Messages of Gold

Dear Readers, New and Old—

The Reign of the Divine Will on Earth comes with Knowledge of It.

Some of the most fundamental truths required in gaining proper knowledge of the Divine Will are contained in the Attachment to this Message of Gold.

The Attachment consists of selected passages from the “Book of Heaven.” The passages are “mind blowing” (to use a modern expression) and will be very worthwhile to masticate mentally even if you have read them before. With the right disposition, the reader will realize the true enormity of the Gift of the Divine Will and have a better understanding of what it means to recover the Original Likeness of God given to Adam before the failure of his test on behalf of the human race.

I have decided to submit my research on these subjects of Infinity, Eternity, and Immensity (and more) in two parts.  With this Message of Gold, I am submitted Part ONE.

Thomas Fahy

Infinity – Eternity – Immensity -A

Infinity // Eternity // Immensity Awesome Selected Passages from the Most Holy “Book of Heaven”

That is why one who lives in the Divine Will finds it impossible to do things on his own. More than that, his human actions, even the holy ones, disgust him—because in the Divine Will all things, even the smallest ones, take on a different aspect. They acquire nobility and splendor, divine sanctity, power and beauty; they multiply to infinity, and the soul accomplishes everything in a single moment. And after she has done everything, she says: “I have done nothing—Jesus did it all. And my whole happiness lies in this—that, miserable as I am, Jesus gave me the honor of keeping me in the Divine Will, to let me do what He Himself has done.”

That is why the enemy cannot bother this child—whether she did well or badly, little or much—because Jesus Himself did everything, and she did it with Jesus. Such a soul is the most peaceful of all, not subject to anxiety, loving no one yet loving everyone—but with a divine love. One can truly say that she recapitulates the life of Jesus, the organ of His voice, the heartbeat of His Heart, and the ocean of His graces.

Then Jesus disappeared, leaving me with a nail in my heart because of what He had told me. I could find no peace, thinking about the pains of my sweet Jesus and the wretched fate of mankind. Then Jesus came back, put His arm around my neck, and added: My beloved, take courage. Come, enter into Me, and swim in the immense sea of My Will, of My love. Hide yourself in the uncreated Will and love of your Creator. My Will has the power to make everything infinite that enters into My Will, and to raise and transform the acts of men into eternal acts.

Indeed, all that enters into My Will acquires eternity, infinity, and immensity, separating itself from everything that has a beginning, from all that is finite and small. All that My Will is, so It makes men’s acts. That is why I tell you to say—to shout at the top of your lungs—in My Will: “I love You!” I will hear the note of My eternal love; I will feel the created love hidden within the uncreated love, and I will feel Myself being loved by souls with an immense, eternal, and infinite love—a love worthy of Me, a love which acts in My Name, and which can make up for all the love that creatures ought to give Me.

These words left me amazed and enthralled, and I said: ”Jesus, what are You saying?” And He replied: My beloved, do not be surprised. Everything is eternal in Me—nothing has a beginning, nor will it have an end. You yourself and all creatures were eternal in My Mind. The love with which I formed Creation—which flowed out from Me to every heart— was eternal. Why wonder, then, if a soul who abandons her own will and enters into Mine, unites herself to the love which longed for her and loved her from eternity? Why wonder if, having bound herself to the eternal love from which she came, the soul performs her acts, loves Me, and acquires eternal, infinite, and immense value and power? O how little men know about My Will! That is why My Will is neither loved nor appreciated; and because of this, souls are content to remain on an earthly plane, acting as if they had an origin in time instead of eternity.

As I continued in my usual state, I was anxiously searching for my ever beloved Jesus; and, He came to me, all goodness, and said to me: Beloved daughter of My Will, do you want to come into My Will and atone in a divine manner for the many acts which have not been done by our brothers? Do you want to atone for many other acts done in a human way, and for some that are truly holy, but human and not done in a divine manner? I did everything in the divine order, but I am not yet satisfied; I want souls to enter My Will and to seal My acts with a kiss in a divine manner, in the name of all creatures, just as I did.

