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With certain exceptions, when Jesus was on earth, He put into effect the continuous miracle of hiding the brilliant light of the Divine Will that emanated from his humanity. He kept this light continuously hidden from the sight of men, except on the occasions of the Transfiguration, viewed by the apostles Peter, James, and John. He also let this light emanate at the time of his infancy when visited by the Three Wise Men. It is very possible there were other instances of this, of which I have not read or heard about.
I mention this because it seems that Jesus worked in a similar way after teaching the apostles the Lord’s Prayer. He kept hidden the great light of essential messages contained in the various petitions of that Prayer that He Himself knew and understood as He taught that Prayer—a Prayer which Christians have been praying for the past 2000 years.

The Roman Catechism, based on the Council of Trent, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church give commentaries on those holy petitions in the Lord’s Prayer; and even though those commentaries contain truth, the supreme and brilliant light hidden in those petitions has been kept secret by a “miracle” of Divine Providence and Wisdom until our times.

In our times, Jesus not only uncovers and displays the pent up Love of the Holy Trinity and the Supreme Brilliance of the Petitions in the Lord’s Prayer, by making them known to us through the hand of Luisa Piccarreta, but also manifests the fulfillment and granting of those marvelous petitions, making them now effective in the souls who truly want those granted petitions, according to the various degrees that such souls come to know, possess, and apply their effects.

In the Writings of Luisa Piccarreta, we learn that the Redemptive Action of Jesus began immediately with His Incarnation in the most pure womb of Mary and that all through his private, hidden life, He did what was necessary for the best and highest part of Redemption—the Return of Man to his Original State in human history, before the end of time.

At the age of 30, He began his public life, preached the Gospel, worked miracles, promoted the Christian virtues, instituted the Catholic Church and the Sacraments, suffered the Passion, and died Crucified. Then He resurrected, lived 40 more days on Earth and ascended to Heaven, leaving Himself on earth in the Blessed Sacrament with the permission of his Heavenly Father.

Jesus opened the Gates of Heaven, which had been closed since the Original Sin of Adam, to those who would participate in the opportunities He provided through His Church. The Gospel that He gave to the world would be passed down through the generations by tradition and by what was recorded in the New Testament, both of which would be interpreted by the Magisterium of the Pope and the Bishops in union with him. This knowledge would provide the ABC’s of authentic Religion and would be most helpful for Salvation and various degrees of Sanctification in the human order, assisted by Grace.

But man had not yet been restored to his Original State, which would return him to the Divine Order, his proper Place, and the very Purpose for which man had been created.

This greater part of Redemption accomplished interiorly by Our Lord, primarily during his private, hidden life, and which would bring about the fullness of Redemption and the means for humans to return to the Original State of Man and its Divine Sanctity, was still to be manifested. Even though this fullness of Redemption had been completed by Him, it had not been manifested while He was on earth. Jesus wanted humanity to pray for that fullness to come at the appropriate time decreed by the Holy Trinity. Therefore, Jesus taught the Prayer of the “Our Father” to the Apostles, who were to pass this prayer on to the whole Church, which has now been praying this Prayer for 2000 years, while not really knowing its complete meaning and the true purpose of that Prayer.

Today, thanks to the Divine Decree of the Holy Trinity and the cooperation of Luisa Piccarreta, who was chosen by God to be the first recipient of the Manifestation of the Father’s Will reigning and operating in souls and souls operating in that same Will, we now have the means to return to the awesome and glorious, Original State of Man!

The major work of Luisa, the 36 Volume “Book of Heaven” has incorporated in its Title, the following words: “The Call to the creature to return to the Order, the Place, and the Purpose for which he was created by God.” Purely and simply this Call from Heaven is for man (the creature of God) to return to his Original State! And God has now manifested the knowledge and means for accomplishing this return to the most happy and glorious state, which fulfills the purpose of the Creation of man for giving the full vastness of the Glory to God, rightfully due to Him.

