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Dear Readers,

THE ORDER FORM FOR THE DVDs and CDs of the Exhilarating Tampa Conference are ATTACHED!

I had hoped to get the from to you earlier, but Divine Providence worked things out Its own way. There was a lot
of work done by our little staff to make very good DVDs and CDs for you.

The Following Message about the “Greatest Secret of All” has resulted from my enchantment with
recent insights into the Gift of the Divine Will that have occupied my mind lately.

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The Seal Has Now Been Broken on the Greatest Secret of All:

God Is and has an order of Being and Existence totally different than that of Man, totally unknowable to Man, unless God reveals some of it to Man, and not understandable to Man, unless God helps Man’s understanding by the Grace of Light to Man’s intellect.

The order of God’s existence requires no one else or anything else to exist. God simply Self-exists without anything to cause His existence, and there are no limits to any aspect of His existence. God’s existence is, therefore, Eternal (without beginning or ending), immense, infinite in Knowledge, Power, Wisdom, and LOVE. God has no need of anything.

Yet, there is a Very Great Secret within His incomprehensible Being of Three Divine Persons. It is His overwhelming desire to use His Infinite Knowledge, Power, Wisdom, and LOVE to share His existence with Man, whom He designed with perfection to be His incredible and inseparable Companion—a Companion with the Freedom to Choose or Not to Choose to remain the Companion of this incomprehensible Being.

What would Self-existing God do if Man, the Treasure of His Heart, chose Not to remain as His incredible and inseparable Companion? Would He annihilate Man?
What is it that God did to perfectly make Man His Incredible and Inseparable Companion? What would happen to Man if he freely rejected this Companionship?

The Seal that has kept This Greatest of Secrets hidden for the past 6000 years has now been Broken! This now unveiled Secret exposes what has been hidden. This Secret is so Immense that it will take another 1000 years to be fully understood and fulfilled by Man. But the Light that emanates from this Greatest of Secrets has already astonished and enchanted Man at this very beginning stage of Its unveiling.

This Greatest of Secrets is found in a Book, and its name is “Book of Heaven.” It is named “Book of Heaven” because it was written in Heaven, by He Who Is. This book came down from Heaven and was written in the soul of one of the members of the society of Man. This human soul, under obedience to God and His Holy Church, put it all on paper, with the immediate assistance of the One Who originally wrote this book in Heaven, and whose name is Jesus.

This Great Project of God, given to the world through the suffering humanity of this elect soul took 40 years to write it all down for the immense Glory of God and incalculable benefit of Man—Man who had freely rejected his Original State of inseparable Companionship with the Supreme Being, the One Who has no beginning nor ending.
Yesterday, October 7, 2016, I very quietly celebrated within my heart the 43rd anniversary of my initial exposure to the Celestial and Greatest Secret of All. Only recently has it come to me that all that I have learned and shared over those last 43 years is just a primer for what Man will come to understand about the Divine Will and Its Single, Prime Act being given once again to Man to make him that true Companion of God.

—Thomas Fahy

PS: Remember to open the Attached DVD and CD order form of the Tampa Conference.

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