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Dear Readers – Old and New,

Attached is Part Two of my selected passages form the “Book of Heaven” on the Transformation of Human Activity into Infinite, Eternal, Immense Activity –  Proper to God.

I feel a little disappointed that few of our readers responded  to Part One. What Jesus made known in those passages has never been made known to anyone living on earth since the Fall of Adam and Eve until these times, beginning with Luisa Piccarreta (with the exception of our Heavenly Mother, Mary).

The Fathers of the Councils, including the Council of Trent, knew none of this kind of Transformation of human acts, nor have the great and humble theologians of the past. ( I have a suspicion, however, that Jesus might have revealed some aspect of this to the genius, St. Thomas Aquinas, shortly before his death, which led him to remark, “The end of my labors has come. All that I have written appears to be as so much straw after the things that have been revealed to me.”

We now know that this Infinite, Eternal, and Immense transformation of human acts made known to Luisa was taking place in our first parents, Adam and Eve, prior to the Test God had given them on behalf of the human race.

We might ask, is this a new Revelation?  In the proper sense, No. In another sense, Yes.  The Church has always known that Adam and Eve had an original State of Holiness binding them to God, in the beginning, but the Church has never known precisely what this State of Holiness was, as demonstrated by the Fathers of the Council of Trent.  But now, more and more, it is being accepted that the actual Original State of Holiness of Adam and Eve is being understood, and will be even more understood as far as human intelligence is capable to understand, through the words of Jesus given to Luisa Piccarreta and recorded in the 36 Volumes of the “Book of Heaven.”

So the fact that Adam and Eve had a lofty State of Holiness in the beginning of human history is not a new Revelation, but the explanation of that Original Holiness, provided to humanity by Jesus, through Luisa, is new to the Church, as God prepares for the coming new, happy Era of the Reign of the Divine Will on Earth as It Reigns in Heaven. The Holy Trinity longs for this, so that Their ideal in bringing forth humanity from Their bosom, will, at last, be realized.      Please add this Attached Part Two to Part One and consider reading them often.

—Thomas Fahy


Infinity – Eternity – Immensity – B


Messages of Gold: Transformation of human activity into Infinite, Eternal, Immense Activity – like that of God—Part TWO


The gift that one gives to God with the “I love You.” The marvelous secret: how it forms many divine births. Nothing that Our Lord did escaped the Most Holy Virgin. The Divine Will is the breath of the soul.

I was making my round in the Divine Fiat, and in my usual way I was filling all of Creation with My refrain: “I love You, I adore You, I bless You…” And while I was doing this, I thought to myself: “What am I giving to My God with this long story of ‘I love You’s’”? And my sweet Jesus stirred within me and said to me: My daughter, a pure, holy and upright love is a divine birth. It comes from God and has the power to rise up and enter into God so as to multiply these births from Him, and to bring God Himself to every soul who longs to love Him. Indeed, when the soul is filled by this love and receives this birth, she can form other births for as many times as she says her ”I love You,” so that her ”I love You” flies before God. And as the Supreme Being looks inside the “I love You” sent by the soul, It finds all of Itself in that little “I love You,” and It feels that she is giving It all of Itself.

That little “I love You” contains a prodigious secret. In its littleness it contains infinity,immensity, and power, to the point where it can say: “I give God to God.” In that little “I love You” of the soul, the Infinite Being feels all of Its divine qualities being sweetly touched, because since she is the offspring of My Will, It finds Itself entirely within her.

This is what you give Me with your many “I love You’s”—you give Me Myself as many times as you say the words. There is nothing that you could give Me that is more beautiful, greater or more pleasing to Me than to give Me all of Myself. My Fiat creates the life of your “I love You” for Me within you and delights in bringing forth many births from Us. And that is why It keeps the rhythm of the ‘I love You’ in you, yearning always to mint the divine coin of your ‘I love You’ for each created thing. Then It looks to see whether everything We have created is adorned with the prodigious secret of your “I love You.” My daughter, We do not notice whether the soul does something great or small; rather, We look for the prodigy of Our secret—to see if her tiniest acts, thoughts and sighs are charged with the power of Our Will. This is all—and it is everything to Us.

You must know that one who lives in My Divine Will is inseparable from It and from Me. My Will is like the light, which contains light, heat and colors; and, although they are distinct among themselves, they are still inseparable. Light cannot exist or have being without heat; heat cannot have existence without light; and colors are formed through the strength of light and heat. One cannot be without the other; they share one life and one power. Light, heat and colors begin their existence together. They continue it without ever separating, and if they have to die, their lives come to an end, all in one blow.

