Messages of Gold

Dear Readers,

There are so many marvelous attributes of God that emanate from his Divine Will! In this Message of Gold
I am choosing a few of those attributes for learning and meditating upon them from the Writings of Luisa Piccarreta.

Some time ago, I received a “sudden illumination” about the fragrance of the speech of Jesus coming from the Divine Will. At the time, I had not remembered that this reality was brought to light in Volume One of the “Book of Heaven.” So, being very excited about that “sudden illumination,” I kept that marvel in my mind to meditate from time to time and to expand that concept to other
attributes such as flavor, beauty, and fruitfulness, and more.

I also thought a lot about these and other attributes being communicated by the Divine Will to souls who respond to Heaven’s call to receive the Gift of the Divine Will, which enables us to make the return to the Original State of Man and to do the Will of our Father as It is done in Heaven.

I spent a lot of time researching these attributes, collecting them into a document and preparing them for sharing with all the readers
of these Messages of Gold. BUT I have so much collected that I can’t find the time to put it all in good order. Therefore, I am going
to share some of the passages on the attributes of Flavor, Fragrance, Fruitfulness, and Beauty, and a couple of other passages on other subjects found in the context of those attributes.

But first, please think about the following which came to mind yesterday morning. I am sure that many people are feeling concerns about the Signs of the ominous present Times. The following is one, which struck me yesterday morning:

It came to me that I have read little of nothing about the years leading up to World War One, where there were reports of statues, paintings, and icons of Our Lady or Our Lord crying tears of water or tears of Blood. Nor have read about these things happening
in the years leading up to World War Two. Both of those wars brought terribly horrible sufferings upon the world.

In the past 40 years, there have been hundreds (it seems) of reports of such phenomena from all over the world. This portends something enormous is coming from Divine Justice, and is already happening with the loss of souls. I don’t need to tell you
what to do.

Now for some beautiful and holy words from Heaven—

The Flavor, Fragrance, Fruitfulness, and Beauty
of the Adorable Will of God
(from various places in Writings of Luisa Piccarreta)
My daughter, every day the sun gives light, heat, sweetness, fragrance, color, fruitfulness and various flavors—and in this way it beautifies the earth. Just by touching the earth with its light and molding it with its heat, it makes the plants and all of nature fruitful. It sweetens the fruits and gives a variety of colors and perfumes to the flowers, forming a sweet delight for the generations of men.
The same thing happens with the soul who lives in My Will—which far surpasses the sowing of the sun. My Will sows light, love, and varieties of beauty and holiness in the soul who lives in It, giving to each seed, a divine fruitfulness. And O how beautiful it is to see this creature so embellished and made fruitful by Our divine sowing. How special she is, enchanting Our divine eyes.
As the king in all Creation, the sun dwells above all things, and the whole of nature seems to beg the sun for what forms its life, its beauty, and its fruitfulness. The flower begs the sun for its beauty, color, and fragrance; and as it blooms and unfolds, it opens its mouth to receive heat and light from the sun, to acquire color and fragrance, and to form its life. The plants beg the sun for ripeness, sweetness and flavor. All things beg their life from the sun.

My Will is greater than the sun, and as the soul enters into Its burning rays, she receives life; and as she keeps repeating her acts in My Will, she receives now My beauty, now My sweetness and fruitfulness, now My goodness and sanctity. So, each time she enters the rays of My Will, she receives many more divine qualities. O how many different beauties, how much liveliness of color, how many fragrances she acquires! If these souls could be seen by other creatures, they would form their paradise on earth, so great is their beauty. They are My reflections—My true images.

Now, as in creation We created a sun that gives light to all things with its animating light and heat, so it transforms the face of the earth and sows in each plant—in some their color, in others their fragrance, in others, their sweetness—and there is no place where the sun does not have its effect. It is like the seed of mature growth, to make all plants fit for man’s food and to delight him with so many flavors—almost too many to count.

In the same way Our Supreme Being reserved the noblest part of man for Itself—that is, his soul. More powerfully than the rays of the sun We transfix his interior, We pierce it, and We mold it, and, as We touch him, more speedily than the light of the sun, We sow the seed of Our thought in his mind, the seed of Our Memory in his memory, the seed of Our Will in his will, the seed of the word in his voice, the seed of Our motion in his works, the seed of Our love in his heart, and so on with everything else.

My daughter, you ought to know that We love man with a perfect love. And so, for this reason, in creating him, We placed in him complete happiness, love, holiness and perfect beauty. In this way, man could compete with Us and exchange happiness, love and perfect holiness with Us. And thus We could delight so much in him as to be able to say: “How beautiful is the work We created.” And to be sure that Our gifts did not suffer harm in man, We entrusted him to Our Divine Will, so that It could serve as man’s life and keep Our happiness, love, holiness and beauty within him, making them grow always greater and greater. In this way all that was good in man was tied to Our Divine Will. If he rejects the Divine Will, all of his blessings are finished. There is no greater misfortune than that of not letting oneself be ruled by My Divine Will—because It alone keeps and recalls Our blessings in man.
By Its own nature My Will wants to follow Its pathway of light in the soul in whom It reigns. And since Its light possesses innumerable effects, It never tires or exhausts Itself. And that is why It wants to communicate Its effects—and It tastes victory when It finds you disposed. Then It can communicate Its effects more powerfully than the sun does to a seed, a flower or a fruit. It can communicate Its divine fragrance, color, and sweetness which It transforms into knowledge of the things that concern My Will, and produces the enchanting splendors of the garden of My Will.

Every saying, every effect, every new degree of knowledge of My Will shall be one more flavor that they discover in this food—so that they will eat it with gusto. Everything I tell you [Luisa] about My Will shall serve to whet their appetite, so that—no matter what it costs them—they will take no other food. If a food were said to be good, to restore strength, to heal the sick, to contain all flavors, and even more, to give life, beauty and happiness—who would not make any sacrifice to take this food? So it will be for My Will. The knowledge of It is necessary to make It loved and desired.

The more souls have comprehended Me in life, the more they will comprehend Me in Heaven; and the more their minds have comprehended Me, the more I will flood them with My joy and happiness. To their mouths I will give the harvest of a variety of divine flavors, and their voices will rise in harmony above all the Blessed. And to their works I will give the harvest of My gifts; and so on with all the rest of their attributes.

And O how content We are when man gives Us his acts that radiate the Divine. We smell Our fragrances; We touch our holiness and goodness; and We feel Ourselves repaid with the crumbs that We gave him.

In the creation of man, We did one act—but in this unique act everything went forth from Us at once: sanctity, power, wisdom, love, beauty, and goodness—in short, none of Our qualities failed to come forth from Us and to be infused into man in that single act.

—submitted by Thomas Fahy

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