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Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Divine Will,

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Feast of the Annunciation and Incarnation
March 25

I have a special fondness for March 25, because Catholic Literature has so many important things to tell us about that date, especially about the greatness of the moment that the young Virgin Mary was suddenly approached by the Archangel Gabriel to bring an all-important announcement from the Throne of God.

The announcement was that God had chosen Mary to be the virginal Mother of the Redeemer of Mankind if She would accept this role so immensely important.
Mary accepted, by uniting Her Fiat to that of God, and the Eternal Son of God, became incarnate in Mary’s womb, uniting human nature to his Divine Person. He would be known by the name, Jesus.

At the moment of His Incarnation all his bodily members were formed, bringing that Body to the size of a hazel nut, which grew for nine months in Mary’s virginal womb, and was born of Her in a miraculous manner on the First Christmas.

Mary had been conceived Immaculate in her own mother’s womb. Ann, wife of Joachim, was her Mother. The immaculateness of Mary would be a prominent factor in her role of Mother of God, but She had to maintain that immaculateness by her own free will and cooperation with the Grace of God, even though She did not know that She would be the Mother of God until it was announced to Her by the Archangel Gabriel.

Conceived without sin (Immaculate !) by the mysterious operation of the Divine Will: yet that still wasn’t sufficient to be the Mother of God. Something even greater than being freed from Original Sin was absolutely necessary.

For Mary to be given the role, the worthiness, the dignity of Mother of God, and the necessary fecundity, She would have to possess the Divine Will Itself! Imagine that! It was necessary for Her to possess the Divine, Eternal, Infinite, and Immense Will of the Most Holy Trinity in common with Them!

The Holy Trinity would have to give Her their own Will to operate in Her from her conception in St. Ann’s Womb to the time She became Mother of God, for the Redemption of mankind. And She was called to preserve that State of Unity of Wills for all her life in Time and in Eternity.

Jesus made known to Luisa that His primary reason for coming to earth was to Recover for humanity the Kingdom of the Divine Will, which had been lost by Adam’s disobedience.
Below are 6 pages of Reflections from the Luisa’s Writings:
-Submitted by Thomas Fahy

Mary to Luisa:
My life was all of Divine Will. From the first instant of my Conception I was formed, warmed, and placed in Its light, which, with Its power purified my human seed in a manner that I was conceived without original stain. Therefore, if my Conception was without stain and so glorious as to form the honor of the Divine Family. It was because the omnipotent Fiat flowed over my seed; and pure and holy I was conceived.
Thus, if the Divine Volition would not have flowed over my seed, more than a tender Mother, to impede the effects of Original Sin, I would have encountered the sad lot of other creatures, of being conceived with Original Sin. Therefore, the primary cause was, above all, the Divine Will. To It be the honor, the glory, the thanksgiving of my having been conceived without original stain.
Though I was very tiny, It gifted Me with divine reason and moved all creation to festivity. It made Me be recognized by all created things as their Queen. They recognized in Me the Life of the Divine Will. All the universe prostrated itself at my feet, even though I was tiny and not yet born. Singing songs of praise to Me, the Sun welcomed Me and smiled with its light; the sky welcomed Me with its stars, smiling at Me with their meek and sweet twinklings and offered themselves as refulgent crown upon my head. The sea with its waves, peacefully rising and falling, celebrated Me.
In sum, there was no created thing that did not unite itself to the feast of the Sacrosanct Trinity. Everything accepted my dominion, my rule, my command and felt honored that after so many centuries since Adam lost command and dominion as king by withdrawing from the Divine Will, they found in Me their Queen; and all creation proclaimed Me Queen of Heaven and earth.
Child most dear to me, oh, how I yearn to confide my secrets to my child, secrets which will give Me so much glory and which will glorify that Divine Fiat, which was the primary cause of my Immaculate Conception, of my sanctity, sovereignty and maternity. I owe all to the Fiat; I do not know anything else.
All my sublime prerogatives with which the Church so honors Me are none other than the effects of that Divine Will which dominated Me and reigned and lived in Me. Therefore, I yearn so much that He be known who produced in Me so many privileges and admirable effects as to astonish Heaven and earth.
Scarcely had the Divine Fiat poured Itself over my human seed to prevent the sorrowful effects of sin, than the Divinity smiled and greatly rejoiced in seeing that in my seed there was human seed as pure and holy as had come forth from their creative hands in the creation of man. The Divine Fiat took Its second step in Me by carrying my human seed, purified and sanctified by It, before the Divinity so that the Divine Persons might pour Themselves out in torrents upon my littleness in the act of my being conceived.
And the Divinity, perceiving in Me Its creative work beautiful and pure, smiled contentedly; and wanting to celebrate over Me, the Heavenly Father poured seas of Power upon Me; the Son seas of Wisdom; the Holy Spirit seas of Love. In this way I was conceived in the unending light of the Divine Will; and, in the midst of these divine seas, which my littleness could not contain, I formed the highest waves, sending them back as homage of love and glory to the Father, to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.
The Divinity was all eyes upon Me; and not to be excelled by Me in love, smiling at Me and caressing Me, It sent Me other seas which embellished Me so much that, as my tiny humanity was formed, I acquired the enrapturing power to captivate my Creator.
And He let Himself be truly enraptured, so much so that between Me and God there was never-ending festivity. We denied nothing to one another. But, do you know who animated Me with this enraptive force? I t was the Divine Will, which reigned in Me as Life. Therefore, the power of the Supreme Being was also mine; and, so, We had equal power to enrapture one another.