Such is the inseparability of the soul who lives in My Divine Will. She is inseparable from Me and from all the acts of My Divine Fiat. She enters into the life of the light and warmth


of My Divine Will, and she acquires the life of Its light and warmth. And, since Its unceasing act can be called the multiplicity and infinity of Its acts—the colors that My Divine Will produces—the soul forms one single act with It. You ought to know that the inseparability of the soul who lives in My Divine Will is such and so great, that when the Eternal Wisdom created the heavens, the sun and the whole universe, you were present with Me and you flowed in My Divine Fiat, like the light, the warmth and the colors. I would have been extremely wary of doing even a single act of My Will without My little daughter or one who lives in My Will. It would be as if I lacked the strength of the light, the warmth and the colors. But this I cannot lack—and that is why you are inseparable from Me. So, take courage, and do not torment yourself.

My daughter, what a difference there is between those who practice the virtues in a saintly way, but in the human order, and one who practices the virtues in the divine order of My Divine Will. As the first ones practice the virtues, these remain separated among themselves, so that the diversity of their acts appears—one virtue appears as patience, another as obedience, a third one as charity—each of them has its distinct character, and they cannot fuse together so as to be able to form one single act, which radiates divinity and which embraces eternity and infinity. On the other hand, for one who acts in My Divine Will, Its light has the power to communicate and unify, so that, as the virtues fuse together (because they are all done within the source of Its light), they form one single act with innumerable effects, so as to embrace the Creator Himself with the infinity of its light. A symbol of this reality is the sun: because it is one, and because it possesses an inexhaustible light-source, it embraces the earth, and with its innumerable effects it throws off the whole range of colors and communicates the life of its light to everyone and to everything. And the unifying force possesses the power to communicate, in such a way that, if souls want to, all of them can take hold of a blessing that is placed at each one’s disposal.

So, the soul who lives in Our Divine Will is the repeater of Our works—because just as nothing in Creation has been dispersed, so everything in Redemption remains in the act of constantly rising. But who spurs Us on? Who gives Us the chance to open Our wellsprings to renew Our works? It is the soul who lives in Our Will. By the power of Our Will, the soul absorbs Our creative strength, so that she can make everything rise again to new life. With her acts, with her offerings, with her supplications, she stirs Our deep springs continuously. And, when they are stirred, as if by a pleasant breeze, they form waves, overflow with Our acts, multiply and grow to infinity. Our springs are symbolized by the sea: if the wind does not stir it up and no waves are formed, its waters do not rise up and overflow the coastal cities. And it is the same with the springs of Our many works: If Our Divine Fiat does not want to inspire them, or if one who lives in Our Will does not think to make a breeze with her acts, even though Our springs are filled to the brim, they do not overflow to multiply their blessings for the good of mankind.

In addition to this, with a soul who lives in Our Divine Fiat, as she keeps forming her acts, these acts rise up to the beginning where the soul came forth. They do not remain down below, but rise up so high—to look for the bosom of the One from whom the first act of her life came forth. These acts line up around the Beginning—which is God—as divine acts. And when He sees the soul’s acts in His Divine Will, God recognizes them as His own


acts, and He feels loved and glorified as He wants to be, with His very own love and with His own glory.

Then, I was doing as much as I could to abandon myself completely in the Divine Will, and I was thinking of the many truths that Blessed Jesus had revealed to me about His Holy Will. Each truth embraced infinity and contained enough light to fill Heaven and earth. And I felt the strength of the light and the weight of infinity that filled me completely with an inexpressible love—and they invited me to love these truths and to make them mine by putting them into practice. But while my mind lost itself in so much light, my sweet Jesus said to me:

My daughter, Our work on behalf of man started with Creation, and Our work shows in his speech. And because speech contains Our creative power, when man speaks he creates. He speaks and forms the most beautiful and marvelous acts. Indeed, with the work of the six Fiats that We pronounced, the whole great machine of the universe was made, including man, who had to live in it and reign as king of Our many works. Then, after We had put everything in order, Our love called Us to rest. But rest does not mean ”completion of work”; it means ”rest to take up work again.” Now do you want to know when We resume Our work? Every time We reveal a truth, We resume Our work of Creation. So that all that was said in the Old Testament was the resumption of Our work. My coming to earth was nothing but the resumption of My work out of love for men. My doctrine, the many truths uttered from My mouth, clearly revealed My intense work for souls. And just as in Creation Our Divine Being rested, so with My death and Resurrection I also wanted to rest, to allow time for the fruits of My work to flourish among men.