Please Note: In the Writings of Luisa given to her by Jesus, He speaks of Three Major Fiats of God in relation to man: Creation, Redemption, and Sanctification (Thy Will be done on Earth as in Heaven). These writings are about the way the Divine Will is done, possessed and lived in Heaven and is to be done in fulfilment of the Lord’s Prayer on earth in human history. Thus, the Third Fiat of God is the fulfilment of the Lord’s Prayer but also the completion of Redemption because it returns us to where Man was in the beginning before withdrawing his human will from unity with the Divine Will to do his own will. That withdrawal was the reality of Original Sin. The fulfillment of the Lord’s Prayer allows us now to reunite our human will in the Divine Will as in Heaven, where the Divine Will reigns and operates freely in the soul and the soul operates freely in the Divine Will with the transformation of human acts into divine acts, with the imprinting of God’s attributes of divine beauty, divine holiness, etc., etc., etc., in the soul.

—Thomas Fahy

Below are some excerpts from Luisa’s writings about returning to the Original State of Man.
Some Extracts on the Original State of Man (Book of Heaven)

Then, moved to tears and sorrowful for poor man, He kept silent; and I thought to myself: “How can we return to the original state of Creation since the human will has made man fall into an abyss of miseries, almost deforming him from the way in which he was created?” And my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, my Will can do anything. Just as It made man from nothing, so It can draw the new man from his miseries – and without changing method from the way in which we created him. Leaving him his free will, We will use another loving device: the light of Our Will will unleash Its most refulgent rays more powerfully; It will draw near him, in such a way as to look at his human will face to face, which will receive the enchantment of a penetrating light that, while dazzling it, draws it sweetly to Itself. And the human will, attracted by a light so radiant and of rare beauty, will have the desire to see what is so beautiful in this light. In looking, it will undergo an enchantment; it will feel happy and will love – not being forced, but spontaneously – to live in Our Will.

“With the Kingdom of my Will everything will be renewed in Creation; things will return to their original state. This is why many scourges are necessary, and will take place – so that Divine Justice may place Itself in balance with all of my attributes, in such a way that, by balancing Itself, It may leave the Kingdom of my Will in Its peace and happiness. Therefore, do not be surprised if such a great good, which I am preparing and which I want to give, is preceded by many scourges. It is my Justice that claims Its rights, so that, once balanced, It may place Itself in peace with the creatures, bothering them no more; more so, since the children of the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat will no longer offend It, and my Divine Justice will change all of Itself into Love and Mercy for them.

Vol. 12
The generations will not end until My Will reigns upon earth. My Redeeming FIAT will place Itself in the middle, between the Creating FIAT and the Sanctifying FIAT. All three of them will intertwine and accomplish man’s sanctification. The third FIAT will give man so much as to make him return almost to his original condition; and only then, when I see man just as he came forth from Me, will My work be complete, and I will rest perpetually in My final FIAT. Only life in My Will shall bring man back to his original state. That is why you must be attentive, and united with Me, help Me to complete man’s sanctification.

Vol. 14
My Will maintains a perfect equilibrium. My equilibrium carries with it order, dominion, concord, profit, and harmony. All things harmonize with each other as if they were one. Order brings equilibrium, and equilibrium brings likeness. That is why there is so much harmony, order and likeness in the Three Divine Persons. All created things exist in perfect harmony: One acts as the suste-nance, the strength and the life of another. If but one created thing produced disharmony, then all the others would drift out of place and be destroyed. Only man separated from Us, from the equilibrium of Our Will. O how man wandered—and from his place on high fell into the depths of the abyss! And even with My Redemption, the entire human family has failed to return to its original state. This shows that to withdraw from the equilibrium of Our Will is the worst thing: It means to throw oneself into chaos, disorder and the ocean of all miseries.