Mary’s Immaculate Conception was Conceived in the Merits, Life, Love, and Suffering of the Future Redeemer, so that Later She Could Conceive in Herself the Divine Word, the Savior of the World.
Jesus to Luisa:
“My daughter, the Conception of the Immaculate Virgin was a new act of our Will—new in time, in manner, and in grace. All Creation was renewed in Her. In our all-seeingness and greatness, We called creatures with all their good acts—past, present and future—as if they were one, so that her Conception would be formed upon them and so that they would be entitled to a share in her triumph.
When our Will acts for everyone’s benefit, It sets no one aside. By our almighty power, It unites all human beings and their acts (except for sin, because evil never enters our acts), and carries out the work It has willed to do. You see, my daughter, even your acts took part in the Heavenly Queen’s Conception. Therefore, by right you are her daughter and She your Mother.
Every act of Ours always flows from a single act, which, precisely because it is one, joins everything together. By giving life to the Holy Virgin, We produced many good fruits. We renewed the entire creation, loved it with a new love, and placed it in safety by entrusting it to the maternal care of the Holy Mother. Our Omnipotence and our creative force consist precisely in this: that We do all things and benefit everyone through a single act.
Luisa: My poor mind, being immersed in the Divine Fiat, found the Immaculate Conception in the act of taking place. The Divine Fiat was rejoicing magnificently and called everyone—Angels, Saints, around Itself, so that all would witness the unheard-of prodigies and the graces with which He called from nothing this magnificent creature. God wanted all souls to acknowledge Her and to sing Her praises as their very own Mother and Queen.
Jesus to Luisa:
In our Divine Fiat We embraced the past and the future, including the Incarnation of the Word. By virtue of my foreseen merits and my future life as Redeemer of the world, my Mother was conceived in my own Incarnation. In a divine manner, She was sprinkled, adorned, and continuously confirmed by my own Blood and incorporated into my Humanity.
Before She actually came into existence, I, the Divine Son of the living God, conceived within Myself all of her thoughts, words, and deeds. As I incarnated her love within My own, her love embraced everything and everyone. She loved as God loves, bearing the same charity toward Us that She bore toward all creatures. I conceived even her prayers within my own, thus endowing them with an infinite value and power so that our Supreme Being could deny Her nothing.
In my humanity, I conceived her sufferings, her sorrows, her countless and excruciating agonies. Before they existed in her virginal body and soul, her pains were conceived in my Humanity, inspired and fortified by my divine power. Therefore, it can truly be said that the Immaculate Conception of my Mother took place within Me, and that her life flowed out from Me. In every moment of her existence I continuously poured Myself into this holy creature.
I surrounded Her with the mighty array of my works and sufferings and told Her incessantly, “You are life of my life! You are all-beautiful! You are the first redeemed! My Divine Fiat formed You, lived in You, and conceived You in the depths of my own Humanity!”
My daughter, the fullness of our wisdom, our transcendent power, and our measureless love were all engaged in the Conception of the Celestial Queen of the Incarnate Word in a manner worthy of our works. Indeed, it would not have been fitting, either for my Love or for my Divine Holiness, if I had taken flesh in a creature who was merely a virgin free from original sin.
For Me to descend from Heaven, it was necessary that this celestial creature possess all of the prerogatives, the virtues, and the beauty of the Eternal Word. To be conceived and incarnated in her womb, I had to find my Heaven and my holiness in Her. I had to see Her sprinkled with my own blood and enriched by the divine fruitfulness of my Will, by which She would form my life as Son of God and Son of Man.
To make Her worthy of conceiving Me, my Divine Fiat surrounded Her and kept Her under its constant rule, possessing her every act, bestowing everything on Her, calling upon my foreseen merits and my entire life, continually pouring graces into her beautiful soul. My daughter, no one is really capable of speaking of the Immaculate Conception of my Divine Mother!
Until now, even Holy Church has revealed but a shadow of the holiness, the greatness, and the gifts I gave her. I alone, having conceived Her in Myself, can tell the true story of her life and reveal the marvels that our Divine Fiat accomplished in Her!
“My blessed daughter, you must know that neither in Heaven nor on earth is there any beauty, value, or wonder that can compare with the Immaculate Conception of my Divine Mother.
My Almighty Fiat—that in Itself had no beginning and no end—produced in Her a new creation, infinitely more beautiful, more marvelous than that of the whole universe. It accomplished a supreme wonder by becoming life to her life and by growing in Her in every instant through her every act and prayer.
The creation of this wonderful universe, supported by our creative and preserving action, still does not surpass the wonder of the creation of this Virgin, because We not only support the creative and preserving act in Her, but even the growing act. This is the wonder of wonders: that the Life of our Will, as if reborn in Her, grew continuously in every one of her acts.