That is why I say, “Come! Come!” I long for this and I desire it so much that I celebrate whenever I see a soul enter this divine atmosphere, multiplying herself with Me in everyone, loving and making reparation for each and every soul in a divine way. I no longer see human qualities in her, I only see My qualities. My love rises and reproduces Itself; My reparations multiply to infinity; and My substitutions are divine. What a joy! What a feast!
The very saints unite with Me and make merry, ardently longing for a sister of theirs to offer her acts in place of theirs—acts holy in the human order, but not in the divine order. They beg Me to let this soul enter this divine environment soon, and they ask that only the Divine Will substitute for all of their acts and seal them with the mark of the Eternal One. I did this for all souls; now I want you to do it for all of them.

Then He added: I asked the first ”Yes” in My dear Mama’s FIAT—and O the power of Her FIAT in My Will! As soon as the Divine FIAT met My Mama’s FIAT, the two became one. My FIAT raised Her, divinized Her, overshadowed Her, and with no human intervention, conceived Me, the Son of God. Only in My FIAT could She conceive Me. My FIAT communicated to Her immensity, infinity, fecundity, in a divine manner, and that is why the Immense Eternal Infinite One could be conceived in Her.

As soon as She said, ”FIAT MIHI”, not only did She take possession of Me, but She overshadowed all souls and all created things. She felt within Herself the life of all creatures, and from that moment She began to act as the Mother and Queen of all. How many marvels this “Yes” of My Mama contains! If I wanted to tell them all, you would never hear the end of it.
My daughter, the first FIAT was pronounced in Creation with no help from any creature. The second FIAT was given in Redemption—and I wanted the cooperation of a creature, and I chose My Mama to fulfill the second FIAT. Now, to fulfill them both, I want to pronounce the third FIAT, and I want to pronounce It through you; I have chosen you for the fulfillment of the third FIAT. This third FIAT will bring to completion the glory and the honor of the FIAT of Creation, and will be the confirmation and fulfillment of the fruits of the FIAT of Redemption. These three FIATs will conceal the Most Holy Trinity on earth, and I will have the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as it is in Heaven. [Jesus made known to Luisa that she had been chosen to cooperate with Him to form the Third Fiat.]

Luisa: On hearing that, I was not only confused, but stunned, and I said to myself: “Is all this possible? There are so many. And if it is true that He has chosen me, it seems to me that this is one of the typical follies of Jesus. And then, what could I do or say from a bed, half crippled and inept as I am? Could I ever face the multiplicity and infinity of the FIAT of Creation and of Redemption? Since my FIAT is like the other two FIATs, I must run together with them, multiply myself with them, do the good that they do, and intertwine myself with them. Jesus, think of what You are doing! I am not capable of this much.” But who can repeat all the nonsense I was saying?
While I was doing this, I said: “How much nonsense I am saying!” And my sweet Jesus, stirring within me, said to me: My daughter, truly, the creative power resides in My Will. Billions and billions of stars came out from one single FIAT. Billions and billions of acts of grace—which communicate themselves to souls—come out from the FIAT MIHI of My Mama, whence Redemption began. These acts of grace are more beautiful, more radiant, and more varied than stars. And, while the stars are fixed and do not multiply, acts of grace multiply to infinity—they run in every instant, attract creatures, delight them, strengthen them and give them life. Ah! if souls could see the supernatural order of grace, they would hear such harmonies, and see such enchanting scenes that they would believe themselves in Paradise. Now, the third FIAT must also run with the other two FIATs. It must multiply to infinity, and in every instant It must give as many acts for as many acts of grace as are emitted from My bosom; for as many stars, for as many drops of water, and for as many created things as were brought forth by the FIAT of Creation. . .

After this, He added: Let us say ”FIAT” together. And everything—Heaven and earth—was filled with adoration of the Supreme Majesty. Then, again, He repeated, “FIAT”, and the Blood, the wounds, and the pains of Jesus rose up and multiplied to infinity. And then, for the third time, He said “FIAT”—and this FIAT multiplied in all the wills of souls to sanctify them. Then He said to me: My daughter these three FIATs are the Creating, the Redeeming, and the Sanctifying FIAT. In creating man, I endowed him with three powers—intellect, memory and will—and with three FIATs I will accomplish the work of man’s sanctification.

