 1899, Luisa’s Confessor told her to write on paper everything that Jesus tells her about the Kingdom of the Divine Will and living in It. So, obediently, Luisa, then having been confined permanently to bed with mystical sufferings for the previous 12 years, began to write what Jesus told her to write. This went on for the next 40 years! These writings about the Kingdom of the Divine Will would comprise 36 volumes. Jesus gave Luisa the title to these writings which is, “The Kingdom of the Fiat in the Midst of Creatures.  Book of Heaven. The Call to the Creature to Return to the Order, the Place, and the Purpose for which it was Created by God.”

In these writings the term “creature” refers to human beings. The other things that God created are referred to as “created things,” though Angels are always referred to as Angels.

The Cause of Luisa’s Beatification and Canonization was opened on the Feast of Christ the King in 1994. Her writings have been examined by six, Church appointed theologians, with nothing found to be contrary to the doctrine of the Church. One of the theologians has been canonized. He is Saint Hannibal Di Francia, who gave the “nihil obstat” to the first 19 volumes of the “Book of Heaven” before his death, and the imprimatur was given to those volumes by Archbishop Joseph Leo of the Archdiocese of Trani.

Two other works of Luisa, “The Hours of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ”and “The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will”have also received Church approval.

  1. Jesus explained to Luisa that with the Gift of the Divine Will, a person begins to do the Will of God as in Heaven. The soul operates in a manner, vastly exceeding in value the way the Will of God has been done on earth by the good souls of previous times.

Prior to the now unfolding Reign of the Divine Will in souls, good souls would conform their human wills to the Will of God in their actions. This was the secret to holiness—to always be careful to do what God wants one to do according to one’s best discernment. The human will, under the influence of Grace, acts in a person and animates that person in doing what God wants him or her to do. And the acts of the soul done in this manner are temporal, finite, and human.

There are different degrees of divine union in this way of holiness, which is the way of doing God’s Will as it is done on earth, and the theological language of the higher degrees is quite lofty.

Surpassing even the higher ways of divine union, by far, is Divine Unitythat comes with the Gift of the Divine Will, which enables the soul to do the Will of God, not as It is done on earth, but in the most astonishing way that It is done in Heaven.

In this state of timeless Divine Unity, which is a Gift that God now yearns to give to any soul who truly wants It, the Divine Will establishes Its abode in the person’s soul—in the person’s will—and the soul wants and lets the Divine Will operate in that person as It operates in God Himself. This is the way the Father’s Will is done in Heaven, where the one operative Will of God is shared by all so that there is always perfect peace, harmony, happiness and joy among all the inhabitants.

Then, because it is the Divine Will that acts in the soul, while the human will concurs and submits to the prevailing Divine Will, all the acts of that soul are no longer human, temporal, and finite, but are now divine, eternal, and infinite! And this is because the Divine Will, which becomes the actor in the soul, is divine, infinite, and eternal. This marvelous mode of activity applies to all the soul’s thoughts, words, deeds, and even its heartbeats, breaths, etc., and it becomes the responsibility of the soul not to interfere with the freedom of the Divine Will by doing its own will. This way of life was established by God in Eden but was lost by Original Sin until the time of the coming of the Father’s Kingdom and the fullness of Redemption.

With the loss of man’s Original State, the human will and the Divine Will parted ways and man was left to cope with his human will, which had formerly received its strength, holiness, and beauty from the Divine Will, but now had become miserable, weak and ugly, incapable of any lasting good unless it cooperated with the mercy of Divine Grace.

The Seven Petitions of the Lord’s Prayer

Our Father:  By beginning with “Our” Father instead of “My” Father, Jesus referred to Him as Father of the entire human family.

  1. 1. Hallowed be thy Name: Jesus wanted his Father’s name to be recognized as Holy, to be honored, respected, reverenced, loved, and adored.
  2. Thy Kingdom come: Jesus taught the “Our Father” prayer because He wanted everyone to pray for the Father’s Kingdom to come to souls on earth so that the Divine Will could be done on earth as in Heaven. He added that if It were not to come, it would have been useless to teach such a Prayer and that He never does useless things.  But, It will certainly come, since Jesus prayed with the Father’s own Will asking for something that the Father Himself wanted.

3a. Thy Will be Done:Jesus explained to Luisa that with the words “Thy Will be done” he wanted all Christians in every age pray that God give them the grace to at least to do the Will of God: otherwise, they shouldn’t even be called Christians if they do not dispose themselves to do the Will of their Father in Heaven.

3b. On Earth as in Heaven:Immediately after “Thy Will be done” Jesus added the words, “on earth as It is in Heaven.” With these words one prays that the Father’s Kingdom may come on earth so that creatures can live in It. Souls in Heaven not only do the Will of God but live in It and possess It as their own Kingdom. Only doing the Will of God means to submit to the commands that God gives us, but does not mean to take possession of the Divine Will and live in It, which is to reacquire the happiest state of all.  It means returning to the order, the place and the purpose for which human beings were created by God in the beginning.

  1. Give us this day our Daily Bread: Jesus had in mind three breads.  The First Bread is the bread of the Divine Will—bread which is necessary in every moment of our day. When this First Bread of the Divine Will nourishes us, then the Second Bread of the Holy Eucharist will be able to provide all the fruits of the Sacramental Life of Jesus, because then He won’t have to deal with the corrupted and disgusting bread of the human will.  Thus, in this Second Bread—the Holy Eucharist—Jesus will then be able to give us all the fruits, benefits, blessings and sanctity of this Sacrament as well as all the fruits of the other Sacraments instituted by Our Lord.  In asking the Father for the Third Bread, He asks for—the material bread for our natural life
  2. Forgive us our trespasses AS we forgive those who trespass against us:This foretells that charity will also be perfect, because having eaten the bread of the Divine Will as did the Humanity of Jesus, forgiveness will bear the mark of heroism as Our Lord possessed it on the Cross. And all the virtues, being absorbed into the Divine Will will be imprinted with divine virtue and authentic heroism.
  3. 6. Lead us not into temptation: This is certainly a mysterious petition, which prompts one to ask, “How could God ever lead us into temptation?”  Yet the key to this mystery is the First Bread of “Give us our daily bread.” God made man free, and He will never take away this right. But fallen man, aware of his weakness, silently cries out and prays without words for God to give him the Bread of the Divine Will, which will provide him with the strength to reject all temptation.
  4. Deliver us from evil: With these words Jesus asks that by the power of the bread of the Divine Will we may be delivered from every evil.

May it be so! Amen!                                                              Thomas Fahy

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