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Dear Readers,
April 1, 2017

A week ago I wrote stressed some points about the Feast of March 25, the date in which the Church stresses the importance
of St. Gabriel’s Annunciation to Mary, Her uniting her Fiat to the Fiat of God and the Word became Flesh with the operation of the Incarnation.

I would like to add a little more to the Fiat of Mary and how Jesus asked Luisa to give her Fiat to the “Thy will be done on earth as in Heaven.”

The “FIAT” of the Most Holy Virgin in the Divine Will.

Luisa: I was concerned about what is written above, and I said to myself: “I don’t know what Jesus expects of me; but He knows how bad I am, and how good for nothing.” And Jesus stirred within me and said to me: My daughter, do you remember that years ago I asked you if you wanted to live in My Will—and since I wanted you in My Will, I asked you to pronounce your ”Yes” in My own Will. That ”Yes” was bound to an eternal point, and to a Will which will never end. That ”yes” lies in the center of My Will, surrounded by infinite immensity; and if it tries to go out, it can scarcely find the way. That is why, when I see your little rebellions and dissatisfactions, I laugh and enjoy Myself, because you seem like those people who are bound, by their own will, in the depths of the sea—and when they want to get out, they find nothing but water. And since they are bound in the depth of the sea, and feeling uneasy and wanting to get out, to remain happy and at peace, they plunge even more deeply into the depths of the sea. In the same way, when I see you puzzled, as though you wanted to get out, and—seeing that you cannot do it (being bound by your own ”Yes”)—you throw yourself even more deeply into the depths of My Will—I laugh, and I enjoy Myself. Indeed, do you think it is an easy, trivial thing to go out of My Will? You would have to move an eternal point—and, if you knew what it means to move an eternal point, you would shake with fright.

Then He added: I asked the first ”Yes” in My dear Mama’s FIAT—and O the power of Her FIAT in My Will! As soon as the Divine FIAT met My Mama’s FIAT, the two became one. My FIAT raised Her, divinized Her, overshadowed Her, and with no human intervention, conceived Me, the Son of God. Only in My FIAT could She conceive Me. My FIAT communicated to Her immensity, infinity, fecundity, in a divine manner, and that is why the Immense Eternal Infinite One could be conceived in Her. As soon as She said, ”FIAT MIHI”, not only did She take possession of Me, but She overshadowed all souls and all created things. She felt within Herself the life of all creatures, and from that moment She began to act as the Mother and Queen of all. How many marvels this ”Yes” of My Mama contains! If I wanted to tell them all, you would never hear the end of it.

Now, I asked a second ”Yes” of you in my Will; and, though trembling, you pronounced it. This “Yes” in My Will shall work its wonders—it will have its divine fulfillment. But. you—follow Me, plunge more deeply into the immense sea of my Will—and I will take care of everything. My Mama did not worry about how I would incarnate Myself in Her; She just said, ”FIAT MIHI.”, And I took care of the how of my Incarnation. And you will do the same.

August 27, 1926: When Jesus gave the Title to Luisa’s Diaries: known as the “Book of Heaven” and also the “Testament of Love.”

Luisa: As I found myself in my usual state, my ever beloved Jesus let me see the Reverend Father who must take responsibility for the writings on the adorable Will of God. And Jesus moved close to him and said: My son, the title you will give to the book that you will print about My Will shall be this:
“The Kingdom of the Fiat in the Midst of Creatures. The Book of Heaven: The Recall of Man to the Order, to the Place and to the Purpose for Which He was Created by God.”

Look: I want even the title to correspond to the great work of My Will. I want man to understand that the place assigned to him by God is in My Will; and, as long as he does not enter into It, he will have no place, no order, and no purpose. He will be an intruder in Creation, without any rights; and, so, he will go wandering about without any peace, without any heritage. And I, being moved to compassion for him, will cry continuously to him: “Enter into your place; come into the order; come to take your inheritance, to live in your house. Why do you want to live in a strange house? Why do you want to occupy a land that is not yours? And since the land is not yours, you live an unhappy life; and you are the slave and the laughingstock of all created things.”
“Because they are in their place, all things created by Me are in order and in perfect harmony, possessing the fullness of the blessings that God has bestowed on them. You alone want to be unhappy but with a voluntary unhappiness. So, come into your place. I call you there and I await you. That is why he who takes it upon himself to make known My Will shall be My mouthpiece; and I will entrust him with the secrets of the Kingdom of My Will.”

From My Research on the Topic of Paradise in the Book of Heaven—

The Will of God is the soul’s paradise earth, and the soul who does the Will of God forms God’s paradise on earth.

Luisa: Having received Holy Communion, I felt completely united to Jesus and embraced by Him, and while He embraced me, I rested in Him and He rested in me. Then He told me: My beloved, the soul who lives in my Will rests, because the Divine Will does everything for her, and while It works for her, I find in her the most beautiful rest. So, the Will of God is rest for the soul, and gives God rest in the soul. While resting in my Will, the soul always remains attached to my mouth, and suckles divine life into herself, continuously making it her food. The Will of God forms the soul’s paradise on earth, and the soul who does God’s Will forms God’s paradise on earth. The Will of God is the only key that opens the treasury of divine secrets, and the soul who does God’s Will gains such familiarity in the house of God that she comes to rule over it as if she were the owner.

But who can say what I comprehended about this Divine Will? O Will of God, how admirable, lovable, desirable, and beautiful You are! It is enough to say that, being in You, I feel all my miseries and evil qualities dissolving, and I acquire a new being, with the fullness of all your divine qualities.

Submitted by Thomas Fahy

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