As you call My Will into yourself, this too is a unique act, and that is why, to respect the dignity of My Will which must dwell in you, I must pour into you so much love and grace, as to make you surpass all other creatures. And since My Will has supremacy over all, and is eternal, infinite and immense, I must communicate this to the soul in whom the Life of My Will must have its beginning and its fulfillment—endowing and enriching her with the very qualities of My Will, making her supreme over all. My Eternal Will shall take the past, the present and the future; It will reduce them to one single point, and It will pour them into you. My Will is eternal, and It wants to have life there where It finds eternity. It is immense and wants life in the immensity. It is infinite, and wants to find infinity. How can I find all this, if I do not first pour it into you?

Before My labors, I ask for sacrifice through and by means of love. My love makes her happy, fills, absorbs, and inebriates her, and, in the presence of My love, inebriated as she is, she lets Me do what I want and becomes able to sacrifice her own life to Me. Indeed, one ‘I love you’ of Mine going forth from the depths of My Divinity contains the immensity that seems to find itself everywhere, the infinity that never ends, the power that can do all things, the wisdom that disposes everything. Everything that exists feels the strength of My ‘I love you’ and says it together with Me.
The heavens, with the whole Heavenly Court, say it; the stars say it, and their twinkling becomes I love you.” “The sun, the wind, the air, and the water, say, ”I love you”—because after I have said it, My ‘I love you’ has resounded in everything and seems to have penetrated everything. And everyone says it with Me, and the soul feels as if she is under the rain of an immense ‘I love you,’ and as she feels drowned by My love she lets Me act; she dares not breathe, and lends herself to letting Me fulfill My most beautiful works. And although she also feels the need to tell Me ‘I love You,’ yet she sees that she is too little before Me, because she cannot wield the weapons of immensity, power and infinity.

But she does not want to fall behind, so she makes the effort to say it in the power of My Will, and O how much I enjoy it, and it pushes Me not only to labor, but to repeat a direct and special ‘I love you’ of Mine—because it is true that I love everyone. I never stop loving anyone—but when I want to do special tasks, new works, and more distinct designs, I am not contentwithMygenerallove,butIaddaspecialandparticularlove. And,whilethislovefascinates the soul, it serves as material—as earth—in which to produce My labor and to extend My works. So,letMeact. Iknowwhenlabor,word,silence,andrestareneeded.

Prayer of Luisa: O, Jesus, my mystical Sun, illuminate my mind with Your light and scatter this darkness, so that I may freely recall all the graces that You have given me. O Eternal Sun, shine another ray of Your light into the secret places of my heart and cleanse it of the filth that covers it. Inflame and consume it with Your love, so that my heart—which more than all hearts has felt the delicate touches of Your love—may reveal them plainly to him to whom obedience obliges me to do so.

The Fiat made the Creation come forth, and from the Fiat Creation receives continuous conservation. If My Fiat withdrew, It would return into nothingness; and if Creation remains intact, without changing, it is because It has not left My Fiat. But I did not repeat a new Fiat, otherwise more new heavens, more new suns and stars would come out, one different from the other. However, in the soul who lives in My Will there is not just one Fiat, but repeated Fiats.

That is why, as the soul works in My Will, I repeat the Fiat and stretch out new heavens, new suns and stars; and since the soul has an intellect, these heavens are new heavens of love, glory, light, adoration, and knowledge—forming such a variety of beauty that even I remain enraptured. All of Heaven—the saints, the angels, cannot turn their gaze away from her, because as they behold the varied heavens that she holds within, other new ones spread themselves out within her, one more beautiful than the other. They see the Heavenly Fatherland reflected in the soul who lives in My Will—the multiplicity of new things which multiply themselves to infinity.
Now, one act done in My Will is greater than the sun: It multiplies to infinity not human, but divine seeds. O how it surpasses the fruitfulness and the multiplicity of the seeds that the sun has sprouted! An innovation takes place in the spiritual world, with a harmony that attracts everyone. On hearing this harmony, those who are most disposed grow warm; thousands and thousands of effects rise up like many seeds; and since an act done in My Will bears the Creative Power with itself, it makes those seeds fruitful in a way that no finite mind can calculate. That is why the acts done in My Will are divine seeds which bear within them the Creative Power—acts which are greater than suns, not only sprouting but creating seeds, and multiplying them to infinity. These acts give Me the room that I need for new Creations, they set My power in motion, and they bear My Divine Life.
And while He was saying this, He seemed to be holding an iron rod in His hands, and brandishing it over mankind. I was frightened, and I wanted to console Jesus in His sufferings, so I said to Him: “Jesus, my Life, for now let us concern ourselves with the Kingdom of Your Will, so that You may be relieved. I know that giving You the freedom to speak about It is Your joy and Your feast. That is why Your acts flow with me, within mine, so that, with the sun-surpassing light of Your Will, they may fill all creatures, and I may offer an act for each act, and a thought for each thought. I will enclose everything, I will gather all of their acts as though in my hands, to do everything that they do not do for You; and in this way, You will find everything in me and Your Heart will be freed from suffering.”

