Messages of Gold

Dear Readers,

FINALLY! I have an opportunity to write to you.

The Divine Will Conference in Tampa was really great according to the many things that filled the conference atmosphere; the smiles and attitude of the 350 participants,including 13 Priests, the ten speakers (five Priests and five lay persons); Kathy in the
bookstore;Jerry and Gail operating the video equipment; and Carol Vaughan operating the projector to visually fill the huge screen; and the emails that came this way after the conference.

The subjects of the 14 talks plus the homilies were very interesting and very helpful for the extension of the Reign of the Divine Will.

The conference ended about noon on Sunday, September 11, but Kathy and I, and Ann Ellison stayed overnight on Sunday, when my daughter Evelyn and her husband Jeff, came to spend some fun time with us. They came in to spend a few days in the area as a mini-vacation.

Sunday afternoon was a time for a lot of packing, as well as Monday morning. I was glad that almost all the boxes of books and booklets and other items we brought to the conference were empty and we did not have to take those boxes back.

Well, we left Tampa about 10:30 AM on Monday morning but did not arrive home in Tennessee until 5:00 PM on Wednesday. We drove north on I-75 to just below Macon, GA, when a fierce storm came upon us. We pulled off and went to a motel for the night.

Tuesday morning we got off I-75 and had a beautiful, relaxed drive on back roads of central Georgia. It was so pleasant and beautiful, like it was back in the 1940’s and 1950’s, when America was a simple God-loving country.

We stopped in the town of Helen in north central Georgia and had a German cuisine meal at a restaurant that specializes in German food. The we pressed on through the mountains of north Georgia and went to Bald Mountain just before closing. Bald Mountain is the highest point in Georgia and the views in all directions are marvelous.

We spent the night in Blairsville, GA, and then made our way into southeastern Tennessee. We stopped in Tellico Plains at the foot of the Smokey Mountains. After Kathy and Ann did some shopping, we drove east and then south to spend some time at a wondrous waterfall between some of the mountains in the area.

Then we retraced our way back to Tellico Plains and Uh! Oh! Kathy and Ann had a little more shopping in mind. But I was a nice guy and didn’t mind.

Instead of heading over to I-75, we took another route to Knoxville and then got onto I-75 to drive to the exit to our home 35 miles northeast of Knoxville.

Since returning home, we all have been plenty, plenty busy for a whole variety of reasons.

I would like to ATTACH a small pearl of the New and Divine Holiness with this Email. It consists of three extracts from the Writings of Luisa. These three extracts are part of my talk at the Tampa Conference, which consisted of 90 extracts supporting the Theme of that talk: “The Self-made Destiny of God and Man.”

That theme entered my life 10 months ago, and I have been absorbed with it ever since. At this point in my years of studying the pages of the “Book of Heaven,” I feel more enraptured by these truths than any and all that I have found so amazingly wonderful in those writings.

Oh! Oh! What God had planned for Mankind! And for Himself! It was all put aside when our father Adam chose to do his own will and leave the Divine Will. And now! God wants to start over again. He wants to fulfill his destiny for us and for Him as we enter the extraordinary new era for mankind.

which from the Pearl for this Message of Gold.

The Three Extracts from the Booklet about the Self-made Destiny of God and Man
“My daughter, O how beautiful is My rest in the soul that My Will animates. In and through all that she does she loves My Will within her! You must know that as the soul breathes, throbs, works, thinks, loves, and acts—and in everything else that unfolds within her (because My Will is the center of life within the soul)—it is My Will that breathes in her, throbs, and gives motion to her work, circulation to her blood, thought to her mind, love to her heart and everything else.
And since the three Divine Persons possess this same Will, it so happens that They feel within Themselves the breath of the soul, her heartbeat, and her motion. And each time Our Will decides to form an act, It causes Us to bring forth new joys, new beatitudes, new happiness which, brings everything within the three Divine Persons into harmony, forming boundless seas of new happiness, and embraces all the blessed who remain enraptured in these joys and moved by this ecstasy.
And when Our Will wants to form other acts to make Us happier and to make Us bring forth new beatitudes, the blessed become more moved and more strongly enraptured in Our infinite beatitudes. Now, this is why the soul who lets Our Will live within her reaches so high. As she acts, she gives Us a chance to set our beatitudes in motion, as well as the harmonies and infinite joys of Our love.”
—submitted by Thomas Fahy
These extracts and the other 87 extracts on this theme are found in the booklet on this sublime theme about the Self–made destiny of God and Man. One can get copies of the booklet for $3.00 from our Center. Call 423-566-5178.

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