My Eternal Love would not be satisfied if It had not elevated a soul of ordinary creation to open the doors of My Will for whoever wished to enter to live in Our Will. This is why you have received so many revelations from Me; why I have revealed to you so many effects of My Will. These are powerful magnets to attract you, and, after you, others to live in My Will. But to enter into Our Will and to follow the sublime flight of My acts and those of My inseparable Mother, being of the common stock of mankind, you could not have entered into Our Will, if you had not at least been transformed into the nature that came forth from Our hands before man withdrew from Our Will.

This is why I have given you so many of My graces. I want to grind and polish your nature, your soul, to that original state. Gradually, in the measure that I gave My graces, I removed from you the seeds, the tendencies, the passions of a rebellious nature, but always without limiting your free will.

Vol. 15
My Will is the same Will that worked in Redemption, and that wanted to make use of a Virgin. What portents and prodigies of grace It worked in Her! My Will is great—It bears every blessing; and when It acts it works generously. And if My Will goes about doing good works for all mankind, It puts all of Its gifts into play.

Now My Will wants to employ another virgin—to concentrate Its Will in her and to begin to make known that Its Will must be done “on earth as It is in Heaven.” And if in Redemption It wanted to come to save man when he was lost—to atone for his sins (which man had no power to do) and to rescue him and so many other goods that Redemption contains—now I want to express even more love than I did even in Redemption by making My Will be done “on earth as It is in Heaven.” Now My Will is coming to restore man to his original state of nobility and to fulfill the purpose for which he was created. Now My Will comes to open a channel between Itself and the human will, so that the human will can be absorbed by this Divine Will, so that it can be mastered by It, and let It live within itself—and My Will shall reign on earth as It does in Heaven.

Vol. 16
O how much easier it was for Me to pray for his salvation than to reorder his interior in My Supreme Will! Had I not done this, Redemption would not have been complete, nor would it have been a work worthy of a God. I would neither have fixed nor ordered all the parts of man, nor would I have restored that sanctity that was lost by withdrawing from the Divine Will and by breaking off relations with It. The plan is already accomplished, but to make it known, it was first necessary for man to know that he could obtain forgiveness and salvation with My life and Passion, to dispose him to know how I had begged the greatest and most important thing for him-–the new rising of his will in Mine, to give him back his nobility and the relations with My Will which had been broken—and, with them, his original state.

Vol. 19
My daughter, everything was ordained—the epoch and the exact time—both with regard to Redemption and to making My Will known upon the earth for the sake of Its reign. It was ordained that My Redemption would serve as a help to mankind. It was not the original state of man, but it arose as a way of way of bringing man back, after he had drifted away from his beginning. On the other hand, My Will was man’s beginning and the end in which he had to enclose himself.

All things take their beginning from My Will, and everything must return into It; and if everyone does not return to My Will in time—no one will escape from It in eternity. That is why, for this reason as well, primacy always belongs to My Will. Now, to achieve the Redemption, I needed a Virgin Mother conceived without the shadow of original sin, because—since I had to take on human flesh—it was fitting that I, the Eternal Word, should not use tainted blood to form My Most Holy Humanity. Now, to make known My Will, so that It would reign there, I had no need to make a second Mother in the order of grace. Indeed, to make sure that My Will would reign, I did not need another Humanity. But if one gives souls a knowledge of My Will, they will be attracted by Its wonders—by Its beauty and sanctity and by the greatest blessings that can befall a creature—and, with total love, they will subject themselves to Its reign. And that is why when I chose you for the mission of My Will, I took you from common stock, according to the natural order. But for the dignity of My Will, according to the order of grace, I must raise you up very high, and I must not leave any hint of a taint in your soul that could make My Will the least bit reluctant to reign in you. As the pure blood of the Immaculate Virgin was needed to form My Humanity to redeem man, so do I need the purity, simplicity, sanctity, and beauty of your soul, to be able to form the life of My Will in you.

-Submitted by Tom Fahy

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