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Sorrowful Times, Times of Purification, then
Happy Days of Triumph and Peace!

During one of Luisa’s experiences in which Jesus had taken her soul out her body Luisa was shown the terrible state of the Church, in which many who should have supported her, had become traitors.

Yet, in the same writing, looking beyond the times of the purification of the Church, Luisa became overjoyed and made the following exclamation:
“O happy days! After this, days of triumph and peace dawned; the face of the earth seemed to be renewed, and the pillar regained its original honor and glory. O happy days, I salute you from afar! Days which will give great glory to my Church, and great honor to God her Head!”

Holy Week reminds us in a special way of the sorrowful experiences of Jesus, the Head of His mystical body—members of His One and Only Church. This mystical body of His Catholic Church is undergoing its Passion, and this same Church will undergo an apparent death, before these present Times of Purification come to an end.

Happily, these sorrowful times will be followed by “O happy days!”—days which will bring great glory to the Church—a resurrected, beautiful and glorious Church, which gives great glory to God, bringing about a new era in which God can rest in souls, and souls can rest in God, for the prime purpose of the Creation of man will be accomplished.

Man will be enabled to return to the original state of living in the Divine Will as did our First Parents, Adam and Eve, whom God created directly and perfectly with his own hands, shortly after man’s home, the universe, was prepared for him. For the Holy Trinity was most eager, anticipating with great delight, to see the Life of Their Own Will operating in Adam, from whom Eve was taken to be his helpmate in a true Paradise of joyful happiness, but, most unfortunately, was soon lost by the disobedience of the Original Sin.

Jesus said to Luisa: “My daughter, My Divine Will is man’s true day. But to form this day, It wants to be called into his act. This is because as My Divine Will is called, It encloses Itself in the act to let Its divine day rise. It has the power to change acts, words, steps, joys and sorrows into the most splendid and enchanting days. Then, as the soul rises from his nightly rest, My Will waits to be called, to form its day of action within him. And since It is the purest light, It does not adapt Itself to working in the dark act of the human will, but changes the act into day with its light and forms there a splendid day full of heroic and divine actions, with the great order and beauty, alone worthy of Its life-giving and active power.

“You could say that It is waiting behind the doors of man’s acts, like the sun behind the windows of rooms. Indeed, even if there is a great deal of light outside, the rooms remain dark—because the doors have not yet been opened. This is why even though My Divine Will is all-filling light, if man’s act does not call It to rise within that act, then the human act always remains dark. So, call It to rise in your every act, if you want It to form Its lovely day within you. And then I can find in you and in all of your acts My days of love that surround Me with joy and delights and make Me repeat: “My delight is to stay with the children of My Divine Will. I will spend My happy days in you—not in the unhappy night of your human will, but in the full presence of My light and in the perennial peace of My Heavenly Home.” Ah, yes, I shall repeat: “I am happy in this creature; in her I feel the echo of My day spent here below on earth and the echo of the day that I spend in My Prison of the Sacrament of Love, the day packed with My Divine Will. So if you want to make Me happy, let Me find in you the active power of My Divine Will that knows how to form My beautiful days of the most brilliant light, all sprinkled with ineffable joys and heavenly happiness.”

“Moreover, from the very beginning of man’s Creation, God placed him in the happy and peaceful day of Our Divine Will. Within him and around him everything was light, or rather, high noon. In his heart, before his eyes, upon his head and even under his steps, he saw and felt the throbbing life of My Holy Will. And while It kept him immersed in the fullness of light and happiness, It closed off to him all the paths and steps of human misery. And by doing his human will, man made some paths away from the light—unhappy ways, sorrowful steps, dense darkness, in which he himself produced misery, tortures, pain, oppressive nights—not of rest but of wakefulness to passions, disturbances and torments.”
From the Apparitions of Fatima, we learn that WAR is the punishment for sin, and that most of sins which bring damnation are sins of the flesh.

When the present world begins to suffer corporaly in an intense manner, many sinners will point their fingers at this or that political person or persons for bringing about so much horror. But the true reason for this is SIN. It seems that never in the history of the world has there been so much sin and so many varieties of sin. At Fatima we also learn that Russia has been chosen by Heaven to be the Scourge of the World.

Because of the many promises made by Jesus to Luisa Piccarreta about fusing oneself in the Divine Will and reading the “Hours of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ,” we have now placed an order to print a New Edition of that book.

This new edition will have larger and darker type, and will be very easy to read, even in low-light circumstances, and the cover will be more durable than in previous editions. I will keep you informed on the progress of this printing.

Please Notice: Two Attachments with this Message of Gold

One of the attachments is the same Title with last week’s Message of Gold. But it has been corrected and formatted to read more easily. There were some mistakes and confused expressions in last week’s attachment with the title: “The Completion of Redemption Leads to the Reign of the Divine Will on Earth as in Heaven, which was the Very Purpose of God in Creating Mankind”.

I take the blame for that for not reading it carefully before sending it. The passages in last week’s attachment were copied and pasted from one of the volumes that was only a temporary version, instead of the final, completed version. Please read the attached, corrected version, because it could be helpful in introducing the Divine Will to others, including Priests.

The other Attachment with this Message of Gold is titled: Catholic historian: We need consecration of Russia to save the Church, which was sent to me a few days ago by Life Site News. I found it to be very appropriate for our present times.

Eternal Blessings to all,
Thomas Fahy

The Completion of Redemption Leads to the Reign of the Divine Will on Earth as in Heaven

Catholic Historian – We need Consecration of Russia to Save the Church

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