Messages of Gold

Dear Readers,

FINALLY!! I have email capability after several weeks.

I am writing from Garabandal, where I have been since late September.

Kathy and Ann Ellison are here, and Chris Flugel is with us, too.

Jerry and Gail Lawson have been handling operations back at the Center for the Divine Will in Tennessee.

Here in Garabandal we are in the process of constructing the Grotto for Our Lady that we have been wanting to construct since the opening of the House of Sanctification here in Garabandal on June 1, 2000. We are also preparing a passage way to the property behind the House of Sanctification so that vehicles can to it. That property is several feet abruptly higher than the front property.

Considerable earth removal has been necessary for both the Grotto and the passage way, requiring heavy equipment.

The Grotto will be approximately 40 square meters directly in front of the House of Sanctification on the right (as one faces the House). The Grotto will have stone walls, one of which is almost completed.

We have never been able to undertake these projects, and had no plans to do so this year, but suddenly circumstances surprised us when a contractor friend of ours here in Garabandal arranged for some heavy equipment and workers to begin these projects at a reasonable cost.

But we have had unexpected, lengthy delays, mostly due to problems with the heavy equipment.

I am attaching a couple of pictures related to these projects. In one of the pictures, you will see the white van we very gratefully obtained last year with your donated support.

We have also done a lot of land clearing. The front of the property had gotten overgrown with unwanted vegetation and the rear property had been neglected for many years, where at least 100 small diameter trees had grown on the west side of that area. Chris Flugel has done a great job in clearing these trees opening it up to the sunlight, for possible gardening in the future. All those trees are lying there waiting to be cut into firewood.

In spite of limited news availability over the past several weeks, we have been able to be informed about the October Synod in Rome, and to a limited measure we have been informed about world events. Now, with the recently obtained Internet service at the House of Sanctification, we are getting more news.

It seems that the only good news, though, is that the General Reign of the Divine Will is getting closer for the Glory of God, as this sorry world (not the beautiful planet) goes through its pitiful demise.

There are many signs that major events predicted at Fatima and Garabandal are very imminent. These painful events, and the happy ones also, are necessary to prepare the way for the General Reign of the Divine Will on Earth as in Heaven.

One good aspect of being without Internet service, is having more time to study Luisa´s writings. I hope to share with you some beautiful “pearls” of the Divine Will in the near future.

Also, I will be sending you very soon all the information you will need for getting copies of the New, OFFICIAL BIOGRAPHY OF LUISA, published in ENGLISH by the Vatican Press. Our Center for the Divine Will will be involved in distributing this Official Biography. I have read parts of the Italian version and was amazed to learn things about Luisa that I had not
known about her during the past 42 years of studying her life and writings.

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