Some Reflections from the “Book of Heaven” on the Primary Purpose of the Redemption, which was to restore the Original State of Man, before Original Sin.

Jesus to Luisa:
The generations will not end until my Will reigns upon earth. My Redeeming FIAT will place Itself in the middle, between the Creating FIAT and the Sanctifying FIAT. All three of them will intertwine and accomplish man’s sanctification. The third FIAT will give man so much as to make him return almost to his original condition.
Only then, when I see man just as he came forth from Me, will my Work be complete, and I will rest perpetually in my final FIAT. Only life in my Volition will bring man back to his original state. That is why you must be attentive, and united with Me, help Me to complete man’s sanctification.
“My daughter, I created man beautiful, noble, of eternal and divine origin, full of happiness and worthy of Me. Sin made him fall from these heights to the bottom of an abyss. Sin took away his nobility. He became the most unhappy of all creatures, and this sin took away his power to grow.
Sin hindered man’s growth and covered man with such wounds that he was horrible to look at. My Redemption rescued creatures from their guilt, and my Humanity did nothing other than a tender mother would do. Because her newborn is unable to take any other nourishment, she opens her breast; and, bringing her child to herself, from her own blood converted into milk, she gives it the nourishment it needs to live.
Surpassing a mother’s love that nourishes from her breasts, my Humanity, lashed by whips, opened so many channels from which rivers of blood could leave so that my children, taking their nourishment from them, could receive life and continue their growth. With my wounds I covered their deformity, and I made them more beautiful than at the beginning.
Although, when I created men I made them as pure and noble heavens; in the Redemption I adorned them with the brilliant stars of my wounds to cover their ugliness and make them more beautiful. In their wounds and in their deformity I placed the diamonds, the pearls and the precious stones of my sorrows to cover all their miseries. I clothed them with such magnificence that their appearance surpassed in beauty that of their original state.
This is why the Church says: ‘Happy fault’. With the fault came the Redemption; and my Humanity not only nourished you with its Blood, not only clothed you with its very Personage and adorned you with its beauty, but my bosom is always full to nourish my children. How great then shall be the condemnation for those who do not want to take Me and receive Life, to grow and to have their deformity covered?”