But it is always about rest—not the completion of work. Until the end of time Our work shall alternate: work and rest, rest and work. So, good daughter, you see the long work that I have had to do with you to reveal the many truths of My Divine Will. And since what most interests Our Supreme Being is to make Our Will known, I have spared nothing in a work so long, even if I have often taken little breaks to give you time to absorb My work and to prepare yourself for the other surprises of the work of My creative word. So, be attentive to cherish and not to lose anything of the work of My word—a work of infinite value, sufficient to save and sanctify a whole world.

And so put it all aside, and come to rest in My Divine Will. It awaits you with so much love in the center of My Heart to love you. And the most beautiful love It wants to give you is to rest in the pains that you suffer. O how sweet it is and how refreshing, to see Our daughter, whom We love and who loves Us, resting. And while you rest, My Will wants to bring down upon you the heavenly dew of the light of My Divine Will. In the unity of Its light, It is always performing an act, and It never ceases to perform it. And an act can only be called complete when it is not subject to interruption. This never-interrupted act says everything, embraces all, and loves all. From its height where this act never says, ”Enough,” it casts an infinity of effects that makes it hold Heaven and earth as if in its own grasp. And it communicates to souls the heavenly dew of the effects of its holiness, its love and its divine life.

Courage belongs to resolute souls. Six angels with Jesus at the head. Acts done in the Divine Will are tokens of infinite value; eternal links; chains that can never be broken.

My life continues under the reign of the Eternal Fiat that wraps Itself inside me and around me and makes me feel Its infinite weight. I feel like a tiny atom wrapped in this unlimited infinity; and as much as I love It and yearn for It, I feel intensely the pain of my human will,


crushed and almost dying under the dominion of an immense and eternal Divine Will. “My Jesus, help me and give me strength in this painful state in which I find myself. My poor heart bleeds and looks for a refuge in the midst of so many sorrows. You alone can help me, my Jesus. Please help me—don’t abandon me…”

And if My goodness has gone so far as to give Itself into your power, this assures you that My love for you is continuous. Indeed, you must know that one who does and lives in My Divine Will is simply the active life of God Himself within the soul. Our love for one who lets herself be ruled by Our Divine Will is so great that It makes Itself her sweet prisoner. It restricts Itself—It makes Itself small—and It takes the greatest delight in loving and working within her soul.

But while It restricts Itself, It remains immense and acts in infinite ways, just as We love and act within Ourselves. Indeed, that is Our Nature—immensity, infinity—and everything We do remains immense and infinite as We are. And O Our delight! For while We restrict Ourselves in her littleness, We give free rein to Our love and to Our works. And she remains filled to overflowing, filling Heaven and earth, and We have the great glory and honor of loving and acting as God in her littleness. And if you knew what even just one act of love means—one single work done by Us in you—you would die of joy. And all eternity would not suffice for you to thank Us for so great a blessing. So, let Me act. Let Me do what I want with you—and rest assured that both of us will be happy.

Before My labors, I ask for sacrifice through and by means of love. My love makes her happy, fills, absorbs, and inebriates her, and, in the presence of My love, inebriated as she is, she lets Me do what I want and becomes able to sacrifice her own life to Me. Indeed, one ‘I love you’ of Mine going forth from the depths of My Divinity contains the immensitythat seems to find itself everywhere, the infinity that never ends, the power that can do all things, the wisdom that disposes everything. Everything that exists feels the strength of My ‘I love you’ and says it together with Me.

The heavens, with the whole Heavenly Court, say it; the stars say it, and their twinkling becomes ”I love you.” The sun, the wind, the air, and the water, say, ”I love you”—because after I have said it, My ‘I love you’ has resounded in everything and seems to have penetrated everything. And everyone says it with Me, and the soul feels as if she is under the rain of an immense ‘I love you,’ and as she feels drowned by My love she lets Me act; she dares not breathe, and lends herself to letting Me fulfill My most beautiful works. And although she also feels the need to tell Me ‘I love You,’ yet she sees that she is too little before Me, because she cannot wield the weapons of immensity, power and infinity. But she does not want to fall behind, so she makes the effort to say it in the power of My Will, and O how much I enjoy it, and it pushes Me not only to labor, but to repeat a direct and special ‘I love you’ of Mine—because it is true that I love everyone. I never stop loving anyone—but when I want to do special tasks, new works, and more distinct designs, I am not content with My general love, but I add a special and particular love. And, while this love fascinates the soul, it serves as material—as earth—in which to produce My labor and to extend My works. So, let Me act. I know when labor, word, silence, and rest are needed.



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