Messages of Gold

Dear Reader,

Please have a Very Holy New Year in the now developing Reign of the Divine Will on Earth.

Below are some Pearls from the Manifestation of the Reign of the Divine Will given

to humanity though the Writings of Luisa Piccarreta, her life, and her sufferings:


January 25, 1922
Each truth contains within itself a distinct beatitude, happiness, joy and beauty. What it means to have known on earth one more truth about the Divine Will when the soul will be in Heaven.

My daughter, the more truths I reveal to you, the greater variety of beatitudes I give you as gifts. Each truth contains within itself a distinct beatitude, happiness, joy and beauty; and that is why every additional truth you know brings beatitude, happiness, joy and beauty into yourself to enrich you. These seeds that the soul receives are Divine; and by showing them to others, she communicates these seeds and enriches whoever receives them.

Now, since the truths that one has known on earth are Divine seeds which sprout with beatitudes, joy, and the like, when the soul reaches her Heavenly Fatherland they will be like electric wires of communication through which the Divinity will put forth from Its bosom so many acts of beatitude for as many truths as one has known. O how the soul will be flooded, as though by many different boundless seas! She already has the seed, and by having the seed, she has room to receive these immense seas of happiness, joy and beauty. One who does not have the seed—who has not known a truth while on earth—lacks the room to be able to receive these beatitudes.

Now, the truths are the secretaries of my beatitudes, and if I do not reveal them to souls, they do not crack the code which those truths contain. They swim within my Divinity, waiting for their turn to act as Divine agents, and to make Me known. How many more beatitudes I contain! And the longer they have remained hidden in my womb, the more uproariously and majestically they come out to inundate creatures and to show forth my Glory.

Do you believe that all of Heaven is aware of all my goods? No, no! O how much remains for It to enjoy, that It does not enjoy today! Every creature who enters into Heaven who has known one more truth unknown to the others, will carry within herself the seed to send forth from Me new happiness, new beauty, and new joys. And these souls will be their fountain and their cause, while the others will take part in them.

The last day will not come if I do not find souls who are disposed, so that I can reveal all my truths—so that the Heavenly Jerusalem resounds with my full Glory, and all the Blessed share in all my beatitudes—some as a direct cause of having known that truth, and some as an indirect cause, through the one who has known it.

Now, my daughter, to console you—and so that you may be more attentive in listening to my truths—I want to tell you which truths glorify Me the most: those that concern my Will, since the primary reason for which I created man was that his will be one with his Creator. But, having withdrawn from my Will, man made himself unworthy of knowing the merits, the effects and all the truths that It contains.

This is the reason for all the attention I pay you: that our wills would run together between us, and always be in perfect accord. Indeed, so that the soul may open the doors and become disposed to know the truths that my Will contains, the first thing is to want to live by my Will, the second is to want to know It, and the third is to appreciate It. That is why with you I opened the doors of my Will, so that you might know Its secrets, which man had buried in my womb, as well as Its effects and the value It contains.

And you will receive as many seeds as the truths you come to know about my Will, and the same number of Divine secretaries will form your entourage. O how they make merry around you, having found one to whom to confide their secret! But they will hold their most beautiful feast when they bring you to Heaven. Then, as you first enter, the Divinity will pour forth so many different beatitudes of joy, happiness and beauty—all different among themselves—which will not only inundate you, but all the Blessed as well. O how Heaven awaits your coming, to enjoy these new delights!

December 3, 1921
Redemption is salvation; the Divine Will is Sanctity.

I was feeling annihilated and consumed with doubts because of all that my Jesus says about His Divine Will; and I thought to myself: ”How is it possible that He let so many centuries go by without making known these wonders of the Divine Will—and that, from so many saints, He did not choose one who would initiate this wholly-divine Sanctity? And yet there have been the Apostles and many other great Saints who astonished the whole world.”

Now, while I was thinking of this—not giving me time and interrupting my thought—He came and said to me: The little Daughter of my Will does not want to change her mind—why do you still doubt?

And I said: “Because I see that I am so wicked—and, the more You speak, the more annihilated I feel.”

And Jesus said: This is what I want—your annihilation; and the more I speak to you about my Will—since my word is creative—the more it creates my Will in yours; and the power of My Will leaves yours annihilated and dissolved: This is the reason for your annihilation. Know that your will must dissolve within Mine, just as the snow melts under the rays of a burning sun.

Now, you must know that the greater the work I want to do, the more preparations are needed. How many prophecies, how many preparations, how many centuries preceded my Redemption! How many symbols and figures anticipated the Conception of my Heavenly Mama? Then, after I accomplished the Redemption, I had to confirm man in the blessings of Redemption; and for this I chose the Apostles to strengthen the fruits of Redemption—since they were to look for the lost souls and lead them to safety through the Sacraments.

Indeed, Redemption is salvation—it is to save man from any kind of precipice. This is why I told you another time that making the soul live in my Will is greater than Redemption Itself—because to be saved, and to live a life in the middle, now falling and now standing up, is not so difficult. And this was what I asked for by my Redemption—because I wanted to save man at any cost; and I entrusted this work to my Apostles, as the custodians of the fruits of Redemption. That is why, having to do the lesser thing first, I left the greater thing for later, reserving other times for the fulfillment of my lofty plans.

Now, living in my Will is not only salvation, but a Sanctity which must surpass all other sanctities, and which must bear the seal of the Sanctity of its Creator. That is why lesser sanctities had to come first, as a cortege, as footmen, messengers and preparations for this Sanctity which is completely Divine.

And just as in the Redemption I chose my incomparable Mama as the link of union with Me—from which the fruits of Redemption had to descend—I chose you as the link of union from which the Sanctity of living in my Will was to have its beginning—a Sanctity which came out from my Will to bring Me the full glory of the purpose for man’s creation and which would make man come back along the same steps of my Will, to return to his Creator. Why do you wonder at this then? These things are established from eternity, and no one will be able to change them.

And since this is a great thing—to establish my Kingdom in the soul even here on earth—I acted like a King who has to take possession of a Kingdom. He does not go there first; rather, first he has his royal palace prepared; then he sends his soldiers to prepare the Kingdom and to dispose the people for his rule; then follow the guards of honor and the ministers—and the last one to come is the King. To do this is only fitting for a King. And I did the same: I had my Royal Palace made ready—which is the Church.

My soldiers have been the Saints, to make Me known to the people. Then came the Saints who sowed miracles, as my most intimate ministers; and now I Myself come to reign as King. That is why I had to choose a soul in whom to build my first dwelling, and in whom to establish this Kingdom of my Will. So, let Me reign, and give Me total freedom.

Submitted by Thomas Fahy

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