The Divine Will is Equilibrium, Order, and Harmony.
“My daughter, all things are in balance for Me: Heaven as well as earth. My Will maintains a perfect equilibrium. My equilibrium carries with it order, dominion, concord, and harmony. All harmonize with each other as one. Order brings equilibrium, and equilibrium brings likeness. That is why there is so much harmony, order and likeness in the Three Divine Persons. All created things are in harmony: one acts as the sustenance, the strength and the life of another.
If but one created thing failed to maintain this harmony, then all the others would wander out of place and be destroyed. Only man separated from Us, from the equilibrium of our Will. Oh, how man wandered . . . and from his place on high fell to the depths of the abyss! Even with all my Redemption the entire human family has failed to return to its original state. This indicates that the worst thing is to withdraw from the equilibrium of our Will: it is tantamount to casting oneself into chaos, disorder and into the ocean of all miseries.
But to enter into our Will and to follow the sublime flight of my acts and those of my inseparable Mother, you, being of the common race, could not have entered into our Volition, if you would have not at least been transformed into the nature that came forth from our hands before man withdrew from our Will.
This is why I have given you so many of my graces. I want to grind and polish your nature, your soul, to that original state. Gradually, in the measure that I gave my graces, I removed from you the seeds, the tendencies, the passions of a rebellious nature, but always without limiting your free will. My decorum, my Sanctity and my dignity demanded that I reduce you to such a felicitous state before calling you to the center of my Will, to live there together with you, and to make you retrace all the acts done by Me, acts which creatures still don’t know.
Otherwise, you would not have been able to travel with Me through all the interminable acts of my Will nor enjoy the familiarity with Me that one needs to work in companionship. The passions and the seeds of evil tendencies would have arisen as divisive barriers between you and Me. At best you would simply have been subject to my orders, as are so many of my faithful. But you would have been far from doing what I do, and neither you nor I would have been happy. Living in my Will is precisely this: to live in total happiness on earth and then to live in even greater happiness in Heaven.
Oh, how much easier it was for Me to impetrate his salvation than to reorder his interior in my Supreme Volition! Had I not done this, Redemption would not have been complete, nor a work worthy of a God. I would have neither fixed nor ordered all the parties of man, nor would I have restored in him that Sanctity which was lost by withdrawing from the Divine Will and by breaking the relations with It.
The plan is already accomplished, but in order to make it known, first it was necessary for man to know that with my Life and Passion he could obtain forgiveness and salvation, in order to dispose him to know how I had impetrated for him the greatest and most important thing the new rising of his will in Mine, to give him back his nobility and the relations with my Will which had been broken – and with it, his original state.
Now, my daughter, if my Eternal Wisdom disposed that a Celestial creature, the Holiest of all, would prepare the seed of my Holy Will, in which I formed the plane of the new rising of man in my Supreme Will, now, through another creature, by letting her enter the eternal regions of my Will, and binding her Will to Mine, uniting her to all my acts, I make all of her interior rise again in the Eternal Sun of my Will, and I open the field of this plane to the generations, so that, whoever wants it, can enter into it to put herself in relation with her Creator.
And if, until now, the creatures have enjoyed the goods of Redemption, now they will move on to enjoy the fruits of the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” on earth as it is in Heaven, as well as the lost happiness, the dignity and nobility, the peace all celestial, which by doing his will, man had made disappear from the face of the earth. Greater grace I could not give him, because by placing him again in relation with my Will, I give back to him all the goods with which I endowed him in creating him.

—submitted by Thomas Fahy

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