Pearl of the New and Divine Holiness


Jesus has revealed more about living in the Divine Will to Luisa than He did to Adam in the beginning, because Adam withdrew from the Divine Will before Our Lord had completed His instructions to him.


Now, God is calling man back to his Original State of living in the Divine Will according to the way of Life in Heaven. Here is something Jesus told Luisa, speaking on behalf of the entire Trinity:


Our Fiat has the power to make the soul inseparable from Us, and what We do and are by nature, she can do by grace. In creating man, We did not put him at a distance from Us; rather, so as to have him together with Us, We gave him Our very Divine Will, which would give him the prime act, to cooperate with his Creator. This was the reason why Our Love, Our Light, Our joys, Our Power and Beauty poured forth all together, overflowed from Our Divine Being, and spread a table before the one whom We had formed with so much love with Our creative hands, and generated with Our own breath. We wanted to enjoy Our work, to see him happy with Our own happiness, adorned with Our beauty, and rich with Our riches—all the more so, since it was Our Will for Us to remain close to the creature: to work with him and to amuse Ourselves with him. And one cannot play games at a distance, but only in closeness.


This is why, as a necessary consequence of creation and to keep Our work intact as well as the purpose for which We created it, the only means available was to endow man with the gift of the Divine Will, which would preserve him just as he came forth from Our creative hands. Then he would enjoy all Our benefits, and We would rejoice because he was happy. That is why, so that man may return to his place of honor, re-enter to work with his Creator, and so that We may enjoy ourselves together, there is no other way but for him to re-enter Our Fiat, so that It may bring him to Us in victory, and place him in Our arms, which are waiting for him, to hold him closely within Our divine bosom, and to say to him: “Finally, after six thousand years you have come back.


You have wandered about, you have experienced every kind of evil, because nothing good exists without Our Fiat. You have experienced enough, and you have felt deeply what it means to go out of Our Fiat. So, never go out of It again, and come to rest and enjoy what is yours—because everything was given to you in Our Will.” Indeed, My daughter, be attentive; We will give you everything if you always live in Our Fiat. Our breath will take delight in breathing over you always, to make Our joys, Light, and Holiness pour out upon you, and communicate to you the spirit of Our works, so that We may always keep the little daughter with us, who is regenerated by Our Divine Will.


Submitted by Thomas Fahy

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