And Jesus lowered Himself to respond to my longings, went around with me, and then told me: My daughter, what power My Will contains! Like light, It penetrates everywhere, It expands, It gives Itself to each act, and It multiplies Itself to infinity. But while It does so many things and multiplies in each thing, It remains always One, as It is, keeping all of Its acts, without losing even one of them.

Now, If My Will leaves nothing and fills everything, could It ever leave Its little firstborn daughter, in whom It has centered Its love, Its Life, and Its Kingdom? Indeed, even though My Divine Will lives everywhere and reigns over everything, yet, if a soul loves My Will, It becomes all love and gives Its love. And if the soul wants My Will as her own life, It forms Its Divine Life within her, and if she lets It reign, It forms Its Kingdom. It carries out Its acts according to the dispositions of souls. It has the power to regenerate, and It regenerates Divine Life, sanctity, peace, reconciliation, and happiness. It regenerates light, beauty, and grace. It knows how to do all things. It gives Itself to everyone. It spreads everywhere. Its acts are numberless, and they multiply to infinity. It gives a new act to each soul, according to her disposition, and Its variety is unsurpassable.

A soul who lives in My Will is admirable—a continuous prodigy, a bearer of all blessings, a seed that multiplies itself to the infinity. Her fertility is unsurpassable, and, so, she is desired both by Heaven and by earth. She represents the victory of the Creator over the creature, and the victory of the creature over her Creator.

Then I felt the full weight of the silence of Jesus; I felt faint, drained of strength and I thought to myself: “Why does this knowledge of the Divine Fiat require so much work and so many sacrifices from Jesus?” And when Jesus came back, He held me close in His arms to strengthen me, and He added: My daughter, if I wanted to work for all eternity to reveal a single pearl of knowledge about My Divine Will, it would not be enough. Indeed, the value of a single piece of knowledge is so fine and so great, that if you wanted to compare its value with the starry heavens, the sun, the sea, and the earth, one single pearl of My knowledge is worth more than the whole Creation. Indeed, My knowledge is of immense value, infinite and limitless; and as it comes forth from Us, wherever it reaches, it generates and multiplies to infinity the goodness and light that it contains, and It is the true regenerator of the divine life.

On the other hand, Creation does not contain infinite power, and It is limited. This is why I don’t withhold work or sacrifices—because I know the full worth of creation, and all the value that it contains. And the place where I entrust the knowledge of My Will becomes My divine field, throne and altar; and so great is My jealous love that I never leave the soul who receives the knowledge of My Will to her own devices, and I work unceasingly to keep her entirely focused on Me. What can one say, then, if instead of one single revelation of My Will, there are so many that they spangle her more than the heavens with many suns of My Will? Think about it, My daughter, and appreciate so great a blessing—a seed that is so fruitful in the field of your soul.

My daughter, in the soul there are two characters: the human and the divine. The divine character descends from the divine unity, and to receive the divine character, the soul must live in the unity of My Will. In this unity, as she forms her acts, they rise in the unity of her Creator. They rise in that single act of God so that, while one act alone is formed in God Himself, the light of this single act descends below, filling everyone and everything, embracing all things, and giving to each one the act that is needed by multiplying to infinity the variety of all possible imaginable acts. That is why, as the soul does her acts in this unity, they receive the divine characters, so that one single act encloses all acts together. O how beautiful it is to act with one single act. Only God has this power so mighty—that with one single act He does everything, embraces everything, and gives His action to everything.

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