Messages of Gold

Dear  Brothers and Sisters in the Life of the Divine Will,
New Years Day of 2016 is near to closing from my location.
With Baby Jesus and Mary, I wish you a Holy New Year, with wonderful growth in the Life of the Divine Will.
Below is an extract from Luisa´s writings about a New Year´s present she asked of Baby Jesus.
Attached is a picture of the finished walls of the Grotto in Progress for Our Lady. Tomorrow, weather permitting, the worker will lay the floor tiles on top of the concrete floor.
Then an electrician will connect receptacles and light fixtures to the wiring which is already in place in various spots.
Meanwhile, a diligent search continues for a beautiful, outdoor statue of Our Lady to be installed in the Grotto. Then the stone masons will build a surround for the statue.
In the Most Holy and Adorable Will of God,
Thomas Fahy
New Years Day writing from Luisa:

January 1, 1927 – Luisa asks Baby Jesus for a present for the New Year.

The will of the soul is a present for Baby Jesus. His whole life was the symbol of the Divine Will and an invitation to souls by the Divine Will. To acquire knowledge of the Divine Will is the way to hasten the coming of the Kingdom of His Will.


(I was reflecting on the old year which was setting, and the new one which was dawning.)


I continued to soar in the light of the Divine Will, and I was begging the pretty little Baby that, just as the old year was dying never to be re-born, so He would make my own will die and live no more. And I asked that as a present for the New Year, He would give me His Will—just as I gave Him the gift of mine, so that He could place it as a footstool at His tender little feet—so that it might have no other life but His Will alone. Now, while I was saying this and some other things, my sweet Jesus came out from within me, and said to me: Daughter of My Will, how I love, long, and desire that your own will might come to an end in you. O how gladly I accept your present! How delightful it will be for Me to keep it as a soft footstool under My feet. Indeed, as long as the human will remains in the soul—outside of its center (which is God)—the human will is hard. But when it enters again into the center from which it came, and serves as a footstool for the feet of your little Baby Jesus, it becomes soft, and I use it to entertain Myself. As little as I am, is it not right that I have some entertainment? Isn’t it right that—in the midst of so many sorrows, deprivations and tears—I have your will to make Me smile?


Now, you must know that the soul who puts an end to her own will, returns to the source from which she came. And the new life—the life of light, the perennial life of My Will—begins in her. You see: When I came down to earth, I wanted to give many examples and illustrations of how I wanted to put an end to the human will. I wanted to be born at midnight, so as to cleave the night of the human will with the bright day of My Own. And even though at midnight the night continues, it does not end everything—it is yet the beginning of a new day—and My Angels, to honor My birth and to announce to everyone the day of My Will from midnight on gladdened the firmament of heaven with new stars and new suns, so as to turn the night into something greater than daylight. This was the homage that the Angels gave to My little Humanity—where the full day of the Sun of My Divine Will dwelt—and they called mankind into the full day of My Will. Although I was still little, I submitted Myself to the very cruel cut of circumcision, which made Me shed bitter tears on account of the pain—and not only did I do this, but My Mama and dear St. Joseph cried with Me. It was the cleavage of the human will that I wanted to achieve—so that souls might let the Divine Will flow within that wound and so that a broken will might have life no more, but only Mine, which had flowed within that wound to start its life anew.


When I was still little, I wanted to flee to Egypt. A tyrannical and iniquitous will wanted to murder Me—a symbol of the human will that wants to murder Mine—and I fled, so as to say to all: “Flee the human will, if you do not want Mine to be put to death.” My whole life was nothing but the calling of the Divine Will into the human. In Egypt I lived like a stranger among those people—which symbolized the alienation of My Will in the midst of mankind and the reality that whoever wants to live in peace, united with My Will, must live as if he were estranged from the human will. Otherwise, there will always be war between the two of them—they are two irreconcilable wills.

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